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  1. new player looking for a guild just hit 30 and would like a guild to pvp with and learn from i joined your discord and reacted but nothing seemed to have happened. I come from GW2 ESO and Black desert in recent years but have been playing mmo's for years looking for a new game and guild to play with!
  2. Looking for a guild. New player just recently hit 30 LF a guild to learn the game from and to pvp with. On order currently playing druid not sure what i will be playing next patch. I come from GW2 ESO Black desert and other MMOs but that's what iv played in recent years. ingame name is spacedonut.
  3. Are you guys recruiting new players? i just hit 30 today looking for a guild to fight with on order i came from Gw2/Eso/Black desert looking for the next game to play and a guild to run with
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