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  1. My best guess would be the years that ACE has specifically marketed Crowfall as not having leveling. Not saying that games cannot change designs along the development path, but you were wondering why.
  2. That would make 3 separate projects running. While I cannot say for certain if crowfall is a priority, I can simply look at past behavior and habits. Slow progress, missing timelines and release dates is telling.
  3. If they go that far they might as well not even launch.
  4. If enough folks consider a slideshow to be decent framerate. Luckily ACE has foreseen this issue and started shifting this game to PvE since that crowd will tolerate low performance more then PvP players.
  5. Indeed I would be surprised since the last 3 that I alpha tested did give rewards. Counting Crowfall, that would be 4 of 4 for alpha testing.
  6. To be fair, they wont 'hype' 5.110 This game engine wont be able to handle returning testers let alone inviting new folks to watch a slideshow. Fact is even ACE has said they haven't made many performance improvements for 5.110.
  7. They are not marketing to us. About 6 months ago it was stated that they must push to release and if needed they would allow the testing playerbase to evaporate.(cant remember the exact stream off top of head) 5.110 should hit in a month and hopefully we will have more interaction. Edit: that sounds too harsh, I am sure that ace doesn't want to negatively affect backers, but they really must push to release, hell or high water.
  8. Meta going to be run around with left clic macro running to counter stealth?
  9. I have to point out the 16 series gtx can be considered better for many games compared to the rtx. Games with ray tracing, for example, metro exodus surely looks better to my eye with rtx card.
  10. Some folks consider sub 30fps acceptable or perfectly fine, some don't get into large sieges and don't see the slideshow. Unity can do many things perfectly acceptable but not everything, any action pvp mmo with more then 50-60 players in combat suffers greatly.
  11. try renaming your config files. Think they are under your local user directory,
  12. I wouldn't mind hearing about monetization. Like what is Vip going to be, is there going to be a cash shop, are parcels in ek's going to have a purpose or even be in game.
  13. I simply have this desire to see what dolls, figurines and other knickknacks are in the office. Not foolish enough to expect real info on the game this stream.
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