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    Synns reacted to Andrallia in First impression after ~20hours of play   
    Well where to begins, this game is problematic, you really really want to love it but he doesnt even try.
    So i'll do point by point why i personally find the game unapealing atm:
    -The time gate behind trees, i mean they are all littles QoL imrovement that quickly adds up to be a huge bonus but man, why it is time gated like this? You don't even grind for it you just wait, while being offline, and it seems to be mandatory for late crafting//gathering.
    -Clunky gameplay: i leveled a druid and promoted it to archdruid, and man what a disapointement for now, either i'm low on essences before fight so i can stack a huge blight bomb before engaging and the mob almost get one shotted OR i'm high and i have to fight legit and it's a pain, half the skill almost has no impact, the bear cast attack seems to miss 60% of the time because of lag server, once i am low on energy it's either i drain my life or have to stance switch and spam orbs but at this time i need orbs to heal myself by for bombing them too. I do not despise the gameplay but man is it clunky.
    -Lag server: i know it's a beta/pre-beta whatever, but you can not have a healthy test in this kind of nervous gameplay game when some attacks miss randomly or some monsters melee you at 10m range.
    -Ressources are overwhelming, too many different leather/wood/or etc and for each type they all have the classic white>green>blue>purple quality, ending up having too many different smal stacck in your bags and bank and still not able to craft your first leather armor/advanced weapon early on. And it's not just about ressources, the number of secondary stats is overwhelming, as the profession talent tree etc.
    -Mob grinding: not a lot to say, combat is not balanced i believe, on one hand i can pull 2/3 mobs on my templar and live just fine and ready to pull again, on the other hand as druid i have to kite all day, waiting for ressource etc. at moments it is hard to find the right rankk of mob to lvl up, you leave a zone cause you don't need rankk 3 anymore and the next zone they are rank7. Same i had the exemple of farming pretty easily R5/6 mobs on my ranger and when i turned on a R4 aurok he litterally 2 shotted me, i'm prertty sure i lack some informations there but it's not like if the game give you any on anything.
    -And last but not least, the servers are desert, i barely can find any group to grind war tribes even the weekend in EU, not a lot of connected players online to help you figure out what happen or tip you.
    I rreally hope your answers will change my mind on many points because i really want to love this game. Sorry for my english btw.
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    Synns reacted to PinkFluffyPanda in Crowfall is not a PvP game.   
    Not playing on the NA myself, but tbh if you have made an "unbeatable" alliance, don't come crying when your suddenly out of people to play against. 
    What fun is the game if the only remaining faction is your faction? Because that could happen just because your guild and another strong guild didn't want to face off against each other? 
    You might end of destroying "your own server" 
    It's not fun for the lion if it does not have anything to hunt. 
    It's not that it matters to me, I'm not playing on the NA server, it's just my to cents 
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    Synns reacted to gerrylix in Crowfall is not a PvP game.   
    PVP in crowfall happens in special doses at the moment.
    A) You get steamrolled by a pug, while farming the stuff you need, to replace the armor you loose, while getting steamrolled by a pug.
    B ) You join the steamrollers that have more members then any other guild and just faceroll the keyboard because nothing matters if you happen to have 3 backup healers and have more crafters then 5 normal guilds combined have players.
    C ) You join a siege and end up with A or B
    D ) The rare case that an even number of players meet each other and you have the enjoyment of loosing or winning after a hard fought battle.
    E ) Two steamrollers meet each other on a siege, faceroll the keyboard at the lightspeed of 10FPS
    When i bought into crowfall i was deluded and thought that D was the target audience and E (with better FPS) would be the sieging that happens every 3 days in a keep and be a special massiv battle. Now we got that unintresting siege windows even on forts and the usual pvp we had during 5.8.6 in forts was replaced and further caters to steamroller grps to show up.
    Crowfall has no regular pvp at the moment, it's nullsec at it's finest. Sitting ducks that flex their manpower muscles every now and then.
    Since 5.9 my guild members tell me this:
    "I have no intention in playing Crowfall at this state."
    "I am sick of farming and grinding 90% of the time."
    "Why should we even try to compete with the current power gap?"
    I find the last one pretty amusing because even a reset won't change the fact that crowfall caters to massiv guilds over skilled small grps at it's current state.
    I know we have warstories of the week from certain players that happen to have one video of a great pvp battle but overall CF is not enjoyable since 5.9 hit, at least not to everyone that doesn't want to be just another gear in a steamroller engine.
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    Synns reacted to ferrat in Crowfall is not a PvP game.   
