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  1. There are a lot of NA players already gathering in the forums! People prefers Innova over NCSOFT because NC doesn't give a damn about bots and server's health. By the way, NC west didn't announce any plans for L2C NA so we're all with Innova's EU version. You can find here a lot of stories of old players that are reuniting, most of them from old NA servers, there's also a NA clan recruiting in the clans subforum: https://4gameforum.com/forums/general-discussion.477/
  2. Hi guys, I'm sure many of you played Lineage 2 in the glorious past days, when the game was hardcore, before the gonzoization! I miss those days like they were a part of myself taken away from me, great memories, nostalgia... Well! Just wanted to tell you that NCSOFT launched a version called Lineage 2 Classic to fill the hearts of all people like me, and it's working currently in Korea and Russia (maybe Japan too). We are fighting hard right now to bring it to the west, so Innova (EU publisher of Lineage 2) is collecting votes in order to decide about launching L2C or not. Even when it is Li
  3. Nueva stretch goal! De dinero(las de backers también significan dinero, pero bueh xD)! Garantías para Europa? No! Una nueva raza!
  4. I felt insulted with the VR goal.
  5. Buenas, llevo siguiendo este proyecto desde el primer día y me asignaron el beta group #2 en el momento de registrarme. En cuanto abrieron el kickstarter fuí a por el pack de 250$ de la edición coleccionista física. Bien. A lo mejor os sirve de algo que os cuente por qué cancele mi pledge, con esto no pretendo deciros qué y que no hacer sino dar a conocer mi experiencia por si os sirve a la hora de tomar una decisión. A los 8 días de haberse iniciado el proyecto y viendo el poco interés de ArtCraft por publicar ellos mismos el juego en Europa, decidí retirar mi dinero y esperar a ver como
  6. Servidor en EU lo vas a tener sí o sí, el caso es que lo vaya a poner ArtCraft...
  7. Yo es la primera vez en mi vida que apoyo algo en Kickstarter (con Star Citizen lo hice ya en su web cuando estaba más que alcanzada la meta) y me he dejado los ahorros de mi vida y la universidad de mis hijos en el Amber, por la edición coleccionista física.
  8. Pensad que aunque seamos la tercera fuerza de habla no inglesa en los foros, donde ellos se van a fijar más en las nacionalidades va a ser en kickstarter. No llega con que los españoles participemos en el foro, hay que soltar la guita xD
  9. No publishers or 3rd parties for Europe. That's a good stretch goal.
  10. Amber, for the physical collector's edition.
  11. Oh I don't know how much money would take this stretch goal, but here's mine: "We won't work with any publisher to custard up our game, we will publish the game ourselves in all Europe."
  12. I haven't got anymore "moneyz" to spare but I went for Amber to get at least the physical collector's edition. I hope ACE delivers!
  13. It's nice for me to hear that at least there is interest in the game here in the west. I guess that as we get closer to release date hype will increase, so I'm already warming up hahaha I'm even thinking about some serious bases to run an [EU][Hardcore][PvP] guild so I'm all in Let me spam all of you again with our community http://steamcommunity.com/groups/lineageeternal
  14. Just saw Exzear in the test hahaha I hope the early access to be more than this...
  15. custard custard custard custard custard custard? Edit: oh there's a specific word for each, I thought it could be random.
  16. yay I'm downloading it on Steam already
  17. https://www.facebook.com/originsmmo/posts/914069218613179 RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN Keys for tomorrow's test
  18. Found this yesterday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RGkdS7AOa0 Looks like a video showing art creation and modeling to be transformed later in 3D printed sculptures Not relevant but still something new about LE Also, our Steam community is growing well being in its first week of life (41 members now) so I'll keep inviting you! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/lineageeternal Edit: Here's our first weekly report http://steamcommunity.com/groups/lineageeternal/discussions/1/610572929719431967/
  19. El streaming según la página que consulté yo, es el martes a las 21:00 hora peninsular.
  20. "Courage and Sacrifice" I stopped reading there in the Guinecean but I already think that's my character. So epic... maybe I should keep reading xD Edit: wow after reading the lore piece it's also the kind of character you love in series or movies and you break in tears when he dies :_D
  21. Nah not a window, just some carved decoration. Of course your inferior artistic taste can't understand my work...
  22. Just created this masterpiece to illustrate the situation:
  23. Weapon = Girlfriend Shield = Door This is going to be LEGEN ... wait for it ... DARY
  24. Todos los mundos del juego estarán basados en voxel farm pero ya han dicho que son conscientes de que tienen que estudiar a fondo que limitaciones imponer en el uso del mismo. Para evitar por ejemplo ver Tardis gigantes o naves espaciales durante las campañas xD
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