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  1. 4 hours ago, Prometeu said:

    Considering they are quite frequent in the field, in the guilds with extensive game knowledge, I doubt they need more buffs.

    With 6.200 everything gets reworked in terms of talents and disciplines - so any proper discussion should be postponed.

    Trying to pre-empt 6.2 while it's still plastic/liquid currency.  Throwing out some ideas for discussion and developers.  I'd be happy if 1 -2 of these were considered and tested.  

  2. Hi,

    I've played the templar arch-types exclusively since I start in pre-alpha and I feel both Fury and Paladin have basic utility atm.  Could be better?  Probably yes, but I know for the roles they have they can perform it some degree.  Vindicators, not so much, I spend more time chasing a fight then actually participating in it.   I'm not going to hash to death the issues, we all know what they are.  Here are some solutions, some apply to all templars, some solely to vindicators.

    1) PIP ON EVERY SWING (all templars)  - We all know the issues with pip starvation (minus paladin) with this class.   When we also look at the uptime we have on foes the current system is just not good.   If we swing 2 times and miss the third = no pip.  Doesn't make sense.  Give us a pip a swing.

    2) Vindicator DL PROCS AOE SLOW (vindicator only) -  DL is such a wasted element of a vindicator's playbook.  Often it only works in PvE.  I run in drop it and everyone just runs off to fight else where and I'm left holding the 'pip bill'.   So this does 3 things, it keeps the enemy in range so the vindicator can uptime, allows your more vulnerable healers/dps to get away/builds pips.  

    3) ALL DL LOSE THE PIP DRAIN (all templars) -  I don't mind the idea but it was too costly a idea when fights move too dynamically for this to be a practical cost.

    4) ADD BACK A SIN USING MECHANIC (all templars) - Back in the day when we have access to prosecute(adjudicator disc), this was a perfect marriage of stacking and consuming.  In efforts of adding cross-class synergy they bjorked it.  I think this is very much a wasted opportunity.    For vindicators it could be a fire dmg + DOT base on stacks, for Paladins it could a Dmg reducer effect and for Fury it could a crazy AoE dmg push and knockdown (based on stacks - like Elken headbutt).   I'm sure ACE can come up with better ones than me.

    5) HAMMER (or SWORD) of WRATH (vindicators only) - This one I left vindicators only because I felt like one of the role for vindicators could be to finish off the fleeing enemies (righteous judgement lol).   Ret Paladins had the same issue with finishing an opponent so the Hammer of Wrath was added.  It was a simply execute that hit with holy power.  It was only useful once an enemy was like 30%.   However, it was insta-cast and had a good range.  We'd have to have better aim since this isn't tab targeting but I'd love a variation of this on vindicators. 

    6) ADD BACK THE DL HEAL BUT HEAL ONLY SELF (vindicators only) -  I know, I know it was face melting time before so we had to pay something but now it's functioning as per usual, a 500hp hit non-crit every 3-4 secs is well a little meh.  So....give me back my paultry 200 hps a tick but make it only heal me.  I'm not suppose to be a healer anyways, i'm suppose to a crazy zealot with a 2handed sword.    Not great buff to survivability but something at least.

    7) FIRE WEAKNESS STACKABLE DEBUFF (all templars)-  I felt like adding this to the DL addition above but I wanted to keep it separate.  I like the idea of a vindicator getting scarier and scarier the longer you decide to engage it.  I'm wondering if this stacking debuff could be added to the DL but i'd like to see it so the more you get hit by DL the more susceptible to fire you become.  Give it like a 25-30% increased fire damage at full stacks (3 -10%).   


    So there's some ideas guys.  I hope you read this and take some ideas like this into consideration.  I want this class to be a great class but not an OP one.  If only 1-2 of these get implemented (especially for vindicators) I feel we'd be a much better place.

