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    Mmorpgs, fantasy, game of thrones, lord of the rings and the Witcher Novels.
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About Me

Big MMO fan and have been since the days of Vanilla Wow which I played solidly until cataclysm, following that I jumped from mmo to mmo trying to find that feeling I first got back when I got into the genre. I finally found that feeling again with Faxion online, although a short lived experience it became my favourite game of all time and I still miss playing on Sixx and Bhuta today many years after the games demise. After that I again jumped from mmo to mmo trying to find a game I could become passionate about, the closest I got was GW2 but it wasn’t faxion and when my pc died I decided to leave pc gaming behind for a few years and just play console games. Recently the itch returned and I built a new pc, had been watching Crowfalls development for a while and hopefully this game will bring back the excitement again. 

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