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  1. Planning to have sieges, open world pvp and as you say, an advanced pve system and actually doing it are two different things. Implementing a pve system will take another 1.5 years by itself. A playerbase built around BR is not the same playerbase for PVE. Once they start focusing on PVE the BR folks will get upset.
  2. Agree, pvp is ranked gear/level/class/vessel. yes I left out player skill since lately it has been trending to the least common denominator. Hopefully this changes for the better, but the trend doesn't lie.
  3. Loyalty bonus for sticking with your Faction

    A top percentile of the losing factions players, I am thinking top 10-20% range would be fine.
  4. Underdog bonus for Campaign Scoring

    First step would need to be shallowing out the gear(mostly this), level and offline skill power curve. I could play BDO if I wanted gear/levels to determine fights, where player skill is the least common demominator. Then make gold and resources sacrificed to the gods add to the score in some way. This would help include crafters, gatherers and traders in the scoring game. Since, crows were sent to the dying world to harvest its resources, scored I would assume by the gods, shouldn't they be pleased by those that sacrifice their loot? Since items are limited by import/export restrictions, make gold non importable into a campaign to avoid buying a win with a ginormous stack of gold from previous campaigns. Adjust scoring system so that Points awarded is proportional to score ratio of the next lower faction. The more a campaign score runs away, the more points awarded to the bottom factions and less for the leader for their actions. Finally, Add a scoring mechanic to give players a once/day set amount of points for getting a kill or three. This would greatly limit the ability to exploit with alts and whatnot, but could help players that just pop in when no keep battles running still feel like they can contribute directly in some way to their factions score.
  5. On a good note, they put most of their team towards working on the many lag issues. On a bad note, they split their manpower months ago to work on artisan engine marketed towards competing mmo's. I think many people will be surprised at how much does not make the release cut. I Would rather they delay release then cut features, but I realize they have deadlines and limited resources.
  6. I agree. This would allow traders, crafters, gatherers to help contribute to score in some manner. If one faction gathered and crafted their butts off to sacrifice the world, but did poorly at holding objectives should they not also reap some of the gods favor? Would also help economy by being another resource/money sink like leveling vassals. To curb exploiting campaign score from gold imports I propose not allowing gold imports into a campaign(export only), but allowing gold EK imports/exports #MakeSacrificeGreatAgain
  7. Could my rig run Crowfall?

    1080ti is better then the 2080 by a tiny margin. Unless you are getting a 2080ti don't bother.
  8. Just to be fair, this game was marketed and crowdfunded with no leveling and various other things that have been changed. Expecting the game to stay static in development is borderline insane since that will never happen. While many of us want a pvp game, I am not so naïve as to think the developers only want one type of player and will slowly incorporate elements that some pvp'ers will object to. Not being outright dismissive and trying to help the game include many subsets of players is what is best for this or any game and its players.
  9. There is no easy solutions to core design flaws.
  10. I could exploit and grief the heck out of this. kills are linked to character skills and not equipment so this wont work anyway. I think the whole point system they have would work in a moba, not in crowfall.
  11. Leveling

    Locking class skills behind vessel levels is not needed to have gold sinks. You seemed to miss the fact I am not speaking of leveling vessels but gating basic class skills behind levels. While I agree gold sinks are important, it could be better implemented. Perhaps having access to spirit bank would require resources and/or gold. This example would allow gold sink via vessel levels, without gating class skills behind levels, and would add a sink for those wanting to access spirit bank. In addition it would stop players from importing everything into a new campaign on day 1 since they would need to use gold/resources gained in that campaign in order to make SB available.
  12. Leveling

    I just want class skills not to be locked to vessel levels. Perhaps if those skills scaled up at certain levels I could be happy with, but not the ability to use the skills at all until a certain level. Cant we meet halfway?
  13. craft stuff then sacrifice it for xp or sacrifice a bunch of gold for xp. Silly way to gain XP if you ask me, but I think I am in the minority on this, so I grin and bear it.
  14. I feel that your suggestion will only exacerbate any problem of faction imbalance. If players can swap sides on a whim then many players would simply swap to the winning side.