    Thanks for reading, I know it's long,






  3. I've followed templars for awhile now ever since their 'never die' inception and followed the nerf train that hit it over and over.  Hate to say it, I have my own company IRL and I know when to cut my loses and walk away from a relationship.  This might be one of those times.  This class just isn't interesting to play anymore, doesn't do anything particularly well anymore and the game play is a bit slow and plotting.  I really did try my hardest.  It was cool running about Plate Armor and a 2h sword for a bit let's face the facts, there are better more interesting choices to be had.  Kinda felt like the game play really didn't evolve too much for these guys.   

    TBH I think Divine Light was the biggest crutch.  Everything was about that ability it seemed or how overly OP it seemed in some situations but was kinda useless in a practical sense.

    I'm not saying Templars should go the way of the Stalker and Legionaire but even in the best of niche roles for them, there are much better durable choices.

    Best of luck, I'll drop in from time to time but I think Mordhau is what I was really looking for from the start.  


  4. I don't play Champs but I think I just saw something kinda off.   Maybe because I play templars and we're kinda useless in all but 2 situations (PvE mob AoE and maybe Seige (oh wait that was nerfed silly me)).  But AceSin on Infected just solo'ed me and a chief and 2 other mobs (ok the other mobs were mince meat) and his life never dropped below 65%.  Errr and I was a healing myself constantly. 

    Is this broken or is my own class just that sucky.


  5. Hi,

    Now I'm going to let game mechanics be for a sec (less I get another topic shutdown) and talk about the graphics in the game.  I know that 5.9 will bring a  new movement engine online, that's good, but what we really need is diversity.  When I see a gaggle of faction buddies ,guildies or otherwise, (yes I used the word Gaggle) I swear I can't tell who's who besides looking at the name plate.  That's a bad thing.  I know this isn't Wow but they had such diverse texture mapping that they made the same 20 polygon torso piece look so different that you hardly ever had the same look twice.  Along with the Glamor system man was that great.  Paladin Judgement armor FTW!

    So what I'm suggestion.

    1) Create different Textures for  Armor Types (slashing/peircing/fire/etc..)

    2) Allow a Glamour system.

    3) Stop making humans/half elves look like they got dropped on their head as a child (bonus)

    Nuff Said.


  6. He's a serial killer and he's out to get Crowfall.  Beware!  

    Joke's aside, I see this  being a huge downfall for CF.  I have nothing against Winterblades, the play to win, can't fault that but how many campaigns do we just shrug our shoulders and say' Oh well..'.  This killed Shadow Bane yet I don't see any mechanic to mitigate this problem.  I now this isn't Fortnite but you definitely need more game style modes to well have people engaged.  Maybe a instanced ARENA mode (i.e. Wow Arenas) or battle royal 100v100.   I'm spit balling here but I'm sure you've thought about this.  I want this game to succeed and I feel sometimes you guys can't see the forest for the trees.  I've never played Dregs but I really hope it's not a roffle stomp.

    My 2000,000 cents,


  7. Hi,

    It's me again with my weekly installment of 'What's Wrong with Crowfall!?'.  This week we're going to cover...'The Grindfest' that Crowfall is slowly but undoubtedly becoming.   Yes we are in pre-alpha and nothing is set in stone, but I'm wary of direction this game is taking.  There is undoubtedly a trend to make the initial phase of the game more difficult.  It's less about the hike and more about the time spent at your local MEC.   I don't think this was part of the original vision.

    I remember months ago I made a post, "Make Leveling Meaningful".  It was about how leveling was more or less pointless in the game.  I'm sure other people shared my view and what they did was to implement a skill tree where skills were slowly gained thru levels.  That was great, though adding the major/minor discs was useless to that tree (psst everyone was going to get them!) I was more/less satisfied with their solution.  Now however, leveling has taken a turn for the worse.   I can't help thing that Blair/Todd want to go out and kill mobs/Cap to level (not lvl thru gold and sacrificing).  However, the paradox they don't realize is you need to be a sufficient level to do these things.  When's the last time you see a level 10 do anything useful in a siege.  It just doesn't make sense.  

