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  1. Getting off topic, but... If I'm going to need bodyguards to protect me from an attack that may come at any time, or may not come at all, while I skin the same 3 Aurochs every 5 minutes for 2 hours, something needs to change to keep them involved in a process that today barely takes half of my time.
  2. Those were the 5.7 campaign rules, and were made obsolete in 5.8. For now, it's simply a 3 faction land grab. As to the spies, /who is going away soon, and once performance issues are resolved the zone caps will be lifted, making spies much less of an issue.
  3. There are no animal spawns of any sort on keep/fort parcels at this time, and only randomly in adjacent parcels. A skilled harvester suffers little effect from fall & winter. I'm at plentiful 5 year round using a kebab in fall & adding a potion in winter. Winter is actually the BEST time for me to farm, since the fair weather harvesters are not competing with me, and the gankers that feed on them are gone.
  4. I haven't played the Vandal, but I keep looking at ways that it might work... and walking away because of known issues. 1st, I think ACE really needs to resolve the issues of CC discrepancy between large and small scale combat. Without addressing the scale of combat, either front line units are going to be perma CCd, or CC based skirmishers are going to remain broken. 2nd, for the moment, leather is just bad. Having all mitigation and more than half of health coming from a single sliding scale means being at the bottom of that scale, with no bonuses for being there, is just broken. 3rd, it seems to me that the capstones for Vandal and Blackguard are swapped; the poison bonused Vandal should get Poisoner's Paradise as a self heal and CC as damage avoidance, while the Blackguard should have mail and the shield when things are going well and Yaga's for when they don't. I think both promotions were badly diluted by the loss of weapon mastery. Mace mastery gave Vandal an additional stun, and axe mastery gave Blackguard an armor break. I would happily trade that extra combat disc to get axe mastery back.
  5. I'm neutral on a gear wipe, and a skill wipe would... I'm finally going to finish training Animal Specialization tonight, and start a new skill track and likely a new vessel. I know a wipe is coming soonish. Gear only? Materials? Vessels? Skills? When? I don't know. As long as I don't know, I'm going to play as if this is not that day. I don't want to know a wipe is coming or what will be wiped. If I knew, then playing parts of the game as I normally would becomes pointless in the very near term.
  6. I know we're hijacking the thread, but since Srathor has already discarded all decorum... Nearly every point Srathor touched on has come up at one point or another in guild discord over the last week or two. There are a lot of issues that are "on the list" and have been there for a long time, but there's little sense among the players of what items are actually captured issues and what is flying under the radar, what issues and features are prioritized in what order, and when they might be addressed/introduced. I think we all know that a timeline is going to be wrong before it's even published, nature of the beast; but I do think maintaining a web page with a bullet point list ordering high profile target goals, updated periodically, would go a long way toward resolving a good part of that without pulling back the curtain too far. Exposing the running open issues list would pull the curtain back farther than marketing might like, but it would let the players know in a very transparent way what issues you've recognized, even if those issues are not targeted for immediate resolution. Probably not in the cards, I understand.
  7. I don't know the reason for the change in the campaign end date/time (testing purposes is pretty loose), but from a scheduling standpoint I like the change. Starting a two week campaign Thursday morning gives us: Low peak daylight hours to resolve any start-up issues. 1st day of the campaign we can get in as our normal work/school/life schedule allows, rather than waiting for 11pm or later (I'm Eastern) to begin a land rush. Daylight Friday to resolve any big problems that come up. Spring will fall on the weekend, ending late Sunday. On the last day of the campaign, we can play until our normal schedule says we're done, and bank inventory at our convenience; rather than run siege, bank, take a maintenance break, refresh until server comes up, land rush.
  8. Personally, I would rather see the Exploration slots become Profession slots and have every character be a combat capable citizen soldier, but that's not the current direction. Assuming the direction doesn't change, and crafting vs combat disciplines become a permanent binary choice, it does seem silly for craftsmen to carry weapons rather than tools. For that matter, if we are choosing between professional soldiers and professional tradesmen, one might question the point of armor, exploration disciplines, and even choosing a combat class to level.
  9. I fail to see the point of an export that can never become an import. If I can't use it to smash you or your stuff, or give it to someone else that will, what good is it?
  10. Together, these two things reinforce a loosing cycle. people who don't play, don't learn, gear up or team up people who don't learn, gear or team up, don't win people who consistently loose don't play Beyond farming for stuff that will be wiped, players that are actually playing are learning what works well and what does not, finding a guild that fits well for each of us, and how we can best fit within that guild. Guild officers are building and refining teams, learning how to best wield those teams, refining guild doctrine, and forging relationships within their guild and with other guilds. Players and guilds that wait until they feel the juice is worth the squeeze are going to be cannon fodder to guilds that have been on the ground all along. Stuff that is wiped can be quickly reforged if the gears are already turning. Building and tuning the machine takes time.
  11. That may be true, destroyers are monsters if they can put DPS on target before they fold like the tin can they are. I still stand by my point; player for player, 1v1, 5v5, or 50v50, the power curve in EvE is far steeper than it is in CF.
  12. Not a Bria native, but I made the pilgrimage from the outworld of Naritus for the Cantina Crawls.
  13. The typical Eve U fight may be 1 to 100 isk, but it's 20 players to 1, a couple of those players are skilled, and if the target has a clue many of them go home in a pod. I've run with them, I know how it goes. Short of pre-nerf Endless, how many CF players do you think would live through a 20-1 if the 20 had 1 experienced player among them, and the 19 were willing to follow? Handing a new player all the skills and equipment they need and teaching them to be effective in a blaterCat may not be that big a deal to an EvE vet, but handing over a set of green gear and taking him on a gank isn't a big deal to a guild that's replacing member's blues with purples.
  14. If you feel that CF has a steeper power curve than either SWG or EvE, then you had a very different experience from mine. If you were a veteran SWG craftsmen, with deep stores of the highest rated materials to have spawned in the last 12-18 months, full crafting tapes, and access to the best loot only components, the things that you could make would put a new fully skilled craftsmen to shame. Stack the best armor, weapons, foods, meds, stims, doc & entertainer buffs on a solid character build and run as part of a good team that could work well together; 5 or so players could stand in Moenia and take all comers. Maybe you remember SamuriJack? He'd go solo against groups of pre-CU Jedi, and win. In EvE, I'd AFK my Dominix against any T1 frigate, my drones would do the job solo without me ever pressing a button. Not that a Domi is anything special, it's only a tier 1 battleship. It wouldn't break the passive shield regen of a mediocre carrier, forget a titan. If you have an end game player backed by the logistics of an entire guild, and a new player that geared himself in advanced whites made with crafting discs and no skills, how much difference can there be between them before it's too much?
  15. So only VIPs have on demand access to Srathor's Lawn, AT, or any other public mall. Remember, once the idle timers are working again, dropping an afk account in an EK won't keep it up. A non-VIP may know how to poke Srathor, and Srathor may be available to open the doors for a customer. Maybe not. Ace has already walked away from VIP benefits that were less P2W than the perception of privileged access to gear.
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