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  1. Where are they going to make money? Seriously, currently there is very little monetization in this game. Players can now goto hungerdome and try out 18 different combinations without leveling.
  2. I know. I am still pushing to see customized chat box allowing me to determine what chats I want to see and in what tab. I think something like this will come with social ui changes that jtodd talked about. So I guess in the meantime you are correct for hungerdome.
  3. The seed has always been the problem with RNG in games. Some games have used a static variable for the seed(for instance player name/account) and that can result in 'lucky' characters/accounts. Over a long spread it too would even out, but that time frame could be measured in years(and might never happen with daily resets). Since people generally dont complain about good luck or windfalls, we dont hear about those lucky streaks, just the unlucky ones. Living in vegas and building these casino's for so long has given me a real insight into RNG. These casino's have learned how to man
  4. Wouldn't it be easier to just allow people to choose what chat channels they want?
  5. Hard to stop people from using macro's, better to design game to not need macro's in the first place. Also cannot stop dual boxing better to design game to not require alt accounts.
  6. You are right, it is kind of unfair but its true enough for you to capitalize 'ANY'.
  7. Yes! For some reason people currently playing crowfall think they are different then everyone else, expecting others will magically just love playing in campaigns they themselves dont enjoy.
  8. Pearl Abyss did this exact thing when they launched in NA 6-7 years ago. sold a lvl-5 mount pre-order then gave a lvl 3 mount. Wildstar sold me naming rights as pre-launch purchase, needless to say, I had to change my name right after launch due to changed naming conventions. Bethesda got quite cheeky with me for their preorder trash bag swap. This sort of thing happens all the time when you buy a product while its being designed and built.
  9. I know it is 4/20 and that could have effected this sentence, Either that or you think its april fools day.
  10. I thought you were quite fair. Agree with you on performance, 60 FPS steady would be enough for me. I would like to see some mechanic encouraging players to stay in combat, I would also like to see it tied into the game lore somehow. Some sort of hunger or cold negative effect that slowly ticks up until you get a kill, resetting the timer. Then the question is how long can you loot up or avoid combat before losing advantage to those without the penalty from recent kills? Yes I am sure there could be win trading of some form, but I am just offering relatively easy solution to get through t
  11. Every guinecean should 'ave one, I 'ave two! One fer everyday, other fer sunday ridin'
  12. I just finished watching a few recent crowfall streams, must have missed yours, will que it up for later. That reminds me @DilboDabbgins the background music in your vid from last week had a strange rythmic beat that distracted me from your speech. There was a repetitive tone every 3 seconds or so. I know its silly, but once my brain locked into it, I simply couldnt stay engaged to you, instead focusing on that dang beat.
  13. At least ace is consistent. Players avoid pvp in mmorpg and now in the moba. One could argue that most of the remaining players want a pvp style that encourages no pvp. So many of the base seems to want no looting, no risk, no rewards, no skill, just endless grind to gain power.
  14. The reason is that Todd said everything is fine when asked about this, just one in a long line of bad decisions.
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