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  1. Hello. BurntHotdog/BurntSchnitzel here... I'm new to the Crowfall community but judging that the game hasn't fully release yet I'm not too late. Former long time player of titles like Planetside (still do but game is slowly dying | shoutout to my friends from JSOC), TERA (game dying slow | Quit when my top 15 guild disbanded over the name of all things ("Los Espadas"), W101 (when I was younger | Former PvP warlord when I was younger) and current devoted player for Shinobi Striker awaiting this title for a few of my fellow clan members (if ur on ps4 or PC, hmu and we can play) to hop on to. Competitive and really devoted player of most games I pick up. Anyway, this is Hotdog/Schnitzel and I hope to see you all on the battlefield... Oh also, chaos ftw see you later.
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