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  1. What were you disciplines in this fight Moneda?
  2. I will admit I'm a new player but it seems to me most classes function well in most situations with the ability to do dmg or heal. From what I got from the devs we're only good indoors or in gaps. That just seems weird to me. What is they gave us eminently hittable?
  3. Hi, I just recently posted a question on September 2018's Q&A about Templar's having no utility in PvP. So I was told and I quote 'No you do, you are suppose to hold choke points...and deny areas from the enemy". So I imagine they were talking about diving light a AoE effect that damages enemies for a small amount (~100) heals allies for a semi-significant amount (300-400 a tick). Ummm, huh? So the other 99 percent of the time when I'm not in a narrow gateway or throne room I'm kinda useless. So I need to be up close to the enemy to generate any type of pips but also I s
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