    Now I know there are new ways of leveling being implemented.  Crafting/Harvesting/Circle Standing should now give exp.  We'll see if that is enough to make up the difference.  However, if people find a good way to level (i.e. mining rank 10s) you can be sure it will be nerfed as sure as arch frames.  My point is, why?  Why make it more difficult to play the 'real' pvp game.  The philosophy is all backwards.

    What it come down to really is, Crowfall leveling is becoming more and more mainstream MMO (like WoW).  I think Blair/Todd believe that people are rushing thru the leveling/gearing (that's a whole other story) process and getting to the fighting part.  Moreover, I think they realize the sieges and capping isn't really enough to keep people interested long term (rinse/repeat/uncle Tom).  So they've turned their emphasis on the pre-fight part which includes leveling.  However, they don't have enough content to make leveling interesting like a regular MMORPG (quests/story arch etc.).  They really need to rethink this whole approach.     

    I remember when I first signed up to Crowfall, I watched a trailer video where catapults we're firing at a fort on some mountain slope.  Action looked fast and fun.  There was a huge map where factions could gain territories in a huge continent and territory seizing was progressive.   Seemed kinda like a medieval Fortnite with more substance.    That said, I enjoy the more intricate parts of Crowfall (Harvestin/Crafting) but it was never, in my mind, suppose to be a 'Grind' to get my character in fighting shape.  Sadly, this seems to be new vision.

    What to do about it?  Frankly that's a difficult question.  However, I would give people more to do at the endgame than the gearing/leveling.   Without Dregs, this game is really one long 2-3 week one trick pony.  There is nothing really do other than circle stand or kill a tree or trees or defend trees.  If this is the format, reward me for doing these things with either a reputation/renown points or currency and let me get in game rewards and return leveling to being easier.

    Thanks for listening,  






  8. 15 minutes ago, ACE_JackalBark said:

    @Vesperre Let me clarify a bit:
    You cannot sell your account (that whole thing you log into).

    You can sell a retired backer pack (the bundled pledge package you bought, of which an account can have multiple), but only to certified Trusted Traders. Retired backer packs are any packs which we sold in the past but no longer sell. We do, however, allow gifting of any backer packs and other entitlements to anyone. There's a Gifting FAQ you can check out for more information.

    Let me know if you have any questions!

    Thanks for the info.  However, I'm looking to buy not sell hehe.  Just wondering if this was an option for people who didn't feel like the game was what they expected.  Me?  I'm just looking for a account to level necromancy.  Might have to wait for the next sale.

  9. 2 minutes ago, PopeUrban said:

    You can't sell an account once it has been used.

    You are allowed to sell or trade unredeemed packages and other elements of those packages. Basically anything that shows up under the "gifting" section of your account page.

    If these people you know have actually used these accounts to log in to the game they can not trade or sell them as they have already been redeemed.

    Interesting thanks for the info.

  10. 1 minute ago, mandalore said:

    They have some kind of trusted traders thing set up where only a few people are allowed to sell them.  You should tag a dev and ask them.  I suggest pann or ace_jackal.

    Cool.  I was just wondering if they are against it  (for obvious reasons).  I know there are several players that didn't know what they we're getting into and wanted to unload  their accounts.   I'm not one of them but I'll be willing to pick up another account that someone doesn't want.

  11. 19 minutes ago, Soulreaver said:

    With the current leveling grind?!?!

    No thanks.

    I don’t want durability on Vessels.  They can’t be mass produced and require a lot more effort than other items.  So this is -definately- a deal breaker for me if this goes through.

    But you never lose the vessel.  It's just beat up and c an be healed.

  12. Hi,

    There have been discussions about how to keep necromancy viable after people all have legendary, which I feel will be inevitable.  One idea is to keep vessels isolated to a campaign.  This isn't great because campaigns are entirely to short and to create the good necro gear and farm elements.  Another idea is to have vessel durability so they break, not entirely ideal, no person would like to have there  vessel break on them on either death (I cant even get my corpse) or on damage (whoops mid fight catastrophe) . Neither of these seem a good solution to keep necromancy going.

