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  1. Well our name says it all....the Knights of Glory and Beer.....a path to Glory everlasting....
  2. I remember, early on we had the advantage of knowing the terrain and the game mechanics....later the changes to the game through patching, and the influx for newer smaller guilds made the playing field crowded....I bailed after the CoTC Alliance broke, but I was there for the destruction of Hyperion the games biggest alliance of RP Carebears.
  3. https://youtu.be/0LCTPAy6_04 New KGB video intros, which ones do you like?
  4. It's those you bring in that are not a part of the exclusive leadership that will bring new issues, recruiting is where it starts. Not everyone will adjust and it's those bad apples one must be able to identify and deal with...
  5. Every Clan offers this, few ever can deliver. Social groupings invariably have issues or drama, it's how you cope or deal with confrontation as a whole which will in the end matter to your Clans survival.
  6. Some of the perks of not taking ourselves too seriously....fun is first and foremost.
  7. How KGB does business in AA, dominating the server over lotd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OhPk6kwSjc
  8. Doing some FPS Tactical assessment....
  9. Well obviously upon her Death it allowed the Hunger to consume the lands, Her death may very well be the catalyst for the hunger. Life Death Rebirth is a cosmic cycle that is normal for any nature deity. Perhaps she created the hunger, or she is the hunger, you said there is a triumvirate of association between "three" gods, I think they are one and the same representing the cycles of life, and that the Hunger is one of those cycles. The Great Wyrm would know, Time is his area of knowledge, stop time it stops the hunger. The blood on her hands might represent the lives lost to the hunger and her being responsible for it...
  10. All information is correct, CC info, exp date, and 3 digit, zip is correct....tells me to try again, yet same results.
  11. If you are truly interested in playing along side of KGB and eventually joining, either send a tell in game to Romeo or any other KGB and explain your interest. In game help and support comes at a price......Loyalty.
  12. We dedicate a lot of time discussing these games internally, our Knightly Congresses discuss leadership options and Clan Goals as well as game development progress. Once the Clan commits fully we implement the policies and choices we've made, divert resources and man power toward the game, currently information is scarce and we do not like riding hype trains, committing to the game and in turn being disappointed. Our strength in AA will more than likely transition to CF as time goes on and people like me report on the games progress and mechanics. Think of me and the few here as quality assurance engineers, here to ensure the game is worth our time. KGB: Closed State Faction Faction: West Server: Ollo
  13. Only it's going to be things like "I Yomi'd ur mom last night"
  14. I hate to say it (especially given my investment here) but I fear many KGB are trapped in the economic investment of AA which keeps them there, on a brighter note it does serve as a good recruitment platform. Our numbers have swelled significantly in AA
  15. As are some of us, most are in AA at this time though
  16. How about you not worry about what other people do.
  17. To reiterate the point, materials and resources can only be found in CW this will force people to leave EK and play the game, thus the EK's are not worthy of this much discussion because whether you hate them or not it is irrelevant.
  18. Firstly I do not hate or like EK's I am neutral in that point, however I would say that I think people are forgetting one simple fact. One cannot simple hang out in their dirt box all day playing house because one will need the resources and materials the CW offers...a risk/reward system people remember? If you do not risk anything you do not gain anything and your EK will be some backwater dust bowl podunk hamlet that no one will visit, do business in, nor ally with. The taxes will erode away your coin, you will be unable to craft any wares to use or sell, and in the end you will become a fearful shut in, afraid to attempt a CW with no clan support or membership in whatever clan you hold to because people do not follow cowards, or clans that don't put the work in. Pride and respect puts a clan into the fight, and while I too believe EKs to be somewhat lame, at the same time I also believe every clan needs a rally point, and something which they can display as proof to their enemies and allies that they deserve that respect.
  19. I think Romes has been working overtime in AA for this very reason, we have some very dedicated and skilled players at this point, for me not since AOC have I seen such a group assembled...
  20. I see no difference between the Kickstarter, 2015, and 2016 pricing and designs in the online store. What makes a 2016 model stronghold any better/different than a Kickstarter version. The price is the same, the layout and construction is the same, perks (or lack there of) is the same, it even seems like the construction materials are the same (how exciting, not) Explain to me where this aspect of the game is going, and why I should invest in it beyond what I already have. Will fortifications in the EK be customizable beyond just superficial decoration, could I design how it is laid out or the shape and contour to the terrain? Or is it going to sit there like a box in the sand, a eye sore upon the land, obvious from great distances, jutting up from the beautiful landscape like a dying beast. This is how static player housing is in most games. I want a living breathing community based on a practical and realistic design layout, not just one the Devs allowed me to have, a huge cold and lifeless place where I can store my lame holiday xmas mount with the rainbow saddle, and the 6x speed buff, that also plays a stupid jingle.
  21. We might entertain the notion if you brought the beer....
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