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  1. That is stretching the truth quite a bit. The have 65 some employee's and have over 40 for a few years. in 2016 this game was a playable battle royale, to be fair they are way overstaffed for what they produced.
  2. illara giving -50% movement speed is brokenly OP. Folks wont even want to bother going there for any reason with that kind of debuff.
  3. I would push that out even farther due to covid-19 issues at workplaces. I think they said ~20% delay, but I would put that number upwards of 40%. Even though they have a tiny fraction of workforce I am sure compliance is costing them a ton in wasted manpower. They did receive ~1.5million from PPP fund this summer, so that should carry them through 2020 without too much stress especially since coding work is less affected compared to projects that require face to face or group work.
  4. Vessels unlike other crafted items have a leveling mechanic. Vessels can also be considered a players avatar or character, its only natural that players want the best vessel right out the gate.
  5. Could that objective not be accomplished with a very short campaign ruleset with full paper-doll loot and permadeath?
  6. Of course its more significant or else people wouldn't complain about the grind. At the same time, the gains are small and incremental, so both sides can be correct depending on the point of view.
  7. Couple years ago from the horses mouth in reference to a discussion about not wiping passive skills between soft launch and official launch. It was stated that not wiping would be needed in order to have a viable economy for new players joining at launch. I never indicated it was the sole reason for a soft launch, in fact i was very specific in putting in a disclaimer highlighting that.
  8. Not how I would like it to be, but how the game was originally designed. Its not a betrayal, its simply a bunch of mistakes imho. I will continue to point them out while in pre-launch since there are still chances for change. If not, well, I imagine some of us will meet up at the next game.
  9. I think the lack of functioning economy/marketplace tools is the biggest reason. Remember when the game economy was going to be 100% player driven revolving around EK's, and the game would soft launch(in part) in order to have a fledgling economy for new players to enter into game with? Ya.... those design loops are now broken too.
  10. As long as there is better loot from dregs, folks simply wont be content with letting a group just have that campaign type.
  11. That would just mean folks would have multiple accounts.
  12. And here I thought that vessels allowed crows to select the vessel that suits them at that moment. Leveling was never to be in this game.
  13. If only we had some sort of throne war mechanic....
  14. I understand your solution of no imports, but if that is the method, then what the heck is the purpose of EK's and import/export mechanic?
  15. Over the last 2 years the devs have progressively changed the core design and now wonder why most every part of the game is discombobulated and disjointed.
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