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  1. If you don't want to set up a vendor, you can make deals with people who have vendors. I put a vendor up in the chaos temple in EU last night and loaded it with food. In a longer campaign, I'd be inclined to buy food ingredients from other players rather than go out and harvest them all myself. That way, I can concentrate more on crafting and less on harvesting. There will be buy orders at some point, we just aren't there yet. Right now, you aren't seeing the economy in full swing because people haven't had enough time to train and harvest yet. Most people are still trying to gear themselves. I assume they will wipe for the first sanctioned campaign, or at the very least, make it zero imports, so it will be some time before the economy really picks up. In previous builds, there was a thriving economy via the EK markets. The campaigns markets will take over some of that as crafters will want to have their products where the customers are, rather than having the customers come to them. Also, by crafting and selling in campaign, we don't use up our imports and exports. So I would say just give it some time and see where it goes.
  2. The Templar is well suited to area denial, but the Knight? What about the knight makes it good at defending? Are we supposed to just stand in a doorway and hold block? It's not like block actually blocks all damage. A significant amount still gets through. Knights are too dependent on gear for defense.
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