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  1. Regarding the questions dealing with preferred time between campaigns and what world bands we'd play during and between campaigns: that would largely depend on us getting notice of upcoming the campaign(s). With notice of campaign start, duration & special rules, we can review our logistic situation, decide what crafting & farming needs doing, and how long we can afford to stand down. How long is a good break? That's really going to depend on how long the campaign was, as well as how hard fought the campaign was. A week off after a hard fought 3 months may be too short. After 2 weeks of light opposition, that same week would be too long. Most of our down time farming would probably be in the Infected, but given a longer break from dregs, I would expect a short move to factions to wave the recruitment flag.
  2. We held all 3 keeps for a week straight during the last campaign, with us scouting the entire map trying to figure out where they'd attack so we could meet them head on. Is there any question as to the outcome if there was only one keep? IMO, we need more POIs than can be held, not fewer.
  3. So you would just eliminate the skills all together, and when you change your cloths, you've changed your profession. Anyone with high Int and good gear is both a master craftsmen and a master harvester, with some trades gaining some additional benefit from either strength or dex. Since everyone can do everything on their own, no one needs anyone for anything. That does not sound like a game I want to play.
  4. If the passive training is replaced with grind to skill, then there's zero reason to have multiple accounts, since you can only grind one account at a time. (unless group points are shared, then we'll be seeing skill bots) Unless there are skill point caps to prevent you from mastering everything, or daily skill point caps to insure it still takes 3 months to get a mastery no matter how much you grind, I see no reason for multiple accounts in a grind to skill game. Edit: there is no skill system without a downside. It's either a time gate, a time sink, or both. The only other option is to give anyone their choice of skills, but that's not very mmorpg.
  5. This situation will happen in the live game exactly once, at soft launch, and then never again barring significant design changes. Because it's not a repeating scenario, I don't see testing the 'everyone's a noob' scenario as being nearly as important as the blending of vets with new players.
  6. If there's a development reason to wipe, wipe away. If there's something, anything, Ace wants to test and gather data on, wipe away. If you're considering wiping passives because of a poll result, then the entire passive system needs to be questioned. A skill imbalance between vets & noobs will be status quo once the game goes live. Absent a more specific test, this is what we *need* to be testing. Either the game is fun for new players mixed with vets, or it is not. Either way, if you wipe passives then everything needs a hard reset. If not, then master crafted epic/legendary vessels & gear, and stores of high end mats will strictly be in the domain of vet players that can stockpile them now. After a wipe, it'll be 3 months before anyone can reproduce what they have. Edit: after a wipe, harvesting high end resource nodes will be all but impossible until enough time has passed for someone to rank up runecrafting to a point where they can produce passable tools to distribute to the guild/faction. The range of resources available in the next campaign(s) will need to reflect that.
  7. I believe that there is a cooldown on kill credit for each unique player to keep the impact of alt farming and fight clubs to a minimum. Otoh, those players that just kept dying are still racking up the deaths, so they are hurting their K/D ratio. If they care.
  8. The Necro is strong with this one. Back in February when this was posted leveling was painful. Leveling epic & legendary vessels was absolutely brutal and pretty much required someone to carry you the whole way. High quality vessels took more XP per level, received less XP per kill, and outgrew sacrifice items and mobs much earlier. Making matters worse, either we didn't have wartribes to farm at all, or the rarer ones didn't drop piles of sacrifice items (I don't recall exactly where we were at the time), there was no loot gear to equip, sac or sell, and all leveling took place in the campaign world using the few high rank mob spawns that were available at the time. Today things are MUCH better. An experienced player can level and gear a basic vessel off wartribes in a couple of hours without help. Leveling a rare vessel might take that experienced player a day to do solo, if he hasn't stockpiled sacrifice items using another character. With the assumption that player training is still the reason we need to level vessels, I still question the need for leveling higher quality vessels vs augmenting the one we already have, but the process is much less painful than it was.
  9. We have no dates right now. 5.110 should be the 1st pass at Dregs. After that *should* be 6.0 and Alpha. Assuming Dregs works well, and we find no way to break their well laid plans 😇💥🤯, I suspect the alpha and beta period will be as short as possible with a focus on fixing existing content, balance passes, & moving to soft launch. Not that I'm any authority on what Ace is going to do.
  10. J Todd (The guy from the CF video) has expressed his frustration with the Kickstarter model as well. While I agree that the Kickstarter model often leads to disappointment, I do hope that everyone remembers why it seemed to be a good idea years ago. Freeing the small studio from the business entanglement of a major publisher that will force end dates (ready or not) and force creative decisions for no other reason than crowd draw, and simply allowing them to bring life to their vision was actually a goal. While the Kickstarter model may not be the best way, I hope future games can push forward without revisiting covered ground.
