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  1. See we could put Feedback 6.2 Then go in there and see the topic has been started. OH, Frostweaver feedback. That is what I was coming here to leave info about.
  2. OK First, Make the Feedback and bug report areas so that people can start a topic. It would be easier for us to be able to see if a bug was reported or state our opinion of a certain bug if it was a topic and not hidden in 20 pages of other bugs. I am not f'ing reading 6 pages of crap to see if anyone else has posted the Same Feedback. I am not reading 6 pages to quote someone else that posted in page 2 because I have some input for ACE on what they said. OK now to my Feedback. Sorry if it's been mentioned before, BUT I don't know because there is no way to find out other then r
  3. Get that Passive training started. This is where you can choose what path your crow is on. Spend points in crafting, exploration, or combat. You can choose 2 paths. Your skills points will not AUTO start. You have to do it manually by picking the path. Find a guild. Right now there is not much up to date game information out there. Your community is where you are going to learn the most. Some of the systems (crafting) are not easy, a guild could get you lined up for success. This game is very social and is very difficult to play solo. Remember, this is not a game yet ! ! !
  4. Welcome 🙂 Game is fun and now's a good time to explore things. Please don't be discouraged about population. Alot of people are taking a break due to a major patch that will likely require a wipe of items and maybe vessels (characters). When 6.2 hits the test server, the population will spike to test new builds and disciplines. Have fun and explore. Look for a guild. Most information you will need will come from the player base. Explore awhile and visit the guilds tab on website. You can apply to guilds there.
  5. Wipes are a necessary evil. Yeah, you lose what you have done in the past, but gain a new upgraded character creation and disc design. Best suggestion for you was mentioned above. If a wipe makes you upset or feeling disrespected then wait till this concept of a game becomes a game. Stop testing now! If you were to make a vase and realize that there is a hole in the bottom due to your mold, are you going to spend 10 hours trying to repair the vase? Or spend 10hrs fixing the design/mold and maybe even add a handle or hole near top to water without pulling out the flowers. So wai
  6. Oh nice. . . . Same size map. Enjoy trying to get crafting mats. OH and before you say it. Pigs and forts do not have everything. Bone. Gems. How fun is it to have to have 20 players to go on a bone harvesting trip.
  7. I just hope Devs are listening to Gods Reach general chat. Then they will know what to add to NPE and what new player need to stay with Crowfall.
  8. Beta was totally Marketing. Why else rush? Why else make people buy the game after a 1 month trial? Why else put out advertisements for Beta? Just hate to see bad press that will effect tons of Twitch viewers. So that guy had 15,00 viewers, then if he said the game is bad. 15,000 viewers tell their friends not to even try the bad game. So on release when things are better, those viewers will still have a bad idea of game and not try it out. Verses the total opposite where Streamers give Crowfall a thumbs up (because things were not rushed) and attract 15,000 people to try it out and
  9. Yeah and there is a cheat in GR, but . . . what if Zero imports next Campaign. Guess you haven't ran pigs outside of siege time.
  10. Yes they needed this many players for a stress test. But my point is that with the first big world review of the game and how people will react. 15,000 views on twitch.
  11. In my opinion, not really. The rush to Beta was alittle Rushed. Guild actions available in game - - - Join/leave/kick. It's nice to talk to someone before you accept them into guild. Now it's accept or deny on the website not knowing who the person is that is applying. Also, GUILD BANKS... . . . . . It's only been mentioned for over 2 years that a guild bank is needed. Guess it is super hard for ACE to figure out. Probably have to wait a few more years. Is this going to be a new feature after release? Performance - - - This is a tough issue. It's getting better, but is is go
  12. GRRRRRRR.... just spent time to type a reply in the 8-12 Feedback, just to have it closed sometime while I was typing. OK I will try again. PACK PIG SPAWN NERF What I understood during a live stream (I think it was there), is that ACE was going to increase the Pack Pig spawns during siege time. I was like "Ok, now people will go run pigs instead of going to sieges." YES, that is what happened. Does that mean less pvp because of running pigs or more? Actually both. Less people at siege, but possibally more at the pig spawners. OH BUT WAIT, I thought there was an events tab th
  13. Ok, I guess you have a degree in psychology. I lose. Nice playing with you. If you haven't figured it out yet, you never will. I'm rubber and your glue, the names bounce off me and stick on you.
  14. Most of that post is what is really happening in game. There is nothing to misunderstand. And you ability to call people names shows the type of person you are. About the mention about Crafters,gatherers, pig runners. Ok, i might have misunderstood that. There is nothing else. Everything else is what is currently happening in game and that is a fact you can't change no matter how many names you call me. "annoucing that you are laughting about it will give you superiority and in fact only give you an ignorant position." Nah... I am laughing because you have to find one thing to
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