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  1. I'm really looking forward to see the Wizard archetype. Hoping for more than the average "fireball spammer".
  2. Already loving the OST, source? xD I mean, someone had to compose that.
  3. Hablando de L2 y de que el publisher europeo es un incompetente y no va a traernos nunca L2Classic... acabo de encontrar esto: http://www.lineage2classic.com/en/ Es un privado que va a intentar suplir esa falta de Classic en Europa siguiendo los pasos de Korea y Rusia. Se supone que está en open beta. Si os mola el L2 difundid la palabra y acudid a la llamada xD
  4. Just found this -> http://www.lineage2classic.com/en/ Looks like a private server is going to try to deliver what european and north-american publishers haven't got balls to deliver. Seems to be in open beta now
  5. Shadowbane playerbase is a grown one. If they have jobs and trust on the idea maybe they throw away "lotz of moniez" :E I myself didn't play Shadowbane but I played the first chronicles of Lineage II and I feel like an orphan in the current trend of the MMORPG market, so I will probably throw as much money as I can (depending on future reveals until campaign start ofc). Edit: this is my post #100! what do I get?
  6. I discovered it a week ago or so, gonna give it a try for sure.
  7. Only-italian or open to other EUs? I'm looking for a competitive hardcore pvp guild. Don't care about player bounds, friendship and all that hogwash.
  8. Nice picks. Would be EPIC if the devs do the opposite thing to feed the game of speculation, I mean, Devs give us a song they relate with an upcoming unrevealed archetype, and we speculate about which archetype could it be (basing on the song).
  9. I think this game is not aiming for middle east or China. And for what I know, those horrible things are not our "every day".
  10. Kind of a game... Legionnaire - Sons of Odin Forgemaster - Between the Hammer and the Anvil Templar - Bushido Assassin - Die MF Die Knight - Would you Love a Monsterman Confessor - The Inquisitor Stalker - Night Crawler
  11. I don't know about Rift but the Mesmer in GW2 doesn't represent what I'm talking about. Spawning clones and making'em explode is not what I have in mind. I talk about playing with the enemy's perception disabling him/her of making right choices and making them feel truly lost.
  12. Just read the "PK penalties" thread title before reading this one. I get your point and I'm with you. But hey, again double standards and hypocrisy in the community. It's ok to penalize PK playstyle but not ok to do so with PvErs... =) Actually, can't wait to greet ingame those who want to penalize PK http://youtu.be/tmeM5CZM7_4
  13. I expect a fast powerhouse bulldozer charging into battle. Speedsters by nature. About skills: charges, impales, stuns, spear swings... and with bow, well, given their speed they should be experts at kiting
  14. Also we would be able to watch the Viper killing the Mountain...
  15. Lineage II back in the day of The Chaotic Chronicles (from C1 to C5, allowing even Interlude since some people considere it as C6). It's my all-time favorite game and I'm dying to get L2Classic in Europe. Sadly Innova (the publisher for L2 in EU) is so incompetent I highly doubt we are ever getting Classic in Europe. It's working pretty damn well in Asia and Russia.
  16. Since it's not an elaborated suggestion I'll just drop this here. We all like some character specially over others in every story. Some people will love the role of Aragorn in LOTR over other chars, some will like the Petyr Baelish one in GoT, etc. As you could notice for my avatar, I like Jace Beleren from Magic: the Gathering. The "Mind Sculptor" or "Architect of Thought". When we think of mages in MMOs, we clearly link them with the ranged DPS role. BOOM! FIREBALL! in summary... My point in this post is that would be interesting to have a mage archetype more focused into play with the enemy's mind, creating illusions, debuffing them in a way that can affect their gameplay experience (imagine this wizard casting some kind of nightmare into the enemy, then in the enemy player screen all turns into black and dark purple horrible shapes and screaming sounds that difficult that enemy player ability to play under those effects). Control, illusions, time manipulation, I don't know... that kind of stuff. Jace Beleren for reference
  17. Take all the fae thing and reverse it. Men killing women at birth, slaving'em just to be r.a.p.e.d, used and killed. All the hate... This game would be just banned, demonized, sued, maybe even facing jail. I hate double standards and how hypocrite a society can be towards this topic. It's ok if women do horrible things to men but men doing those things to women... well better don't even mention it cause you can get yourself into serious trouble. People accepts the fae assasin lore but then complain about sexualized armors. Hypocrisy and double standards, some of the worst cancers in this world.
  18. I guess the guild is italian-only (?)
  19. Yo lo que pienso de Star Citizen es que ha llegado a un punto de recaudación y de hype, que por muy bueno que sea el juego (que está por ver) no va a cumplir las expectativas. Y ya puede ser el mejor juego de la historia, que aún así no creo que valga la cantidad de pasta que han conseguido y siguen consiguiendo. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/funding-goals <--- 72,234,219 $ en este momento
  20. Glad to hear you won't let the players ruin the game. SotA model works because Garriot has a lot of fanboys and they don't care if the game is poorly made socks (actually the game is ridiculous). I'm sorry to come up with such harmful words but hey, that's what I think. Good old games had their development close and secret. Do you remember the "when we went wrong?" thing in the manifesto about the MMORPG industry? Well maybe too much community influence on development custarded the things up.
  21. I have the feeling that this community will extremely support ACE with the crowdfunding thing. For the first time I'm gonna support a project since the beginning of its campaign and with true hope on it (not just hype). The disappoint can be huge if they don't deliver, yes, but is a risk I'm willing to take this time.
  22. Van por más de 72 millones de dólares xD a mí como lo está haciendo Star Citizen no me parece lo más correcto (y eso que soy backer xD) pero bueno, a su bolsillo le está funcionando.
  23. I don't think about it as a priority but for sure it could work in some cases. Remember that the worlds and rulesets are variable. ACE could even come up one day with an entirely open-sea based world with a specific ruleset for ocean warfare and pirating. Also note that JToddColeman made a game called Pirate 101 xD
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