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  1. Vandal looks good on paper, but I haven't run into anyone that has played a vandal & managed to get better results from it than the other two promotions. It lacks the burst of Cutthroat, and the surviveability of Blackguard. Much of the CC Vandal relies on to survive is rendered moot with the current implementation of Retaliate, and the poison & bleed dots it deals scale poorly with improving gear. If you like the way it plays don't let the failure of others deter you, be the 1st to make it work. As for disciplines: I'd strongly recommend Agent Provocateur. Lay-Low is a massive heal if you can get back into stealth, and has good synergy with both Yaga's Gift & Vanish. The piercing weakness from Caltrops has great synergy with the current Archer meta and has a slow, and Stink bomb is always a good way to start a fight whether you plan on fighting or simply supporting your team from stealth. The other major really depends on how you plan to fight. Black Mask has good synergy with the Suppress from Backstab, Sharpshooter & Arcane Archer offer options from range including a root while your dots do their work, Escape Artist will make you slipperier than you already are. Illusionist, Elementalist, Banshee, Shield Breaker, Plague Lord, Scarecrow & Mole Hunter all have possibilities depending on how you want to fight. For the minors, when in doubt: Uniform Leather, Sparing & Elven eyes, but you should dabble with others to get a feel for what works for you.
  2. Most assassins run Blackguard. It lacks the burst of CutThroat, but more than makes up for it in surviveability.
  3. Per the CF lore, Mandy's got it right. Elken are not a natural race attuned to nature, they are cursed for corrupting it.
  4. WTB; curio cabinet for use in EK to display tankards, badges & other trophy items. Would fit in my Castle very nicely right *there*, next to my loot chest. 😜
  5. For my assassin I have 2 weapons, 4 armor, 3 jewelry, 1 toxin, 1 mount, & 1 badge for PvP/harvesting. Fortunately I don't use a 1st aid manual, but many call that part of the base kit. If I were a ranger or melee with Sharpshooter/Arcane Archer, I'd have 4 weapons for my base kit. If I were a high elf, guinea pig, or centaur I'd have another jewelry item or horseshoe. That's just items on the character sheet. Forget bringing gold, dust, food/pots, a second gear set for PvE or crafting. 12 is not enough for one fully geared vessel.
  6. I came out with a (k+a/5)/d score of 5.6. Without the PvE deaths it would have been 17. I've said it before but, we should be dying in PvE and it should not be scored against us. If we're not dying to PvE, either the game is to easy or we're sandbagging the content.
  7. For a single player with a single account using a single vessel, the embargo system isn't bad. Once you've done it once, it's pretty simple to work with. The logistics of optimizing exports for a guild with many players, each with multiple vessels is a pain. Consolidating items of types of materials into stacks on various players and vessels, and then running through rounds of must, should, could & won't export is a big pain that I will not be looking forward to repeating at the end of the next campaign. Shorter campaigns will only magnify the pain. A guild vault would make the consolidation portion easier, render many of the alt vessels unnecessary from the start, and give a better view of what high value exports the guild needs to give priority to. Getting guild support into the game would be a massive QoL improvement. With the next major goal being Dregs, it seems to me that it would be a near term priority.
  8. IMO, GR & temple both offer too much without risk vs what we can get in the CWs. They are however a limited resource. Before the campaign, when the entire playerbase was recovering from the wipe, GR was already stressed as a source of resources, and competition within the single faction was happening after only a week; loot sniping, harvest node sniping, as well as cairn looting. In an environment with more players (1000?) GR would be stripped bare. If every EK offered high end resources, they would be unlimited.
  9. #SkinningIsItsOwnReward
  10. Siege engines consume huge amounts of wood & hide. If it's not worth crafting with, it goes into the wood chipper to feed that endless need. We really should have something similar for stone & ore.
  11. You need the Goggles, a rare drop from wartribes.
  12. Given the history of the lead designers, the converse should be expected as well.
  13. I think either of these approaches would work better as a PvP driver than the current mechanic. One gives a reason to grind on and maintain control over the PvE content, the other allows us to ignore the PvE content until it suddenly becomes relevant to everyone. Personally, I would rather know that if I go *here* and do *this* I can trigger a boss (and that my enemy is likely trying to do the same), rather than running across zones chasing random notices, but either would be an improvement. What we have today comes down to a single guild or faction killing a boss (and only the boss) and quickly moving on to the next one. Since no one else knows when that boss was killed, they can't be waiting to contest the next spawn. As is, the only time the bosses offer any real PvP opportunity is immediately after server up, and again about 4 hours later.
  14. @RhapsodyDownpour Hookchain - Pulls your target to you. (Gap Closer) - Before the fight has started, stealth is our gap closer. We really don't have a good gap closer once the fight a has started though. Using Disengage/Engage with a couple of quick 180 flips is about as good as we get. If an opponent can leap or charge away from the fight, it is difficult for us to close with them again. Using Chain/Net Pull to drag an opponent to a location where they can be dog-piled is a specialty already occupied by knights & myrms. Sand Swipe - Throw sand in the face of your target, lowering accuracy. - I am surprised we don't have access to either a blind or disorient. This is staple goods for the typical rogue/assassin kit. Exploit - Find the weakpoint in your opponent's armor. (Critical Hits if landed from Stealth, Bleeds for 1/8 HP over 10 seconds) - We have a few skills following this line of thinking. The cutthroat promotion gets some wicked crit bonuses to their ambush ability, the vandal promotion gives a bleed to Kidney Shot, and all assassin lines can add crit strike to backstab. We also have the ability to expose an enemy. While it doesn't help us a lot, other classes take great advantage from an exposed enemy. Dead Crow - Trick your opponent into thinking they've killed you. - Disengage/De-target - Yaga's gift from the vandal promotion is close to this. I still hear players calling assassins down in discord, only to have them re-appear a few moments later. Following Yaga's with Vanish & Lay-low allows for a nasty surprise while they're looking for your corpse. Shrapnel - Drop sharp pieces of metal to stop your opponent from pursuing. (Stun/Slow) OR Shadowbind - Use magic, forcing your opponent's shadow to trap them in a cage - The Agent provocateur discipline gives us and AOE slow from stealth. Diffusion with poison toxin applies a slow, and illusionist applies a slow on every 3rd basic attack. Crow's Malice - Cheap shot your opponent, slowing them down by 5 seconds. - If done from Stealth, increases the debuff time to 8 seconds. (CC) - Vandals have a cheap shot ability, it's an unbreakable stun. So we do have access to something similar to much of what you noted. What's important though is that we can never have all of them at once. It wouldn't just make assassin hard to fight, it would make us both impossible to escape from and nearly impossible to lock down and kill. Coupled with the ability to pick our fights from stealth and avoid fights we don't want, it would be completely imbalancing.
  15. Before 5.100 we were crying about storage space when we had the spirit bank plus up to five chests scattered around the CW. Now we have more stuff, and less room to store it. 100 items doesn't go far if you have no professions. If you're a harvester/craftsmen, you need to bring multiple alt vessels into the CW just to hold your stuff. The functionality included in the vault makes it much friendlier than the world bank; auto stack, sort, filter. Is there any reason not to use the same framework for both, with color schemes being the only functional difference? The 'sort by' could use a few more categories (item types), but for many categories the filter works well enough.
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