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  1. Hi, It's been a while since I went a rant about the role of the Templar in Crowfall (See the Ghosts of Furor and Tigole post). However, I did promise to write a more constructive post later and now 5.8 is here and the different Templar trees have been out a bit I think it's a good time to bring my thoughts to the table. JToddColeman, here's some food for 'Diving' thought. =). I initially was going to break down all the abilities and go one by one about the pros/cons. However, I think those have been well documented and instead,, I'm just going to focus on things the Templar needs to be completely fleshed out. I've played Templar, still playing Templar and will be in the future and I want the class to have a role in many situations and not just pigeon holed to do one specific thing. One of the things I'm going to do is refer to the WoW Paladin alot. I feel, thought different games, I can draw a lot of similarities about the evolution of the Wow Pally and bring it into the context of Crowfal Templarl. Understand, I was a Grand Marshal Ret Paladin in Wow and played that for 4 years total playing time. So I can confidently say I know my Hybrid Class stuff. The 1st thing is and my greatest concern is... Mobility: I can say with confidence we are the Pylons of Crowfall. Not only is a plate wearing human the slowest PC in the game our main ability (Righteous Stand) slows us down ever further. To add to that, the amount of snares, stuns, staggers, knockdowns in this game is moderately high. However, even in our up time we are chasing with cement blocks on our feet. This is endlessly frustrating. In any PVP environment, lack of mobility = death. In Wow they solved this with the paladin by... 1) they gave an ability (judgment) to increase movement speed for a time. 2) The also have an ability to cleanse roots/stuns. 3) We had the ability to range Stun (Templar CC is garbage). So even though they are slow in general Templars would be able to have limited bursts of speed and limit the down time where they are slow. Also stun would help if the target got out of range. DPS and PIPS: I've lumped these together because I believe they are related. First of all, I can confidently say Paladins have probably the lowest DPS in the game (barring someone sitting in a DPS paladin's Divinelight). 1st of all, the animation is well...comical, creative..but comical. No one ever would swing a sword like that but that's beside the point. The animation is slow. All other attacks cycles are faster. The assassin can hit you 2-3 times before u swing once. The knight can pump out more dps at lvl 10 that a templar at 30 by just swinging a bastard sword. The creators should really look at real Zweihänder fighting. The motions are very circular and fluent meant to maim or disarm. Or even Kendo, where the strikes are fast and furious. The sword stance they should have the Templar in is Hasou No Kamae, (quick stance) and use quick overblows. The parry should be a Left Ox hanging guard...I guess it sorta of does. Anyhow, I'm digressing, the animation needs to be fluid/faster, right now the animation is akward and segmented. This brings me to my next point, pip generation. To only gain a pip on the 3rd blow where sometimes the opponent's gotten out of range, not good. Every strike should generate a pip and strikes should be faster. Lastly, how does a dagger do the same dmg as 2Hsword. The Dmg scaling needs to be fixed but they need to make templar sword do more dmg. Are up time is limited, when we hit we have to burst. 1) Faster Animation 2) Templars swords need more dmg. 3) Pip Generation on Every Hit. Survivability: Now from the outside it may look like we have good survivability however we don't. First of all, our main healing skill is Divine Light, it's great except when it's not...which is 90% of the time. It only heals when people sit in it. No one does. When people don't sit in it, I lose pips which kills my ability to do much. It's pretty much lose/lose. It's severely limited and side from the paladin spec it's pretty much useless (because everyone steps out of it and waits). Also, it's on a huge cool down so I can't create multiple control zones. I reiterate though, Losing pips is the worst. Devotion, well it would be good except 1) Our dmg stinks so our devotion heals like crap(we hit 6 mobs with a retaliate and do 5000 dmg) 2) Our up time is limited due to our lack of mobility and Anti-CC abilities (Holy Warrior doesn't count). In WOW they gave paladins an ability that consumed pips that they could flash heal themselves or others (Flash of Light?). I'd like to see an ability like this. Also we had an ability that gave a physical dmg shield to someone or ourselves (but also made us unable to attack, fair trade). 1) Flash of Light Ability 2) Wow Devotion like shield (NOT THE BUBBLE). So here are some of my thoughts regarding the Templar. I didn't go into each spec but in general I wanted to outline the things I feel the Templar needed. I used several Wow references because to be honest, it took them a long time to get it right and I feel there's no harm to learn from their mistakes. I welcome your thoughts. Thank you (no salt), Vesperre
  2. Treatise on Crafting in 5.8

    I'd like to start a discussion about crafting and it's current interation in 5.8. Here are what I think the pros and cons are. Pros - Rune based crafting allows players to potential switch on the fly without weeks/months of training. - All recipes are contained in the rune for one profession. You can make advanced weapons from the get go. - Allows minor runes to be beneficial rafting which was not the case before. Cons - The requirement of leveling your crafting character in a campaign before u placed her in a EK. (You Need a Major Rune Slot) - All recipes from the start takes away from the sense of progression as a crafter. Only EXP POINTS and SUCCESS and SPEED trainable. - The need to make multiple characters for each profession (Logging in/out). No one would want to destroy the their epic rune just to have to find another one (I know u could tenchnically have 2 runes per PC). Still sucks from a quality of life standpoint. - Lack of specialization like combat talents. What I propose is this: 1) Forget about runes. Professions should be scroll consumables which gives you the basic ability for a profession. Once consumed the rudimentary recipes are always available. This should allow you to build intermediate runes tools/armor/common vessels/weapons/deeds/jewelry and such. All advanced recipes are drops. 2) Each crafting profession should have specialization (aside from experimantation/success). The same way you make classes for combat types you should make archtypes for crafters. i.e. a crafter could specialize in make lighter weapons, or fire magic ones or heavy dmg ones. I'm just throwing out examples you get the point. 3) Take crafting tables out of masonry and into general. They are necessary for any crafter. Stone masons have enough business creating deeds. Or give them the ability to repair forts/trebuchets. 4) Give crafters the ability to level thru crafting. Our crafting vessels should be kitted out to make stuff not fight. Just me two cents, Mike
  3. Super annoying things

