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  1. Lets not forget that many people will not sell skill tomes to other players until their alt and main accounts are full up. Realistically someone would need 1 account just to assault(lol word subbed r@ped) skill tomes from, since it would cripple that account. Unless they are sold through the cash shop I cannot see new players getting their hands on many of these. I counter that skill tomes, as described long ago, would actually benefit vets more then new players.
  2. I hope to see guild banks or some major work done with inventory to facilitate guild banks in 5.110 Lets be honest here, any system not in 5.110 has much less chance to make launch, hopefully this feature will make the cut.
  3. I really like your Q&A's. Your boys are clearly getting more comfortable and its a good watch.
  4. grinding xp is not a challenge. Its a brain dead activity that is simply there to waste your time.
  5. Doesn't that really depend upon the crafters passive skills? I never tried to imply that top crafted gear was inferior to rng drop, I should have said white/green gear, since as you say, blue crafted is currently better. It might not always be that way, it used to be that all crafted gear was better, then they added rng dropped loot.
  6. mystafyi


    If it was 100 vs 100 the game engine would melt and the resulting 5FPS would make ballista the least of problems. They need to balance for much less people, 50 vs 50 might be doable with reduced server checks and offloading functions to the client.
  7. Where were you when they added rng dropped gear that is comparable or better to early/mid game crafted gear? The majority of focus has been on PvE this past year, I would not expect that trend to suddenly reverse course.
  8. The catch up mechanic for passives is not scheduled to be worked on until after launch. There will be no way for players to indicate viability in this regard until then. Not having any economy just exacerbates the problem of skill deficiency. If ACE fixes this issue then we can see how skills come into play. If not, then nobody will be playing to care.
  9. Its awfully hard to extrapolate how the economy will do in CF since there is no economy or systems for an economy currently. 0 times 10 is still 0. Sure we all can play 'what if' games, but to be fair folks can only focus on what is actually available and not make believe systems that are not even developed yet.
  10. I too would like to see some changes with passives, but I think frontloading gains, adding more branches and forks and in general clean it up, will be the limit of changes one could expect at this late stage.
  11. That was actually one of their marketing points. Alas, so was no leveling, no grind for xp, no rng loot drops from mobs... The game has been going in the direction you want for a while now.
  12. Have the dev's mentioned this? I too want healing FW.
  13. I Agree, but the game needs something, anything by alpha. I wouldn't mind independent localized auction houses, since having a way to trade between worlds seems wrong.
  14. If casual newbies can faceroll vets then I can safely say that either they are not vets or not casual newbies. Maybe it would happen in extreme outlier situations, but you cannot build systems and plan/balance for the extreme outliers.
  15. As a native speaker I found the survey to be very hard to follow. Like you, I had to go back and forth as well.
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