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  1. Ok, I guess you have a degree in psychology. I lose. Nice playing with you. If you haven't figured it out yet, you never will. I'm rubber and your glue, the names bounce off me and stick on you.
  2. Most of that post is what is really happening in game. There is nothing to misunderstand. And you ability to call people names shows the type of person you are. About the mention about Crafters,gatherers, pig runners. Ok, i might have misunderstood that. There is nothing else. Everything else is what is currently happening in game and that is a fact you can't change no matter how many names you call me. "annoucing that you are laughting about it will give you superiority and in fact only give you an ignorant position." Nah... I am laughing because you have to find one thing to argue about and it's like watching a comedy. OH and ignorant people usually are the ones that call people Ignorant and other names. Have a nice day. 🙂
  3. Campaign GB should be different then God's Reach GB due to the import/export limits. Limit where one can access the GB, like in a keep or temple. Just saying that it should be possible to make a GB with current tech already made. Upgrade it later to be more user friendly. Right now it's a pain at the end of a Campaign to collect all the stuff from guildies. Easiest way now is to make some graves inside the keep and have guildies drop things off there and grab what they need. Yes, they can be looted by ANYONE that can survive the guards. By doing this it's is easier to conserve exports. Not everyone is exporting 3 blue iron, instead they are putting the items in graves to stack them then export when there is a full stack. I understand that making a complex guild bank will take time to implement, but . . .
  4. I am curious why this is taking so long. Seems like most things are already in game to make this happen. From the rumors around, sounds like there is an issue with people interacting with the bank that ACE is trying to figure out. As in multiple people putting things in or taking things out at the same time. This might produce multiples being created off the same item. Though has it been internally tested to find out? When multiple players interact with a building plot in a keep, one persons input is canceled. Then person 2 has to start again placing the mats. Multiple persons can interact with a corpse and put items in and take them out. Just make a chest with that same interaction? OR has this been tested and can be a way to Doop? Some items (like the chests in the new forts) can not be interacted with unless you are part of that guild/faction. Is the problem figuring out to display a guild bank or making graphics for it? Is it a problem with just sitting down and finally working on it? I don't know, but would like too.
  5. Some classes won't let you hold down and still attack 😞 Druid heal balls that are LMB are an example.
  6. Goto CrowFall website. At place to download game, scroll down. Click on the download Test server button.
  7. That whole post is based in facts!! "You can't handle the truth! ! " Sorry you got mad, but I am laughing the whole time. PVP/PVE This is a game with both and people need to know this is not strictly a pvp game. So because this game has PVE, does it make it a pve game? So silly to get hung up on this little thing and not listen to the facts all over the rest of the post. Only hearing what ya want. I tried to explain and was calm. You reply with a rant. LOL still making me laugh. If you didn't understand what I was trying to say, ask and I could try to explain it more. Instead you pick one thing to argue about and get mad about it. Have fun in your own reality.
  8. I will start here. I will try to explain things better so people that only drop into game from time to time will understand the point I am trying to make. Not trying to put you down, just want to let you know my opinion. Crowfall has always been a game that has mentioned different campaigns with different rule sets. If 2 campaigns started on the same day, the large guild would have to decide with one to play. Can't defend everything. Lose the one campaign because most are in the other defending. Along with the Import/Export Caps on each campaign, makes another decision for the Guilds. A smaller guild would want to bring in more items because they might not have the dedicated trained crafters/gatherers to start from scratch. Zergs are going to happen and do. Even in the population size we have now. There is no way to really control Guild/Friendly/Ally size. All this can be done without any ingame mechanic. Not the controling it, but the formation of. Alot of us have already seen long periods of Crowfall with larger guilds. The community usually finds a way to knock them down. Either by teaming up or avoiding them so they get bored and split themselves. Seen both tactics so far. I don't think an in game mechanic needs to be implemented. Card system I don't believe is an anti-zerg mechanic. One Card gives points based on what the guild turned in divided by how many players were active that campaign. Small guild gathers 5 items divided by 5 members = 1. Large guild gathers 20 items divided by 20 members = 1. Equalizes the large vs small. On a different card is for "Landless guild" destroying x number enemy siege engines. Most large guild take keeps and mini-keeps. This helps smaller guilds that can't man the battleground