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  1. Is there a list somewhere already?
  2. Guild criteria: Region: NA, East Atmosphere: Casual and fun, but serious and organized for battle when the time comes. Casual/Hardcore?: Somewhere in the middle? Casually hardcore? I like to be serious about fights and spend a lot of time doing stuff for and with the guild, but I don't want to call people "Sir" or be barked at. Size: Any, as long as the fit is good and people don't get left out. Play-Style: Melee DPS or Healer. Probably gathering. I'm having the most fun with Pit Fighter/Crusader now, and have been experimenting with crafting as well, but that mig
  3. Unofficially totally official!
  4. Attempting to add a pip to the "Basic Crafting Mastery" skill in crafting basics. The tree is 89% filled so I should not actually be able to add a pip, but it's lit up like it can.Clicking on the icon to add the skill several times results in immediate disconnect.
  5. Move /whisper to a different channel, or span it across all chat channels because I never look at the Me channel and always miss messages.
  6. Fae does have a large shield bending form, but I just noticed the one on the Guinecean row that is incorrect.
  7. Since I couldn't find any kind of comprehensive list or table of each race's unique weapon looks, I figured I would just make one. 4 Full scale image can be found here. Some designs are duplicates, so hopefully more will be added in the future. If you see any issues let me know and I'll update the table. It's also been pointed out that some of the weapon icons don't match their actual skins. Great maces and some Greatswords, for example.
  8. Woodworking - You can make a bow limb with stitched leather Using the Minotaur bow limb appearance when making a recurve bow produces a Human bow appearance. Edit - It's actually a different appearance than the Human Recurve bow, it's just mis-labeled.
  9. It's listed in Alchemy as "Adhesive Fixation".
  10. I see that some appearance compendiums list "Adhesive" in the list of items they can modify, but I can't seem to find out how to actually apply it to adhesive? The only option I see at the crafting tables is "Modify weapon mold" and that doesn't mean adhesive. Is there currently a way to modify the look of books, and if so, how?
  11. Someone in general chat just started talking about Shadowbane and it brought back a whole bunch of memories of that game and the weird, super-serious times I had as an initiate in the Tribunal. Hard to believe that was 17 years ago... oof.
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