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    Mmorpgs, fantasy, game of thrones, lord of the rings and the Witcher Novels.
  1. What dead game should get remade?

    For me it would be Faxion Online, loved the whole heaven v hell and the seven deadly sins as areas to play in with purgatory being the zone everyone could hang out in from both factions. Great game, really miss it but that game would be in direct competition with games like Crowfall so instead I just hope this game can replace it for me instead
  2. A simpler passive training system

    I’m ok with the slow and steady levelling through the branch for majority of it if I’m honest but When it comes to crafting I do think it is silly that it takes weeks or months if they decrease the levelling to 1 point each 10 seconds to even start making anything useful, This system will make crafting none existent for months at launch, when it comes to the other aspects race trees, class trees, etc these will have no real impact on the game play so are fine with the current system.
  3. Suggestion for Bestiary DeathKnight

    Think having some sort of boss mobs around the map would be a great idea, Faxion Online did this and they dropped special loot which created another pvp flashpoint
  4. Hi All

    Good to hear, I remember your character, was a small community but A good one. Hope to bump into a few more old faces whilst here.
  5. Which race will your cleric be?

    Human for me, that extra passive slot is always useful
  6. Clerics # ability bars #?Maybe

    Personally I’m finding the classes with only 2 bars the most fun to play, it means you have to think abit more about the load out you use. Really not a fan of the multiple switching of some of the classes at all. Cleric is in a nice place at the min compared to some classes.
  7. Hi All

    Hi all, just thought I would introduce myself to the community, have been watching development on crowfall for some time and thought it was time I jumped in. Its been a few years since I played a totally PvP mmo and that was Faxion online (Sixx and Bhuta, for any ex players on here) which I absolutely loved, great community and great game that I still miss. Hopefully Crowfall can be the game that finally scratches that itch. I look forward to playing with and against you while we help make this game great.