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  1. Notice how the Templar died 1st? Must of been a Vindicator...just saying...
  2. Trying to pre-empt 6.2 while it's still plastic/liquid currency. Throwing out some ideas for discussion and developers. I'd be happy if 1 -2 of these were considered and tested.
  3. Hi, I've played the templar arch-types exclusively since I start in pre-alpha and I feel both Fury and Paladin have basic utility atm. Could be better? Probably yes, but I know for the roles they have they can perform it some degree. Vindicators, not so much, I spend more time chasing a fight then actually participating in it. I'm not going to hash to death the issues, we all know what they are. Here are some solutions, some apply to all templars, some solely to vindicators. 1) PIP ON EVERY SWING (all templars) - We all know the issues with pip starvation (minus paladin) with
  4. I've followed templars for awhile now ever since their 'never die' inception and followed the nerf train that hit it over and over. Hate to say it, I have my own company IRL and I know when to cut my loses and walk away from a relationship. This might be one of those times. This class just isn't interesting to play anymore, doesn't do anything particularly well anymore and the game play is a bit slow and plotting. I really did try my hardest. It was cool running about Plate Armor and a 2h sword for a bit let's face the facts, there are better more interesting choices to be had. Kinda fel
  5. I don't play Champs but I think I just saw something kinda off. Maybe because I play templars and we're kinda useless in all but 2 situations (PvE mob AoE and maybe Seige (oh wait that was nerfed silly me)). But AceSin on Infected just solo'ed me and a chief and 2 other mobs (ok the other mobs were mince meat) and his life never dropped below 65%. Errr and I was a healing myself constantly. Is this broken or is my own class just that sucky. Vesperre.
  6. Hi, Now I'm going to let game mechanics be for a sec (less I get another topic shutdown) and talk about the graphics in the game. I know that 5.9 will bring a new movement engine online, that's good, but what we really need is diversity. When I see a gaggle of faction buddies ,guildies or otherwise, (yes I used the word Gaggle) I swear I can't tell who's who besides looking at the name plate. That's a bad thing. I know this isn't Wow but they had such diverse texture mapping that they made the same 20 polygon torso piece look so different that you hardly ever had the same look twice.
  7. I tried to log on to the lobby and... I was met with a darkness so terrible.... I had to go watch Curling on TV... Now that's soul sucking
  8. He's a serial killer and he's out to get Crowfall. Beware! Joke's aside, I see this being a huge downfall for CF. I have nothing against Winterblades, the play to win, can't fault that but how many campaigns do we just shrug our shoulders and say' Oh well..'. This killed Shadow Bane yet I don't see any mechanic to mitigate this problem. I now this isn't Fortnite but you definitely need more game style modes to well have people engaged. Maybe a instanced ARENA mode (i.e. Wow Arenas) or battle royal 100v100. I'm spit balling here but I'm sure you've thought about this. I want thi
  9. Hi, It's me again with my weekly installment of 'What's Wrong with Crowfall!?'. This week we're going to cover...'The Grindfest' that Crowfall is slowly but undoubtedly becoming. Yes we are in pre-alpha and nothing is set in stone, but I'm wary of direction this game is taking. There is undoubtedly a trend to make the initial phase of the game more difficult. It's less about the hike and more about the time spent at your local MEC. I don't think this was part of the original vision. I remember months ago I made a post, "Make Leveling Meaningful". It was about how leveling was
  10. Thanks for the info. However, I'm looking to buy not sell hehe. Just wondering if this was an option for people who didn't feel like the game was what they expected. Me? I'm just looking for a account to level necromancy. Might have to wait for the next sale.
  11. Cool. I was just wondering if they are against it (for obvious reasons). I know there are several players that didn't know what they we're getting into and wanted to unload their accounts. I'm not one of them but I'll be willing to pick up another account that someone doesn't want.
  12. Hi, EULA is tldr; so does Artcraft condone the selling and buying of backer accounts? If so can people advertise on this forum? (seems like the logically place to do so). I'm just curious, don't rake me over the coals. Vesp.
