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  1. Using a brigand allowed them to show a class that has multiple trays. Using a cleric, champ, or any other class with only one bar would have left even less to show us.
  2. As things are in 5.100, as skilled craftsmen can make gear far better than any of the loot gear. Tribes loot may feed into the easy come easy go narrative, and it will be very important after the wipe when no one has any skills, but barring incoming changes it's not going to replace crafting.
  3. Red Fleet did the same thing years back, and it went about as well for them. You can buy arms to feed to a meat grinder, but you can't buy skill.
  4. If the 1st dregs campaign is held back a week or even two, then there's plenty of time to get mains and alts all leveled up before the land rush begins, and that much more time for bug hunting before it is rolled out. That's the way 5.100 was rolled out, and there's no reason to believe 5.110 will be any different. Anything else would be insanity.
  5. I honestly don't know (I don't run a dualist) but if you put a starter cap gun in one hand and a real one in the other, you'll know pretty quick if you're hitting hard or just making noise.
  6. Day one of 5.100 was packed with everyone running around leveling all at once, but no worse than any other game the day a major content drop hits. By day 3 it was business as usual, and we had a fair bit of time to get everything leveled up before the CW started. I'll be very surprised if 5.110 doesn't launch the same way; only noobie land and infected at server up, with the 1st dregs campaign following a week or two after.
  7. Unless public vendor stalls come with a steep rental fees and EK vendor stalls don't. The GR and CW vendors are a step in the right direction, but I want to see the likes of Aerynth Traders and Srathor's Lawn make a return to the game, as well as smaller Indy craftsmen like PaleOne.
  8. I don't recall which Q&A it was in, but JTC did say recently that the EKs are still an important part of his full game loop vision. Something about our EKs being the real reason we are going to want to brave the dangers of the deeper realms closer to the hunger.
  9. ^This. There are 13 trials. After launch, there's no reason the trials can't be on a permanent loop in 1 or 2 week faction campaigns, allowing anyone to potentially get all of their badges after 3 or 6 months. No P2W, No Alpha perk, all they have to do is play the game. Just like us.
  10. Clerics deal damage to get the ult up asap lest the miracles stop flowing, an arch or earthkeeper must deal damage to prevent essence burn, and a pally that doesn't ever swing is just wrong.
  11. They didn't choose that road, it was forced on them by the producer. Tyrant quit/was fired over his refusal to do the wrong thing. Blix did as he was told, but left no doubt that it was not a choice if he valued his continued employment. So far ACE isn't beholden to a producer and is free to make their own choices, for better or worse.
  12. Or use Stink Bomb... at least as it is today.
  13. First off, thank you for look at what's coming up. The big pieces may stuffed into CC's quiver, but little bits are still good for buzz. In addition to the points above, how will this affect TrailBlazer/Master? Today there is an un-channeled delay after entering Survival before the speed buff takes affect.
  14. Assuming Ape is correct, and $12M is 30% of total funding, then they need to earn $40M before realizing a profit. That's 800,000 B2P sales of a game that has been a niche product from inception, before they break even. They do have money from the Kickstarter and backer sales to offset some of that, but its little more than proof of market. They haven't announced (decided?) what they're going to do, but they're going to need active players so that they can monitize VIP subs and the game shop. They can't hang all of us out to dry, and they know that. Tyrant & Blix have been forced down that road before, I can't believe either of them (or JTC) would intentionally go there again.
  15. I haven't run into a 'tank' yet that can hold agro on a boss if my assassin is actually trying to DPS. The only class that's been able to pull agro from me so far is a confessor, and they really don't want it.
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