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  1. No! I'm not talking about Conan Exile's Endowment Slider! Thought it would be cool to see different size people, minos, elves and centaurs. Would this be a hard implement? I know Crowfall will never be CoH but it would be cool not to see a templated vessel (especially since all armor types on the same toon looks the same) Cheers, Mike
  2. Hehe they are kinda nuts. Don't know why so many are on meds. Good ass kicking as a child would of resolve that. Kids dont even fight on the playground anymore. What's wrong with this world!
  3. Hi, First of all, I'd like to thank people who left constructive (if not a little blunt) posts to my suggestions. I'm fairly new to the game and I bringing out issues that I see evident after playing for a month. Please be patient. My next subject is Parity. I know people will stay up/stay home on the day of the launch simply to start training their trees. Time is the greatest and only determinant factor of how much skill points you have. This was a mechanic to reduce the daily grind that is required of most games to be competitive. So person A and person B could start at the
  4. Sure. Yes. There is interdependence between the roles. A vip is more powerful than a f2p and maybe thats how should be. That's fine. I get it. Why do we need f2p anyhow? Conversely why do we need VIP. Charge everyone 15 bucks a month. Done. For newbs offer them a 7 day trial. If they like it then sogn up or shut up. Works for me. Not sure why sub games get a bad rap anyhow. Contents better and the player base more involved (more whining too but who cares). Let's scrap the F2P model. I hate being a whale anyhow.
  5. Woah....ease up Cowboy. I was just talking about the game don't turn this into millennials need to get a life (which a lot of them do mind you). In your argument why have F2P at all? I played EQ and Wow and forked over thousands in 14.99/month fees. If I didn't pay, I didn't play. What I'm saying is Free to Play players will not experience the game the same way VIP will. Maybe that's fine. Maybe F2P platers will want to pay because the game is more fun when u pay. I'm not Care Bearing it up. What I'm saying is however way you slice it, paying players have an advantage. Isn't th
  6. Are you kidding? R8 pigs outside of Restokin. Takes a while though.
  7. So, VIP players, no problem. I can train crafting/fighting or harvesting/fighting so I can enjoy the fighting side as well as the other 2 aspects. No problem there. Personally I will have VIP on at least 1 account so I'm not the topic of this conversation. I'm talking about the student who had to save his pennies to buy the initial game but doesn't have 15 bucks to spend every month. Ok, he can train only 1 thing in each of the 2 categories. If he chooses to train combat 1st, no problem he can join a guild, fight with a group, kill some R9 risen, make some cash and buy some dec
  8. Sure. I'm not unreasonable. Buff'ing others to make someone else's skill less effective is still kinda a nerf but let's play it your way. I played WoW for several years and their solution was to swing the old nerf mallet around and I get it, it's easier to nerf one class than buff 12 others. Well, it's a great design philosophy, I hope they are able to stick by it. The optimist in me hopes so.
  9. Sure. All I've heard from everyone in this game that it's balanced for groups not solo. So, if what you say is true, who would ever want to play the 'Hunted' class? There we go, we have 3 classes again (DRUID, ASS, CHAMP). That's fine but it's certainly not diverse. I understand everyone one want's to min/max and play the best class. It shouldn't be this obvious though.
  10. I agree. Armor fixes is completely a different topic and there's a post about that. Problem is, as it stands, Assassin's are so good solo. That's fine in most MMO's but this is a game balanced to have classes reliant on each other. Assassin's should need Tanks and Healers and vica versa. Right now a assassin needs no one, neither do Champions.
  11. Hi, Just wanted to know people's opinion. Vesp.
  12. I've already made a post about fixing armor options. To just be gd honest, it just doesn't make sense. I'm an assassin but tanking like a knight and I can stealth as well as I was in leather. Screw balance it just doesn't make bloody sense. Assassin, if your in platemail, you're loud and you're slow. I don't see any other way to look at it. Or....make a disc rune that gives every class a stealth ability.
  13. I get that your thinking that I want to nerf everything however I'm not. I'm adding balance. I'm not getting rid of stealth but assassins need to be a little wiser no how they use it. Most people play assassin's right now because of poison/stealth/heal combo (and why not)? It will still be powerful but not a blanket kill with impunity.
  14. Man a lot of you guys don't think Class Balance is coming? So we end up with 3 classes. Champ, Assassin and Druid. I'm trying to think of ways to balance Assassin without wrecking it like they did confessor and templar (disagree? just look how many people are playing them).
  15. And what are the consequences? Making leather and chain mail viable again?
  16. Minor disc isn't really much to be honest. Considering u only have a few buff slots anyhow.
  17. Who think this is a good idea? That way jewelry craft would be more relevant and it would allow more customization. (Who wants Durability Gems?!?).
  18. I hate smelling like a horse or looking like I have an IQ of a 3 year old. =p Call me vain.
  19. One of the main perks of any tank class in MMO's is the ability to wear platemail armor. My issue with Crowfall, anyone can wear plate with the simple addition of a minor rune. Ok, I get it, we want assassin's wearing full plate in stealth, that's fine. Play the way you want to, I get the philosophy. However, you kinda crap on the classes that ideally are the most tanky and survivable. I'm ok with letting rangers/other classes wear plate but .... 1) they should get a penalty for wearing it (i.e. weight so they can't tumble as much) or 2) (my favorite) Give a percentage bon
  20. Um....because people like assassin's they won't nerf them? I'm afraid in every MMO I've every played (going back to EQ) they nerf a class that's too popular. And they are popular because parts of them are balanced (i.e. OP). Give them a 10min timer between the ability to stealth than. You can get the drop on someone but can't escape if u've bitten off more you can chew. Most assassin's are Fae so that can get away anyways so what's the big deal.
  21. Hi, I think it's too accessible to those classes who can use it. Being in stealth should cost stamina and when you are out...well you are visible. Would make these classes more challenging to play and make stamina management more important to them.
  22. Hi, I've played with a guild for a month now and some nights we wander around for hours to find a fight. Often times we need to communicate with general to find a meeting place between the factions for a brawl. Forts are fine and all but the distance we need to cover to get to each is excruciating. We need some events to aggregate the player base. I think of Destiny or ESO where they have randomly spawned events to bring the players together to fight something. However, in this case, we'd have players fighting each other over something. Randomly spawn resource caches, monsters
  23. Hi, I don't believe Blair hates us...he loathes us! Kidding. If you want people to focus on harvesting it really doesn't make sense to have resources decline during the year. The are 2 main reasons for this, people who want to focus on harvesting (especially before they get to the deeper trees) will really be playing a 14 day game. Even top lvl harvesters know it sucks during winter/fall regardless of buffs. Also, those who harvest well at the start of a game will have a significant advantage over those who waited. Do we want games that are dominated by who harvested most in spring?
  24. Hi, If I understand correctly runes will difficult to acquire (good ones anyway). If I have a harvester/fighter will it really make sense to have to redo all my runes to effectively do one or the other? I know you want to make all characters specialized but honestly just playing one facet of a MMO doesn't interest the majority of players. People will want to fight and harvest, why make it difficult?This is a change a guaranteed will be implemented at some point, why not do it from the start? Vesperre
  25. Hi, I would like to offer my ideas on Food consumption in this game. I understanding cooking is and should be a major part of the crafting palette however in it's current iteration it's most annoying than it is interesting or challenging for players. The chicken leg bar is not the way to this and the penalties too harsh when you drop from a little food (no health regen..really?). Not to mention when you die and you don't have your potatoes anymore when u crow rez at your body. Just a pain. I I would rather have no food penalties but all food giving buffs instead (like the bloo
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