    Here's what I suggest.  Give Vessels durability but only on death to you lose a small amount let's say maybe 5/300 based on the level of the vessels (legendaries have 500 let's say).  Every time you lose 25% or your durability you incur a penalty to your all stats (dropped by 10% let's say).  So the more you die the less great your vessel becomes.  Also you only incur this penalty at level 30 so new players don't get bjorked.   Ok, your vessel is kinda crappy now after multiple deaths (ALOT) you've incur the max penalty (40% let's say).  What do you do now?

    Here's where necromancy comes in.   As it stands, Grave Digging is the most uninteresting exploration talent.  The graveyards are limited and loot is really base mostly of the level of the graveyard and not your skill. Yes you get better bones and junk but that's rather superfluous.   So let's add something called 'Soul Essence' or SE.  Kinda like the stuff from Elder Scrolls.  When a player has the Grave Digging talent equipped every mob he/she kills has a %  chance to drop this stuff.  The more skill he/she has the better the chance to higher grade SE.  Necromancy then create salves (using SE and misc stuff) that heal vessels.  Green will require green, Rare, blue and Epic, purple etc.  This gives a % durability back to the vessel.  This will all have to be balanced of course.  

    So in end, we will never 'lose' our vessels.  They get crappier the more they die.  Necromancers can make this crap that heals them.  Hell we could even make salves that allow people to redo their points but that is a whole other bag of worms (intended).

    More thoughts pried from the maw which is my mind,



  13. 13 hours ago, veeshan said:

    the lvl up HP should differ from class to class imo, so instead of 50hp for everyone knight may get 75hp per level where rangers may get 40hp per level for example, could even have racial bonuses aswell some races may give more hp per level than others.

    That's a great idea.

  14. Hi me again. 

    Jtodd/Blake's solution by stripping hp off armor solves one problem yet causes another.  Yes, you get people not having to run toward plate at all time possible but have they considered  Monster races with high constitution base stats. Not to mention those who choose myrms and champs also get another 32-40 constitution.  Now based on that you have a situation where just on base class/constitution alone Monster Champs/Myrms will higher base hit points than the actually Tank classes (Templar and Knights).

    In the old system, the Tank classes were ok if they had decent gear with good hps and close the gap.  Now that's stripped away and a melee class and out dmg and out last a tank class.  Also Pitfighter's can wear Plate as well so it's not like they also have less mitigation. 

    This makes absolutely sense to me why do u want dps class to more tankier than tank?.   This makes no sense.

    Why not give templars/knights a 12-16 point inc per Constitution or just give Tank classes 50 extra constitution vs. 32.

    Since I haven't logged (in the office) in yet this is all hypothetical, am I making any sense?


    Just my 2 sense,




  15. I've recently watched the April Update on Zybak TV and was surprised to hear that major disc were going to unchangeable.  JTodd and Blair reasoned that people could level up vessels just to test the various discs.  No offense JTodd/Blair, I love you guys, but THAT IS THE STUPIDEST IDEA I'VE EVER HEARD OF.   I don't really care if it was in SB but what a bloody time sink!  Not to mention if we finally find a combo we like (after weeks of testing) and you NERF the Disc (which is inevitable to something min/maxed) we can't take it out!  There goes that legendary vessel!  Also, if we want a certain disc and can't find it are we just to leave or Major Disc slots empty till we do??!!?

    Ok, breathing, serenity now.....

    Ok I understand the issue of hot swapping.  People could tailor their discs to ultimately be good at any given scenario.   But listen to your Player base, HARD COUNTERS ARE BAD,  the discs should not be so overpowered that the can totally omit a certain class (i.e. Molehunter/Jellyskin vs. Assassins).  Skill should trump all, not Discs or setups.  Here's what I suggest.

    1)  Allow characters to swap Discs until 30 for free.  Let them test before making them commit.  Will people try to keep their characters at 29?  Probably, but give EXP for everything (crafting/harvesting/hunting)  Eventually, all PC (if they do anything) will have to hit 30.


    2) Make swapping possible however make it incur a tremendous cost (1,000,000 gold or 100 chaos embers).  If you want to do, go for it but you are not going to swap on a whim.  It's going to be to costly however, if you really want to get rid of a Major Disc you can.


