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  1. The devs have stated that they have a big performance upgrade in 5.9. Be patient till that hits. Pretty much everyone has some issues with a lot of players onscreen.
  2. I cannot think of a reason people would want to farm even more lower rank resources in a game that does not have gear requirements to equip. Besides, it cheapens both green and blue items due to abundance of blue in this sample.
  3. Luckily these things are easy to modify. Other then having to create mechanics to allow paperdoll looting the rest are database variables. I am not sure I want to go back to UO days. Running around in death robes with a heavy bow and a handful of reagents got a bit silly.
  4. I wanted to comment on this since I feel this is simply a symptom of being in pre-alpha. Many players will not put in a lot of effort to grind and craft at this stage. They will however pop in to play around with the combat mechanics for periods of time while waiting for new iterations to be released. Die hard fans of this game will ofc have massive advantages during these phases of the game. The only thing I worry about is new players popping in to test out a pvp game in pre-alpha (after paying to do so) and getting beat up by gear/levels/vessels/ect and not skill/knowledge. It can put a bad taste in new players mouths since its pre-alpha, they were excited about "playing to crush" after reading the website and purchasing the game to check it out. Gear curve should be very shallow and gains in skills/levels should be extremely fast at this stage of game development.
  5. I was originally hoping for this. I would simply love being able to loot paperdoll in some way. I realize this would have to have some rng or restrictions and would need resource requirements to craft gear to be much lower.
  6. I think this could possibly fall into cash shop category. I would prefer not having a cash shop at all, but I am a realist and know it will eventually come if it is not already planned for release.
  7. Players will grind or go to extraordinary lengths for a tiny 1% gain. It should have some effect, but like weapons recently were addressed, armor still needs a rework. In regards to ingame economy, I don't expect much of one to form until closer to beta. Future wipes we know will come tend to put a damper on that.
  8. A B2P or subscription model needs some sort of initial investment in order to play. Whereas a F2P game can be tried on a whim and players can justify quitting immediately due to no investment.
  9. Superdata https://www.superdataresearch.com/understanding-mmo-retention/ That is based upon F2P payment model. I would imagine B2P and Subscription based would be higher. I have not seen data showing the different payment model catagories.
  10. We already have offline skills that you gain with time that will provide a power curve that has some power curve. The gear curve along with vessel curve added to the mix has gotten out of control. I am hoping that this trend is ending with the flattening of weapon power curve recently.
  11. Rolling out crowfall with combat half finished would be disasterous for the game. Sure ACE will make money and will help them promote their artisan engine, but the amount of folks that will leave quickly will be way above the 80% in the first month standard. Delaying game until all combat mechanics are done would be better for the game. Seeing how they are now at the point of publicly talking about cutting systems from launch, I am not hopeful.
  12. I think they outsourced their forum. Perhaps ACE will hire an employee to work on website, forum and start a wiki for game.
  13. That is a result of ACE deciding to change direction and require leveling and crafting gear to be a prerequisite prior to pvp.
  14. As long as there are multiple campaigns in the future, with different varied siege windows so players outside of those windows can not be locked out of content I guess I can live with this solution. I just dislike timeframe gating content in general. I feel that its a design flaw that should be addressed in order to not have the issue in the first place.
  15. LOL you are being very nice. We are pre-alpha so I don't really expect any QA, barring a game breaking issue.
  16. Wells fargo and usbank. Personally I have reversed charges on kakao and ncsoft through those banks. kakao's was 90 days of activity and ncsoft was 6 months. Both were for reasons not related to forum speech resulting in ingame ban.
  17. I remember playing EQ. While leveling was a grind and you lost XP upon death, it was basically a PvE game.
  18. mystafyi

    Zone Caps

    You guys are doing are great job with backend improvements. So far its been day and night difference in gameplay. Cant wait to see your next upgrade! I know I have been a negative nancy on this issue and just wanted to eat crow.
  19. relax, artcraft wont permaban game account for silly forum activity. Most financial institutions I know would allow chargeback with no hesitation for that action. Then the player could simply buy the game again. Total waste of time/money for company. Terms of Service hold very little weight in this regard since many countries have consumer laws about goods and services transactions. The game and the forum are not the same product.
  20. I think you are greatly discounting the effect the current leveling mechanics will have on future player base. Time will tell and while I hope you are correct, I truly think that you are not. My main issue is the gating skills and powers behind leveling, not the gold spent. Complaints about leveling costs are a symptom of player discontent from their radical changes to this mechanic after 5.7. If we went back towards 5.7 and previous iterations I would be happy.
  21. From dev statements, videos and their own FAQ and website over the years.
  22. That is not how the game was promoted at kickstarter. Gating basic class skills behind levels, heck even levels were not supposed to be in the game. pve gear grind to pvp was not part of the game. large power differences between gear was not supposed to be in this game. Its damn sad that player skill is currently the lowest determining factor for pvp.
  23. Hopefully the devs will continue shallowing the power curve, I fear that documentation and resources to gain info for new players will be sorely lacking the rest of the year.
  24. My bank policy years ago was to allow reversing charges for every single transaction within 6 months for banning in game for outside game activity. They had a similar ToS, but as we know ToS is hard to enforce and many local laws will supercede it.
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