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  1. Resource combo info tab

    Hi, This is simply a quality of life improvement but what I suggest once you combo ores to make a certain metal bar/plate armor layer/leather padding it should record it somewhere so you can remember what it gave you (slashing/piercing/regen etc). I''m all for spreadsheets but it's just a bit annoying tabbing in and out. Some sheets are complete in some ways and not in others. So when I add the ore/resource in to the slot I'd like to know what I get before I press combine and enter the experimental phase. I still like the discovery part of it so until you've done the combine you shouldn't pre-know the results. Adds a little more to the imagination. Yes, yes finish the game 1st but this is a quality of life improvement I'd like to see. Cheers, Vesperre
  2. 2 Suggestions

    Sure, I get that. 5.8 will totally obliterate 5.7 and maybe we'll be riding rainbow unicorns and shooting nerf guns. I'm down with that. What I'm saying if there are clear game play oversights/imbalances it effects the way people test. Instead of testing templars and confessors we have 3 gazillion assassins/champs/druids. That in itself I guess is data but only in a quantitative way not at all in a qualitative way.
  3. Let's make 1-30 leveling more meaningful

    Which is the entire point of this thread. Leveling in this game is just not engaging. 1) Make it worth something tangible. 2) Make it fun/challenging to do. If they are doing that then there is really no point to this thread =p.
  4. Let's make 1-30 leveling more meaningful

    Well I may be new'ish to CF but I see the only significant difference between people of the same class and level is 'gear' (discounting skill). Why don't you give each class/race combo a preset attribute amounts and just call it day. I find it a little disturbing a new player comes in and adds stats to their character but it doesn't really do anything (you can see how much it's actually effecting your bonuses (3 hps/constitution point? - really?)). Then people wonder, what's the point? Was this just to make me feel like my character is progressing when it's not really.
  5. 2 Suggestions

    That's a very selfish way to look at things. BD is entitled to his opinion and has paid his money as have all of us. Unless you contributed the main stay of the funding, your opinion is one voice amongst many. This is a forum where ideas should be explored not shut down.
  6. 2 Suggestions

    I agree that certain things shouldn't wait. The way we test are dramatically effected by certain environments in the game. When we see one glaring fault (poison bug) it's hard to look past that and post/test constructively in other aspects of the game (pvp, crafting, etc.) Despite what we like to think, people will test and play if they enjoy playing, call it human nature but testing is dramatically effected by glaring issues. People will not want to play if they feel like 1) the class is hugely under balance 2) they aren't enjoying it because of glaring faults. People say just create the game and worry about the details later. When people don't test what your creating you can be on a really shaky foundation. I'm not saying there isn't a balance but if you swing too far in one direction (don't fix severely broken issues before you move on) you are asking for disaster. The devil is in the details.
  7. Let's make 1-30 leveling more meaningful

    Then please make those stats worth something more that a single green plate gauntlet can muster. People don't bother (well maybe crafter's do) leveling their characters, it's not worth the time sink currently. Now that characters are permanent maybe that will change.
  8. Let's make 1-30 leveling more meaningful

    Though I agree with a lot of what you said, then why have it at all? Let's do a 'Fort Nite' and call it a day. Everyone equal, let gear determine the level, which is a whole other topic of power'ish leveling. Right now it's just confusing why it's even in there. Why get rid of attributes all together and just stuff like attk power, crafting skill bonus, hp bonus, crit chance as attributes . It would be a lot more straight forward than it is now.
  9. Let's make 1-30 leveling more meaningful

    We could also consider crafting/harvesting part of the PvP process. Creation of trebuchets/catapults/repairing forts. Now vessels can move in between campaigns. Objects have serials, maybe we can give crafers exp for providing things for their factions. Sky's the limit really.
  10. Let's make 1-30 leveling more meaningful

    Huh? When did I say that. BDO was pretty but too confusing and linear. Combat was fun though. BTW do you often misquote people?
  11. Hi, I know this isn't your average MMO but I would like leveling mean more that a mere 90 attri points. I'm really missing the dopamine hit when I ding. The fact that I'm simply crafting arrows or burning gold/frames to do it doesn't help. Simply seems like an after thought. A lot of people who have good vessels don't even bother. Here's what I suggest: Make leveling a little more fun to do. I know sacrificing might of been a stop gap for now but when true leveling is implemented make it dynamic and cool (i.e. thru PVP/harvesting/fighting monsters). Make the last 10 levels only attainable thru pvp. Tie meaning bonuses to level increase. Make it more like Wow Talents where you get to choose your bonus/talent/skill. This way you have different assassin builds/templar builds before you even get to runes discs. I'm open to any suggestions! Leveling just isn't where it needs to be atm. Cheers, Mike
  12. I really like this. That vessel i spend 50k for now isn't dead after 4 weeks. I will still buy more vessels for other tunes in other campaigns so Necromancy will still be a viable trade. Bravo Art Craft! Bravo!
  13. Shouldn't VIP training be baseline?

    High Serotonin levels in boys. The advent of gratification thru digital media (video games and web Porn). When i was growing up in the 80s and early 90 all we thought about was how to get muscles and impress girls. Later that translated to getting good jobs and impressing girls by looking like a source of security. Things have definitively changed. Women have less serotonin tends to make them more stressed out about stuff and less tolerance for being the suck. Makes them better child rearers too. Bettet workers. How more easily influenced and worry more about thier self image. Hence all the girls are strong campaign. Millennials are the product of the environment we created. Thats why immigrant children excel at school. At home their parents still kick their asses *(however these kids are subject to whole other mental problems) (i.e. stress of realizing their parents expectations.) .
  14. Unachievable Parity

    All i have to say to that is Thank you and I will.
  15. Unachievable Parity

    True. I'm green as the get so I'm kinda "short in the tooth/wide in the mouth" about this all right now. It's just my perspective as a newb coming in for a month or two. I think this game has some really innovative ideas. I find it odd about the 'don't leave a man behind' philosophy of it all. What I find is 'gear' is king in this game. You make up for a lot of missed skills with a couple purple. If a person doesn't play, does he deserve to be as well off as everyone else? I'm sure this is a dead horse well-beatened (not a word lol). It's all kinda very socialist I guess?