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  1. Really? Its too late now. Back when many of us complained about these systems and their flaws where were you? Its just too late to fix all these core flaws now.
  2. I have issues with other games with 445.75, Like you I had to roll back nvidia driver. I do not think this is an exclusive Crowfall issue, but an issue with driver defect.
  3. Yes, pets didn't make the launch cut and so had to be ripped out of frostweaver. Kind of sad when they are using unity, which is pretty simple to address pets with that engine. Perhaps they spent all their dev time trying to get the dev tracker working on the forums.
  4. You are just asking that question now? This was brought up ages ago and ignored. like so many flaws that we attempted to address.
  5. The time to focus on combat systems has came and went. No amount of hoping will change that.
  6. I am pretty sure ACE has that pesky coronavirus to deal with. Perhaps their offices had to quarantine or other calamity. Hopefully they are all healthy at this time.
  7. While that is possible, one thing is certain, It wont be DREGS.
  8. To be fair, they are pretty much on survival mode with some working from home and some just at home. I can attest that my guys productivity plummeted this week. Between that, sickness and personal time, we have lost forward momentum on this project and I expect to simply shutdown within weeks, sooner or later the governor will shut us down.
  9. I am not sure how much backtracking they did. Still have open world flag for pvp and instanced lobby style sign ups for their 'pinnacle' of pvp. I think I could play if they would remove owpvp flag.
  10. Las Vegas shut down tonight. Most casino's don't have locks and some don't even have doors.
  11. You should then also know that 85% of people will exhibit minor to no symptoms. Many folks will not even know they are sick. I would be willing to bet that the majority of people will be doing nothing other then sitting around playing games/watching tv/ect.
  12. The great toilet paper panic of 2020... The things people panic over. What really amazes me is those folks panic buying up toilet paper, hand sanitizer by the gallons all paniced about the coronavirus, yet they are not wearing a mask while waiting in long lines of people.
  13. Actually we do. 1918 is a great reference. some cities shutdown and had limited outbreak and some like philadelphia held gatherings and the rest is history.
  14. I am sure the virus is widespread. Las vegas has only tested 200 folks in total with 14 current infections. Many folks I know have regular contact with folks from asia and there is a lot of sick folks in my circles. Even with such risk factors, having fever, ect they were refused tests, one and all. I fully expect the death rate to plummet down below the seasonal influenza after America actually starts testing. its a shame that many countries are testing 10,000 or more per day and yet America has tested a couple thousand in the past months....
  15. Its not new, humans have had viral outbreaks like this every so often throughout history. There have been 4 outbreaks in the past 100 years, the worst of the bunch being the 1918 Spanish flu outbreak. That being said, unless one is old and has previous medical conditions its quite rare for death. I think the average age of coronavirus death in Italy is age 81. The average, and that age is well above the average life expectancy. Don't be scared, be cautious and aware.
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