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  1. There is no real use for building materials in the infected campaign, so why do the forts there spawn so much of them? I originally thought maybe it was to build up the keeps in that server, but you can only build walls and everything else is static. So all they are being used for is to hoard and import into the dregs campaign when they are running, or occasionally sell for gold. This pretty much removes any risk a guild might take in either running pigs or owning forts in dregs to collect materials to upgrade the keeps that they own. Several people/guilds have characters logged at t
  2. Wartribe camps are still not respawning properly with most packs in a camp not respawning at all.
  3. Some NPC spawns seem a little slower today and there are two sets of NPCs in the enbarri camp at e14 in Yerog that will not respawn.
  4. The hitching was not just related to doobers apparently. After a few hours of gold farming I lost sound and the hitching became a real problem.
  5. What if you had some kind of mechanic like a buff for a mobile bank??
  6. I've heard that transmogrification is only in place for the new mounts right now. Which makes me wonder why they would have durability loss on them if we cant get them replaced? Seems like putting the cart before the mount...
  7. The need for gold and wartribe gear early in the stages of the recent wipe is being complicated by the lack of respawning wartribe NPCs.
  8. Yeah, it seems to have a cast time almost, and if you're CC'd during that its good night irene. I posted this in earlier bug threads to show the bug, the fire flash when you bring your arms out is the "casting time"
  9. Is there any explanation posted about how mount durability is supposed to work and what happens to my purchased mount when it reaches 0 durability?
  10. I just went through 7 more ore picks without a single rune drop. Seems to be very streaky.
  11. They said this was a "PLACEHOLDER" system, but I'm doubting that since it seems like they just moved on from the idea of a more creative permanent solution. And I've gone through 10 picks without a single rune drop for ore mining... not much fun in that kind of RNG.
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