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  1. ^ 100% agree. The reward for playing a game should be the enjoyment of having fun while playing the game and/or the satisfaction of whatever personal goals were achieved during your play time. Daily login rewards are a tool of designers incorporating addiction principals into their game to pump numbers for their advertising sales and shoving micro-transactions at you that allow you to bypass content, while they make that content intentionally unfun.
  2. For gold to really work, it needs to be generally useful to everyone and/or very useful to a few that have stuff everyone else wants. My hope is that the Dregs and EKs is where mountains of gold go to die and we just haven't seen that piece of the puzzle yet. If maintenance fees/taxes in the dregs & EKs operate in a similar manner to the sovereignty and maintenance fees in EvE, then players will need to get gold from other players in GR and Faction campaigns by selling them stuff that is only found in the dregs or only produced in EKs. Not that I have any real basis for that hope. With the import/export/embargo restrictions, and potentially very long campaigns, each campaign could be it's own isolated micro economy that is born, grows or withers, and dies within the confines of its world.
  3. This has long been a nagging concern of mine. It really comes down to how many players of what mindset make up the player base, what their personal goals are, and how much strategic value is attached to gold and treasure (or gold vs treasure?). Factions CWs might play out much like the Rebels vs Imperials in SWG; everyone had to choose a side, but most players only looked at it as a rivalry if they cared at all, and were perfectly content to sell goods to anyone willing to pay for them. What passed for a ‘war’ there was closer to what we’d call a scrim. On the opposite end of the spectrum, in the dregs even your closest ally is a potential rival. That could play out much like EvE where wars may rage in null sec and a war target’s ships are fair game anywhere, but credits know no allegiance inside Jita station. Or it could be a situation where no one will trade with anyone; provide for yourself, because no one else will.
  4. After you've amassed your 1st million gold and it still won't buy a set of gear, you realize that all the while you were playing the market game you were the one being played.
  5. Crowfall currently has NO sinks that will pursuade high end players in organized guilds to part with high end goods for gold. Gold is useful for nothing more than starter discs, and food & weapon components from vendors. I get all the food items I need from chests, and a weapon head mold every couple of weeks is not a compelling sink. Worse, if I did need gold it's easier for me to go get it for myself than to offer goods for your gold. Gold needs to bubble up if high end goods are going to bubble down; I need to want YOUR gold, and the biggest guilds really need to want your gold. For now, chaining bosses is the best source of both gold and loot. That has to change if gold is going to be an accepted currency.
  6. As I see it, there are two directions Ace can take the game. 1. The guilds and individuals take care of themselves with only limited trade. In this scenario random and rare drops and forced interdependence are a bad thing. Players will want to go get whatever their next item is that allows for personnel advancement, and they will expect to know how/where to get it. Random and rare drops will frustrate them, and forced interdependence and professional specialization will present roadblocks that may be very difficult to overcome for individuals and guilds that have not achieved critical mass. 2. Allow and encourage a player driven economy to solve most problems through specialization and trade. In this scenario, a player obtains personal advancement by adding value to the economy by whatever means (s)he chooses, and takes those profits to the market to buy what they want. If you want to farm gold, harvest, craft, farm minors, or whatever job the economy needs filled, you can do that and earn gold for your time. Here, RNG and rare drops are not a bad thing, because anything of value you get from your time can be sold to those that want it, and you can use that gold to get what you actually want. OTOH, adding aspects to the game that undermine professions also undermines the economy. Managing an economy that potentially spans multiple campaigns, each with its own specific ruleset, will present a daunting task that may go places Ace doesn't want to follow.
  7. Count me in the nervous group. Rather than improving the economy, I see this as competing with the economy before it's born. Master craftsmen will be competing with loot for market share on anything but their best work. Entry level craftsmen will be left out entirely. The harvesters that feed them will see lower demand for their goods, particularly after salvaging and refining is implemented. IMO, give us the tools for a real economy (a valued common currency, manufacturing & storage inventory), and we will fill the need for gear. Then change loot from finished goods to components that are better, or just different, than a craftsmen can produce but still require crafting to become useable gear. SWG's Acklay bones, Night Sister vibro motors, Krayt tissues, Geonosian power cubes and all the other loot only components made for incredible gear and were all well worth chasing and fighting over, while adding to the economy by demanding the best craftsmen and the best materials for assembly,
  8. Those are base stats at level 1. After leveling up and putting points where they actually matter the difference is not nearly as significant. Is a blue vessel and blue gear a big upgrade over white? Absolutely. Is it 9-10 times better? Not by a long shot.
