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  1. Since i can't post anywhere else for whatever reason i'll bring this up here. Why are Eastern European shoehorned into Russian servers? This is Black Desert Online all over again. Not our hype for that game was damaged by the fact that we couldn't purchase the game when the rest of Europe could we were also forced to play in Russian servers. Now it seems Crowfall, a game that i very much would love to play and support, is following the same footsteps. And all i want to know is why? WHY?! We do not have the same language, we do not have the same currency, we prefer English over Russian any day of the week, why are we FORCED to play in their servers? We do not want to interact with other players in Russian as it's not our first or even second language, we want to interact in English, why are you building unnecessary obstacles? Why are we not treated like the rest of the EU member states of which we're a part of? This is extremely frustrating.
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