    3)  Just nerf the Major Disc so they are not hard counters.  You made them OP now you to make a balanced game you'll have to walk it back.  One Disc should never trump skill or should pigeon hole you to only 1 scenerio.

    Shadowbane is long dead and let's not commit the sins of the past.




  16. Hi,

    From what I'm seeing lately in CF, everyone logs in around 8pm  in their own siege zone (to zone block) or the neutral city to go offensive.  The sieges trees are downed and then people log off and that ends pvp for the night (mostly).    There's no incentive to go around capping other forts and outposts (except to perhaps help your faction get a few more points) cause in the end your likely to get the same reward anyhow.

    What I'd like to see is a system like SWTOR, WOW or WAoR where you are rewarded a war currency for participating in PvP both siege related  and open world.  With that currency you can go to a faction quartermaster and buy items (i.e. Hunger Shards...grrrrrrr) or other pvp gear add-ons.  You could have really expensive rewards like unique player housing or mounts.  These rewards could even be campaign related (i.e. related to the God) and be time sensitive so you really have incentive to build your pool to buy that specific god related item (Zaleena's  Pendant).

    Give people a reason to fight more, you'll get more participation.  I would go cap forts and outposts if I knew that it meant something more for me in the long run.  Also, you could give bonus points to those who finish in the top 5-> 50-> 100 or Faction.

    Want me to PVP?  Show me the money!



  17. Hi,

    Let's face it folks, the Fury spec is the red headed stepchild of the Templar Archetypes right now.  It can't heal/dmg like the others and it's main CC,  DL AoE knockdown, utility limited due to knockdown diminishing returns.  Right now there is simply no reason to bring one to a siege or any other group engagement.   So this is what I suggest.   Remove the knockdown, keep the daze but give DL these abilities instead.

    Let's give the Fury true Tank abilities.

    1)  Indignation - Any enemy characters affected by Divine Light receive a 30% dmg debuff against all opponents save the Templar itself for 15 secs.

    2) Serve & Protect -  All friendly units withing a Fury Templar's Divine Light receive a 10% armor bonus vs. all dmg types.

    3) Into the Valley of Death - After casting censure a Fury paladin receives a dmg barrier,6 sec CC immunity and a 25% combat speed increase.

    Yes, I am crazy but I feel these changes would make the Fury paladin a lot attractive in group settings.  The extra mobility with the number 3 would also help finish off enemies.  Crowfall is definitely guilty of letting people off the hook to easily.






  18. On 1/27/2019 at 6:25 PM, MrErad said:



    Mobility : I agree on the Templar this is needed to a degree or possibly turning censure into a slow instead of a hard stun or give us a small speed boost after landing.  This can be offset with friar (doesnt work with trailmaster), elken to a degree but not ideal, or bard . I'm not finding the lack of mobility to hindering in solo or group but something that would allow us to attempt to secure our kills would be nice. 

    DPS & Pips : I haven't had an issue in pip generation with any of the 3 versions.  The Paladin has it the easiest though.  I would like to see the 3rd hit dropped to 2 if they feel the need for it or there would be no use for the righteous smash. The DPS does seem very low on the Templar but you have to becareful because the Paladin will benefit greatly from it.  The Fury is lacking in dps and the cc doesnt make up for it. I didn't find the DPS one to be nearly as fun as the other 2 unfortunately the DPS increase didn't seem to be much greater than the Paladin.   About the animations they could be shorter or smoother. Its kind of dumb how we can animation break all of them but if we don't especially on divine light we make ourselves vulnerable to multiple attacks.

    Survivability:  One vs One this class is beast.  Paladin is the strongest out of the bunch and finding the fury to be pretty solid too.    On the fury I'm finding the hp buff to be a bit underwhelming it would be nice if it applied maybe half the hp value buff to the group?  Vindicators I cant comment on the damage increase due to lack of play time on them.  The key to all the templars is getting the group to stay in the blazing light or to make sure to ride the edges if they need heals.   So far I haven't had an issue keeping people near me but it took a little bit to get people to trust in the Paladins healing & Fury CC /Minor Healing and stay in the light.


