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  1. As title, but there's really no reason to have to wait through a load screen with nothing to do, when there's account level stuff to handle while your character is loading up.
  2. I'd like to request a permanent Chat Channel be implemented named "Help" or something similar, so that the constant stream of newbie questions don't aggravate our more... veteran players. Presently, when a newbie question is asked, those players with more tribal knowledge often try to help, but are more snarky than useful (as they've already assimilated the games more un-intuitive concepts), and it makes the process more difficult getting accurate information to our players in a manner that is welcoming to the game. Given the New Player Experience on Crowfall is often derided as being rather cliff-like, anything to make this process easier on both the new players and veterans would be most welcome. Ideally the chat channel would be: Auto-Joined by all accounts on creation. Leavable by anyone who does not want to participate. Re-Joinable by any account without invitation Positioned on the far right of all channels. Permanent, like General, and not user channels.
  3. Sure, just something that's clear that what's being talked about is tied to the parcel, and not something you move - we routinely field questions about "How do I get Tokens?" which seems like a reasonable question on it's surface, whereas "How do I get Plots/Slots/whatever?" might be more self-answering.
  4. That said, I'd like to petition that "Tokens" be renamed to something else - Tokens imply that they are trade-able, movable, and possibly purchasable in some way. Perhaps "Slots" or something similar to make it more clear that they are tied to the parcel, and not a currency.
  5. Ah - try this: https://crowfall.com/en/faq/gameplay-and-systems/vassals/ Edit: Jackal got there first.
  6. Why would you want/need to be a noble on your EK? Edit: Thinking about it, wouldn't this be a demotion of your default position - I'm not sure an EK should allow that, since it would make the EK effectively Admin-less.
  7. Nope no Fortnite - Is that a mechanic there?
  8. Presently, the Harvesting Weak Points System could use a little sprucing up - the current system has few issues, but for the most part isn't really engaging. My suggestion is an attempt to make the system a bit more enticing to harvesters, while retaining the basic functionality of the existing system - in this way no real new tech is needed. So, presently, when harvesting the Weak spots show up on occasion (related to Intellect), and the harvester hits the target with the next swing to activate a one-time weak spot bonus damage buff. My suggestion is to alter this system so that weak spots always show up, every swing, but instead of a single time buff, a much lower strength buff applies on hit, but is stackable, and it's duration is refreshed every successful hit. On a miss, the stacks fall off, but if the player hits many targets correctly, the buff can be much higher than it is now. This allows a determined, mindful player, to harvest higher rank resources by sacrificing tool durability, engages the player to take notice of what he's doing, and can mimic the sort of gameplay present in games such as Guitar Hero and the like. Existing benefits, like Weak Spot Chance, and Weak Spot Effect can be ported over to Weak Spot Stacking (allowing for missed hits to only remove part of the stack), and Weak Spot Effect (reduced, applied to all stacks as a percentage improvement to the stack buff).
  9. It sounds like something is throttling your performance somewhere, since the GPU isn't even really "trying". Have you checked: For Thermal Throttling? (Above 65c?) The computer's power plan for the PCI Link State? Nivida's Power Management Mode ?
  10. So, this is likely to devolve into a bit of rant, so I apologize in advance. I don't understand how being a Crafter (or a Resource Gatherer) is supposed to be fun. When I go out to Craft anything of value, I'm required to travel to one of the Forts in the Campaign, and travel with the materials I need to craft said object. By virtue of being a dedicated Crafter, I'm at a disadvantage in combat compared to the majority of players, who spec for combat. So, any encounter I have with a PvP'er I'm pretty much destined to lose, regardless if it's a 1v1, or GroupvGroup since, all other things being equal, I'm a detriment to the group's combat effectiveness. Beyond that, a PvP based character needs to bring nothing with them to engage in their primary Path - simply their equipment on the paper doll (Which they can't lose). I, however, must carry valuable objects while travelling long distances through combat zones simply to engage in the party I might have fun with. So, if the PvPer loses, they can do so without loss of any items, whereas I will always lose something valuable. What's the fun in being less likely to win, with more to lose? Inevitably, this will draw out the "This is a PvP game, bro, deal." crowd, but I'm super tired of being content for other players to beat on, with no recourse.
  11. So I'd like to throw my support in here, even though I'm relatively new to the game - even five days in, I'm not clear that crafting, as currently implemented supports crafting as a Primary Path. First off - gating recipes behind several days (or weeks!) worth of XP that I can't advance actively means that I'm functionally unable to play the Path chosen until later. For crafters, this is the equivalent of gating combat class abilties other than "Basic Swing" behind skill gates, and creates a massive disparity in one's ability to meaningfully participate. This comes up time and again, as I struggle to make my crafting in any way relevant, when other players are already selling weapons and other gear that I can't make, at quality levels beyond mine, and I literally cannot catch up. So, at base, I have a few questions for the "Vision for Crafting": How many dedicated crafters is this game intended to support? Are there intended to be only a few dedicated crafters for each crafting type, or many? What encourages more than one crafter of each type: Time cost of crafting? Materials limitations? Imports/Exports? Other? How are less experienced (skill wise) crafters intended to compete with established, and more experienced crafters? Why wouldn't I simply go to the most experienced crafter? Due to the skill tree, he can produce better items, more cheaply in both resources and time. What is the intention behind gating crafting recipes? If this is a bit of tutorialization, it's not working - I don't know what these subcomponents are for, since I can't see the end result recipe, so they mean nothing. If I'm intended to sell these materials to top end crafters, why would they buy from me? The items they can produce will always be superior? If I'm supposed to sell to the masses, why is a stall/vendor not readily available early on? One suggested activity for up and coming crafters while they wait to become effective is resource hunting: The local bank is too small to support this. I've played twenty hours of resource hunting, and I'm already trashing items due to a full local bank in four locations, and a half filled personal inventory that makes me a wandering loot pinata, discouraging me from venturing out. Most of the resources I can mine are in the white/green rank, which few people want, let alone pay for, but have some nebulous "value".. somewhere, and so I'm left to hoard, hoping that someday those will be useful, but never quite knowing when or how. Finally, a recommendation, since I believe critiquing without offering a solution is simply complaining: Don't gate recipes by skill level, gate them by success chance. We already have the "Flawed Assembly" mechanic - simply allow any crafter that's made it into their chosen profession to attempt to make anything they like. Early on, they will probably fail, but as time progresses, they'll get better - just like in the real world. If they have a bank of resources, let them burn through a stack of them trying to make something better, and let luck work it out. This way, newbie crafters can still make items worth selling or using, even if they took a lot longer, and it was more expensive, but at least then they can enter the market, rather than being perpetually unable to meet demand.
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