    It is a Crafting and farming game, that happens to have a splash of pvp with no benefit/payout... 
    the gear gap is huge and can not be closed via earning benefits from pvp.

    the game rewards Farmers with good materials in their spirit banks and vendors. 
    the game rewards you for logging in and spending points longer then someone else. this also makes you a top tier crafter??!?!?. (yes you need some pve drops too)
    there is no incentive or alt progression for pvp. its just a thing you can do if you want to.. and if you want to take a fort or keep you must wait for the predesignated time so all the people that have been logging in and spending points longer then you can be prepared and waiting.
    in its current state this game will be dead to hard core pvpers with in a few months of launch.. the only time pvp will be fun and balanced is after full passive wipes
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    Synns reacted to Ble in Last upgrade ruined the game   
    This SPRPG game should be easier for Single Players to Role Play Game in it....
    Pretty much every time the topic is brought up by the devs its "this is a cooperative game".  Find friends/guilds.   It's absolutely an intentional characteristic of Crowfall design that playing this game solo sucks.
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    Synns reacted to Staff in Game not what it should be   
    Crowfall was promised as a play to crush throne war simulator, and while its certainly play to crush (with pure numbers and extreme gear difference) and it is a simulator (circle simulator) it needs to be much better on a lot of fronts. Farming in this game sucks, you need a ton of mats, strong tools, a lot of time, and complete dependence on others for higher tier mats from other professions unless youve bought several accounts, and even then unless you have several farmer crafters behind you you'll still be behind, farming dust is a pain, farming embers is even more of a pain, and little things like skinning getting reduced drops at night, and lack of much needed mob types, all add up to an extremely unpleasurable experience for the entirety of the gearing session. Even after getting all the mats, rounding up various crafters to craft it, you will still have a chance to have it all wasted with a chance to fail on assembly regardless of skill, for my most recent set of gear 2 of my gauntlets were flawed from blue to green with a 98% to not fail. Even after working overtime to farm mats, beating your way through rng crafting, you can finally pvp, oh wait no you cant, not alone at least, youve now gotta get a couple of geared friends to stand a chance, congrats! back to farming for you buddy boy. Ok now that you are geared, your friends are geared, and you got your discs set up you can go finally pvp. Or not.... you can now stand in circles for several hours. After awhile of circle standing you finally meet someone, oh wait oh god he isnt alone, he has 12 other dudes with him, you and your 4 buddies never stood a chance, you cant run because your mount moves about as slow as your thought process before your morning coffee, you cant fight them because there's just too many, you cant focus them because this combat system is complete trash you accidentally hit the templar once and he knocked down your entire team, and with a movement and combat system like this you cant kite them and spread them out without malekai himself descending from the heavens and personally blinding half of them. Ok so you died now you get to respawn super far away because you didnt own a fort and now have to fly for 5 minutes or break your armor, then you get to sit around for 3 minutes on shroud and hope no one comes by. Now that you've ressed you can go look for an even fight, your teammates logged for the night because the crow flying made them die inside, after finding 1 person you get into a fight with them, turns out the gear you crafted wasnt enough, youre fighting a champion, you get him down to 1% health 40 times but he just heals right back up and kills you because you didnt decide to run plague lord that day. Ok after respawning, flying, and waiting, you meet someone else of the same class, another myrmidon! finally a fair fight, or so you thought, you manage your crashes perfectly and even manage to break his, but unlike you his gear is a tier higher, he has more health because health is related to armor for some ungodly reason, and his 2 axes named noob slayer and carried by my guild do more damage because he exploited with wooden boards, and now youre dead again, back to flying, back to waiting, back to hating the cycle. 
    Before this game is ready it needs a lot of changes, allow me to list a few below
    REDUCE THE PVE GRIND FOR THIS PRIMARILY PVP GAME, increase drop rates on leather, wood, and higher colored items, along with dust and embers. MAKE THE GAME ACTUALLY SKILLFUL WITH BUILDS AND OVERALL COMBAT, introduce armor and weapon sets like eso's, it allows for a lot of customization and unique builds allowing your min max to be more then just a good hunger shard (which needs some serious rng buffs) REPLACE THE KEEPS AND FORTS WITH SOMETHING BETTER, AND MORE DEFENDABLE, keep sieges are only passably acceptable atm because its the only time you will be 100% assured you wont have to just circle stand, the keeps are small, and undefendable with its layout allowing for holes everywhere. forts themselves are too easily capped, went with my druid and hacked my way into several forts earlier, chopping through the stone foundation and thick wooden walls, we didnt cap it super quick because theres just 2 of us, but more would have capped that fort with 0 warning in under 3 minutes, make forts stronger, harder to take, and have more warning. THE NERF SLEDGEHAMMER, for the love of the all father, stop nerfing classes with just the sledge hammer of doom, tweak the classes dont destroy them like fessor, when the pitfighter nerf comes please dont make it worthless TLDR: farming sucks, crafting sucks, pvp sucks, combat and movement system sucks, still better then wizard101
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    Synns reacted to Rikutatis in Seasoned characters vs New Players (FAQ discussion)   
    I highlighted certain parts of this FAQ for discussion. Just wondering if the above is still a design goal for the game or if it's just an outdated FAQ at this point. This is clearly not where we're at, or have been for a very long time (since big world I guess).
