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  1. Hi, Now I'm going to let game mechanics be for a sec (less I get another topic shutdown) and talk about the graphics in the game. I know that 5.9 will bring a new movement engine online, that's good, but what we really need is diversity. When I see a gaggle of faction buddies ,guildies or otherwise, (yes I used the word Gaggle) I swear I can't tell who's who besides looking at the name plate. That's a bad thing. I know this isn't Wow but they had such diverse texture mapping that they made the same 20 polygon torso piece look so different that you hardly ever had the same look twice. Along with the Glamor system man was that great. Paladin Judgement armor FTW! So what I'm suggestion. 1) Create different Textures for Armor Types (slashing/peircing/fire/etc..) 2) Allow a Glamour system. 3) Stop making humans/half elves look like they got dropped on their head as a child (bonus) Nuff Said. Vesperre
  2. I tried to log on to the lobby and... I was met with a darkness so terrible.... I had to go watch Curling on TV... Now that's soul sucking
  3. He's a serial killer and he's out to get Crowfall. Beware! Joke's aside, I see this being a huge downfall for CF. I have nothing against Winterblades, the play to win, can't fault that but how many campaigns do we just shrug our shoulders and say' Oh well..'. This killed Shadow Bane yet I don't see any mechanic to mitigate this problem. I now this isn't Fortnite but you definitely need more game style modes to well have people engaged. Maybe a instanced ARENA mode (i.e. Wow Arenas) or battle royal 100v100. I'm spit balling here but I'm sure you've thought about this. I want this game to succeed and I feel sometimes you guys can't see the forest for the trees. I've never played Dregs but I really hope it's not a roffle stomp. My 2000,000 cents, Vesperre
  4. Hi, It's me again with my weekly installment of 'What's Wrong with Crowfall!?'. This week we're going to cover...'The Grindfest' that Crowfall is slowly but undoubtedly becoming. Yes we are in pre-alpha and nothing is set in stone, but I'm wary of direction this game is taking. There is undoubtedly a trend to make the initial phase of the game more difficult. It's less about the hike and more about the time spent at your local MEC. I don't think this was part of the original vision. I remember months ago I made a post, "Make Leveling Meaningful". It was about how leveling was more or less pointless in the game. I'm sure other people shared my view and what they did was to implement a skill tree where skills were slowly gained thru levels. That was great, though adding the major/minor discs was useless to that tree (psst everyone was going to get them!) I was more/less satisfied with their solution. Now however, leveling has taken a turn for the worse. I can't help thing that Blair/Todd want to go out and kill mobs/Cap to level (not lvl thru gold and sacrificing). However, the paradox they don't realize is you need to be a sufficient level to do these things. When's the last time you see a level 10 do anything useful in a siege. It just doesn't make sense. Now I know there are new ways of leveling being implemented. Crafting/Harvesting/Circle Standing should now give exp. We'll see if that is enough to make up the difference. However, if people find a good way to level (i.e. mining rank 10s) you can be sure it will be nerfed as sure as arch frames. My point is, why? Why make it more difficult to play the 'real' pvp game. The philosophy is all backwards. What it come down to really is, Crowfall leveling is becoming more and more mainstream MMO (like WoW). I think Blair/Todd believe that people are rushing thru the leveling/gearing (that's a whole other story) process and getting to the fighting part. Moreover, I think they realize the sieges and capping isn't really enough to keep people interested long term (rinse/repeat/uncle Tom). So they've turned their emphasis on the pre-fight part which includes leveling. However, they don't have enough content to make leveling interesting like a regular MMORPG (quests/story arch etc.). They really need to rethink this whole approach. I remember when I first signed up to Crowfall, I watched a trailer video where catapults we're firing at a fort on some mountain slope. Action looked fast and fun. There was a huge map where factions could gain territories in a huge continent and territory seizing was progressive. Seemed kinda like a medieval Fortnite with more substance. That said, I enjoy the more intricate parts of Crowfall (Harvestin/Crafting) but it was never, in my mind, suppose to be a 'Grind' to get my character in fighting shape. Sadly, this seems to be new vision. What to do about it? Frankly that's a difficult question. However, I would give people more to do at the endgame than the gearing/leveling. Without Dregs, this game is really one long 2-3 week one trick pony. There is nothing really do other than circle stand or kill a tree or trees or defend trees. If this is the format, reward me for doing these things with either a reputation/renown points or currency and let me get in game rewards and return leveling to being easier. Thanks for listening, Vesperre
  5. Thanks for the info. However, I'm looking to buy not sell hehe. Just wondering if this was an option for people who didn't feel like the game was what they expected. Me? I'm just looking for a account to level necromancy. Might have to wait for the next sale.
  6. Cool. I was just wondering if they are against it (for obvious reasons). I know there are several players that didn't know what they we're getting into and wanted to unload their accounts. I'm not one of them but I'll be willing to pick up another account that someone doesn't want.
  7. Hi, EULA is tldr; so does Artcraft condone the selling and buying of backer accounts? If so can people advertise on this forum? (seems like the logically place to do so). I'm just curious, don't rake me over the coals. Vesp.
