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  1. So just rolled a fresh blue Templar. (Fire human people things) Now figuring out how to build it. Im focusing on exicute dps and targeting low health enemys to get the finishes in where needed. That being said execute is the main powerhouse of the build. Going top spec(Vindicator i believe) Stats I got 117STR, 60 DEX, 117 INT, 80SP, 70CON. Reasoning is that exicute when hitting a target that you should be hitting will auto crit. So lower need for crit. But drives a higher need for Crit damage. Attack power seems easy to cap. 100ish base on the low side, 300 from talents, 125 fro
  2. Ultimately the chain of supply and demand needs to be reinforced. PVP guys need gear from crafters, Crafters need materials from gatherers, Gatherers need Pvpers to hold the objectives and provide protection in their zone to boost productivity, Pvp guys need gear to maintain that defence from the crafters.
  3. Ok, new to the game and doing some pvp and the related pve grind that goes with it. Sorry if this feels lame and please point out if none of this would work. Capturing forts. So current its break down a wall and stand in a circle for some time and don't engage guards because you want them alive on the flip. Wait to hold till timer is finished. What if you had objectives to do in order to claim a fort. So we want to take scribbles fort. A) In the vulnerability window. B, We meet up with our factions roster of guards to assault the wall. So we begin with say 10 Rank 5 guards and
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