    There are vessel levels now, with a pretty big power curve in them, which means anything below lvl 30 can hardly even compete properly (and you'll see lots of new players around below lvl 30). The grind for lvl 30 isn't extremely long (despite being super boring), but it's mostly vets who speedrun the process in the most efficient way. I get it that it's supposed to be some sort of tutorial to get you acquainted with your powers, but just throwing this out there. And I won't even mention vessel quality here. 
    This "flat" power curve for both skills and gear is pretty far from where the game is at, but it's specially true for gear. Basically instead of grinding to get to lvl 100 and own lower levels, you grind to have all purple+ and own everyone else. Jewelry atm is particularly disgusting in how much power it gives, but armor is also horrible. Mitigation and pen is a huge power gap. Honestly combat stats are far too complicated and bloated, whole system should be streamlined and toned down a lot. 
    I know the Shadowbane vets love their deep customization and builds, but I still hold firm to my belief that the game's combat started going downhill with discs. They addded very little in the way of interesting new mechanics and gameplay options, and just added more stat stacking, power creep, hard counters and cheese combos/builds. It's much easier to balance around a kit. I like promotion classes, I think the whole game could revolve around that and weapon selection and having plenty of powers to choose from within each class/weapon, instead of discs and so many gear stats. 
    Right now Crowfall isn't so much a territory control PVP game, but more like a farming simulator spreadsheet game with some pvp sprinkled in to close the loop. Kinda like EVE I guess, which isn't surprising given how ACE modeled their game after EVE, but still disappointing for those of us who bought in based on their original design pitch.
    The only part of the game I feel is working perfectly well with the original pitch is the tactical/coordination side. Comms and good coordination/shot calling is one of the major deciding factors in fights atm, probably the most fun aspect of the game right now IMO. 
    Other than that it's mostly spread sheet combat, stacking stats and winning that fight cause you have the right disc/build not so much because you made the right plays. So yea, might want to rethink certain elements of the game if the question "HOW DO YOU PREVENT SEASONED CHARACTERS FROM SMASHING NEW PLAYERS?" is still something meaningful to the game's design. 
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    Synns got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Hi All   
    Good to hear, I remember your character, was a small community but A good one. Hope to bump into a few more old faces whilst here.
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    Synns got a reaction from JamesGoblin in Hi All   
    Hi all, just thought I would introduce myself to the community, have been watching development on crowfall for some time and thought it was time I jumped in. Its been a few years since I played a totally PvP mmo and that was Faxion online (Sixx and Bhuta, for any ex players on here) which I absolutely loved, great community and great game that I still miss. Hopefully Crowfall can be the game that finally scratches that itch. I look forward to playing with and against you while we help make this game great.
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    Synns reacted to Yekim in Game missed the mark slightly?   
    The game while fun seems to have missed the mark on a few topics.
    New campaigns should always be a full fresh restart, no old characters, no pulling things in from EK, no preserved skill trees.  This would give easier entrance to newer players to the game, they could hop in for these campaigns basically like a season in an ARPG.  The length of the campaign would have to be either extended slightly or skill point gain slightly tuned up, but starting fresh is key.  That way the game starts, and there's always a sense of progression.  Guilds could work out plans and have people assigned to different roles in the skill tree to maximize efficiency and force people to work together more.  
    Then secondly, it seems like a lot of the large more serious players of the game all congregate to one faction in the game, I don't know exactly how to fix this, but this must be extremely infuriating from a Dev perspective.  We might as well be playing Minecraft if we don't want to fight.
    Just my opinions, game seems amazing but with out those few changes I feel like it will really miss its mark.
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    Synns reacted to Ossis in Game missed the mark slightly?   
    Fresh start = burn out after 3rd time doing the same. ACE already stated that some campaigns will have different rules, such as restricting import/export, begining at lvl30 or not, etc. Take into account that this is a pre-alpha and you are talking as this was already beta.
