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  1. What you really need 30lvls of pointless grinding to learn to hit 8 or 9 skills!!! Really 🤷🏼‍♂️. Leveling is fine if there is content to do but the pve aspect of this game is pretty much none existent unless your a sadist that classes farming and crafting as pve. It’s why currently the game is pretty boring which is a shame as it has so much potential to be more than it currently is.
  2. Levelling currently is a joke but I guess that’s what you get having this type of levelling system in a game with no pve content. It’s just a boring grind, all I can say is stick with it and just grind gold and sacrifice it.
  3. Should Clerics have a basic weapon they can use when out of mana. Melee classes can still swing a weapon without their resources but Clerics are basically left weaponless when out of Mana which is abit stupid really.
  4. The idea of levelling is fine, but the whole grind to sacrifice is an absolute Nonsense. It’s grind for grinds sake, if there has to be a levelling system at least let people level doing what they enjoy and plan doing when the game releases. If I want to level hitting rocks and trees then so be it, if I want to level crafting items so be it, if I want to level hitting other players so be it. Currently it’s a nonsense grind that is not fun and is a waste of f###ing time
  5. Sounds to me Kim-lee that you may have purchased the wrong game for you, maybe you should have read up on the game before you brought it as what you are asking for is a completely different game that this game was never going to be 🤷🏼‍♂️
  6. Hopefully so, I have to deal with people all day long in real life, people are horrible, most people are self obsorbed idiots, that is society!! BUT for some really odd reason I still like been around you horrible wastes of sperm. So hopefully I will find a way around these complications in life and maybe find a small group of antisocial like minded individuals or cope on my own 🤷🏼‍♂️ Either way I look forward to dieing to you all and who knows once in a blue moon you can even be embarrassed that you were killed by Synns 😂
  7. After trying a few Vessels now from common to epic there really isn’t a game breaking difference. I would even argue that armour and weapon upgrades make a greater difference.
  8. Yeh had this happen a few times or I’ve thought that it’s one person and then out of nowhere (not a stealther) a bunch appear and flatten me lol. Currently the way movement is seen is very stuttery and this has been acknowledged and is due a fix in the future so this may be the reason that one min you see nothing and then the next players magically appear.
  9. I’m happy with the game as it is and have followed it since 2015 just wasn’t willing to invest until I was sure things would develop, been stung by to many mmos I’ve invested in over the years. I was just throwing some ideas out there that might bridge the gap between the real hardcore and the general pvp fans. Game will be what it’s gonna be and the devs in the end will create the game they want to create but if it doesn’t get the player base then they will adapt to what the game needs I’m sure of that, I guess time will tell where the game ends up and I’m sure it will be fun with lots of pvp for all.
  10. Time will tell I guess, but if not careful it will die like Shadowbane and Darkfall. A lot of potential if the right decisions are made along the way.
  11. This is why there should still be campaigns that fit that mindset. I’m happy how it is personally but many people won’t be. Without players there is no game. Otherwise all you end up with is a niche game with a low player base that just dies a death. Times have moved on and majority of people haven’t got the mindset anymore for the super hardcore experience. Which is why I’ve attempted to come up with compromises that still make it very much a pvp game but could bring in more players. Some people will never be happy to compromise but they would be less happy if there was no game at all or they have no one to kill because majority won’t play it? Just a thought
  12. What I don’t get is why there has to be a continual arguement between the hardcore pvp and the pve elements. We all want this game to do well so in order to get a good player base why not appease all and compromise. why do the Pvper have to clear out someone’s hard work when they kill them, why not limit it : maybe only allow 2 items to be taken of the pvpers choice or give the pver a bag with limited space to put their most precious items. Another option is reward pvpers gold per kill and maybe let them loot any gold the player is carrying aswell, that way the harvesters keep their stuff and make money from selling it to crafters, crafters make their money from selling their items, pve players can make gold from farming mobs and PVPers make their money from Killing. This would then encourage more people from all preferences to want to play the game. More people means more prey!!! on top of that you still have all the pvp content and could still have the very hardcore campaigns for those that want it. Everyone wins.
  13. Trying out a Knight currently (swordsman spec) and if I’m honest I’m finding the class very underwhelming and quite boring to play really. Out matched by many dps classes but not as tanky as others. It seems to have very little that other classes can’t also offer 🤷🏼‍♂️ Tried out the shield spec aswell, more shields and hp but even in epic vessel it’s terrible. Where the hell is the tankiness, do better with a 2 axed Myrmidon
  14. Definitely a problem, I’m stuck on order in the eu campaign so I feel your friends pain. Due to being a few days not a problem but agree in a longer campaign, especially when we can’t just swap discs around and craft everything in our EKs, this will be a game breaking problem. As for an easy answer, I don’t know. As Mystafyi said “ There is no easy solutions to core design flaws.”
  15. Just go to the EU, Chaos is destroying all in their way there to the point that there is no order 🤷🏼‍♂️
  16. Really good interview with some really promising changes on the way, shows the thinking around the bigger picture rather than just the alpha we are playing at the moment. didnt like the idea of friendly fire though, but I just won’t play that game mode so not a big issue if it’s tried
  17. Last night whilst tired and probably at the point that I should have gone to bed instead of messing I accidentally sent my EK Vessel to a campaign losing all my resources on that character in the process (a lot of Purple and Blue body parts). Now like I said, my fault I should have been paying more attention but wouldn’t it be a good idea to lock Vessels to your kingdom aswell so you need to unlock them then to join campaigns. This is a simple adjustment as the feature is already in place for Campaigns.
  18. I like the idea of taking points off other factions as a way of catching up 👍🏻
  19. Yeah your possibly right about that, can’t say I’ve been overly concerned with it. Like you said no point really yet. Forgot the world revolves around America lol
  20. Don’t know about NA particularly but over on EU the current balance appears way off. Only an observation but Chaos are totally running away with it, they are everywhere? So I can see what Duffy is saying.
  21. Could make it harder to move sides, maybe lock accounts to a faction 🤷🏼‍♂️ Once people have picked a side the only way to move could be an expensive cash shop item and/or a character/spirit bank wipe? Or another option would be not to allow anyone to move over to the dominant faction on the following campaign. People couldnt just jump to the winning faction each campaign then
  22. I want to play an MMO not a moba, the whole enjoyment with an mmo is the continuous progression of your character/vessel. If I wanted to start from scratch every time I’d play a moba and I can’t stand mobas i agree there needs to be limitations to how powerful a vessel can get otherwise the pvp becomes to power based and not skill based but not carrying anything over or grinding lvls again and again is not fun
  23. I personally like the graphics, it’s the art style that attracted me to the game in the first place. Also simpler stylised graphics mean the game won’t date as badly over time.
  24. Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this issue. EU server capturing a camp and then I had a crash message and cant log into that character now it’s stuck on the loading screen. All my other characters I can log in no Problems? update: im on the Nysa map, so it appears there are others in the same situation
  25. Very dismissive mandalore, take it you play one of those classes? Agree it’s not the most important thing currently but it’s still a valid point even if it’s not top of the fix list
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