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    DarnHippy got a reaction from Anhrez in How can my day 3 crafter compete....   
    I have read most of this post and have a few thoughts.. 
    #1.....If you do not have dedicated Crafting characters/accounts, why are you replying to this post? You have no clue on the issue.  A lot of this community has spent many years testing and helping to improve this game. The community that has been around awhile have mentioned ways they think could make it better.
    #2.....This was not as much an issue before War Tribes and x1 training.  It was always hard as a crafter after a wipe.  I remember hearing alot of bitching (the same problems).  I don't remember it ever being fun as a crafter after a wipe.  This has always been an issue.  Now the issue is being drug out and even more painful.   x1 PASSIVE :  This added to the pain due to it taking longer for a Crafter to make gear that a PVP'r couldn't just make them self.  A pvp'r has just as much training in crafting at wipe and it takes time (x1, x3,) to fill in pips to actually be a "Crafter".    WARTRIBES : This effected the pain crafters are feeling by giving everyone access to gear that crafters can only make after (Well . . been overs a week now at x1) training.  So crafters not only have to wait till they can craft things better then a pvp character because they are both at zero crafting training, Crafters also have to wait to et better then the war tribe crafters/gear.
    #3......As I see it, Crafters are completely useless till they wait a few months (I hope not that long) to be fun to play.  It's no fun to work your ass off, have so much time and effort wrapped up into trying to craft an item, praying for good rolls, collecting so much dust to try to squeeze every little advantage, finally getting NO FAILS in the materials crafted to make an item, Oh Final combine didn't fail, I might finally be able to make a good.....................  ......F-CK !!! NO F-CKIN' WAY !!!   Been a week and I still can't make anything better then a war tribe.  No, I am not crafting you shlt.  Go farm it.  I am going to play War Zone or Last Oasis.
    #4...... Two issues that have given the Crafting Community pain and no fun.  I see a fix.  Passive training slots give more.  If I didn't have to fail so much and succeed more, I could probably make some items better then war tribe stuff.  The experimentation and assembly success could be a huge difference at early game, and by leaving it in the passive tree would still be a way to control the speed.
    #5.....Crafter vs Killer character usefullness.  Crafter is still not usefull and can only make a few things that can not be gotten from war tribe after about 5 days. (some jewels if u have a harvester trained in jewel finding if you have harvesting trained toward bone if u have a crafter trained in jewelcrafting if you have a crafter trained in runemaking and A few others)  So in 4 days (i haven't tried today) can not make armor and weapons that are better then War Tribes, But a killer is Killing. A killer has made 8 characters to find the best one. (I have made 6, 4 are crafting toons) A killer can take on 3 lvl 30 mobs with out really worrying much.   A killer is laughing at the crafter, pointing and saying "I Don't Need You...... Go Home Till You Grow up Some More"
    #6.....Game is looking good and can't wait to craft gear for my peeps in the Dregs!!!!
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    DarnHippy got a reaction from Himanka in Minotaur the "meh" race   
    And don't forget about custom Vessels.  U can add stats to.
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    DarnHippy got a reaction from Tofyzer in 5.8 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 12/26/18   
    Using a brigand, the bombs fall through the fort floor, tower floor, or a lot just in normal campaign world.  They appear for a few secs sometimes and "poof she was gone".
    Leather seems a little squishy for a melee class.  Don't need a drastic change just a little.
    Druid severe burning kills a leather wearer.  To much damage or something.  Maybe it is chained to the leather being lack luster.  I will back away from melee ball because I am to squishy and a druid drops the flame.  Pops me out of stealth (which isn't a prob) and put on the DoT that will take all my health.  If I am at 5000 health, it will leave me down to about 500 - 1000.  If I got wounded before dodging away, well death, even if I am far from the fight.  Some might say, "use FlameWalker", but that would blow having utility to fight other classes. 
    Poisoner Discipline Is way to weak.  10 - 15 damage? 
    DoT's on the Bombs needs turned up also.  It says severe but I don't see the damage that other classes are doing with skills that put on Severe types of DoT .  Definitely don't see it eating 4000 hp from someone.  Even though the explosive bomb now put on a Severe Burn DoT with the passive equipped.
    Since the bombs are a major part of a Brigand's tool kit they need to do a good hit on the HP.
