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  1. Personally, I would rather see the Exploration slots become Profession slots and have every character be a combat capable citizen soldier, but that's not the current direction. Assuming the direction doesn't change, and crafting vs combat disciplines become a permanent binary choice, it does seem silly for craftsmen to carry weapons rather than tools. For that matter, if we are choosing between professional soldiers and professional tradesmen, one might question the point of armor, exploration disciplines, and even choosing a combat class to level.
  2. I fail to see the point of an export that can never become an import. If I can't use it to smash you or your stuff, or give it to someone else that will, what good is it?
  3. Together, these two things reinforce a loosing cycle. people who don't play, don't learn, gear up or team up people who don't learn, gear or team up, don't win people who consistently loose don't play Beyond farming for stuff that will be wiped, players that are actually playing are learning what works well and what does not, finding a guild that fits well for each of us, and how we can best fit within that guild. Guild officers are building and refining teams, learning how to best wield those teams, refining guild doctrine, and forging relationships within their guild and with other guilds. Players and guilds that wait until they feel the juice is worth the squeeze are going to be cannon fodder to guilds that have been on the ground all along. Stuff that is wiped can be quickly reforged if the gears are already turning. Building and tuning the machine takes time.
  4. That may be true, destroyers are monsters if they can put DPS on target before they fold like the tin can they are. I still stand by my point; player for player, 1v1, 5v5, or 50v50, the power curve in EvE is far steeper than it is in CF.
  5. Not a Bria native, but I made the pilgrimage from the outworld of Naritus for the Cantina Crawls.
  6. The typical Eve U fight may be 1 to 100 isk, but it's 20 players to 1, a couple of those players are skilled, and if the target has a clue many of them go home in a pod. I've run with them, I know how it goes. Short of pre-nerf Endless, how many CF players do you think would live through a 20-1 if the 20 had 1 experienced player among them, and the 19 were willing to follow? Handing a new player all the skills and equipment they need and teaching them to be effective in a blaterCat may not be that big a deal to an EvE vet, but handing over a set of green gear and taking him on a gank isn't a big deal to a guild that's replacing member's blues with purples.
  7. If you feel that CF has a steeper power curve than either SWG or EvE, then you had a very different experience from mine. If you were a veteran SWG craftsmen, with deep stores of the highest rated materials to have spawned in the last 12-18 months, full crafting tapes, and access to the best loot only components, the things that you could make would put a new fully skilled craftsmen to shame. Stack the best armor, weapons, foods, meds, stims, doc & entertainer buffs on a solid character build and run as part of a good team that could work well together; 5 or so players could stand in Moenia and take all comers. Maybe you remember SamuriJack? He'd go solo against groups of pre-CU Jedi, and win. In EvE, I'd AFK my Dominix against any T1 frigate, my drones would do the job solo without me ever pressing a button. Not that a Domi is anything special, it's only a tier 1 battleship. It wouldn't break the passive shield regen of a mediocre carrier, forget a titan. If you have an end game player backed by the logistics of an entire guild, and a new player that geared himself in advanced whites made with crafting discs and no skills, how much difference can there be between them before it's too much?
  8. So only VIPs have on demand access to Srathor's Lawn, AT, or any other public mall. Remember, once the idle timers are working again, dropping an afk account in an EK won't keep it up. A non-VIP may know how to poke Srathor, and Srathor may be available to open the doors for a customer. Maybe not. Ace has already walked away from VIP benefits that were less P2W than the perception of privileged access to gear.
  9. I strongly agree. There is no reason for an EK to be using server assets when there is currently no player demand for that EK. Conversely, an EK intended for use by players other than the owner is useless when the owner is not available to bring up their EK. In a global game, a public market or guild store that is not available on demand to the players it is intended to serve, serves little or no purpose. Using an off delay of player activity as a keep alive, is to my thinking backward. IMO, there should be 4 options determining who may start an EK: Private: Only the owner may start the EK. Nobles: Any player with land rights may start the EK. Guild: Any member of the owner's guild may start the EK. Public: Anyone may start the EK. If ACE wants to monetize the EKs, I strongly support that. Premium parcels, buildings, decorative items, etc., go to town on these things. Some of the start permissions could be tied to premium purchases; i.e. Guild permission could require a Guild Hall, while Public permission may require a City Center. If EK uptime is something ACE would like to monetize, I'd suggest a low barrier to nearly unrestricted availability (with 'nearly' defined in the fine print). If uptime is limited, it won't take long for players to figure out that running around in a competitor's market EK during off hours is going to run them out of time and cost them prime time availability.
  10. I took 'commander' to mean group leader. If that's not what you meant, then I have no idea what you're suggesting.
  11. I'm assuming you had Plentiful Resources 5 during your test, and either have a good amount of critical harvest chance or you were able to make good use of benificial harvest procs? For the result band you were expecting, try R7 nodes. You probably won't see the legendaries, but it'll be closer to what you expected. R5/6 will get you far more greens and a fair amount of blue, but the epic drops will tail off almost completely. You'll also be able to either use weaker tools if you are close to Mining capped, or go through the nodes much faster with the same tools. If being later in the season causes you to loose PR5, or if you need to change up your consumables to keep it, your results will vary.
  12. VaMei

