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  1. I don't know if this is a valid question but, who's in charge of the OST? I listened to the sample in the video and I liked it a lot. OST use to be very important for me in a game, to the point that many songs from my all time fav game (Lineage II) even make me cry (oh the feels... great memories, nostalgia :_D). Thanks to games I could discover people like Bill Brown and love their work.
  2. If the business model is sub based I think this is going to be my first crowdfunded game, and not for the "rewards". I don't mind to throw more money than the average in a project I really believe. All my hopes are for a "staying away from cash-shops/microtransactions" model.
  3. This is probably one of the best posts in the whole forum. Thank you.
  4. Demasiado feminazi para mi gusto pero bueno, mayor será el disfrute al matarlas supongo (uuuuuh, machista! xD)
  5. I don't know if I understand you. I think you are just explaining what I told that guy. I mean, your quote and answer shouldn't be refering to "crysak" instead of me? xD
  6. For what ACE told us until now, when you create your character you pick a race/class combination. So I think your argument is invalid.
  7. Actually if I can't use them to fly I would cut'em off.
  8. Si el apoyo en el crowdfunding les sale muy bien, quizás eso les aporte los recursos necesarios para que en 2016 se pueda jugar. No creo que a principios, pero puede que sí durante 2016. Aún así prefiero mostrarme pesimista en cuanto a fechas de lanzamiento porque el hype es insufrible.
  9. Yo a ver, de momento otro punto a favor para que les de mi apoyo es que Gordon Walton ha confirmado que NO SERÁ F2P. De todas formas ver hoy que el arquetipo de asesino/pícaro está restringido a una raza exclusivamente femenina... me mosquea no poco.
  10. I guess I won't be able to play my beloved rogue-ish archetype as a male (?) Now I'm a bit turned off.
  11. Pues viendo que harán campaña de crowdfunding, no me extrañaría si venden accesos alpha, y mi beta group ya no valdrá una mierda xD
  12. Mira, con el drop de hoy ya han desvelado que aún habrá una campaña de crowdfunding para financiar el juego xD en revistas online de videojuegos escribe cualquiera, y no quiero ofender, pero la comunidad española SIEMPRE es muy fan de inventarse cosas. Ya con TESO y con ArcheAge fui hasta detrás de youtubers diciendoles que no se inventasen fechas de lanzamiento ni cosas así, que luego la gente se cree enseguida lo que le cuenta su web española sin ir a la fuente oficial, y vienen las desilusiones y los "nos mintieron", "el juego se está retrasando", etc.
  13. I need to know first what payment models you have in mind for the game. I'm out of any cash-shop or microtransactions thing that affects the game in ANY way. If the gameplay will be free of external money influence then c'mon start that campaign and let us open the wallets. I.E. if the game is subscription based and the pledge allows you to pay the first months of your sub in advance (or something that won't interfere with the gameplay competition) then I'm deep inside.
  14. In Lineage 2 when a tank taunted a player, this changed the other player's target to the tank. Given the open pvp nature of L2, it was very fun when taunting unexperienced healers, because they started to heal you without even notice xD This is not a valid mechanic in a soft target game maybe, but another idea I didnt see in other MMOs... it's sad when tanks don't have major functions in pvp.
  15. Te puedo asegurar que no hay ninguna fuente oficial que diga eso, porque se sabría.
  16. Por cierto, en que grupo beta estáis? Yo soy un orgulloso miembro del Beta group #2 xD
  17. INDEED! Also, it's not in the first phase of hunger as you can notice for the blue color in the wings and head
  18. Did you guys noticed the flying creature in the top right of the screen? Also, I was so worried about how trees would look like with the art style of the game. I must admit I'm stunned. Nice trees xD PS: I'm a bit disgruntled off about the other 2 archetypes having 10 points in stats while templars only 9.
  19. When I read the "this game isn't for everyone" thing the first thing I think is THANK GOD FINALLY A GAME NOT FOR CASUALS! So, for the ones scared about the game not being casual-friendly, maybe this game isn't for you. And I really hope so, not because I hate you, but because I'm tired of all MMOs looking for the large casual playerbase. I miss those roots from the hardcore pvp games around 2003-2004 and I think it would be nice having at least ONE game of that kind. So please casuals, let us have this one. Because you have dozens of casual MMOs to choose from but we don't.
  20. We are losing the most important point of the story folks, are they gonna drop more things tomorrow because of hunger week? or they just changed the days for the drops? Duuun duuun duuuuuuuuuuun~!
  21. I discovered yesterday, searching info about Darkfall, how their progression system worked. If I remember well, doing things you win some kind of points that you can spend on abilities and general character progression. Then, what if in Crowfall we begin each campaign from 0 (in terms of character progression) and when the match is over we return to the Eternal Kingdoms with a % of the points we spent during the match evolving our character? I mean, our character in the EK would be as strong as the sumatory of our deeds in the various campaigns we have participated, but in the campaigns we would start completely from 0 (except the ones that let us bring equipment). With a practical example in terms of "export rules": During the very first campaign of the game after release, I obtain 100 character progression points. My team wins the match, so I export 80 points to the EK. Ok, second campaign, I start from 0, I obtain 100 points again but this time I lose, so I only bring back 25 of those points to the EK. My character now in the EK has progressed a total of 105 points (based in my past deeds at campaigns), but I'll start with 0 the next campaign. Again after the result I'm gonna export my points to EK and keep making my character stronger in that permanent realm. I don't know if I explained myself correctly, sorry if there's any language fail xD
  22. Don't know in SB but, in Lineage 2 I enjoy more the low lvl 1v1 or party vs party pvp than the high lvl one. If we talk about massive pvp well, that's another story.
  23. Or 1v1? I loved the olympiad system in Lineage II (I'm talking about old times, don't know now) with its Hero System. Damn everyone wants to be a hero, be heard in the whole world, shine, have the best weapons in the game... sigh.
  24. This may (or may not) throw some light into many people concerns about if we'll be able to build our structures or just claim them: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thomas Sitch | Senior Gameplay and Server Engineer Thomas is a veteran of the MMO and mobile app industry, having worked previously on Shadowbane, Pirates of the Burning Sea, Wizard 101, and many smaller titles. On Shadowbane, he worked under the sobriquet "Dreadflame" and built the guild, city building, and sieging systems, all elements he looks forward to in Crowfall. In his personal life he is an avid Maker, costumer, world traveler, caver, and tabletop gamer, and occasionally moonlights as a dance instructor. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Source: http://crowfall.com/#/team
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