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  1. Sí, GordonWalton ha dicho que ellos pretenden cubrir todos los territorios de habla inglesa. Por tanto si somos founders (es decir clientes directos de ACE) según sus palabras podremos jugar en servidor de Reino Unido si queremos evitar intermediarios y latencias desorbitadas.
  2. Updated for Stalker archetype Also, listening to Judas Priest, just noticed that this song goes well with the whole concept of Crowfall
  3. Sobre esto ya han dicho los desarrolladores que a los que les apoyen desde el principio (refiriendose imagino al crowdfunding) van a poder jugar seguro en sus servidores, esto incluye NA. Lo malo es el tema de lag claro, y encima en un juego con action combat sin target.
  4. Early Access 27 February https://www.facebook.com/originsmmo/photos/a.242760335744074.61251.159092130777562/911344975552270/?type=1&theater
  5. I remember a poll here in the forum asking about our region. The last time I saw the thread we were more europeans than americans (the time window for americans was bad I guess). The weird thing is that said thread was deleted, don't know why. Maybe anyone else here remember that poll.
  6. Oh, I almost forget about this, for those of you that didn't see it already here's a 25 min gameplay video recorded at G-Star 2014: http://youtu.be/sltFzkWPQ6Q And a friendly reminder about the Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/gid/103582791437400778 (we're already 41 members! yay xD) I had a kind of idea with this group. If we get enough members maybe I can recall the attention of a NCSOFT representative and ask for an interview... It's a crazy idea but it's free to try (well I'll spend my time but I don't care since I love Lineage) so give me a hand!
  7. Well but that has nothing to do with the currency topic! In D3 (which I'm playing currently) you only have gold (well and blood shards but that's apart). Not gold/silver/copper. Why not call it Adena instead of Gold? >.< little details make great games.
  8. I'm all in with the game vision ACE has for Crowfall, I trust in the idea (of gameplay) and I support this game. But I tell you I'll be more than OK if this project sinks because of people trading VIP vouchers for resources and taking advantage in the campaign because of that.
  9. I wish that too... I have so many questions to ask Team Eternal. For example, this could look like a stupid question but is haunting me so bad, why in Lineage Eternal we have copper/silver/gold as currency instead of Adena? I want my Adena. Nostalgia demands Adena.
  10. If you want to do the english-speaking territories and you do UK, can I play in UK servers even being spanish? I'm also worried about throwing money to something and someone I'm not going to work in the end. I mean, I'm not willing to open the wallet if a publisher screws your work here in EU.
  11. There are 6415645614641 threads about this. <--- Group 2, signed up with the manifesto
  12. https://www.facebook.com/originsmmo/posts/910265468993554
  13. The game looks quite good. Can't wait for the early access to see what they have to offer.
  14. Anyone who has the game want to invite me to the 15 days free trial? If I end up buying the game you'll be awarded with a free month I don't know if the buddy program is working already-
  15. As I said in another post, why can't I say "sh.it" if the game features whores and piss?
  16. Lineage Zero by any chance? I downloaded it to give it a try but I'll be honest, I'm a Lineage II player and felt lost when I steped in Lineage I hahaha
  17. This is indeed very interesting. Adds a whole new system of "resets" and fame. Imagine, "look! the oldest char of the server! woaaaah that guy is famous! -yes, let's kill him"
  18. It has open world map, but I guess that dungeons will be instanced... Not enough info yet For what we can see in videos, there are players hanging out in towns and fighting together against world bosses (in an open world environment).
  19. The problem of monthly sub is that the majority of people don't understand why you have to pay monthly. Then they cry when the game turns into sh.it because of the cash shop, but neither want to pay a monthly sub. Smart people. PS: this word filter is ridiculous. This is an adult game with "whores and piss", just remove it.
  20. Lo de que a Europa nos lo traiga otra empresa si puede ser la jodienda del siglo. A los publishers lo que es el juego les importa un carajo, solo quieren tu cartera.
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