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  1. I hadnt seen that video since it was first posted. I think my biggest surprise is realizing Blair was Uncle Bob all along. It all makes sense now!
  2. I think he was referring to the signature art in the OP.
  3. Anything that is terrain dependent has issues with the terrain.
  4. Hunger Dome is being removed after tonight and will be an event only game-mode.
  5. Additionally, the Daemon boss spawns are a really good idea that could generate gathering/combat events for a guild to harvest and protect. However, this one is only rank 7 nodes? Please adjust the quality to make these potential farming spots more worthwhile.
  6. Since someone keeps saying that it was an "Alliance" against Hax and not just fights of opportunity.
  7. Low ranked resource nodes should not exist in the dregs campaign world. Resources no longer spawn in the bottom of canyons, making that parcel nearly useless. There is only one "okay" place to farm ore on the current map, and all of the nodes seem to be locked at rank 9.
  8. This should not exist in the Dregs campaign world.
  9. Outpost loot chests in the dregs campaign world contains novice gear.
  10. It would be awesome if @ArtCraftQA could clarify the intention of low ranked resources in dregs and missing nodes in canyons, instead of just posting that condescending confused emoji.
  11. The /ignore function says that the user has been ignored but does not show up in the ignore list and can still be seen in chat.
  12. I saw two groups of enemies in that video; Acolytes and Spectre Legion. Guessing you meant SL?
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