    Leap needs to be ground based aoe so we don't have the issues where it doesn't stun or we bounce so far off the target that the stun is pointless.

    3rd attack tic generation is annoying maybe to add a slow to it on 3rd hit ? This way if we get to our target we can actually stay on target plus get rewarded for the pip?

    Fire damage increase. Only skill this applies to is blazing light?  The Vindicator gets more but seems kind of useless to go more fire when it only applies to one spell. Also when our other option is to holy warrior for holy damage.


    Yes a faster animation and some kinds of movement buff.  I don't agree about the survivability though we all have our own experiences.   Thanks for the feedback.

  19. 10 hours ago, Recht said:

    I've tried all 3 templar specs and I'm in agreement that mobility, damage, and survivability are all components of the templar that need addressed. I will just offer bullet point ideas to further along the discussion:

    • Give them a shield, while keeping their overall DPS output the same(it is quite low, though I would be curious to know where ACE thinks any flavor of Templar is on the DPS charts), consider some shield abilities to increase survivability but not on the right mouse button!
    • Move Righteous stand off of the right mouse button
    • Separate the damage and the heal of divine light. Let the damage stay in the deploy radius, as is, but move the heal to a group heal over time similar to crusader cleric's illuminate.

    Perhaps some of these changes would be too much. Just posting food for thought.


    THank you for your input.  These changes are just a list of possible solutions.  The implementation of some or even a single suggestion may be enough to bring us to a better place.  However,  you can see where I'm coming from . I want to give the devs a comprehensive laundry list of issues.






  20. Hi,

    It's been a while since I went a rant about the role of the Templar in Crowfall (See the Ghosts of Furor and Tigole post).  However, I did promise to write a more constructive post later and now 5.8 is here and the different Templar trees have been out a bit I think it's a good time to bring my thoughts to the table.  JToddColeman, here's some food for 'Diving' thought.  =). 

    I initially was going to break down all the abilities and go one by one about the pros/cons. However,  I think those have been well documented and  instead,, I'm just going to focus on things the Templar needs to be completely fleshed out.   I've played Templar, still playing Templar and will be in the future and I want the class to have a role in many situations and not just pigeon holed to do one specific thing.

    One of the things I'm going to do is refer to the WoW Paladin alot.  I feel, thought different games, I can draw a lot of similarities about the evolution of the Wow Pally and bring it into the context of Crowfal Templarl.  Understand, I was a Grand Marshal Ret Paladin in Wow and played that for 4 years total playing time.  So I can confidently say I know my Hybrid Class stuff.

    The 1st thing is and my greatest concern is...

    Mobility:   I can say with confidence we are the Pylons of Crowfall.  Not only is a plate wearing human the slowest PC in the game our main ability (Righteous Stand) slows us down ever further.  To add to that, the amount of snares, stuns, staggers, knockdowns in this game is moderately high.  However, even in our up time we are chasing with cement blocks on our feet.  This is endlessly frustrating.  In any PVP environment, lack of mobility = death.  In Wow they solved this with the paladin by...

    1) they gave an ability (judgment) to increase movement speed for a time. 

    2) The also have an ability to cleanse roots/stuns. 

    3) We had the ability to range Stun (Templar CC is garbage).

    So even though they are slow in general Templars would be able to have limited bursts of speed and limit the down time where they are slow.  Also stun would help if the target got out of range.