    Sounds horrible..almost sounds like errrr...'War'.
  4. Super annoying things

    Now the real question is. Will they have pure harvester escape skills or do we have all assassins and duelists harvesters? Since I've started harvesting on an assassin I'm never going back. Half-Elf to get ore/stone racials and assassin for stealth. Since I've harvested on assassin I haven't been ganked once. And for those say just switch to melee, the melee tree kinda sucks with all crafting runes equipped.
  5. Super annoying things

    I think this game gets rid of the chaff from the fact you actually have to do some research to learn how 2 play. I think thought it would be nice to have 4 harvesting slots. The one you have in the slot is the one u use. You can switch it out at your leisure. I get the switching picks things. I do it too. I guess my point is the game is new, there will be many UI improvements/Quality of life improvements. I'm not oppose to that.
  6. Super annoying things

    I think the main argument of this thread is a bit misconstrued. Idoll does not like some interface/quality of life aspects of harvesting. Others are arguing this game is hard To be quite honest, I think these are 2 separate things all together. Idoll can suggest things to make 2 clicks 1 click without fundamentally changing the game. I prefer 1 click vs. 2 in any task I have to 2 3000 times. I do think tools should last a good 300% longer but I'm happy with the fundamental design of harvesting atm. Crafting on the other hand.....
  7. Resource combo info tab

    Hi, This is simply a quality of life improvement but what I suggest once you combo ores to make a certain metal bar/plate armor layer/leather padding it should record it somewhere so you can remember what it gave you (slashing/piercing/regen etc). I''m all for spreadsheets but it's just a bit annoying tabbing in and out. Some sheets are complete in some ways and not in others. So when I add the ore/resource in to the slot I'd like to know what I get before I press combine and enter the experimental phase. I still like the discovery part of it so until you've done the combine you shouldn't pre-know the results. Adds a little more to the imagination. Yes, yes finish the game 1st but this is a quality of life improvement I'd like to see. Cheers, Vesperre
  8. 2 Suggestions

    Sure, I get that. 5.8 will totally obliterate 5.7 and maybe we'll be riding rainbow unicorns and shooting nerf guns. I'm down with that. What I'm saying if there are clear game play oversights/imbalances it effects the way people test. Instead of testing templars and confessors we have 3 gazillion assassins/champs/druids. That in itself I guess is data but only in a quantitative way not at all in a qualitative way.
  9. Let's make 1-30 leveling more meaningful

    Which is the entire point of this thread. Leveling in this game is just not engaging. 1) Make it worth something tangible. 2) Make it fun/challenging to do. If they are doing that then there is really no point to this thread =p.
  10. Let's make 1-30 leveling more meaningful

    Well I may be new'ish to CF but I see the only significant difference between people of the same class and level is 'gear' (discounting skill). Why don't you give each class/race combo a preset attribute amounts and just call it day. I find it a little disturbing a new player comes in and adds stats to their character but it doesn't really do anything (you can see how much it's actually effecting your bonuses (3 hps/constitution point? - really?)). Then people wonder, what's the point? Was this just to make me feel like my character is progressing when it's not really.
  11. 2 Suggestions

    That's a very selfish way to look at things. BD is entitled to his opinion and has paid his money as have all of us. Unless you contributed the main stay of the funding, your opinion is one voice amongst many. This is a forum where ideas should be explored not shut down.
  12. 2 Suggestions

    I agree that certain things shouldn't wait. The way we test are dramatically effected by certain environments in the game. When we see one glaring fault (poison bug) it's hard to look past that and post/test constructively in other aspects of the game (pvp, crafting, etc.) Despite what we like to think, people will test and play if they enjoy playing, call it human nature but testing is dramatically effected by glaring issues. People will not want to play if they feel like 1) the class is hugely under balance 2) they aren't enjoying it because of glaring faults. People say just create the game and worry about the details later. When people don't test what your creating you can be on a really shaky foundation. I'm not saying there isn't a balance but if you swing too far in one direction (don't fix severely broken issues before you move on) you are asking for disaster. The devil is in the details.
  13. Let's make 1-30 leveling more meaningful

    Then please make those stats worth something more that a single green plate gauntlet can muster. People don't bother (well maybe crafter's do) leveling their characters, it's not worth the time sink currently. Now that characters are permanent maybe that will change.
  14. Let's make 1-30 leveling more meaningful

    Though I agree with a lot of what you said, then why have it at all? Let's do a 'Fort Nite' and call it a day. Everyone equal, let gear determine the level, which is a whole other topic of power'ish leveling. Right now it's just confusing why it's even in there. Why get rid of attributes all together and just stuff like attk power, crafting skill bonus, hp bonus, crit chance as attributes . It would be a lot more straight forward than it is now.