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  1. Their team is aware of the empty lobby vault bug. There is a workaround, let me know if need clarification on this VAULT WORKAROUND - (If yours is bugged, if it isn't ignore this) Go to GR, put stuff you want to take to CW into inventory/Equipped Logout and Select CW Get the warning about auto using imports/Exports and say OK Works as expected, able to get gear etc into CW from GR that way.
  2. @thomasblair Completely agree with this. As people have stated before, the only concern is finding Blue Bodies since seems to be no rank 5-8 graves EXCEPT in the beachhead. If people want free resources they should have to go to GR and then be limited by the 50 exports per account. This current set up lets people free farm in the CW with no limitations such as exports. You guys have made quick changes before and I have really been impressed with how you have listened to our feedback recently. Please keep it up, your hardcore players are pushing just as much for this game as you are, please keep listening even when we get a bit loud.
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