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  1. At the end of the day its still half a glass no matter what way you look at it.
  2. 2018 artcraft formed a new division to work building out their artisan engine and bringing it to market. 2019 artcraft stated in legal documents that they were working on a new game. 2020 artcraft stated in legal documents that they were working on a new game. 2021 In July immediately after launching, artcraft lead developer and Project manager for crowfall leaves the game to work on another project as per his own words in stream.
  3. You do realize that the primary investors are the ones that own the company and make the decisions about the game? This isnt done to fraud investors, but to collect money from the customer to apply towards different projects. Its been going on for years and many of us have spoken out about it.
  4. Technically its not a wild statement if you take into account they only soft launched and will close the game before 'launch'. They could decide to launch it again in 9 more years when Eve has closed.
  5. On a good note, ACE is using the rest of their team to work on a new product using the funds the crowfall players give them. Sort of like a free game for them.
  6. I know, its a pathetic gear/level carry zergfest with zero risk and practically zero reward. I fully understand Jtodd wanting to get as far from this mess as possible.
  7. Any solution must not include free building since that wont happen for years. Its on the long term roadmap(multiyears out)
  8. The wolves are hungry and the sheep are few. Some of the wolves have started cannibalizing the smaller wolf packs as a result. Once the smaller packs are few and far between the larger packs will turn on each other.
  9. They already were forced to merge all their servers into worldwide due to lack of players. Where are they going to get the players to allow for running 2 different systems? Chances are the majority will stay with what they have and the 2nd option will die due to lack of players. The time for this was years ago when the players begged the devs to try different rulesets and options. we were ignored.
  10. The game cant even support 250 in a zone without low draw distances, no projectiles, no dodge mechanic, no iframes, barely scripted AI, hit boxes larger then characters, the list goes on. Reducing guild limits to work within engine limitations would be wise, but we know how things go here.
  11. The time for these changes has long passed. Which employee's are going to do this, the ones working under the Project manager on a new project or the ones they laid off?
  12. Adding leveling, removing passives for rng grind progression and mob gear drop killed their core design. I am sure there are some other changes that played a role as well, but these 3 had the most impact imho. They planned their work, but failed to work their plan.
  13. The group size I know is a set value of 2-6. I think when they were talking about having 'knobs and dials' for each campaign just meant they could edit each campaign parameter database independently, just like players have done with private game servers for a long time.
  14. We have been asking for this same thing for years. years.
  15. That subforum still exists now, I disagree about how much influence that subforum had. I am not claiming that some people haven't negatively influenced the direction of CF, just that this subforum was ignored almost as much as the regular forum.
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