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  1. The difference between PvE and PvP players is simple. When out of MMO, a PvP player will play games where you play against other players (FPS, RTS, MOBA etc.). A PvE player will play a solo or co-op game.
  2. I am surprised thousands of people accepted to give this kind of information about themselves to a random company.
  3. See thread. Check mails: only viagra and pyramid scheme spam. Check KS number: #13108. Well I guess the servers will be rock stable when I get an invite.
  4. Shadowplay. Configure it to 20mn recording and you can easily get some footage to edit later.
  5. Deploy an RDBMS server to store all your items and character stats. Learn to call it with proper transaction isolation. Enjoy 30 years of software history and a lot more performances nowadays. That's how much it cost. What cost more is hand rolling your storage facility or choose some NoSQL poorly made socks and then spend days to try to ensure some form of consistency. But from the "one guild per account" videos it seems they have chosen to use an RDMS. I just it is something like PostgreSQL or Oracle. Not MySQL and its forks.
  6. I'm not thinking about integrating TS or Mumble into the game client at all. Setup a server which anyone can join on an independent rig, like almost all groups of players do. Let anyone log in. But make the Hunger Dome server use http / tcp calls to the TS or Mumble API to move people who use the same name on the voice chat server as they use in Hunger Dome around. If it is possible in less than 8 hours of work, I think it would be 8 hours well spent. Even if this won't be usable at later stages, it could help teamwork during the first combat tests.
  7. Hence why I'm thinking about using an external server using calls to their API like Teamspeak has. Setup a TS server somewhere, put some public channels, add private channels for teams then make some calls to those API before you launch a round. I would not be surprised if there's already some plug-ins in Unity to do this already.
  8. Here is what i gathered from the last videos about the Hunger Dome: - less than 100 players - random teams I think it could be a good idea to spend some man-hours to put in place a voice chat server (TS or Mumble for example) with channels for each team and piloted by the game to put people registered on the server with some name in the team the character with the same name is. And that's why you don't want to do it for more people, you need at least an admin to register names. So we have drizzt, gandalf, superman and batman who join the TS server. Those players are ready for a thunder dome round. Drizzt is put in Team 2, the game server calls some API on the voice chat server to put anyone registered as Drizzt in the channel Team 2. Gandalf and Batman are in team 3 => some more API call to put them in Team 3 channel. Superman is not playing today so he stays in the public channels.
  9. My vote goes with Royal whith Cheese instead of Hungerdom.
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