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  1. That's what we're told. It'll pretty much insure that no one bothers seriously crafting gear for the 1st month of 5.110 since gear from tribes will be better than anything we can make (barring whatever is being changed). Crafting on test will suffer accordingly.
  2. Having the mats go directly to the inventory would allow me to create a harvest bot by doing nothing more than placing a weight on my LMB. Having the stuff randomly scatter forces bots to some level of sophistication and a requires a fair amount of guess work.
  3. If you want us testing recipes, then the consumables are not a big deal. If you want to test what gear can & will eventually be produced, you'll want us to have all the bells & whistles. When we're crafting real gear, and not throw-away trash, sapho, tippers, potpie, keep thrall buff, and leadership buffs are not shortcuts, they're SOP. Farming the mats for those consumables is time intensive, especially if you are not skilled and geared. The easier it is for the craftsmen to do what they do, the more results you'll get. There's also the question of testing with crafting skills. Will we be testing 5.110 recipes with vessels and skills from live, or as unskilled noobs?
  4. VaMei

    Mage Assassin

    For those of us that didn't play SB, what's a mage assassin & how does it play out?
  5. My big question down this rabbit hole is: will we use the a nobility system like EKs, or will anyone in a guild able to build at will on guild territory (tokens permitting)? If it is the nobility system, is the guild leader The Noble? Without game support for guild roles (i.e. Builder, Officer), passing out captured territory as parcels to vassals could become a significant task for a guild leader. On the other hand, if any guildie can build anywhere, some guilds are going to have a hard time keeping their players from soaking tokens willy-nilly spamming buildings on the few prime locations. My other burning question is: when might we start seeing things pop up on Test? This is a huge update with a load of new mechanics to test. Many of of those mechanics are dependent on Sovereignty working well. IMO, the sooner we can start poking holes in Sov, the better off we'll be when those other mechanics are ripe.
  6. Regarding the questions dealing with preferred time between campaigns and what world bands we'd play during and between campaigns: that would largely depend on us getting notice of upcoming the campaign(s). With notice of campaign start, duration & special rules, we can review our logistic situation, decide what crafting & farming needs doing, and how long we can afford to stand down. How long is a good break? That's really going to depend on how long the campaign was, as well as how hard fought the campaign was. A week off after a hard fought 3 months may be too short. After 2 weeks of light opposition, that same week would be too long. Most of our down time farming would probably be in the Infected, but given a longer break from dregs, I would expect a short move to factions to wave the recruitment flag.
  7. We held all 3 keeps for a week straight during the last campaign, with us scouting the entire map trying to figure out where they'd attack so we could meet them head on. Is there any question as to the outcome if there was only one keep? IMO, we need more POIs than can be held, not fewer.
  8. So you would just eliminate the skills all together, and when you change your cloths, you've changed your profession. Anyone with high Int and good gear is both a master craftsmen and a master harvester, with some trades gaining some additional benefit from either strength or dex. Since everyone can do everything on their own, no one needs anyone for anything. That does not sound like a game I want to play.
  9. If the passive training is replaced with grind to skill, then there's zero reason to have multiple accounts, since you can only grind one account at a time. (unless group points are shared, then we'll be seeing skill bots) Unless there are skill point caps to prevent you from mastering everything, or daily skill point caps to insure it still takes 3 months to get a mastery no matter how much you grind, I see no reason for multiple accounts in a grind to skill game. Edit: there is no skill system without a downside. It's either a time gate, a time sink, or both. The only other option is to give anyone their choice of skills, but that's not very mmorpg.
  10. This situation will happen in the live game exactly once, at soft launch, and then never again barring significant design changes. Because it's not a repeating scenario, I don't see testing the 'everyone's a noob' scenario as being nearly as important as the blending of vets with new players.
  11. If there's a development reason to wipe, wipe away. If there's something, anything, Ace wants to test and gather data on, wipe away. If you're considering wiping passives because of a poll result, then the entire passive system needs to be questioned. A skill imbalance between vets & noobs will be status quo once the game goes live. Absent a more specific test, this is what we *need* to be testing. Either the game is fun for new players mixed with vets, or it is not. Either way, if you wipe passives then everything needs a hard reset. If not, then master crafted epic/legendary vessels & gear, and stores of high end mats will strictly be in the domain of vet players that can stockpile them now. After a wipe, it'll be 3 months before anyone can reproduce what they have. Edit: after a wipe, harvesting high end resource nodes will be all but impossible until enough time has passed for someone to rank up runecrafting to a point where they can produce passable tools to distribute to the guild/faction. The range of resources available in the next campaign(s) will need to reflect that.
  12. I believe that there is a cooldown on kill credit for each unique player to keep the impact of alt farming and fight clubs to a minimum. Otoh, those players that just kept dying are still racking up the deaths, so they are hurting their K/D ratio. If they care.
  13. The Necro is strong with this one. Back in February when this was posted leveling was painful. Leveling epic & legendary vessels was absolutely brutal and pretty much required someone to carry you the whole way. High quality vessels took more XP per level, received less XP per kill, and outgrew sacrifice items and mobs much earlier. Making matters worse, either we didn't have wartribes to farm at all, or the rarer ones didn't drop piles of sacrifice items (I don't recall exactly where we were at the time), there was no loot gear to equip, sac or sell, and all leveling took place in the campaign world using the few high rank mob spawns that were available at the time. Today things are MUCH better. An experienced player can level and gear a basic vessel off wartribes in a couple of hours without help. Leveling a rare vessel might take that experienced player a day to do solo, if he hasn't stockpiled sacrifice items using another character. With the assumption that player training is still the reason we need to level vessels, I still question the need for leveling higher quality vessels vs augmenting the one we already have, but the process is much less painful than it was.
  14. We have no dates right now. 5.110 should be the 1st pass at Dregs. After that *should* be 6.0 and Alpha. Assuming Dregs works well, and we find no way to break their well laid plans 😇💥🤯, I suspect the alpha and beta period will be as short as possible with a focus on fixing existing content, balance passes, & moving to soft launch. Not that I'm any authority on what Ace is going to do.
  15. J Todd (The guy from the CF video) has expressed his frustration with the Kickstarter model as well. While I agree that the Kickstarter model often leads to disappointment, I do hope that everyone remembers why it seemed to be a good idea years ago. Freeing the small studio from the business entanglement of a major publisher that will force end dates (ready or not) and force creative decisions for no other reason than crowd draw, and simply allowing them to bring life to their vision was actually a goal. While the Kickstarter model may not be the best way, I hope future games can push forward without revisiting covered ground.
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