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  1. The cost to fix a failed craft is fair. Please do not adjust this.
  2. Consider enabling players to poison food so that when I am killed and someone loots my cairn, if they eat the food I was carrying they will get poisoned and possibly die.
  3. It's wonky, but I'm able to aim it where I want it to go.
  4. Please no. Not with limited imports. Removing items from the character when unlocking from a campaign is fine as it is.
  5. You need to press "1" twice to fire the weapon.
  6. It says "NOTE: Archetypes are primarily intended for new players" but I think this is as far as can be from what people who came and never finished the New Player Experience were looking for. I also don't think this is what anyone was ever really asking for when it comes to getting into the game and playing. I don't want to sound rude, but honestly this entire feature could probably be replaced with an infographic on character creation that just says: ARCHTYPE RECOMMENDATIONS Damage: Nethari Confessor (Fanatic) Damage: Fae Assassin (Blackguard) Damage: Half Giant Champion (Alpha Warrior) Support: Human Cleric (Crusader) Support: Elken Templar (Paladin) Defense: Stoneborn Knight (Secutor)
  7. Very frustrating bug that didn't appear until after launch.
  8. It is possible to create stacks of items with a negative number. When attempting to complete a craft in this state, an Internal Server Error occurs. Although I haven't intentionally tried to cause a crash, I believe it may be possible to if many people are doing this simultaneously or perhaps doing some other additional steps.
  9. re: Needing more information.... This happens *ALL THE TIME* and there are no known steps to reproduce. Changing resolution fixes it. That's all we know.
  10. In Dregs, if you're in a group with someone from an opposing faction in Dregs, you will get kicked from the group if you enter the opposing factions temple. Fix please.
  11. I thought that chat was barely functional. Now you're telling me you can PVP in it?
  12. Need more than just one hot zone active at a time in a world as big as Neriyan is.
  13. Holding SHIFT to sprint in combat while walking backwards drains stamina even though movement speed is unaffected. Either let us sprint backwards or don't drain stamina while moving backwards and using the sprint key.
  14. Please give us a Linux and MacOS client. There are many, many people who will buy the game simply because it's available on those platforms. Isn't Unity supposed to compile for those platforms? I think that it would go over quite well for the game and community as a whole. Just because people aren't asking you for it doesn't mean it's not wanted. Most people just don't expect it. Surprise everyone with a Linux client. You could see a huge uptick in new users.
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