    I am sure that things will get addressed and improved while the community grow and more campaigns are designed and released.
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    Synns reacted to Nervontuxis in Game missed the mark slightly?   
    If all the campaigns were a full fresh start we could just scrap the harvesting and crafting all together and just play a MOBA
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    Synns reacted to Extintor in Leveling   
    I said it before and I'll say it again. To teach how to play you need a tutorial, not a leveling system.
    The talent points should be granted without any leveling. If they want to keep the leveling system it should grant only stat points.
    The way it works right now betrays the founding principles that lead me (and I guess other players) to Crowfall before the kickstarter campaign. http://web.archive.org/web/20150206234153/http://play2crush.com:80/
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    Synns reacted to Murador in Leveling   
    Tbh considering its only for learning character skills it takes too long imo as its just boring at the moment.
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    Synns reacted to BabaJownz in You can do better !   
    Hey there ,
    first of all i want to say thank you for the good Team setup  so many Names of awesome Games . I hope for a awesome Game in Future
    A little Story to think about:
    I was like ..oh wow ..old Bones from SWG and UO ..this will be the next awesome Game .
    I read a lot of stuff about passiv skills and was thinking ..ok it can be nice ( you know SWG skill System was more than Unique) lets try it out .
    And than ... wtf it is like 99% of all games ..choose 1 of 3 directions ..really ? You can do better!
    so lets start that Game ..give it a try .. lets PvP a bit .. to get lvl isnt that hard .. starter zone a few questions later arround lvl 10 i find myself "FARMING" stuff arround the Temple .. ok no problem i need Gear .. so Intermediate Gear ready ..playtime arround 2 hours .. lets go PvP .. 
    Hard to find someone .. after i finally found a Red guess what ..i died in seconds .. i thought ..ye i lvl 10 .lets go get lvl 30 .. after asking ppl i end up at R10 Zombis ( it was pretty nice and fast lvl ..also good Gold ) but got killed a few times (a few Hours at the Weekend) i finally lvl30
    Ok lets go PvP ..again long Time seeking and again dead .. ok what is the problem ... ppl tell me "FARM MATS" to get Advanced Gear .. and my Fun died ..
    I farmed that stuff and got my Advanced Gear .. oh well .. lets PvP and get Fun .. i dont have to say what happend next .. Dead in a few more seconds lol .. ok i speak with some ppl ..we trained a bit and what was the End .. you doing good .. get better Gear .. 
    REALLY? FARM AGAIN ? Throne FARM Simulator ? You can do better!
    End of Story ...
    I know , it is Pre Alpha and Skills running since Month, ppl have High Skill and me and every other Noob not ...i also know  you need ppl to Test Stuff but how you want to Manage pull them here ? This Game is 99% Farming , it feels like a Asia MMO ..Farm your Ass 
    i thought ok ..ppl have High Skill buy stuff .. i just found Shops with farming Tools and a KDS Shop with white Gear with Bonus stats that make me lol Hard ..shame on this ! No good Eco to this Point . As starter you feel lost .. 
    Bringing Rewards in that Early Stage where Noobs are nothing  and there are Mega Alliances and like EU Alliances Forced Balance to be a Dead Faction to have a little Chance ... really ? You can do better! 
    Close Live .. let ppl TEST what have to be Tested ..Rewards kill this .. i am Order on EU and i lost Fun (mostly of Farming my Ass of ) how Chaos feels ? Awesome Team and a Game that has a UBA LOT of POTENTIAL .. use it plz ! YOU CAN DO BETTER!
    Thank you for the look inside the Game , as i said Awesome Team and high Potential Game . 
    My Friends and myself say goodbye for the Moment but will have a Eye the Balance Problem . Every Game has that problem ,but you are special Guys and i  know you find a solution ..because.. You can do better! 
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    Synns got a reaction from Devonic in Leveling   
    Levelling currently is a joke but I guess that’s what you get having this type of levelling system in a game with no pve content. It’s just a boring grind, all I can say is stick with it and just grind gold and sacrifice it. 
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    Synns reacted to Audin in Clerics basic weapon   
    Its annoying for sure. Though, they would have to make it so its only melee range and the power is reduced. Like its lost its magical powers. It would really help out those players who start way late into a campaign and find they can't even kill a pig to get meat to get over the hunger debuff.
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    Synns reacted to Svenn in Win the Malekai Crest - Official discussion thread   
    I get that they need people playing for testing... but so many people are going to burn out before we ever hit release (or shortly after).