  11. I'm not sure what your expectations are for a playable game, but we're leveling vessels, farming loot, gathering mats, crafting gear, and fighting over POIs, all in direct competition with the opposing factions. If you're waiting for the storyline quests, the queued PvP battlegrounds, instanced raids, and 1v1 PvP class balance, this is not the game you were looking for.
  12. @Pann Nearly 10 months ago Ace broke the connection between VIP & the second training track, but that news has obviously not outpaced the P2W stigma, even among old crows like ConstantineX. Marketing has its work cut out for them.
  13. For now, we have no idea what benefits VIP will offer, or how Ace will monetize the game beyond the one-time purchase of the game and the items currently for sale in the store.
  14. The regional bands have names, but each campaign takes place on one of the dying worlds within that realm. While each campaign world does have a name, there is no real backstory to any of them; there's nothing remarkable about any of them until the Hunger takes root. When the world dies (ending the campaign) the only history it will have is what we did there. The regions are Eternal Kingdoms, God's Reach, The Infected, The Shadow, & Dregs. Dregs is nearest to the Hunger, while God's Reach and the Eternal Kingdoms are beyond the reach of the Hunger's influence.
  15. Not that I think the VIP model was ever Pay to Win, but if it was P2W at all it was only P2W sooner. In any case, Ace dropped the second training track from VIP back in Nov of 18.
  16. Long term, after more pressing things are behind you, I'd love to see cooking become its own profession. Now that the recipes are tied to the stations rather than passive skills, the concern that everyone should be able to cook is behind us. That doesn't necessarily mean that some can't cook better than others. Better ingredients, better preparation, better food :Yum:
  17. Until manufacturing is a thing, we really, really, do not want this. The fact that all food, food components, and potions have fixed results allows them to stack, and allows components from individual assemblies to be used together in a final assembly. For now, this is an enormous QoL *buff* to not have food & potion experimentation.
  18. I think Duffy is referring to the ability of groups to rapidly redeploy forces across the map in response to enemy actions. Larger maps force guilds to commit their forces to a single action with little opportunity for reinforcement, while smaller maps mean that more agile teams can redeploy forces in response to enemy actions on the other side of the campaign world. Edit: trying to keep this politicaly neutral.
  19. You have to drag it completely off the character sheet/inventory frame. As I recall, you can't drag it to a bank/vault frame either, it must go to the world view window.
  20. Personally I would prefer it if a res statue was unusable while a poi is in its siege window. From a lore perspective, say the presence of a Bane Tree is suppressing the statue. Not only would that allow the attacker to wear down the defender's forces through attrition, but it would add value to controlling other points on the map, and the time slots when those locations are vunerable. Regarding the OP, I would add the fighting withdrawal. Less than a retreat, the goal is to prevent the larger force force from flanking or enveloping your forces, while forcing them to maintain their grouping relative to your force. Against a less skilled enemy force, you may find opportunities where a melee player over extends (especially if they think you are in retreat) or a key healer or ranged DPS drops back.
  21. I have one legendary item, some of my main combat gear is blue, and my best vessel is blue. I'm still training mail, and have not started into one handed weapons training.
  22. It may not be obvious from the outside, but this is a huge part of it. With maxed passive skills in runecrafting, my runecrafter without crafting gear, using a basic vessel & sitting in temple can at best make 'ok' tools; like blue +45-50 with full re-roll and almost no experimentation available for durability or the alloy effect. Getting to top level crafting is as much about the gear as the passives, and it takes multiple rounds of your Runecrafter, Blacksmith, Jewelcrafter & Necromancer making incrementally better gear and vessels for each other to get there. And as Doc said, you need Sapho, Tippers, Pot Pie, Thrall buff from a keep, crafting leadership, as well as loot gear with Str/Dex/Int for each of those craftsmen to do their best work.
  23. Persistent player housing in open world games always ends up in vacant ghost towns of players long gone. If player housing is in player run realms, the broader game (and the open world database) isn't haunted by the ghosts of the past. In the dying worlds, there's no reason not to allow free building, but buildings not collected before the death of the world might well go with it.
  24. No-import, ladder, tournament... Sounds more like a moba than an mmo. What's the point of *anything* I've done up to this point if it doesn't help me tomorrow? Or do you have to spend the 1st few hours or days harvesting your butt off to get into gear that's marginally useful? No-import on a 3 month campaign, I'll grudgingly live with. No import on a daily or weekly basis? Hard pass. I really do not understand all the fascination with no-import campaigns. People do nothing but complain about the level of grind we have, and then they invite hard core power grinding as the best way to win. [smh] And once again, what good is an export that won't become an import?
  25. Agreed, those goals are mutually exclusive without some significant changes or additions. I'm not interested in bling, flashy skins, or shining my e-peen. In the game we have today, I want to win the campaign, gather my spoils, & use them help win the next one. So how is my EK going to be important to me without having an impact on the next campaign? That would take a significant evolution, like Hunger Dome to CW evolution. ... And to keep on topic, why will I want to pay upkeep on my EK? 😋
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