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    DarnHippy reacted to PopeUrban in 5.8 LIVE Feedback and Bug Reports for 12/20/18   
    More Brigand Stuff
    The mystery of the vanishing traps
    Like the ongoing issues with all ground target powers, brigand trap placement can be tempermental on elevated surfaces or non-terrain objects. Most notably, when attempting to trap the ladder platform on tower outposts, or when used close to harvesting nodes, the traps will place, and then immediately vanish.
    Faerie Boomerangs
    The shield from Faerie bomb triggers when the trap despawns due to time out if it is not triggered by enemy contact. This feels like a bug, but also feels like it could be permutated in to a cool feature. Perhaps allow timed out faerie bombs to in stead add a buff to the brigand that adds +1 to the effective target hit for the next faerie bomb is the brigand remains in range of it when it expires, stacking up to, say 3? This would have the effect of bolstering the brigand's barrier the longer he remains in place  setting up his trap field, rewarding the lurk-and-pounce design of the class.
    Trigger Radius, what is it?
    The trigger radius of traps appears to be larger than he actual model. some visual indicator of its effective radius would be nice. Not a huge issue in other templates, as the since trap is sporadic. A big QOL thing for brigands attempting to set an airtight perimeter.
    The Conundrum of Booby Traps
    Explosive trap's unbuffed state is arguably better than its buffed state. Equipping the capstone passive which grants a straight buff to the other two traps changes the functionality of explosive trap, removing the considerable knockup CC (which is well exploitable by rapid fire for additional damage to the helplessly flung, a passing zombie, clever tree, or lord gravity) for a far less impressive damage AOE in order to access the bonused damage on the other two traps, OR completely skip the passive, keep the CC, and operate with lesser traps.
    This is backward. The CC version of explosive trap is objectively superior for the mixed-range playstyle of the Ranger's base kit, and willfully giving up what brigand turns in to a 12 second recast do-it-yourself pinball kit for some throwaway DoTs is a bad value proposition.
    Giving up the vanilla knock-away-so-I-can-put-arrows-in-it-and-charge-my-ult-without-getting-hit behavior for some fire damage does not feel like an upgrade, and Brigand and Warden's melee passive bars already make slotting two resource management passives essentially mandatory for effective play. As a ranger, my entire playstyle in any spec is about dictating engagement range to be melee or ranged on my terms. Wardens use the trap to separate targets from allies for teleport beatdowns. Archers use it as a kiting tool. Brigands use it to knock people off of things, in to things, and away from themselves to buy time to set more traps.
    Now I can have half of the CCs for some damage that is in a highly resisted profile and I lose one of my best initiation tools AND one of my best kiting tools.
    Despite the melee buffs, brigand is nonfunctional as a pure melee template due to lack of closers, light armor, and the presence of excellent ranged damage and utility options.
    If anything, changing explosive trap in to a damage tool rather than a knockup/back tool is more suited for warden, who is purposed designed to be in the face of the enemy.
    Better Booby Traps
    In stead, how about rolling the damage buffs on the other two traps in to the baseline, leaving explosive trap the hell alone and and changing the passive to:
    Booby Traps
    Ultimate (Alternate)
    Stealth Tray
    Gain 250% increased stealth movement speed, 30% to all mitigations and mitigation caps, and +100% stealth for 20 seconds. Every 4 seconds while this ability is active, you drop a random trap that either slows or blinds targets that it hits for 15 seconds and debuffs their resistances by 5%, stacking up to 6 times. These traps persist for 60 seconds. Your traps do not reveal you while Booby Traps is active. Booby Traps ends if you leave stealth or become revealed. Booby Traps does not grant invulnerability.
    Better Ambush, Which is actually nothing like a backstab.
    Smoke Trap (Replaces Ambush)
    Stealth Tray
    Throw a smoke trap at target location, trailing a length of rope connected to an arrow you keep in hand. Smoke trap blinds and applies Call Darkness to all targets hit, making all damage applied to them count as if from behind for 10 seconds. Smoke trap chains in to Hang 'Em High
    Hang 'Em High
    Stealth Tray (Chain from Smoke Trap)
    Reveal yourself and fire your rope arrow at your target. Upon contact, your rope arrow pulls your target to the location of your Smoke Trap.
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