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    Synns reacted to mandalore in Cleric builds   
    So I’ve had a few people PM me and ask about Cleric builds, instead of typing the same reply a few times I figured I’d post it.  
    Race:  Human is prob the default best race.  The extra passive and bar slots are excellent allowing more diversity with minor runes.  The .03% less incoming damage is nice too since it’s in the same group as block or sturdy and not actually “armor”.  Once cloak is added I suspect human will be the best by a large margin.  Dwarf is second with the higher base Spirit, con and passive giving you 5% more healing every knockdown.  Cent and HG are equally at the bottom imo (with the nerf to iframes).  
    Major Disc: I run field surgeon on every cleric.  Purgative removes dots and becomes a decent sized heal when even removing two hots.  Rescue is an almost required ability but requires skill to use and has a long cd.  Noble Purpose makes mana management a joke.  The rune gives 6.5% healing mod.  The only “eh” thing is the rehabilitation heal and it’s really not even bad it’s just not redicilous like everything else.  For a second major I like Pixie or Rune caster, as preventing damage can be just as good as healing through it.  Militant Mage/Scarecrow/Firewalker all can be used if you know people will be heavy on them. 
    Minors:  If running Human and I have access to a jewelcrafter Expansive Mind/Hand of Glory/Overhelming Odds.  If human and no JC Expansive Mind/Sturdy/Overhelming Odds.  If running dwarf I’ll run expansive mind/demons pact/overwhelming odds.  
    Passives:  Crusader, Noble Purpose, OW and sturdy if you have it or the Cleric -% crit chance 
    Note:  if you can sneak it in Bc you’re not being targeted you can use your mail chest piece and leather boots, helm and gloves.  Your chest piece determines all your resists and you can sneak the extra healing mod on leather off pieces if you don’t need the health.  It’s risky and people see you’re wearing leather you will get called out and smashed. 
    Miracle is an absolute power house heal.  You can use it as an o poorly made socks button to heal the party and you can use it save yourself.  Use it wisely as building spirit power custard sucks. 
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    Synns got a reaction from Frykka in Leveling   
    The idea of levelling is fine, but the whole grind to sacrifice is an absolute Nonsense. It’s grind for grinds sake, if there has to be a levelling system at least let people level doing what they enjoy and plan doing when the game releases. If I want to level hitting rocks and trees then so be it, if I want to level crafting items so be it, if I want to level hitting other players so be it. Currently it’s a nonsense grind that is not fun and is a waste of f###ing time
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    Synns reacted to Drifter22840 in Lock Characters to EKs   
    Yeah, this would be an excellent option.  Characters who are not in Campaigns but are in EKs should require an UNLOCK similar to those in Campaigns exiting the Campaign.
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    Synns got a reaction from Drifter22840 in Lock Characters to EKs   
    Last night whilst tired and probably at the point that I should have gone to bed instead of messing I accidentally sent my EK Vessel to a campaign losing all my resources on that character in the process (a lot of Purple and Blue body parts). 
    Now like I said, my fault I should have been paying more attention but wouldn’t it be a good idea to lock Vessels to your kingdom aswell so you need to unlock them then to join campaigns. This is a simple adjustment as the feature is already in place for Campaigns.
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    Synns reacted to DocDoom in First campaign import issue solved   
    Actually, at this point I'd love it if they did a full wipe, so that all these new people will realize that it won't make a bit of a difference.
    It isn't passive training that is causing the bigger, veteran, organized guilds to lead their factions to success and win fights.
    It's the fact that they are big groups of organized veterans.
    How are you going to wipe these player's preference to group up, or their understanding of all game mechanics at a deep level, or their dedication to spend countless hours farming in well organized teams to accumulate mass resources as quickly as possible?
    You can't. Which is why begging for wipes and resets won't make the game any more fair for people who don't know every aspect of the game, don't run in a big team, and don't have hundreds of hours a week to devote to farming.
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    Synns reacted to ren in First campaign import issue solved   
    At this point, I think when they announce the first sanctioned campaign they should only give out forum badges, 'cause people keep obsessing about these wipes as a solution to a fairness problem.
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    Synns got a reaction from hamon in Leveling   
    The idea of levelling is fine, but the whole grind to sacrifice is an absolute Nonsense. It’s grind for grinds sake, if there has to be a levelling system at least let people level doing what they enjoy and plan doing when the game releases. If I want to level hitting rocks and trees then so be it, if I want to level crafting items so be it, if I want to level hitting other players so be it. Currently it’s a nonsense grind that is not fun and is a waste of f###ing time
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