    DPS and PIPS:  I've lumped these together because I believe they are related.  First of all, I can confidently say Paladins have probably the lowest DPS in the game (barring someone sitting in a DPS paladin's Divinelight).   1st of all, the animation is well...comical, creative..but comical.  No one ever would swing a sword like that but that's beside the point.  The animation is slow.  All other  attacks cycles are faster.  The assassin can hit you 2-3 times before u swing once.  The knight can pump out more dps at lvl 10 that a templar at 30 by just swinging a bastard sword.  The creators should really look at real Zweihänder fighting.  The motions are very circular and fluent meant to maim or disarm.  Or even Kendo, where the strikes are fast and furious.   The sword stance they should have the Templar in is Hasou No Kamae, (quick stance) and use quick overblows.    The parry should be a Left Ox hanging guard...I guess it sorta of does.  Anyhow, I'm  digressing, the animation needs to be fluid/faster, right now the animation is akward and segmented.   This brings me to my next point, pip generation.  To only gain a pip on the 3rd blow where sometimes the opponent's gotten out of range, not good.  Every strike should generate a pip and strikes should be faster.  Lastly, how does a dagger do the same dmg as 2Hsword.   The Dmg scaling needs to be fixed but they need to make templar sword do more dmg.  Are up time is limited, when we hit we have to burst.

    1) Faster Animation

    2) Templars swords need more dmg.

    3) Pip Generation on Every Hit.


    Survivability: Now from the outside it may look like we have good survivability however we don't.  First of all, our main healing skill is Divine Light, it's great except when it's not...which is 90% of the time.   It only heals when people sit in it.  No one does.  When people don't sit in it, I lose pips which kills my ability to do much.  It's pretty much lose/lose.  It's severely limited and side from the paladin spec it's pretty much useless (because everyone steps out of it and waits).  Also, it's on a huge cool down so I can't create multiple control zones.   I reiterate though, Losing pips is the worst.  Devotion, well it would be good except 1) Our dmg stinks so our devotion heals like crap(we hit 6 mobs with a retaliate and do  5000 dmg)  2)  Our up time is limited due to our lack of mobility and Anti-CC abilities (Holy Warrior doesn't count).

    In WOW they gave paladins an ability that consumed pips that they could flash heal themselves or others (Flash of Light?).  I'd like to see an ability like this.  Also we had an ability that gave a physical dmg shield to someone or ourselves (but also made us unable to attack, fair trade).  

    1) Flash of Light Ability

    2) Wow Devotion like shield (NOT THE BUBBLE).

    So here are some of my thoughts regarding the Templar. I didn't go into each spec but in general I wanted to outline the things I feel the Templar needed.   I used several Wow references because to be honest, it took them a long time to get it right and I feel there's no harm to learn from their mistakes.  I welcome your thoughts.  

    Thank you (no salt),










    I'd like to start a discussion about crafting and it's current interation in 5.8.  Here are what I think the pros and cons are.


    - Rune based crafting allows players to potential switch on the fly without  weeks/months of training.
    - All recipes are contained in the rune for one profession.  You can make advanced weapons from the get go.
    - Allows minor runes to be beneficial rafting which was not the case before.

    - The requirement of leveling your crafting character in a campaign before u placed her in a EK. (You Need a Major Rune Slot)
    - All recipes from the start takes away from the sense of progression as a crafter.  Only EXP POINTS and SUCCESS and SPEED trainable.
    - The need to make multiple characters for each profession (Logging in/out).  No one would want to destroy the their epic rune just to have to find another one (I know u could tenchnically have 2 runes per PC).  Still sucks from a quality of life standpoint.
    - Lack of specialization like combat talents.

    What I propose is this:

    1) Forget about runes.  Professions should be scroll consumables which gives you the basic ability for a profession.  Once consumed the rudimentary recipes are always available.  This should allow you to build intermediate runes tools/armor/common vessels/weapons/deeds/jewelry and such.
    All advanced recipes are drops.  

    2) Each crafting profession should have specialization (aside from experimantation/success). The same way you make classes for combat types you should make archtypes for crafters.  i.e. a crafter could specialize in make lighter weapons, or fire magic ones or heavy dmg ones.  I'm just throwing out examples you get the point.

    3) Take crafting tables out of masonry and into general.  They are necessary for any crafter.  Stone masons have enough business creating deeds.  Or give them the ability to repair forts/trebuchets.

    4) Give crafters the ability to level thru crafting. Our crafting vessels should be kitted out to make stuff not fight.


    Just me two cents,


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