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  1. Why is it a fact that you should bring a guard? Current and past gameplay has shown that it is more efficient to gather solo. The time wasted for a player to stand around on the chance they might get attacked cannot be justified. With full paperdoll looting, I would change my stance, but alas that is not how the game is or has been to date. The ability to bank anywhere is so over the top and destroys any argument for having guards. disclaimer: motherloads are a separate beast and so I am not referencing them.
  2. Are you seriously saying that harvesters will group up and stand around in circles watching 1 person harvest on the off chance that they will get attacked by a weak solo mouse hunter that they could defend against? And this is what makes harvesting a group activity in crowfall?
  3. I agree there are some logistics and interdependencies with crafting, especially at high tier, but this can be mitigated quite a bit with time gated account skills and some form of functioning economy. The actual act of going out to gather resources, outside of motherloads, is solo activity.
  4. I was under the impression that outside of motherlodes, current resource gathering is actually designed for solo play. Crafting, while having interactive aspects due to time gated skills reducing the ability to be quickly efficient in many trades, is still mostly a solo activity.
  5. I also think ACE has let a subset of players pull them from the initial core vision of the game. As you say, not much can be done. 😥
  6. There is a reason this is not done and ACE has even commented on this mistake. They keep making changes based upon feedback from players that are treating this as a game instead of a prealpha. Limited testing windows with directed and structured testing is what is needed, but they are committed to this disaster as they indicated.
  7. I like this line of thinking. I have thought gold should be restricted from importing into CW, well back when gold had use. Hopefully they can filter imports/exports in detail.
  8. I thought we were talking about this game. /snarky
  9. I was hoping for something more along this line.
  10. It wont. Trying to make ganking harvesters as one of the main PvP drivers will not work without major changes, including full paperdoll looting among other things.
  11. As long as there was an option to turn off, I wouldn't mind seeing this. not as unpopular as you think.
  12. That's only due to game design. As long as folks think they need to be max level and geared w/ vessel to effectively PvP it will be like this.
  13. I would rather see less then 12😛. The whole purpose is to harvest a dying world, not be able to take a veritable cornucopia of goods into one.
  14. It takes a long time to change bias. Sadly, many people have never been around the world to see firsthand, so their bias is formed by other people and the media. Eventually people will find out that the vast majority of people are the same, no matter the race, nationality or religion(excluding fanatics). Unfortunately our collective governments are in shambles and full of crooks, liars and thugs which have a vested interest in causing conflict and controversy so they focus attention away from their activities. Be patient, the internet has united people like nothing else in history.
  15. So we went from discussing 3 faction issues and devolved into arguing over the subjective level of participation of players for a half finished pre-alpha game? I am curious as to how many kills one needs to be relevant on an unrelated topic?
  16. Many folks don't consider anything in a game to have relevance to RL. I played wildstar from the start with a guy that could be described as 'holier then thou' in real life, but on the game, we actively manipulated the credd market to the point, well, anyways, its just a fantasy game.
  17. Captcha hacks are easier to come by now, some are now built in 3rd party bot programs for mmo's. Sure, having some popup captcha puzzle every 30 min or so will help keep the honest, honest, but if the game design itself doesn't hinder botting and RMT, no amount of gimmicks will stop the dedicated.
  18. Outside of not going F2P or designing a PvP game with no safe farming zones, there is very little that can be done without hurting everyone else in some way. That's the issue, botter's and hackers will adapt very quickly to anything the dev's do leaving the players with annoying systems that only worked for days or weeks at most.
  19. Alas, sadly a simple Virtual machine with separate VPN or tether through your phone will fix that. Add to that P99 had to add a virus to users computers in order to stop the use of showEQ, a move that companies cannot legally do, hence why it still worked on EQ live. Strangely enough, the lead devs for P99 were huge botters/RMT/hackers in EQ and developed the ShowEQ hack and a few others.
  20. No. They already wasted enough time by starting out with faction system before a basic ffa, Luckily dregs shouldn't be hard(relatively) to implement other then guild mechanics and applying faction mechanics to a guild structure. In any event, they are now focused on dregs and its release will imho spur quite a lot of activity and will alleviate many of the issues revolving around testing and pvp in faction system.
  21. And you know as well as I do, that if you wait till beta releases, its too late.
  22. No, you cannot be serious. Leveling added, grind for the sake of grind, gear drops by mobs, and now silly questing like kill 6 rats or gather 8 hides....whats next, a p2w cash shop?
  23. Because I don't like having myself or others experience crowfall without them. They are cats meow and to be time gated out of them leaves a bitter taste. I would rather wait then missing out on the best parts. Limited server access would also consolidate players giving everyone logging in a better experience. Many changes have occurred simply due to low population, I would say some of them were mistakes that could have been avoided by not having 24/7 testing.
  24. Too many people accept mediocrity. Its not just in gaming, but in every aspect of life nowdays. Pick any skilled trade in any part of the world and the story is the same... I tell the young people not to worry about global warming, they wont be able to make or do anything not involving a cell phone.
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