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  1. Nameplates and healthbars are disappearing randomly for some players and npcs, but not others. Also sometimes a group of mobs (like a herd of beasts) will have all their nameplates/healthbars on one mob instead of all of them. Not sure if also related but sometimes when that's happening I will see random healthbars for castle walls in places where no castle walls exist. Often going through a gate or recalling with a reload will fix it No screenshot right now but if it happens again I'll try and grab one. Also, whatever happened to the Gryphons? Are they on strike for having th
  2. ACE: Hey guys! We got factories! Crafters: YAY! ACE: Wait, that's way too easy, here's a bunch of extra mats and a gold sink we'll add after the fact! Crafters: Booooo! Would love to know the reasoning behind this change since the changes are a complete kick in the nads.
  3. You didnt even get to the blood ritual? Quitter!
  4. the /emote list command no longer works, and emotes seem to fail for the user's character but can be seen by other players.
  5. Several new players I've talked with in the last week thought it was absurd that they have to go outside of the game to look for and apply to a guild.
  6. Spent another day messing around in infected, roaming around, talking to some players in my kingdom, and goading new players from other factions to attack me. Most of the enemy faction players would either run or try and hit me a few times then their health would get too low and they'd try and escape. I'd stop fighting and do some dancing and they mostly seemed to get it. I met up with one assassin farming a wartribe camp and we fought a few times, breaking any time his health was low so he could reset and bandage.. we developed an elaborate system of communication using emotes and jumps,
  7. There was just a streamer playing who's title was "Level 30... now what??" He played for a little while, started another character, then quit.
  8. I've only been around for six months but I've seen the same results with each beta wave and it's kind of grim. I spent my own time the past few days trying to help people in GR/Infected and visiting streams of new players and I always see the same thing: A huge pile of new players floods the GR and Infected worlds. Many finish the New Player Experience and just stop there. Many more play for a few hours wandering around God's Reach doing things like harvesting poor quality mats, trying to figure out crafting (and craft their intermediate armor), or just fighting the low level npc camps th
  9. Obviously the solution is more loot chests.
  10. Undocumented change.. class promotions now show on the character select screen.
  11. That's a pretty crappy workaround that no new player is going to do.
  12. I can kind of understand the reasoning behind removing general chat from the dregs campaign, but it's really difficult to try and help/communicate with new players (especially in other factions) on the infected server. We spent a little time tonight wandering around infected zones and trying to help players. Hardly anyone communicated in faction chat, for some reason my Kingdom chat wasn't working, and because there's no general all we could do with other factions was jump around and emote. A functional way to communicate and talk with other players, especially when there are so ma
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