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  1. "monsters drop gold" But how does it get into them? What i learned so far is that the whole economy is going to be based on what players farm, craft and trade. This farmed stuff turns into gear that decays over time. (player death -> repair, using it up,...) The gold you get from killing npcs doesnt, since the economy is player based only. So the more people are going to play this game, the more time they spend on killing npcs and the more time is passing, the less 1 "gold" will be worth. Unless the vendor thralls salary is 100% of the sales .(Take it out of the game) This will put new players that join this game after some time in an disadvantage. So in my opinion you need more ways to take gold out of the game For example an dynamic system based on the amount of server wide active gold and total gold on a certain player, that takes it from him upon death. (Inactive gold = gold from players that havent logged in for x days) Or another way to keep the amount of active gold stable.
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