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  1. I don't care for the idea of baked in transmutation as a fix for gold being useless. If the problem is that gold has no value, the solution is to fix gold. Once that's done, players will be able to convert between gold, dust & embers via player vendors.
  2. Just being able to dig into the passive trees would keep many of us Dergs sufferers under ours rocks and quite for days. Ok, maybe not quiet, but at least talking about something semi productive vs rabbeling on about nothing
  3. There's no chance about it, it's a done deal in God's Reach per the last Q&A.
  4. As long as it it's GR only, it shouldn't be an issue. A dedicated Skinner isn't going to farm there, and even if they do they wont need the help of a full team. If the system is ever expanded to include the factions ruleset it may lead to complications with legitimate farming practices.
  5. Using shapes for roles would probably be useful for pugs, but I'd be perfectly content with a unique color box/bar/something for each player in the group frame, and having their compass pip match that. If we wanted to get fancy, knowing their distance from me would be great. Can I get them with a miracle from where I'm at? Are they close enough that I can quickly get to them, or are they way out of position and I should keep focus on my other group members? To make things easier on the server, range display should probably be limited to the 100m the client already knows about.
  6. As a healer, having a different color for each group member would be huge. When I'm charged with healing tanks in a fort fight, keeping track of where my charges are is a no brainier. When I'm healing a mixed group of ranged and melee DPS in a keep siege, I have no idea where anyone is from one moment to the next as people react to ballista, get knocked off walls & are generally running all over. Having 4 identical pips does not help me find that wounded player, or help them find me.
  7. Regarding individual loot, how will that impact skinning when the killer is in your group, in another group, and if they do or do not loot the mob? Today, I can follow behind an allied player and pick up his carcasses, whether on not they are in group, regardless of whether they loot or not. For open world between allied strangers, this certainly feeds into the problem you are trying to solve; but within a guild, having a kill team and a harvest team can be a big deal.
  8. Quite the contrary, in most of the examples you cite, the generals were famous for concentrating a superior number of troops *in the right spot* to defeat the enemy. At the strategic level they may have had fewer troops, but at the point of contact they chose to focus on, they typically won that engagement through superior numbers. Historically, the how & why of any single battle's outcome usually comes down to superior numbers at the right time & place, good or poor use of terrain, technological/logistical superiority, surprise, or morale. The great generals were great because they could manipulate what happened at the strategic level to insure victory at the tactical level. Edit: as a soldier on a battlefield between competent generals, you are either getting zerged, doing the zerging, or bored.
  9. I'm with you there. I can wait for test if it's not ready, but what I'm itching for is info on how the meta is changing; passives, racials, tallents, disciplines, & a rundown on frostweaver. Since we don't have that info, if test was put up today, I'd probably spend the bulk of the first day just looking at those things and not actually even trying to play the game.
  10. As a player, I want to see what's coming even if there are still major issues. As a playtester, I know that putting up a build takes effort and if they have enough serious bugs to keep them busy, they don't need my help 'finding' bugs they already know about, and they don't need to be filtering through reports for minor bugs they may or may not know about. From a marketing side, this is probably the most important release in CF history, and all eyes are going to be on it. Putting out a bad build, even on test, even with a big fat disclaimer, is going to leave a bad impression that'll be hard to overcome. I hate the waiting, but I'll wait until they get it close to right and actually need my help getting it the rest of the way there.
  11. I fought the fight before & I'll probably fight it again, but gold needs value before we can have a real economy. It needs to be common enough that anyone can get some, rare enough that no one can just sit on a fountain & gather it by the bucketful, and useful enough that everyone wants more. Having the vendors buy useless junk badly undercut the value of gold. IMO, the junk vendors need to go, safe gold farming needs to go (officers in non-PvP zones), and the NPC vendors need to sell pretty much any mats we could want to buy, at prices we should be happy to undercut.
  12. I think we know who won the forum today. 👏
  13. The question as framed is a distinction without a difference. To an established player gold has little or no value. Embers are the currency of choice for high end gear, but dust can get you mid-grade stuff. For now, all of my goods and services go to the guild. Would that be free with mats? When I'm an independent, show me the money or don't waste my time.
  14. So long as being small gives agility advantages to offset their lack of bulk advantage, I would love to see the original physics vision realized. Giants may be able to shoulder rush through a line of rats without slowing down, but once they get moving they can't just stop (or turn) on a dime either. Centaur may be the fastest in the open at a dead run, but nothing catches an Elken darting through the through the trees, and when an elf decides to turn quickly the mortal races just see a blur. In my dreams anyway.
  15. Once assassin is able to equip a minor, spirit whip takes care of the multiple mob issues. Until you get there, pushing the limits of what mobs you can kill will often end badly. Once you can equip a major, take Agent Prov. With the self heal from that discipline, you'll never bandage again and you'll have almost no downtime. Your main hand weapon is your most important piece of gear. If you can get one with a better damage range, take it, unless the weapon weight is high. Keep to a 5 or 6 if you can, but 10 isn't terrible if it's a good damage boost. 15+ weight should be avoided. Your off hand is just a stat stick, but it's necessary for many attacks. It doesn't matter if it's a dagger, axe or mace, and the damage range doesn't matter; unless you are running a weapon swap build (if you're leveling in PvE, you aren't). Again, weight is important; heavy is bad. Once you take your promotion at lv25, you'll want to stick with the correct weapon type (cutthroat dagger, blackguard axe, vandal mace) unless you're using a specialty build, but don't throw away a good weapon just because it's the wrong type until you have something comparable to replace it.
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