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  1. I wince every time I see them change a core design knowing there are many subsystems that will be effected and need future bandaids. imho, 5.6 - 5.7 time frame was when they changed direction towards PvE, ever since its been a series of bandaids with a few major surgeries scattered in. I agree, although it all depends on future performance and security. Seeing as we are now going to miss 2020 release, I am hopeful more of the systems I consider essential will be implemented in game for launch.
  2. Your monitor was set to 30 Hz? Hmmm, mine cannot go below 60Hz.
  3. I would imagine it was changed to help move player load when server starts disconnecting when overloaded.
  4. It has always been nothing more then a time waste chore. The game was not designed to have this system and suffers from it being added.
  5. Yes, but their artisan engine is coming along nicely....
  6. you are correct, there would be little motivation to join a lopsided campaign. ACE was planning to have multiple campaigns across multiple time zones each ending at different times, all linked by EK's and the goods/gear crafted out of EK's via import/exporting from varied campaigns. As long as they produce these things it should counteract the issues you raise.
  7. Perhaps we could have the community manager ask them next stream. >.>
  8. They don't need to test performance, older player and devs already know the condition. Having new players checking out the game experiencing the slideshow large combat would drive them away.
  9. I would point out Dungeons and Dragons Online. You pretty much described the system they still using. It did work in that game(obviously, its still running a decade later) but, that is a PvE game so not sure how well it would integrate here.
  10. I have to disagree. The dev's had intended to push NPE work back until launch. Yes, seriously. As you can see they have been working on it early. The gear/skills gap used to be quite extreme compared to now, that was done to in no small part to help new/incoming players. gear drop from mobs was added, in part, so newer players could get some gear to avoid getting slaughtered. The reason I say in part is that this gear drop from mobs would not have been needed if the crafting/economic loop wasn't broken beyond repair. I think they do care very much about incoming audience.
  11. They have consistently made changes going away from player driven economy and marketplace. I expect more mob drops and less player economy as we go forward.
  12. Adding or making something attempting to force people into another playstyle simply wont work if the underlying combat and game mechanics promote zerging, as it does currently.
  13. I agree that wow was/is an outlier. Games that are wildly successful can have those multiple shards to support multiple economies/marketplaces. I have issues comparing WOW to crowfall, one has a game loop and a player base, the other has neither.
  14. They fired their forum/ community employee and haven't shown much interest in even basic forum functions. I gave up long ago, but am glad someone has the torch.
  15. I agree. I curse the wasted manpower used on faction ruleset.
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