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  1. Surprised Skill Tree is so Low, its getting more complex for new comers IMHO.
  2. Great Idea, yes I am curious what they may already have in store.
  3. I like this idea as well. Having an option to do structured/non zerg, fights purely on skill and not numbers would be a great value add.
  4. I like the idea of God's Reach, it didn't exist earlier in development but the idea that we have a place to go other than EK's and in between campaigns and to get started on gear and resources for our EK or even a nice beginner area is great.
  5. I actually like that this is only done through the trusted traders, as they are "trusted" and there is no worry or concern about someone taking someones money and not giving them the item or backer reward. Tai
  6. Just curious, some of our packages come with a Small Fort or a company garrison for example and tax free parcels. Does that mean that us Kickstarters won't have any upkeep for said small fort or company garrison as long as its on our tax free parcels? Another question, some of the items we get like Quarter horse Mounts etc, if we use those in a campaign they can be looted correct? I guess I would just worry that some of these incentives can be taken away. Any info out there on this stuff? Thank you, Tai
  7. So you mean that I can level my characters in God's Reach and then bring those leveled characters into the campaign with me right? Thanks again! Tai
  8. Arkade thank you for the quick response! I played the game in earlier versions but before there was an existence of God's Reach. So if I can take resources back to my EK from God's Reach without putting stuff in my spirit bank then can I also bring said resources into the campains from God's Reach as well? Also if I can get everything I need from God's Reach, Craft it in my EK and then bring it the Campaigns what's the point of mining resources or fighting over them in the campaigns? I must be missing something? Will there always be a "God's Reach? Thank you for th
  9. So the leveling we do in God's Reach will follow us to the Campaigns for 5.9 that are dropping soon? So the wipe is only a character/inventory wipe and not a skill tree wipe? What is God's Reach anyway? Thank you! Tai
  10. For future cases, I like the fact that once a faction is chosen you can't change back until the campaign is over, it aids in preventing the zerg fest IMHO. Tai
  11. One of the most “polished” pre-alphas I have seen to boot! Tai
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