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  1. Guild Wars 2 has a feature where an orange crossed swords icon will appear on the minimap when something is under attack but only if the attacking force has 25+ players. This makes defending easier but still gives small parties of players a chance to capture objectives and contribute. I'm sure Crowfall could utilize something similar. Like OP said, passive defenses make sense. NPC guards and turrets would be great to have, especially if they are upgradeable.
  2. I believe your opinion on permanent campaigns is correct. Servers will eventually stagnate when people get bored and lose interest. That being said, ideas like your SUDDEN DEATH ruleset could inspire people to try harder and stick around. Personally, I feel like the temporary nature of campaigns as they are now is the best solution to stagnation that anyone has come up with so far. We are still early in development and you have the advantage of being able to change rulesets as you see fit. There will be much testing and experimentation, but I'm confident we'll be able to come up with ideas
  3. Sadly, I don't see this really happening. It's a procedurally generated world so there isn't going to be much we aren't aware of. That being said, if we do actually get some kind of story (unlikely) then I'm sure we'd be in for some pleasant experiences. Crowfall has some good lore that I would like to explore.
  4. SWTOR's Dirty Kick . Nothing like a swift kick to the coin purse!
  5. As much as I am eager to play Crowfall, I have to agree that I'd prefer it to be complete before being shipped. People are going to play the core module and be underwhelmed. That kind of negativity combined with the impatience of people waiting for more is deadly to a game at launch. The bad reputation caused by a mediocre launch is not easily changed.
  6. That KIA one is great. Thanks for the chuckle.
  7. Take some inspiration from Guild Wars 2 when it comes to telegraphs. Enemy AoEs will show up on the ground as a red circle. The circle is not filled in so it doesn't obstruct your vision and the outline has a subtle animation so it is easy to see in a large encounter. And like others have mentioned, don't let us see our friend's telegraphs. Or make it an option with a slider for how vividly it appears.
  8. Yes, I didn't care for that reveal, either. It seems like a futile effort at stopping the bot armies from being as effective. It's counterintuitive to become stronger faster when NOT playing. Still, we'll have to wait and see before we bring out the pitchforks.
  9. This rule set really appeals to me. You'll have to always be wary when escorting a Bloodstone. Small bands of players are more able to benefit their faction in a game mode like this.
  10. Amber is definitely the best deal, by far. I wonder what the Collector's Edition will have for tasty bonuses...
  11. The KS is exploding. I'm glad to see it I pledged instantly. Let's see what you can do, ACE!
  12. I believe Crowfall has earned some of my money. I remain hesitant to put faith in a game with such high ambitions...but perhaps I'll allow myself to hope it all works out. Just a little. I look forward to the onslaught of information we will receive. And the tasty gameplay footage!
  13. Good lord, I hope this is in. I'd expect the devs are experienced enough to realize how annoying transferring things between your characters can be in some games.
  14. If ragdoll physics did in fact make it in the game, they'd likely only affect death animations, like other games. Still, seeing a centaur plow through enemy lines and knocking everyone for a loop would be quite satisfying.
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