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  1. I like the Idea. The small chance to drop the recipe would keep the component active and repeatable. Of course it would have to be on a timer, which would cause more pvp due to factions trying to be the one that attacks the boss. Maybe not take it to embargo chest, but to a free city Sacrifice God Pit for that faction. Once the Item was sacrificed it could pop a toast message. Or some designated area that would allow the transport party to be attacked on the way.
  2. This patch is broken... I logged off as soon as I saw there was no Spring Buff.. NO SPRING BUFF.. There is not much of a reason for a Harvester or Crafter to play till it is fixed. Not good enough reward for the risk. No mats, no crafting, no fighting due to lack of armor when it breaks. I am not even going to test my Brigand. I better not, I can't craft more gear when it breaks. I will try to play during Siege times but it will be bad since the times are changed.... Maybe not.. don't seem like any other patch notes were implemented. Sorry don't mean to complain, but I like seeing alot of color come from my harvesting. RIP color
  3. Using a brigand, the bombs fall through the fort floor, tower floor, or a lot just in normal campaign world. They appear for a few secs sometimes and "poof she was gone". Leather seems a little squishy for a melee class. Don't need a drastic change just a little. Druid severe burning kills a leather wearer. To much damage or something. Maybe it is chained to the leather being lack luster. I will back away from melee ball because I am to squishy and a druid drops the flame. Pops me out of stealth (which isn't a prob) and put on the DoT that will take all my health. If I am at 5000 health, it will leave me down to about 500 - 1000. If I got wounded before dodging away, well death, even if I am far from the fight. Some might say, "use FlameWalker", but that would blow having utility to fight other classes. Poisoner Discipline Is way to weak. 10 - 15 damage? DoT's on the Bombs needs turned up also. It says severe but I don't see the damage that other classes are doing with skills that put on Severe types of DoT . Definitely don't see it eating 4000 hp from someone. Even though the explosive bomb now put on a Severe Burn DoT with the passive equipped. Since the bombs are a major part of a Brigand's tool kit they need to do a good hit on the HP.
  4. Are we going to see the High Lvl mat vendors back in snap?
  5. Its just a pain to be so active on live for a while and then not get allowed to Test server. Beta 3 here. But I guess I will wait till next year to play again.
  6. Damn it! Well see everyone in Jan or Feb. Might let beta 3 play by then.
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