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  1. You are spot on with the technical issues; the resources required to deal with this style of combat grow geometrically with player numbers, and the game is simply more fun with smaller numbers than 100 man zergs. That said, I think zone caps are a bad answer; it will only make it easier for guilds and alliances to cap zones and prevent others from playing. How many sieges and fort fights didn't happen in this campaign simply because of zone caps? Intentional or otherwise, there are often too many players from force A in the zone for force B to get enough players under the cap to offer a fight. I don't know what the right answer is (I don't design games, I just play them), but there needs to be something that makes us *want* to have smaller groups, spread across more objectives, without forcing us to cherry pick the best players to fill those precious few slots.
  2. If we were talking about balance changes and new game mechanics I might agree with you; but when the focus is on fixing performance issues and obvious bugs do you want them to give notice 24 hours before it goes to the test server, a week of testing, and then more notice before it goes live; or roll it out asap and tell us they did it?
  3. CF is many things to many people, and many of those visions are mutually exclusive unless CF becomes a mainstream game with a very large and diverse player base. *IF* CF was supposed to be an MMORPG, and if Hungerdome 1.0 was little more than proof of concept for the combat engine, it was also poor messaging to many players about what CF would eventually become. *IF* CF was supposed to be a BR/MOBA, then all of the crafting and progression elements were poor messaging, as well as not shutting down any player impressions that this would be a child of SB meets SWG that you can win. IMO, JTodd needs to bite the bullet and tell us who his target customer base is. No matter what the answer is, there will be tears from some players that wanted something else. The farther before launch that happens, the better for the success of the game. Trying to make CF into something for everyone before it's actually anything at all will only end in it being nothing to anyone. Do one thing, do it well, and only then expand on your vision.
  4. The best I've been able to come up with is playing with the guards and the rewards so that taking it early is easier and holding it is more rewarding. When the window opens that's shift change. There are no guards and taking an undefended fort is easy. Every couple of minutes the guards gain a level as they settle into their shift. At the end of the window the guards are up to hard mode and a real force is required to take it. When there are no enemies inside the fort, guard respawn is very short, so repelling an attack immediately gets you reinforcements. On the rewards side, I'd prorate the value of the fort by how long it was last held. If it never changed hands, then it's full strength until the next window. If it flipped in the last minute of the window, it's only worth 1/60th of full value until the next window; you took it from them, but you didn't gain much. ... something like that.
  5. SWG is often hailed as being among the best crafting & economy models ever, and many of the CF devs were part of the team that created it. Most of the elements necessary to recapture that magic are still, or at one time were, part of CF. I have always hoped that's the mark they're aiming for, but over the last year they've been moving farther and farther away from that target. SWG's unique resource properties and near infinite storage is obviously not in the cards. The database creep that created was a serious challenge that I'm sure they don't want to repeat. That said, the array of additives can be greatly expanded over time to allow broad customization. Give the tribes officers additives as loot with race specific properties. Let us salvage tribes gear to extract properties from their gear. The crafting interface is already close to SWG. Give us more experimentation lines (e.g. damage, durability, weight, and each stat as its own line) and let us allocate points in small blocks of experiments, and we'd be there. Blueprints and 'factories' is something they have already sunk hours into and shown us preliminaraies for, and would go a long way towards the "easy come" that they want. Blazzen's mace above might be a one off, but being able to toss a dozen blue maces into the factory, and having those identical items stack until equipped, would make having stores of mid-grade replacement gear a reality. Vendors are something we already have, and gold is finally starting to have value. What's missing is the ability to easily pump out enough good gear to stock them, and buy orders for basic harvested goods. Embrace an economy in the infected and the EKs, then lone wolf players will be able gear up, small guilds will be able to lick their wounds and restock before venturing back into the dregs, and a broad array of players will have a role to play in the game. Craftsman want to craft, not fight. Harvesters want to harvest and have a chance to escape a fight. Merchants want to sell their goods and roll around in their gold. When players have multiple characters, they don't have multiple combat/craftsman/harvesters, they have these combat vessels, these craftsman and those harvesters. Trying to put everyone on the same playing field is a fool's errand. It's just not going to happen.
  6. I'm still hoping for a salvage mechanic that will allow us to extract components from tribes gear, allowing us to add tribes stats to crafted gear.
  7. I strongly agree with this. *If* Crowfall is going to be a MOBA then so be it, but if it's going to be a progression MMO & throne war simulator, then HD is a distraction from that and will draw opinions contrary to that vision.
  8. For now, the only way would be to set up a private EK with the special pricing and then invite each of the guild members (and kick anyone that leaves the guild) or give rebates to guildies that buy your stuff from public vendors. I'm sure Ace plans to have better options available after launch, but for now that's what we have to work with.
  9. The 1st task in the NPE should be telling you to choose your passives and get them ticking. If it's automatic, the player didn't make a choice, and doesn't know they're there.
  10. A good while ago (5.7? 5.8?) I suggested that gold be convertible to all basic mats, including legos. The exchange rates would need to be high enough that harvesters would be happy to undercut the NPCs so that they wouldn't be commonly used in a mature game environment with a healthy economy, but while the economy isn't healthy, it would give a floor to the value of gold. That proposal was not met with any enthusiasm back then. Now that the game is filled with gold fountains and woefully short on sinks, I don't think it'd take us places we want to go. What I think we need are gold sinks on things the average mid-game player wants. EvE uses insurance and fees on offices, labs & manufacturing to give credits value to the average player. I think CF needs something in the same vein. Once there is a game loop that makes the average player want gold for something more than their dragon's bed, then gold convertibility makes a lot more sense.
  11. The fact that dust & embers are being used as currency doesn't mean there's any problem with them, it means there's a problem with gold. Gold is not scarce, a good store of value, or universally useful, 3 of the defining characteristics of money. CF has tons of gold fountains, but it's way short on sinks. I've been railing on the need for gold to have value since shortly after I started the game. That was my 1st real thread on these forums; Gold Needs Value. Until the vendors deal in a universally accepted currency, there will be no vendor economy in high end goods and we'll be stuck with face to face barter for anything of real value.
  12. IMO, the CC shouldn't automatically end the song, just prevent it from refreshing if you cannot use powers when the timer is up. This makes Sustaining Note useful by making it less likely for CC to break songs. While we're at it, Minor Accompanyment needs to be strong enough to be a serious contender. Bard and Troub are not bad on the surface, but I do think that being an effective buff bot for your team should take more than tossing in a major and using a power slot; but using up those minor slots to buff bard/Troub needs to be worth it.
  13. What if Twisting was revised to allow 2 active songs, rather than eating half your bar slots to improve one song?
  14. There's a huge gulf between 'task management' and letting the community know what the focus points are that will let us help you. Pick any aspect of the client from front end gameplay and gameloop interactions to back end memory optimization and network activity, and you'll likely pique the interest of someone knowledgeable in that area of the game or technical field. Help us help you.
  15. This is a rehash of the gambler's dilemma. If you walk into a casino with $100 in your pocket, ride the casino roller coaster and both win and loose $20,000, and walk out of the casino without either the 20K or the original 100, you are not $20,000 poorer for having gone to the casino. IF you had chosen to leave earlier you would have been much better off for having done it, but when the night is over and you're back home, you are only out $100.
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