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  1. While assigning talent points to my assassin, after assigning the required point to Enter the Shadows, the promotion classes did not unlock and indicated the prerequisites (1 pip in Enter the Shadows) had not been met. Restarting client resolved the problem.
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  3. New player - old questions

    During this pre-release period, before the end of a campaign you move any items you want to keep out of the campaign and into your spirit bank (B key). You will not loose your vessel, your levels, or your passive trained skills due to a campaign ending. If the developers need to wipe the database for development reasons (i.e. new stuff added or rebalanced) they will reset all or part of the database. There will be a full wipe reset before the game is launched, but there will likely be many more between now & then. You are the Crow, the spirit of a warrior favored by the gods. Vessels are bodies you may move your spirit in and out of. How that idea has actually been implemented in game has evolved over time. When you die, items in your inventory can be taken by anyone that happens to come by, but your equiped gear and your vessel cannot be taken from you. As above, for now, there is no full loot PvP. What you are wearing is safe, what you are carrying is not. As to cash shops, Ace has been pretty to avoid even the appearance of P2W. There will be some PvE content, but we don't have a lot of detals at this point. As to the trinity, we have tanks, healers & DPS, but the roles are not so rigid as in WoW raiding. Tanks deal damage, and healing is not as powerful, and light DPS are more like skirmishers than WoW DPS. I can't speak to this one. I know they do intend to open more servers as the playerbase grows. The player driven economy is central to the games design, and for now crafting is not easy to avoid but it is possible. Before the last database wipe, there were player run malls where a player could go to purchase nearly any basic gear a player might need, we now have vendors available within the campaigns to sell our goods, and any established player guild will be able to fully gear you.
  4. More recognition for harvesters and crafters

    Any way we try to score an individual's contribution to a team's success is going to be biased, gamed, and frankly wrong. I really think the only way the games internal score board is going to be 'fair & balanced' is to forget the roles and the individual contributions, and focus on nothing more than team objectives. Whether those objectives revolve around use and control of the land, capture and control of POIs, destruction of NPC factions, or whatever goals are set before us, how a faction/guild/team accomplishes the objectives and who did what getting there, doesn't need to be so relevant as the fact that they did it. If the real rewards are handed out to the winning team as a whole, nothing else matters. Within that team, we know who did what. I'd rather Ace not spend a load of development cycles pulling together a system that will be broken before it's started, because it can never be right in everyone's eyes.
  5. Way back in the SWG days, they had the idea that crafting XP would come from people using your stuff... Would have been cool, never happened.
  6. ok... two holes I see quickly. I give the items to a friend who has recently given me 10,000g for a mushroom in an unrelated transaction. (It was a REALLY good mushroom ) Adding a Harvested By: tag would prevent items from stacking unless they were all sourced by the same player.
  7. For harvesters, how would you rank/score these players? Harvester gathers resources and: donates them directly to a community project. gives them to a guildie, who donates them to a community project. sells them within the campaign via a faction vendor crafts them into gear for others crafts them into gear for themselves crafts them into gear for sale via a faction vendor donates them to guild for guild use sells them within the campaign via a cross-faction vendor crafts them into gear for sale via a cross-faction vendor is killed and looted donates them to the guild, where they are later razed or pillaged. holds them for export Close all of those holes without igniting a flame war, and you've done yourself proud.
  8. Crafting/Gathering Suggestions for 2019

    Much of this should be resolved when factories/thralls are introduced. Honestly, once you get beyond reaping and into Animal Specialization, the critical harvests will most likely solve your blood bone concerns. This is often repeated. volume & quality over time, it takes a skinner longer to get a volume of quality goods than it does for the other gathering professions. As a skinner, scarcity is profit for me. Is it good for the game? I'll defer to other minds.
  9. Crafting/Gathering Suggestions for 2019

    Eagerly waiting for both Wolf Kebabs & Soft Hide. Another source of Strong Hide will make the peasants rejoice as well!
  10. This should be resolved by the introduction of factories/thralls.
  11. Crafting tables

