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  1. If CF being on Steam means no 3rd party publishers fu.ck.ing the game in Europe, where do I sign?
  2. Lineage Eternal is the upcoming flagship game of NCSOFT. Is the third game of the famous "Lineage" saga and its events take place 200 years after the Lineage I story. Lineage Eternal is a Hack & Slash MMORPG, featuring: Open World Dynamic and randomly generated dungeons Unique Skill Activation System (Mouse Cursor Movement) World Bosses Castle Sieges PvP/PK PvP arena World events (with a contribution ranking) Mobile support via streaming and more! If you played Lineage I this will be probably the modern version with fancy graphics of it! G-Star 2014 Game Vision Tr
  3. It doesn't because you can only loot inventory. Equiped items only had a chance to drop in certain rulesets (20% chance in the one we saw).
  4. There are other threads about this issue. The question haunting me now is, should I back the game if I'm gonna get it custarded up by a publisher?
  5. I like and share your philosophy, sadly I'm from EU. Welcome and have fun crushing people!
  6. That would be in the case they are going for sub-based model. That's not stated yet right?
  7. ^ It's funny because it's also #1 in my HYPE-O-METER, followed by this Crowfall thing And speaking of news about Lineage Eternal, yesterday with their annual financial report, NCSOFT said that they're aiming for a global beta test later this year and aiming also for global release in 2016 (personally I think that it'll be delayed like every big title, but hey, there's hope).
  8. <--- Beta group #2 (I know your question has been answered but I love to boast about it)
  9. Bump because I'm european and I know the dark (and incompetent) arts of publishers...
  10. Updated for Confessor archetype Sorry about the triple post but this thread didn't go as popular as I thought and I keep updating my initial post in every archetype reveal >.<
  11. IMPORTANT QUESTION on VIP vouchers: Are them dropable (in inventory loot rulesets of course)?
  12. https://twitter.com/EricHart3d/status/565955401191927808 Can I have a hundred likes for this to happen? No, now seriously, thousand times yes please do that streaming >.< Edit: tweet deleted :/
  13. I'm better now that only vouchers are tradeable, but "ore smelted into coins" seems to be currency.
  14. You want to play a GAME, against PLAYERS where your actions, your decisions, your SKILL and your MONEY will determine if you win or lose. Don't fool yourself.
  15. I'm afraid of people throwing money being equal or more competitive than people putting effort, yes. Things in games should be achieved by playing the game not by paying money.
  16. Lol it's not the same when I trade you my ingame gold or stuff obtained with effort playing the game for yours obtained by the same method, than doing it just opening your wallet.
  17. That's exactly how MMOs used to be when they were good. Play to win. It makes sense that if you invest more time and effort in your character you will be better than the casual. What doesn't make sense is to buy that time and effort progression with cash. If you (not you courant, the other people xD) don't want time and effort affecting your character progression because you don't have enough time to invest in your character, I can sugest you titles like League of Legends or DotA 2.
  18. I don't think it should be cheaper but I totally agree on account bound things obtained via IRL money. That's exactly the point, you shouldn't be able to use your €/$ to affect your gameplay (inb4 the "it doesn't affect" statements, it DOES affect when you can trade your things obtained with real money for ingame goods or currency)
  19. Also, if anyone comparing this model with GW2 thinks it's a good model, maybe for the company's pocket is, but let me tell you that GW2 ingame's economy is broken.
  20. So you are saying that the balance consist on players killing the player who bought the cool sword and stealing that sword from him? First, you have to kill him and it has a good sword to defend himself Second, for the rulesets we could see until now, you only have 20% chance to drop EQUIPED items in one world, the other/s are only inventory loot. You can't steal his top-notch equipment bought with real life money if he has those items equiped (and he will).
  21. Not true, remember that this game features campaigns and time MATTERS a lot, you're fighting against the clock not only for dominance but for the hunger... I can't see how cool can be that some people will trade real life money for a top sword (yes you can earn it ingame, but with irl money will be faster and you'll need to be fast in this game where we have dying worlds).
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