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  1. Flavor of the month builds are so common in mmo's, while I don't chase them, there have been times that a previously broken character in a game suddenly becomes mighty. Good times.
  2. Do they realize that with barely any repercussions for not eating, then there is no real purpose for the mechanic and will devolve into an annoyance? If this is the direction forward, then might as well just go ahead and make it so food is automatically eaten from inventory now while ya'll have manpower tasked to that mechanic instead of waiting for the inevitable in the future.
  3. I think ACE plan was to heavily monetize housing. If so I would expect them to really flesh out their instanced housing. Time will tell.
  4. I am sure it is has something to do with the 3 eyed smiley face on the grill....
  5. The problem is that I can use your arguement above in defense of gold or dust as a currency. I have to ask, if we shifted to dust based currency and the devs changed crafting in such a way as to make dust not required, what is the next ingredient you would want to change into currency?
  6. Gold used to be the currency standard. It still would be if the dev's did not make so many changes that had a negative effect on the economic loop recently. Lets give it some time to get balanced out. Simply jumping to a new standard will just give us a new set of issues to fix.
  7. lol! I was out in left field, please carry on....
  8. You know she is correct. The fact you could only respond with an insult proves it. EDIT: this comment actually upset me. Not as much the comment, but the fact it was you saying it. 😥
  9. And will that one be considered the august release since its at the end of july? As I said before ya'll should have just went from 1 week updates to 1 month. You knew you would not keep the 2 week schedule.
  10. Indeed. I would prefer the ballista's mounted on walls to fire spear type projectiles instead of a fire effect. I am pushing for ballista to be outward firing arc only, but I fear little traction there.
  11. The also had quite a lot of client control and lacked many server checks that would have prevented the ease of hacking that game. Black desert online launched with a lot of processes on the client side and lacked server checks. Hacking was rampant but performance with 50+ players was splendid. As those devs fixed the hacks by moving things to server, performance now suffers like most games.
  12. You are correct. The larger ballista were indeed used for launching large projectiles similar to a catapult, incendiary, sometimes even diseased animals and people and recently even pumpkins. They are very difficult to aim and in many cases require repositioning after every couple shots. Load times were measured in minutes between shots and mechanical breakdowns were very common. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRRtirKv8Ho
  13. That makes me think of Wendy's hamburger. In fact, the sandwich has its own wiki page!
  14. Ghillie suit Soon? https://youtu.be/GbiZ4vmdHRI
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