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  1. On a good note, the devs have vocalized that there are problems with siege weapons and they are slated for a major pass. When that time happens I will be right there with you advocating for a few changes.
  2. Doesn't matter. no changes or activity on live till 5.110 even if you got the entire player base to agree on something.
  3. This is pretty entertaining pvp action, I just wish the graphics were a tad better. Reminds me of
  4. I am unsure if there is a valid reason to determine mechanics or test anything on a dead end iteration that will be deleted in 2 months. Not even taking into account that many powers have been changed in 5.110 and so power interactions currently might not even apply in future iterations.
  5. There are no exploits at this stage of development.
  6. Not unless they vastly improve performance. I honestly think they started adding PvE exclusively once ACE realized unity engine cannot handle the player load needed to have a 'throne war' type game. Disclaimer: I do not consider a pvp game with sub 30FPS a game.
  7. agree. a real shame and waste of content.
  8. I think they could easily apply that since they now have the tech with roads effecting movement. I agree I would rather just have shallows for aesthetics reasons then for ACE to spend time on swimmable water at this time.
  9. When was death in EQ harsh? I played from the start through plane of fear to slightly after kunark. Even when we broke open PoF with naked caster pug rush nobody lost more then a level or 2. A couple days of grind for fear gear, I never heard complaints.
  10. Compared to a PvE grinder you are correct. Sadly this was not supposed to be a PvE grinder and as such has very little in the way of PvE content that are normally found in those game you are comparing.
  11. I love how ACE development partners always jump right in defending most every messed up part of this game. Doesn't matter if this game has little PvE mechanics other then the grind, its constantly compared with themepark PvE mmo's to justify anything. I would like to point out that the playerbase has been pretty lackluster the past years, unlike most other games in development, perhaps there are reasons for this.
  12. Perhaps. Perhaps not. What you consider as insignificant might not be for many others. I do agree that having campaigns ending is one part of crowfall that hasn't changed. As for how effective it will be combating uncle bob will depend upon how the gameplay is at launch, simply too many systems not fleshed out yet to see.
  13. That doesn't mean squat. This game was designed from the very beginning with the idea of no rng loot drops from mobs, no leveling and no grind for the sake of grind. We all know how those things played out...
  14. They pretty much said they will be working on beta shortly after 5.110. While it could have been a misspeak or something, it surely would follow inline with the teams push to launch of late. I still expect Q4 2020 launch, hell or high water.
  15. The past year or so has seen very uncoordinated testing. Dev interaction on this subject has been poor at best. I wouldn't expect that trend to change.
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