    As things are now, it takes a General crafting table to make a General crafting table, and it take a Stone mason's Table to make any other table. How would that work in a campaign where we start from nothing? Once we have our General table, where would we put it? IMO, we should to be able to craft a General table without actually having one, and we need to be able to craft a place-able surface with a crafting table socket to put our crafting table on. Once we have a General table, and have unlocked a specific crafting tree, we need the ability to make that profession's table from the General table. From there, we can move into an empty GvGvG dreggs and build a world from nothing. What does a Stonemason know about a Necromancer's specific crafting needs anyway? A Mason might make a higher quality general table that another profession uses as an input to craft their good table?
  12. Crafting tables

    What about a campaign with no imports, to an uninhabited realm with no structures? The current design limits that possibility, while this change breaks nothing and requires no new art or mechanics. Low hanging fruit.
  13. The way I look at it (from a harvester's perspective) this pretty much summs it up: The solo ganker risks time and durability, hoping to come home with loot. The harvester risks time and durability, hoping to come home with loot. The harvester starts with pots and tools, but if he had a successful run, those weren't coming home anyway. While crafting discs are cheap & easy, harvest pots are nearly free; water is the hardest part. Tools don't cost much more, but good ones do take passive trained skills. Everything you need for pots and tools (other than the crafting table & water) can be farmed in the safety of your faction temple. No one is putting their ship on the line and perma death isn't a thing (some future campaigns may offer hardcore mode). The ganker's gear is probably better than the farmer's, but the farmer is putting tools & pots on the line. The biggest risk for both is their time. After a bit of scouting, the harvester knows where he'll be working and what he'll get from it(you do a survey run before you harvest, right?). A ganker needs to roam & may find nothing. When a ganker does find a target, he has no idea if that target has been out for an hour or 5 minutes. Both need to weigh when to go bank vs hanging a bit longer for the time efficiency. Sometimes I loose my lunch. More often than not I get to a bank with harvested loot, so I don't think there's a problem.
  14. Agree 100%. Beyond that, having both HP AND mitigation fixed by the armor type is rather redundant.
  15. I know there will always be spies in PvP MMOs, and there is little or nothing that can be done about it, but I personally discourage the practice. In my past experience, once a core community of trusted players has been established for a game, the practice of spying has always lead to a distrust and general shunning of new players; eventually killing the game.
  16. Watched to the end. Almost worth it.
  17. Vessel solution

    If everything carries over from one campaign to the next, a new player will have one campaign where they start new, and it'd certainly be on a less competitive campaign. They won't know what to do, what they want to do, or how to do it. After that campaign, they're leveled, geared & experienced. If nothing carries forward, every time you start a new campaign, you start over. You run the same rat race to level & gear as fast as possible; leaving the new players in the dust wondering why they're so far behind.
  18. Vessel solution

    It could get pretty morbid if it took hide meat, bone, sinew & blood, to make a mount. Maybe a tooth here & a hoof there...
  19. leather armor cost

    Ace was talking about having roaming packs of nasty things, sounds like we need an R10ml [reallybigthing] roaming the map with a load of his pals in tow.
  20. Not only do we need a reason to want more gold, aside from sacrifice, we need a reason to want to trade precious resources for that gold rather than just farming the gold for ourselves.
  21. Wolves should now drop wolf meat and strong hide I'll re-check all creatures tonight after campaign launch. Assuming nothing else has changed: There is a strong bias toward the Carnivore line in the Animal Specialization skill tree. Carnivore Specialization covers 3 mobs(cats, dogs & spiders), 3 hides, and 3 meats. Omnivore Specialization covers 1 mob(pigs), 1 hide, and 1 meat. Herbivore Specialization covers 2 mobs(elk & auroch), 1 hide that is shared with carnivore, and 1 meat. ... and soft hide is still loot box only.
  22. What do you think the best Assassin build is?

    Only for short jogs while harvesting. If I don't need to move right NOW, I can mount up before Path Finding is done. IMO, Half Elf is good for the Dexterity, but the lack of mobility is more suited to Black Guard than the typical Fae Cut Throat. In stealth, I feel like I'm crawling on all fours.
  23. We're on the same side of this debate. Just because I can do it better the next time, doesn't mean I want to.
  24. New player experience

    ^This They still have to figure out what the Old Player Experience is actually going to be. Once they know that, they can guide new players into it.