  13. But you never lose the vessel. It's just beat up and c an be healed.
  14. Hi, There have been discussions about how to keep necromancy viable after people all have legendary, which I feel will be inevitable. One idea is to keep vessels isolated to a campaign. This isn't great because campaigns are entirely to short and to create the good necro gear and farm elements. Another idea is to have vessel durability so they break, not entirely ideal, no person would like to have there vessel break on them on either death (I cant even get my corpse) or on damage (whoops mid fight catastrophe) . Neither of these seem a good solution to keep necromancy going. Her
  15. Really? So Champs are DPS/TANK/Self Heal. Hmmmmm..... I guess they don't any classes really.
  16. Hi me again. Jtodd/Blake's solution by stripping hp off armor solves one problem yet causes another. Yes, you get people not having to run toward plate at all time possible but have they considered Monster races with high constitution base stats. Not to mention those who choose myrms and champs also get another 32-40 constitution. Now based on that you have a situation where just on base class/constitution alone Monster Champs/Myrms will higher base hit points than the actually Tank classes (Templar and Knights). In the old system, the Tank classes were ok if they had decent gear
  17. I've recently watched the April Update on Zybak TV and was surprised to hear that major disc were going to unchangeable. JTodd and Blair reasoned that people could level up vessels just to test the various discs. No offense JTodd/Blair, I love you guys, but THAT IS THE STUPIDEST IDEA I'VE EVER HEARD OF. I don't really care if it was in SB but what a bloody time sink! Not to mention if we finally find a combo we like (after weeks of testing) and you NERF the Disc (which is inevitable to something min/maxed) we can't take it out! There goes that legendary vessel! Also, if we want a certai
  18. Hi, From what I'm seeing lately in CF, everyone logs in around 8pm in their own siege zone (to zone block) or the neutral city to go offensive. The sieges trees are downed and then people log off and that ends pvp for the night (mostly). There's no incentive to go around capping other forts and outposts (except to perhaps help your faction get a few more points) cause in the end your likely to get the same reward anyhow. What I'd like to see is a system like SWTOR, WOW or WAoR where you are rewarded a war currency for participating in PvP both siege related and open world. Wit
  19. Hi, Let's face it folks, the Fury spec is the red headed stepchild of the Templar Archetypes right now. It can't heal/dmg like the others and it's main CC, DL AoE knockdown, utility limited due to knockdown diminishing returns. Right now there is simply no reason to bring one to a siege or any other group engagement. So this is what I suggest. Remove the knockdown, keep the daze but give DL these abilities instead. Let's give the Fury true Tank abilities. 1) Indignation - Any enemy characters affected by Divine Light receive a 30% dmg debuff against all opponents save th
  20. Yes a faster animation and some kinds of movement buff. I don't agree about the survivability though we all have our own experiences. Thanks for the feedback.
  21. THank you for your input. These changes are just a list of possible solutions. The implementation of some or even a single suggestion may be enough to bring us to a better place. However, you can see where I'm coming from . I want to give the devs a comprehensive laundry list of issues. Cheers, Vesperre
  22. Hi, It's been a while since I went a rant about the role of the Templar in Crowfall (See the Ghosts of Furor and Tigole post). However, I did promise to write a more constructive post later and now 5.8 is here and the different Templar trees have been out a bit I think it's a good time to bring my thoughts to the table. JToddColeman, here's some food for 'Diving' thought. =). I initially was going to break down all the abilities and go one by one about the pros/cons. However, I think those have been well documented and instead,, I'm just going to focus on things the Templar nee
  23. I'd like to start a discussion about crafting and it's current interation in 5.8. Here are what I think the pros and cons are. Pros - Rune based crafting allows players to potential switch on the fly without weeks/months of training. - All recipes are contained in the rune for one profession. You can make advanced weapons from the get go. - Allows minor runes to be beneficial rafting which was not the case before. Cons - The requirement of leveling your crafting character in a campaign before u placed her in a EK. (You Need a Major Rune Slot) - All recipes from the st
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