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  1. Also about the hate towards people like me who don't like the real-life money influencing the game's economy. Think that I can buy a hat, sell it for gold, and buy a top sword with that gold. How did I earn the gold to buy that crafted masterpiece? I'll tell you, PAYING REAL LIFE MONEY (traded for ingame gold through a hat).
  2. My fear was not about a fire mage in a fantasy world don't be ridiculous. My fear is about getting the cliche dps fire mage instead a bit of innovation maybe?
  3. VIP tickets tradeable and cosmetics (tradeable?) will harm economy. Also, as I feared, we got a PEW PEW FIREBALL mage...
  4. By the way, that Early Access will feature only BGs, not the whole MMO game. Keep that in mind.
  5. If you overprotect a specific group then there's no equality.
  6. Sincerely I don't think EQN was going anywhere being a F2P casual MMO. They wiped the project like 2 times and restarted almost from 0 and still I think even they didn't believe in their own project. Layoffs are always sad anyway.
  7. The first song that came to my mind when I thought a pick for the fae was this one... You got me
  8. Animal I Have Become could work too
  9. innadril

    Santa Claus

    Now you know anyone can be anything. Follow your dreams...
  10. I like how it is displayed on top of the subforums, really cool.
  11. I just hope to get a mage archetype to be played with brain instead of smashing the keyboard as stated in these threads "Control Mage" / "Time Mage" Seriously I would love to feel like playing a strategy board game or Magic: the Gathering when playing a Wizard instead of a pyromancer berserker.
  12. Depending on the price of EA and what is granted with the purchase I can be in.
  13. We don't need to know every single detail before the countdown hits zero BUT if in that moment starts the crowdfunding, we will need way more information than the one we can get in just 3 more updates... so yes, this is a thing
  14. I've proposed a "model" on how export rules would work after campaigns relating to the ability points. It could go hand with hand with the "memory loss" thing. Just give me a second to search for that thing I said xD Here -> http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/1597-020215-hunger-week-its-about-time/page-20#entry39739 That would explain how the characters "forget" their abilities for the campaigns (letting us roll different builds of the same character on each campaign) but retain the points in the Eternal Kingdoms to keep progressing our abilities in the sandbox way.
  15. I don't like instances neither gear balance. I like to grind/farm my powerful overenchanted gear and take it to the arena to crush casuals that don't care about working on their equipment (or compete against people that care about their stuff like I care, or even more). Is something I love from old MMOs (the hard work to have your equipment as maxed as possible) that MOBAs killed.
  16. Yes, generate chaos in the enemy game experience! That's more likely the point.
  17. Control and mobility, all I would love to see an alternative to the nuker mage. I love mobility. I roll a dagger/dagger elementalist in GW2. Being CF an MMO with a BIG strategic part, and being magic-wielders extremely intelligent people (you need some capacity to learn magic), the role of the mage should be this. Control and outsmart other characters. Spamming fire would exactly like a brute champion just swapping the big 2-handed axe for fireballs.
  18. Then you just go red, no worries. Oh the good old days... :_)
  19. Some composers COFCOFjeremysouleCOFCOF are too overrated while other geniuses are not even known and that's so sad... That's what I keep asking about the one behind this piece of Crowfall OST. Also, speaking of fanboyism and unknown composers, let me spam you about Bill Brown, Jamie Christopherson or Inon Zur (thanks for the Lineage II awesome OST) for example: Lovers Reunited Southern Vineyard - Floran Village Theme Call of Destiny After the Storm
  20. hahahaha xD typical in open pvp/pk games, you just start beating in someone and there it comes the "why you do this to me? =("
  21. http://community.crowfall.com/index.php?/topic/1921-control-mage-archetype/ That's what I want to see! Love to read same thoughts about mages with real magical powers and not just PEWPEW
  22. Same here... Looks like a lot of korean companies are aiming for the MMO-ARPG market towards 2016-2017 Of course I'm all in with NCSoft and Lineage Eternal
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