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  1. Time Changes: (please list time zones if you're adding in any). NA Times are not that great, here are some suggestions: They're ok, but just having one window severely limits a lot of activity off-hours Do you like the Campaigns combined or NA / EU separate and why? I think they are good with current pop, but sometimes it feels a little crowded, though that's not always a bad thing. What other types of Campaign setups would you like to see? Heavier import restrictions. Restrictions on bringing mats/gold into the campaign. A faction campaign with a "hard
  3. And to make it even sillier, the bleeds can negate your vanish/into the shadows if the enemy you are fighting has any type of damage reflect. A lot of players now run some type of reflect or thorns so Go For Broke often backfires, and your ult/promotion power wont work... because of the bleeds we now get 🙄
  4. They stripped off all the strong skills by splitting them across the promotions or putting them on disciplines... you can still build a "viable" duelist, but in no way to they have the variability of a lot of other classes.
  5. The Radical promotion power "Word of Wrath" and the Adjudicatior Major discipline power "Adjudicate" share the same icon and this can be a little confusing. Is there any plans on having new/different icons? Even keeping the same art but changing the color of the icon would help to differentiate them.
  6. Some npc wartribe mobs are not dying. You can get them to zero health and keep hitting them and they just stand there. Eventually they reset and will not attack, and if you get them down to zero again they still wont die
  7. Additionally, one Vanguard Scout promotion power (Buckshot) can invalidate the other Vanguard Scout Promotion power (Into the Shadows) if the person you stun or knockdown is using a damage reflect ability. In this example, I am being removed from my burrow after using my Into the Shadows (Which I can only use below 50% health, with a 5 minute cooldown!) because my bleed from Buckshot is being procced on their thorns.
  8. I've been noticing for a couple weeks that any time I switch back to my game from another tab in borderless windowed mode I would get a couple quick seconds of flickering where the screen goes blank. I wasn't sure exactly when this started, and was worried it was actually a hardware issue. However, today I rolled back my NVIDIA drivers for other reasons and noticed the flicker is now gone. Currently on Ver 456.38 9-17-2020 without any issues. Has anyone else experienced this or could it actually be a problem with my GPU?
  9. There is now a 5-10 second delay after combat actually finishes where I'm still being listed as "in combat". This is a little distressing for a character that relies on stealth/escape because I can't re-enter stealth or burrow immediately after the fight ends.
  10. Promotion powers now do more damage or healing than other powers. Cleric: Word of Wrath, Spiritual Presence, and Blessed Protection Word of Wrath on my character last night was 235 Holy damage, after today's patch it's 305 Holy damage, so that makes sense now. Thanks for clarifying which powers were affected.
  11. Promotion powers now do more damage or healing than other powers. What does this actually mean, and how is it supposed to work? I have two vessels with the same race/class/stats on test and live. I compared two powers that I assumed had something to do with this change for the Radical Cleric. The basic "Word of Wrath" power which is purchasable in the Radical promotion class, and the "Searing Light" power which is given to the Radical Cleric when they take the promotion. Test: Live: The purchasable power remains unchanged and the given
  12. I know this might be a really foreign concept to you but... what about fun? Some of the best times I've had in this game have just been screwing around picking fights, running from groups trying to survive and just messing with people capping outposts. You know.. having fun in a game. Does everything have to have a reward/consequence?
  13. The drop rates of harvested resources do not really scale with the amount of risk involved in trying to harvest higher ranked nodes. I can't give concrete numbers right now, but it seems to be much easier (and safer) to hit R6 Ore in Infected than the risk it takes to actually solo mine R8-10 in dregs. With the time invested in "being careful", banking regularly, and dealing with food/potions to keep plentiful harvest pips at max in dregs, it just doesn't seem worth it for the occasional better rarity, when I can get a consistently "okay" supply of lower rarity, but still-plentiful h
  14. Did you mount up? I've seen it disappear when I mounted after traming.
  15. I've had three crashes in campaign today, and I don't remember the last time I experienced one before this. Last lines in client log: 2020-11-14T03:57:32.393Z EXCEPTION CLIENT - System.StackOverflowException: The requested operation caused a stack overflow. at (wrapper managed-to-native) UnityEngine.GameObject.Find(string) at EnviroSky.Init () [0x0010c] in <daa4cee9b76546cebd379c33a81da246>:0 at EnviroSky.OnEnable () [0x00096] in <daa4cee9b76546cebd379c33a81da246>:0 _||_ Context=[EnviroSkyTom(Clone)] 2020-11-14T03:57:38.562Z INFO GUILDS - Request
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