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  1. Not amazing, we seen it happen over the years. Its amazing that they are going to launch this abomination. This will be todds 2nd failure and gordens third, I cant believe they are going to let that happen.
  2. Some of your and others postings have been extremely detailed and well thought out. There have been a few ramblings that I wish were read and acted on, but the realist in me knows that those with the power to make changes probably wont see them. The attack modifier for a Wall of Text means that dodge is the best response.
  3. Did they state this recently? I know years ago they had an oceanic server but that ended when they consolidated campaigns back in late 2017 I think.
  4. Same can be said about dreamworld scam. They actually released an alpha on target date, even though its not even a game let alone an alpha, they still 'had the balls to have a formal release'. More like forced to release something, anything. Its not the lack of NDA, its the long development time from a 2015 playable hungerdome to a 2016 big world. Then years with very little to show at the end product. They constantly changed, added and removed game systems over this time resulting in a hodgepodge of systems that dont work together since the core design changed so much. Even now they are
  5. Shhhh. Not only can they put out bad content, but some players will happily pay more money to not play the content. If I had these type of customers....I would offer a 10,000$ item in the store that would let you bypass even downloading the game, I bet it would sell to a few 😜
  6. I get 60FPS outside of large fights with 1080ti, 8700k in 1080p. I am unsure the 1080ti can really handle 4k in any game to be fair. 30-50fps seems great for 4k gaming with that card imho.
  7. The fastest the eye and brain can register or process an individual(key word) image is around 13-15ms(approx 60fps), but you will still see differences with better fps as long as the image in those frames isnt changing much. This isnt some crazy mystery since people can see the differences with their home computer, well if they have a good vid card and monitor that can support higher Hz. You might not see the difference if you are used to 60Hz, but if you use 240 for a couple days and try to swap back... ya, that will be the end of you claiming people cant see above 60fps.
  8. I love how leveling is so widely disliked in this game and has been since they forced it in years ago. I wasnt thought out or designed into the game, just thrown in as content filler. Now its the first 5 hours or so of the game, yes the part disliked by most everyone..... The defenders of the game are quick to point out the ways to effectively bypass or trivialize the process when the real solution is to remove it like the design intended.
  9. Wow, you should practice what you preach.
  10. Not having the ability to build anywhere hurts since that was the tradeoff for having bland procedural maps and low quality graphics.
  11. Your second paragraph isnt happening, in part due to what you describe in your first paragraph. Not sure how a couple more months will change that. If anything the 'NPE' is getting worse.
  12. If you really want to upgrade I would say upgrade your CPU. You will get more performance/price since the CPU's are cheaper then GPU's you would want and the 1080TI is a beast, even for its age it still compares to a 2080. Check out the i5-11600k, relatively cheap and can clock up really high if you have the cooling. I know 5600 series AMD are now on par for gaming, but you would still have to pay double. Then I would take the savings from not spending on amd and pick up some good ram. What you want to look for is high speeds and low CAS, just remember speed is generally more important then a
  13. They know, what else can they do? When your payroll is 7+mil per year... they are not amazon or have other titles to rely on revenue from.
  14. If one can effectively lock out a zone, then isnt it in effect an instanced siege and not open world anymore?
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