  9. Either this is a typo, you are badly misinformed, or you are intentionally misstating the truth. A blue vessel, fully geared in good blues, is not even close to double a geared white vessel, let alone 10x.
  10. I agree with everything you said, and it boils down to the juice being worth the squeeze. In a post release game with a working and well supplied economy making surplus items available to players that actually want them, I don't see anything wrong with where the game is today. In this pre-alpha environment we don't have that. The only currency that player run vendors accept is not accepted as currency by the players that would run them, so we're all farming for everything we need in our own little world. At best, we might arrange a face to face bartered trade. With the placeholder inventory system, for each player to maintain personal stores of everything they want and need, and everything they should want to sell is not really feasible. We don't have manufacturing, so hand crafting every single item is a pita. Storing materials and vending finished goods is also a pain. The RNG based discipline system is also a pain for now, with no good way to store unwanted loot, get it to players that do want it, and get the stuff you do want in return. Sacrifice items are in the same boat. Those should be valuable items, but but in the current environment they're trash. IMO, the big 3 items that would calm things down are inventory, manufacturing, and a common currency that is both accepted by vendors and valued by players; if not gold, then dust would work just as well. When we have these tools, we'll solve our own problems.
  11. ^ This. Since the beginning of the trials, not once have I chased points on the leaderboard. My only concern is helping my team win by insuring they have the materials and tools they need to win, and helping them maintain the lead through holding points. In the current campaign, players are ranked on number of captures and K/D, while faction victory comes from holding POIs and denying those POIs to the enemy. The best path to one is not the best path to the other.
  12. That's working again in 5.92 on test.
  13. "Vessel Name Here," glad to see this functionality restored. Even if it's only seen in the lobby, it helps us know which vessel we're selecting.
  14. lol, all the collective 'we' need to do is figure out what we can agree that we want. I haven't seen a We Want This thread in a while that didn't end up with people going in a dozen conflicting directions.
  15. Would love to see more choices in how a piece of gear is made. I brought up something similar some time ago based on elements of the SWG crafting system. One of the things about the SWG crafting system that players recall most fondly was the depth of the resource and experimentation systems. There were literally hundreds of specific types of resources, each with specific properties that would add or detract from the final creation. Each spawn of a given resource (lasting 6 to 21 days) was unique, with random values for the properties associated with that material. When it came to experimentation, there were many different categories for the player to place available experimentation points, and the properties of the materials used during assembly greatly affected the number of pips available for each category. For example, experimentation on a Mind Disease Delivery unit was affected by: Charges: Overall Quality 66% Unit Toughness 33% Effective Range: Conductivity 33% Overall Quality 66% Potency: Overall Quality 66% Potential Energy 33% Skill Required: Overall Quality 66% Potential Energy 33% Duration: Decay Resistance 50% Overall Quality 50% Power: Overall Quality 66% Potential Energy 33% Since there was never a perfect material for anything involving experimentation, a good craftsmen was always looking for materials that would give the best balance for the things they made. While all this depth was great for players, it was horrid for the server and the devs. Players hoarded material from any spawn that might ever possibly be useful in the future, even if that material was made obsolete by a newer spawn since we never knew how long our stores would last or when another great spawn would happen. Stacks of 1000s of different materials sitting in boxes waiting for the day they might become valuable. It also meant that balance from one server to the next could be greatly skewed due to the random nature of available materials. On one server, a specific material for the T21 rifle (the BFG9000 of SWG) did not spawn for so long, that the devs had to step in and force a spawn. Rather than reopen that can of worms, I'd love to see harvesters gather the generic resources as we do today, and allow refiners to enhance specific traits of the resources. Craftsmen could use the raw stuff out of the ground, or get the good stuff that better met their needs.
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