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  1. make the matches 5 minutes long. What?! ya'll cant watch a whole HD stream either.
  2. Hehe, even if they did manage to get a player run utopia, this would only become a draw to players that treat players as content. We cant blame them either since ace treats players as content to be farmed like mobs. Perfect match. let me expand a bit, when the game was pvp based, players were the content, but as they have gone down this pve path the last few years this has changed drastically, to the point that new players experience a more pve structure with quests and leveling, moving to leveled zones and such. PvE players dont typically accept they are the content.
  3. Pure democracies dont work for long either, they end up being mob rule. Luckily america is still a republic.
  4. I personally think they played to the strengths and weaknesses of the game and won.
  5. Yes, you are correct, k/d/a and other stats mean nothing in a BR its just who makes it to the end. I was trying to imply that literally nothing matters during the whole match except the faceroll RNG ball of spam at the end due to mechanics. Seems to promote building a team for just that final few moments to sway rng into your favor and just wait till the end. <yawn>
  6. I would prefer having some form of blood sacrifice so I am immersed a bit more as well. I would enjoy being able to take someone hostage instead of killing them on the battlefield. Then I can take them to the alter and sacrifice them. 😈
  7. I think people are just upset that HD promotes hiding from combat until the end and then its just a faceroll rng outcome in a ball of people. Most kills, damage, assists, least deaths, most healed, none of this really matters.
  8. I would prefer a negative penalty from lack of kills that can be reduced to zero baseline instead of a buff that gives power. One can be exploited much more easily.
  9. I do agree that they need to rethink game concept and that is ok, sometimes stuff happens. But I think the throne war aspect wasnt given a chance without any mechanics in game to support it. Ofc players remaining dont care about something that wasnt put into the game. Most of the ones that cared stopped playing. You know those 300k+ backers everyone mentions. Without all the supporting systems I think your right a different loop is needed.
  10. I was really hoping to hear great news about free-building in dregs from the last Q&A. This at least would give a more throne war style of driving interaction in the game.
  11. I think his references to being a new player indicate to me he used up import/exports with trivial things and now feel screwed?
  12. Their HD game is designed to be decided with rng at the end. I am not upset players have figured this out and just stand until the end rush. There have been many suggestions by players to try and fix this, but all are ignored like usual. Sunday they couldnt even fill the roster, so the good news is that your teams made it through since EVERYONE advances in aces 'ladder'.
  13. I am aware most pvp'ers have left crowfall and what remains is mostly just gankers and folks that like grinding PvE to give advantage in PvP. We lost this fight years ago, I wish you luck.
  14. Getting loot is just a bonus. The goal is killing other players. At many times of the day, this is about the only reliable chance of pvp in the game. Just like PvE activities, PvP folks will take the most efficient path towards their goal, hence using a stealth vessel for that activity.
  15. You cant honestly believe this. If so you are basically saying that the very same company you aspire to give money to, fleeced earlier players.
  16. Wouldnt it be easier for vets to use their alt accounts to do this? You have to remember the original design involved an eve-like passive training that encouraged having at least 1 alt account. What better use for these accounts other then storage? I can honestly say I dont know of any older player not having more then one account.
  17. Its harvesting and ganking harvesters. Did this change suddenly?
  18. I think you underestimate players intelligence. There is a quite a bit of power gain when you add everything together. If you have to explain in detail how you are not taking advantage over someone, then normally you are.
  19. In the spirit of inclusion and participation awards, I think it would be best if nobody had to worry about loot drops. To that end I propose all loot be removed from game.
  20. Having a simple mail system would solve many logistic issues. Would also come in handy for player communications within the community and facilitate starting an economy.
  21. I would advise not moving forward until business hours sometimes folks get multiple charges. contact support in a few hours, they will fix you right up.
  22. Pull a stack of mobs so thick you cant see all the names, die. Working as intended.
  23. I think that is when they stopped. They used to buy them back a few years back, too many people wanted to cash out before the train wreck, now even the traders cashed out.
  24. Wasnt there a campaign that had 100% inventory immunity and one with 50%?
  25. Basing pvp on pve in this game was always a pipe dream. Without a good PvE content base there wouldnt be a draw for the PvE players, and those that come will avoid pvp while doing pve activities. On the flip side, all the added grind for the sake of grind has chased away many pvp players. Hunger Dome is fun, but to be fair, there are much better moba's and arena style games out there. It wont hold me as a stand alone, but as instanced pvp its good. Ofc, instanced pvp is the last thing I wanted in a owpvp game. It doesnt make sense to me, but hardly anything here does.
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