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  1. Yes, thank you. I already contacted them and you guys are prompt. Refunded almost within the hour back to my card and repurchased. Apparently when I set up my account way back when it defaulted to germany, some technical issue from the early days. Danke.
  2. Nope, there is no tax. It had to do with the fact that when I made my account a few years ago it defaulted to German region thus making me pay in Euros rather than Dollars. Also, not fronting the tax on the price tag is an American thing, Europeans do not practice this.
  3. Expressing me dismay is far from a tantrum. No need to be a complete tool over someones plight, that is not what humanity needs. Get over your self and Good day.
  4. Yea, I already bought the game but was charged $56. Feel pretty crappy about the whole thing.
  5. While I am Germanic in lineage (born in Munich to american father and German mother) I am American since I have lived here since 1986.
  6. Should have know you were going to bait and switch me. There is a disclaimer stating all prices are in usd... and when I am not logged into my account (I am american, have a US IP) it shows me this. Cool, $49.99, I can dig that. I can get my feet wet, enjoy the devel and upgrade when I am ready too. That was my plan until I saw this. That sure the hell isn't $49.99. It isn't the about the $7 dollars, it is the fact that you are baiting people with once price and switching them with another. You advertised me $49, but charged me €49. Why should I be okay with this and continue to support this great game. Yes, it is a great concept and I miss shadowbane, but not enough to get messed with by some horse crap like this.
  7. Why won't it let me buy the game, and why am I being forced to pay in Euros?
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