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  1. The did just request address updates by jan 26th to ship physical copy in time.
  2. It wont bother you as much when they add non-lootable crafting inventory option.
  3. Sometimes you just have to point in the general area to hit target... But seriously, this has been a problem for years and I fear wont change with the changed direction into a grind game. If evermore grind is their objective, then having gear/vessels/leveling give so much power makes sense and I would think is needed. I am no expert in eastern grinders due to the p2w or some of the absurd convenience items that are basically required.
  4. I still stand by my claim that making the testing more enjoyable by changing core systems for a few to play 24/7 has indeed done damage to the games viability. If they would have stuck to original design then most systems could have had a chance to work together. With so many core changes nothing seems to be working together and the potential playerbase seems quite negative and absent. So much development time wasted developing then abandoning or radically changing so many core systems. This in turn caused other important systems to be delayed, canceled or just pushed past launch.
  5. I would have rather they followed design concept. World pandemic locks everyone at home so online companies doing very well due to captive audience. Lets look at crowfall participation....
  6. This is part of the larger problem. ACE constantly changing the game for a small subset to enjoy the testing phase as if it was the game. I dont blame you for 'getting yours', I would have done the same if game design stayed closer to original concepts. As you, I feel I have already gotten my moneys worth way before beta so let the cards fall where they may, some good games coming out this year (corona panic willing)
  7. Since zybak was accidently omitted, I nominate Zybak here. Motion to second?
  8. I would caution against making major changes due to data that could have come about via duping. Not saying anyone is, only that it is possible currently.
  9. There is a reason for that. Those players wanting a good PvP experience have slowly faded away over the past few years as ACE has changed directions. Of course the majority of remaining players and new players want more PvE. The PvE experience in this game is still seriously lacking compared to other PvE grinders, so this makes sense players wanting a better PvE experience.
  10. I have to ask what pvp games have point and click combat?
  11. Gamers havent changed, their access to information enabling them to game the system has simply improved.
  12. CNN went way downhill from 20 years ago. I watch france-24 more then CNN and I live in america.
  13. I would have preferred this, along with skills being tied to crows instead of vessel levels and passives being tied to campaigns.
  14. This is a very common problem with games. Reality is most fail before launch.
  15. The crowpedia is what will get me to login for 6.4 I think this could be the best part of this next update.
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