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  1. New player experience

    By 'Old Player Experience', I simply meant to say that they need to finish making the game into whatever it will be before putting much effort into creating an instructional introduction for new players.
  2. Loyalty bonus for sticking with your Faction

    Interesting... For unguilded players, I can certainly see this working to balance numbers, and to help expose them to guilds they might not otherwise see as potential friends. Handling guilds could be more challenging. The leader, or possibly an officer, would need to opt into a campaign and choose (or be assigned?) a faction for their guild. Possibly during a pre-campaign phase, where guilds can attempt to self balance, and work out any diplomacy issues before go time. So if BigGuild X is engaged in Campaign 1, but some players want to dabble in Campaign 2, should they be able to join it solo? Should the entire guilds player base be counted toward player balancing? What if they make one serious push to aid an ally, then turn focus back to their main campaign?
  3. 4 day campaigns

    Agreed. In a longer campaign, by the time fall comes around, the fair weather harvesters will have packed up for the season, most of the ganking will come to a stop, and I'll have found a nice out of the way spot where I can go to work and churn out some real numbers. Winter will hurt my yield some, but not enough to make me stop. In the 4 day cycle, winter means SB your stuff after siege and get some rest, because tomorrow is going to be a long night.
  4. I've focused one path of my training on harvesting, and the other on crafting with some combat. Because of my choices, I can do things that a combat focused player cannot. How are those harvest crits treating you? Plentiful 4 in the dead of winter? Consistently successful final assemblies & 10 point experimentation working out well? A combat focused player should be able to kick ass and take bubble gum when they're all out.
  5. Remember, we're talking about the path to alpha, not going to release. To call it Alpha, they need a solid core that can be added to during alpha, beta, and beyond. In terms of game elements, I think Ace has more than cleared the bar for alpha testing. If 5.9 & 6.0 can close all of their captured tech gaps and resolve performance issues, then we can spend alpha trying to crush their servers while they add game elements for us to break.
  6. Once the alerts are working, and if the forts with the new guards on test can keep players busy long enough for aid to arrive before the fight is over, forts might be ok. Outposts might be ok for small group with the alerts, map fix, and guards, but I am unconvinced.
  7. Loyalty bonus for sticking with your Faction

    Rather than rewarding all who sign on, how about a consolation prize for the top scoring players of the loosing factions? Then you don't need to beat that other faction to see some rewards, just be among the top of your faction. That way it's still a contest with the same goals, and not a participation trophy for joing the loosing team and not trying to help them win, or worse helping them loose.
  8. The only people I see at forts are the war parties as they flip them, and harvesters who are only there as long as it takes to pop in, bank goods, & grab fresh tools. Given current mechanics, I see no reason for a craftsman to ever go to a fort, and PvPers will only sit there if they know a fight is coming that way.
  9. There are a lot of Should have & Could have items being discussed that I think can be added during alpha, but IMO the Must have items for a real alpha have to include: stable mass combat. Smooth performace for players using min spec computers (what is the min spec?), up to your target peak battle size (what is that number?), with an acceptable performance falloff when max player numbers are exceeded while remaining stable. resolve the group FPS issue. player & guild inventory tech hurdle behind you. Any other fundamental tech issues. These are potentially significant hurdles at the core of the design that need to be resolved in order to have a solid proof of concept model to proceed on. With them resolved, you'll have a solid foundation to build the rest of the game on.
  10. While assigning talent points to my assassin, after assigning the required point to Enter the Shadows, the promotion classes did not unlock and indicated the prerequisites (1 pip in Enter the Shadows) had not been met. Restarting client resolved the problem.
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  12. New player - old questions

    During this pre-release period, before the end of a campaign you move any items you want to keep out of the campaign and into your spirit bank (B key). You will not loose your vessel, your levels, or your passive trained skills due to a campaign ending. If the developers need to wipe the database for development reasons (i.e. new stuff added or rebalanced) they will reset all or part of the database. There will be a full wipe reset before the game is launched, but there will likely be many more between now & then. You are the Crow, the spirit of a warrior favored by the gods. Vessels are bodies you may move your spirit in and out of. How that idea has actually been implemented in game has evolved over time. When you die, items in your inventory can be taken by anyone that happens to come by, but your equiped gear and your vessel cannot be taken from you. As above, for now, there is no full loot PvP. What you are wearing is safe, what you are carrying is not. As to cash shops, Ace has been pretty to avoid even the appearance of P2W. There will be some PvE content, but we don't have a lot of detals at this point. As to the trinity, we have tanks, healers & DPS, but the roles are not so rigid as in WoW raiding. Tanks deal damage, and healing is not as powerful, and light DPS are more like skirmishers than WoW DPS. I can't speak to this one. I know they do intend to open more servers as the playerbase grows. The player driven economy is central to the games design, and for now crafting is not easy to avoid but it is possible. Before the last database wipe, there were player run malls where a player could go to purchase nearly any basic gear a player might need, we now have vendors available within the campaigns to sell our goods, and any established player guild will be able to fully gear you.
  13. More recognition for harvesters and crafters

    Any way we try to score an individual's contribution to a team's success is going to be biased, gamed, and frankly wrong. I really think the only way the games internal score board is going to be 'fair & balanced' is to forget the roles and the individual contributions, and focus on nothing more than team objectives. Whether those objectives revolve around use and control of the land, capture and control of POIs, destruction of NPC factions, or whatever goals are set before us, how a faction/guild/team accomplishes the objectives and who did what getting there, doesn't need to be so relevant as the fact that they did it. If the real rewards are handed out to the winning team as a whole, nothing else matters. Within that team, we know who did what. I'd rather Ace not spend a load of development cycles pulling together a system that will be broken before it's started, because it can never be right in everyone's eyes.
  14. Way back in the SWG days, they had the idea that crafting XP would come from people using your stuff... Would have been cool, never happened.
  15. ok... two holes I see quickly. I give the items to a friend who has recently given me 10,000g for a mushroom in an unrelated transaction. (It was a REALLY good mushroom ) Adding a Harvested By: tag would prevent items from stacking unless they were all sourced by the same player.