    Item Wipe

    No, there is no armor buff for Beneficial Harvest: Grave, or Crit Harvest Chance/Amount. We'd need a Specialty Seal for Grave Digging to make that.
  13. /thread Playing with objectives can make the balls smaller, but when combat range is 6m for most classes, that's how far apart they're going to be.
  14. Find the enemy group leader... To what end? The group leader isn't usually the one actually making the calls on Disc, just the one that's trained leaderships skills. Are you thinking killing the group leader should disband the group?
  15. I agree. We really need a way to do a reset that doesn't involve getting a new vessel & grinding out it's levels. A Potion of Regret, Gea's Tears, a Scroll of Custard, I Mis-clicked!, something for a do-over.
  16. No one has really said where they have a problem with players balling up. I'm going to assume that open field 50v50s are ok? If so, then as I see it, there are 3 things leading to players balling up. Part of the problem is too few objectives. The entire player base is condensed into attacking/defending 3 objectives. If we had 6 or even 12 keeps for the current player base, no one team would be able to commit 60 players to a single attack without leaving themselves wide open somewhere; unless they're the loosing team, then it's a catch up mechanic. Another problem, as KrakkenSmacken pointed out, is having only one objective within the keep; eventually everyone will end up at that one point. The idea of linking multiple Trees of Life together is a good start, but it leaves open the possibility that the defenders will only defend one tree. For this to work, there can't be a way for either the attacker or the defender to focus on any single point. If the attackers had to be attacking 3 of 4 trees to drop the shield then the defenders would be forced to defend 2, giving a 2/3 defensive advantage. Paired with an increase in the number of objectives from above, and this isn't necessarily a bad thing. The last problem I see is body blocking: stacking as many large tanks into a space as you can to prevent the enemy from passing through that space. AOE's and the lack of 'fire hose healing'(/sarc) would normally make that manageable, but for now tank, shields & healing are the meta. I'd hate to see having more physics (force mage & tornadoes) be the answer, but until we have a ranged solution, this is the meta. Maybe allowing Brigands to throw their bombs rather than dropping them would be a start?
  17. It's not just the factories deep in the skill trees, it's also the crafting thralls on the bottom row of each crafting tree. Until Ace is ready to do their reveal, we really don't know how the skills will tie in, what's involved in getting the thralls, or getting them set up on a workstation. All we know for certain is that manufacturing of some sort is planned to be in game before release. It's a pretty safe bet that the crafting skill trees will be reworked pretty heavily in the process; what's there now is the leftovers from passive recipe training.
  18. VaMei

    Item Wipe

    ^ Once we have a mature game and we're months into a campaign, gear quality is not a matter of progress, it's bang for your buck. Running suicide zergs where you will repeatedly die after being cut off from respawn and forced to tow-truck? Probably a good time to burn up the greens or even the whites. Must win last stand before the home keep is sacked? Time to hand out the legendaries.
  19. VaMei

    Item Wipe

    I agree, 3-4 months to master something feels about right. Good combat players can be good without delving too deep into the skill trees. Harvesters can focus on a single branch and be as good as the old dogs on that one product. In crafting, either you have your mastery, or you are less. No one is going to take their rare loot only additives to someone that doesn't have all of their assembly and experimentation, and the reputation to back it up. If active skill development becomes a thing, that will change the equation, but asking someone to invest 9 months into being a less than competitive scrub seems a bit over the top to me. Perhaps once you have enough skill points to earn mastery in 2-3 skill tracks, then the passive gains should slow down?
  20. VaMei

    Item Wipe

    I'm not from a small guild, but if Indies & small guilds like the ability to buy gear rather than farming for it and crafting it themselves, then they do not want an item wipe. If there's a wipe AT, Srathor's Lawn & any other trading EKs will disappear for another 2 months. Until then, only self sufficient guilds will have gear.
  21. As soon as the reward criteria was announced, I put in for my participation trophy. I stood in some circles to help my team, but I wasn't interested in playing wack-a-mole circle style
  22. VaMei

    Item Wipe

    I'd settle for not having to look straight down at the ground while harvesting. Being able to actually look around while I'm not moving would be a whole new game.
  23. VaMei


    In order to get that 3k hit, the cutthroat has to wear leather, approach in stealth, and pretty much surrender the ability to stay in a fight against anyone able to fight back. If the alpha doesn't break the target, he needs to disengage & get back into stealth to do it again. Anyone able to negate the cutthroat's stealth via racial, flare, heads up, a dot, or an aoe can force the cutthroat to withdraw, if not beat him down. I've seen Neck breaker hit for 21k split between 3 targets. The KD is just insult to injury.
  24. VaMei

    Item Wipe

    Last I was on test, it was 585 but hard to keep up with builds, my harvest skills were giving the same benefit as on live. I don't know about my gear performance. My character was locked to campaign when the database was cloned & I had to flush gear to get into test.
  25. VaMei

    Item Wipe

    If it's only 10-20% after skills and gear, I will not be gearing for it. Not even close to worth it. Normal combat gear would be better.
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