with enough bodies to take or defend such items. Open world . . . uh ok my understanding that WoW has areas like Barrens that is Suppose to be open world pvp that you mentioned, but what Barrens number are you on. I am on Barrens 3. Crowfall is not instanced. Campaigns are different worlds with portals in that world to get from one place to another. Going to a different Campaign is really like going to a different world with different rules. God's Reach is a never ending world with it's own rules. Benefit for willing Campaign is coming, and it will be before beta. They are working alot on other things. I believe I saw a campaign that had a reward but not positive. So it might be in game but not turned on right not. I have not seen this affect the number of people playing in the campaigns though. PVP game. Alot of people get this confused. Just because there is alot of pvp in a game, does that make it a pvp game? I enjoy the pvp in game so far. Yes it needs work, but pretty good for Alpha. It just seems to get better to me. I also craft and gather alot of stuff. I enjoy the crafting. So from what I read, you said that the Crafters/gatherers/builders/traders/pig runners should go play a different game so they can do those things without the pvp. Nah. . . that's no fun. I wanna do that stuff here so I can PVP. Alot of this game is based off the crafters. We had a reset not long ago and the crafting skill is not high enough yet to make a difference. Once crafted gear is better then wartribe gear, then this game does a flip. Most everyone will have to be gathering to give things to the crafters to get the gear they want. Or to get money to buy the Crafted gear with gold. So many hours of PVE is involved so me and my buddies can go murder people. Map size has already been an issue with players logging in thier alt accounts to keep the enemy off the map. There should be no limit except to protect the server from blowing up. player numbers on test. This is hard to calculate because it fluxes so much. People are not playing on the test server because it's for testing. Points don't really matter. The version on Live server now is way down because there is a wipe coming. I have seen a few organized fights set up on test. The current population on test will find almost all the game breaking bugs. Then it will move to Live, where more people care about points and stuff. The current Live server saw a 150 person siege. I only staggered once, and that was upon first entering that parcel. Frame rates have been climbing with each optimization pass they do. And they know they need to still work on that. Traders/Economy is in game. It is not that obvious right now due to wipes and crafter skill. Crafter skill comes into play with this alot. Right now that only things to sell are WarTribe drops. People have set up vendors for those items. There is also EK's that have vendor towns. In previous versions, some EK's turn into major vendor areas. Just about anything you would want was in those EK's. Those vendors were put up to sell the excess crafting items or overflow. To get a nice piece of gear, you might have to craft 15. Instead of destroying the 14 you don't wanna use, you would put it on a vendor. It would be better for someone. There is also a "Free City" in some campaigns that is a different zone with pvp turned off and has vendor slots. This is to help with the limited Imports/Exports on certain campaigns. Can't buy something from an EK and import it into campaign if the campaign is set to zero imports.
  9. LOL Silly Rabbit. You must have logged off in the throne room, cause we was still fighting you from the wall farthest from the throne room. No one logged out. It's amazing how some people make thing up just to try to sound cool. Sounds like you don't even talk to your guildies (that some, about half), was fighting us on the wall. Let me see your video.
  10. @EnsaimadaBlanca Just reading your comments makes my head hurt. Just your comment about open world makes me wonder if you even know what that means. To you Open World means all on the same server with no ports? WOW you are clueless. Open World means that the World is Open for everyone to go where ever they want, even if it's through a portal to another zone. It is OPEN because there is nothing stopping you from going from one place to another. Closed world would be like you can't go places with out doing certain things. Trading system? Like player run vendors? We got player run vendors. How is that not a type of trading system? You don't play the game so stop trying to bring it down because you don't understand. The more you talk, the less your opinion mean to us real players. The ones here testing and getting a first hand experience. And I say "Good Day Sir . . . Good day!"
  11. Can the starting gear be on some type of toggle? Ok, it's not bad for a new player on a new character, but do I really need it after I have armor and weapons? Can't I switch from Infected to EK and back without having to delete the bad apples and weapons?
  12. Details on map page sometime the tabs get overlaid. https://youtu.be/zmn6TTzD7lA
  13. it's not just the weapons though. In the new patch EVERY race has 10 skill slots instead of 8 unless human. Plus they wiped items and toons on test which would make one think that they will do the same to live.
  14. OH, I am fully expecting a wipe. Just would be nice for a conformation.
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