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  1. Not everyone, sadly though most folks throw side eye's simply by walking away. I would be much more critical but for the threat of ban if I speak honestly.
  2. Their Artisan engine. https://massivelyop.com/2018/07/10/crowfall-studio-artcraft-spins-off-new-company-to-license-its-mmorpg-oriented-artisan-engine/
  3. Strangely enough, ace spun off a new division marketing a product to directly compete with CF in the future, they also abandoned voxels and building. Ace also jumped the shark with pve mechanics since the engine simply cannot handle large pvp battles. Unity is fine for single player games and games with limited players.
  4. Honestly, you wont find much information due to a number of reason, but the main one is the large number of changes in the upcoming 5.110 build. Current build has been a dead end for at least 6 months.
  5. At some point in the future It probably will, but that would be a couple of years at best. Luckily you have about a year before launch to save up the 50$ purchase price, a dollar a week would suffice.
  6. Heh, I cant argue that fact. I would prefer everyone starts on even playing field at launch though to avoid bad perceptions from new players.
  7. There was supposed to be full and partial loot in almost every ruleset. There was also supposed to be voxel destruction and free building, but I don't see that in the cards for either OW or EK's. Static build spots and plug/socket style is bad. Luckily its pretty much the cutoff time for the game, its either good times with a bunch of balancing or cut losses and move on, we will see next month.
  8. Yes, but paying means you absolutely get an advantage. Whether or not a person uses that advantage or is nullified by other players buying the same advantage is another story. Pointing out outliers is fine, but It is not the norm.
  9. For the love of God no. Shrubbery warfare is what it would become. Keep Crowfall Ghillie Free!
  10. Indeed. They must spin up when anyone accesses and spin down shortly after the last person leaves. Anything less will not allow EK's to operate as ACE has previously discussed.
  11. I can only go off what is available. Its possible ACE will pull everything together cohesively where it all works but its possible they don't. I have to terminate both people and companies for doing subpar or incomplete work that was promised quite often so I must be realistic.
  12. This is true in pretty much every game with skills involved so we can just eliminate that static variable. So, as you said... Hopefully this changes in the future, we still have time.
  13. To be honest, I expected large pvp battles, some sort of kingdom ebb and flow, no leveling or grind for the sake of grind, basically a thronewar type of game. Its starting to look like both types of players may be in the wrong place...
  14. You don't raise 30mil without being beholden to someone. One might even argue that they wouldn't have needed that amount of funding if resources were not diverted to another project that would, in effect compete with crowfall in the future. One might even assert that CF progress was impacted due to that.
  15. Humans are creatures of habit, history does tend to repeat, cant teach an old dog new tricks, once a cheater always a cheater... Just sayin I have found many people do tend to make the same mistakes over and over. 😁
  16. mystafyi


    Well said. Everytime I hear pay for convenience items, I can be pretty sure that the devs coded the game that way to sell a cash shop bypass.
  17. mystafyi


    I guess technically you are right. Probably part of the reason games have trended away from required subs, instead making a sub optional(but really semi-mandatory due to advantages). Even Disney world got into this racket with their 'optional' express line pass.
  18. I have to agree that they are not a great deal, but perception is a MF'er. Folks will grind for days or weeks for 2% boost in mmo, heck for 1%. I would much rather explain to small test base the need to make changes then deal with the possible 100,000's of new players perceptions. Vets already have so many advantages from knowledge to muscle memory from practicing game as to make it quite unequal at launch. Vets don't need anything more to faceroll new players.
  19. mystafyi


    If we go down that rabbit hole, one may consider having a better net connection or better gaming rig p2w. Normally I draw the line at being able to buy currency directly/indirectly. Buying game time or even a moderate amount of grind reducers doesn't throw up my red flags. Personally I would much rather go F2P with cash shop or B2P with sub and no cash shop. Sadly, nowadays the trend is towards B2P with sub and cash shop from launch, followed by F2P transition shortly after with a paid expansion.
  20. I am just advocating for more equal pvp matchups. Besides, we are talking about items that should have never have been given out or should have been purely cosmetic. I don't think we should even go into the topic of folks that bought large packages due to EK's and the mess EK's have become......
  21. That's totally fine as long as those 100 or so are willing to shoulder the financial burden of not having those thousands of players.
  22. An opinion used to justify the existence of an item that does give a benefit for a minority of players. If the impact is 'minuscule' as you say, then you wont mind if it becomes cosmetic only. 🙄
  23. They are even better to hold back until the first expansion or as a cash shop only option.
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