  8. But you never lose the vessel. It's just beat up and c an be healed.
  9. Hi, There have been discussions about how to keep necromancy viable after people all have legendary, which I feel will be inevitable. One idea is to keep vessels isolated to a campaign. This isn't great because campaigns are entirely to short and to create the good necro gear and farm elements. Another idea is to have vessel durability so they break, not entirely ideal, no person would like to have there vessel break on them on either death (I cant even get my corpse) or on damage (whoops mid fight catastrophe) . Neither of these seem a good solution to keep necromancy going. Here's what I suggest. Give Vessels durability but only on death to you lose a small amount let's say maybe 5/300 based on the level of the vessels (legendaries have 500 let's say). Every time you lose 25% or your durability you incur a penalty to your all stats (dropped by 10% let's say). So the more you die the less great your vessel becomes. Also you only incur this penalty at level 30 so new players don't get bjorked. Ok, your vessel is kinda crappy now after multiple deaths (ALOT) you've incur the max penalty (40% let's say). What do you do now? Here's where necromancy comes in. As it stands, Grave Digging is the most uninteresting exploration talent. The graveyards are limited and loot is really base mostly of the level of the graveyard and not your skill. Yes you get better bones and junk but that's rather superfluous. So let's add something called 'Soul Essence' or SE. Kinda like the stuff from Elder Scrolls. When a player has the Grave Digging talent equipped every mob he/she kills has a % chance to drop this stuff. The more skill he/she has the better the chance to higher grade SE. Necromancy then create salves (using SE and misc stuff) that heal vessels. Green will require green, Rare, blue and Epic, purple etc. This gives a % durability back to the vessel. This will all have to be balanced of course. So in end, we will never 'lose' our vessels. They get crappier the more they die. Necromancers can make this crap that heals them. Hell we could even make salves that allow people to redo their points but that is a whole other bag of worms (intended). More thoughts pried from the maw which is my mind, Vesperre
  10. Really? So Champs are DPS/TANK/Self Heal. Hmmmmm..... I guess they don't any classes really.
  11. Hi me again. Jtodd/Blake's solution by stripping hp off armor solves one problem yet causes another. Yes, you get people not having to run toward plate at all time possible but have they considered Monster races with high constitution base stats. Not to mention those who choose myrms and champs also get another 32-40 constitution. Now based on that you have a situation where just on base class/constitution alone Monster Champs/Myrms will higher base hit points than the actually Tank classes (Templar and Knights). In the old system, the Tank classes were ok if they had decent gear with good hps and close the gap. Now that's stripped away and a melee class and out dmg and out last a tank class. Also Pitfighter's can wear Plate as well so it's not like they also have less mitigation. This makes absolutely sense to me why do u want dps class to more tankier than tank?. This makes no sense. Why not give templars/knights a 12-16 point inc per Constitution or just give Tank classes 50 extra constitution vs. 32. Since I haven't logged (in the office) in yet this is all hypothetical, am I making any sense? Just my 2 sense, Vesperre
  12. I've recently watched the April Update on Zybak TV and was surprised to hear that major disc were going to unchangeable. JTodd and Blair reasoned that people could level up vessels just to test the various discs. No offense JTodd/Blair, I love you guys, but THAT IS THE STUPIDEST IDEA I'VE EVER HEARD OF. I don't really care if it was in SB but what a bloody time sink! Not to mention if we finally find a combo we like (after weeks of testing) and you NERF the Disc (which is inevitable to something min/maxed) we can't take it out! There goes that legendary vessel! Also, if we want a certain disc and can't find it are we just to leave or Major Disc slots empty till we do??!!? Ok, breathing, serenity now..... Ok I understand the issue of hot swapping. People could tailor their discs to ultimately be good at any given scenario. But listen to your Player base, HARD COUNTERS ARE BAD, the discs should not be so overpowered that the can totally omit a certain class (i.e. Molehunter/Jellyskin vs. Assassins). Skill should trump all, not Discs or setups. Here's what I suggest. 1) Allow characters to swap Discs until 30 for free. Let them test before making them commit. Will people try to keep their characters at 29? Probably, but give EXP for everything (crafting/harvesting/hunting) Eventually, all PC (if they do anything) will have to hit 30. or.... 2) Make swapping possible however make it incur a tremendous cost (1,000,000 gold or 100 chaos embers). If you want to do, go for it but you are not going to swap on a whim. It's going to be to costly however, if you really want to get rid of a Major Disc you can. or... 3) Just nerf the Major Disc so they are not hard counters. You made them OP now you to make a balanced game you'll have to walk it back. One Disc should never trump skill or should pigeon hole you to only 1 scenerio. Shadowbane is long dead and let's not commit the sins of the past. Vesperre
  13. Hi, From what I'm seeing lately in CF, everyone logs in around 8pm in their own siege zone (to zone block) or the neutral city to go offensive. The sieges trees are downed and then people log off and that ends pvp for the night (mostly). There's no incentive to go around capping other forts and outposts (except to perhaps help your faction get a few more points) cause in the end your likely to get the same reward anyhow. What I'd like to see is a system like SWTOR, WOW or WAoR where you are rewarded a war currency for participating in PvP both siege related and open world. With that currency you can go to a faction quartermaster and buy items (i.e. Hunger Shards...grrrrrrr) or other pvp gear add-ons. You could have really expensive rewards like unique player housing or mounts. These rewards could even be campaign related (i.e. related to the God) and be time sensitive so you really have incentive to build your pool to buy that specific god related item (Zaleena's Pendant). Give people a reason to fight more, you'll get more participation. I would go cap forts and outposts if I knew that it meant something more for me in the long run. Also, you could give bonus points to those who finish in the top 5-> 50-> 100 or Faction. Want me to PVP? Show me the money! Cheers, Vesperre
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