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  1. Let's get real there. The "unwritten rules", "I don't tell which ones because you should know" reeks of queen bee in high school attitude. You sure like to play social games on the forum. Start being clear and direct in what you write instead of creating a huge field to mote and bailey later on.
  2. Because only scrubs follow them? In case you feel insulted and you never read it, you should check this article about the difference between scrubs and playing to win: https://www.sirlin.net/ptw-book/introducingthe-scrub
  3. There are multiple zones. Usually you get 3 or 4 forts open at the same time in multiple zones. Which makes guerilla tactics even better if you can put some scouts around gates to check if people are coming in: those can be choke-points or you get scout vs scout action some times.
  4. Let me have a guess: little guilds whose player say they want small scale PvP while being able to influence major events want in fact only one thing. Win. So most of them decided to nutcup in Shadows Moon faction. Because when 2 or 3 zergs destroyed Dregs, one and only one is better for Shadows. When tired with the lack of PvP and thinking they're done "farming" many guilds decided to try their hands in Dregs. Now Shadow is just that, a shadow of what some naive people hoped to see. And I guess Bobby is in one faction which lost many keeps to 5 or 10 men sieges so now they don't have anywhere to farm peacefully.
  5. Not sure if it's already been posted or if I'm alone on this: on windows 10, with latest nvidia drivers for an RTX3xxx card the game go full burning in EKs. Not in Dregs or Shadow where the GPU sits at 75°C but the second I enter an EK (small or big like Aerynth Trader) it starts going up for no apparent reason.
  6. Harvesting tray. custard tired of having a toon attack (or try to attack if it's 20m away) any NPC going near the screen.
  7. I think what most people want really is this: make a Q3 mod geared towards 6v6 tournaments. Make it so even the losing team gets an awesome animation / text making them almost think they won. Give 10 points the winner, 9.5 to the loser. Sell cosmetics. Open your wallet and enjoy the money. A couple years later, get a deal with Tencent and make a version for the Chinese market where you sell overpowered bonus for lot of money.
  8. Physics may disagree: when you "burn the floor" you input some energy (how many joules per mana point?). Many people boots will each receive part of the excess energy in the form of heat: the more they are, the less each will have to absorb.
  9. If a 10 men group has only one healer when you play, I think I can point to at least one thing you should do to get better groups: more healers. A lot more.
  10. But but but, I want to be the hero of the story. Be cool like Kirito in SAO. Every other player is just an evolved NPC put there to further my story.
  11. That's not abandoning the game. It's A/B testing: same code base, same assets, only you enable some option on one product and not the other. So you get facts about what people want and not what 10 people who have nothing more to do but post on a forum.
  12. What would be a good thing would be No Import Dregs (no gear, no disc, you start from 0). But it'd mean having a faster progression during those Dregs. Then you want something outside of those dregs to do poorly made dergs with your rewards: EK are a good start (and the crazy mats requirement would be explainable then) but you'd also want some huge, maybe PvE, thing to do with your toons and items once dregs are done. Something like hard raids done with alliance and linked to the lore (hence why you may need something from those dregs), a good story to follow up; and some long term goals for solo or small group players too. And let's not limit ourselves: make those stories ask you to make choices which will change what your account can do or even the game.
  13. Here is a crazy idea: release the same game, with just those features on for Steam. And keep the game without those features on available so the zergs can keep on zerging. Then they can check which version give them the most revenue and take it as a lesson for next Lightly Multiplayer Online RPG with PvP.
  14. The OP complaint is we were sold Chess. We got checkers. So they're trying to find some way to change the rules to change the meta so playing Chess is the best play. Like what was sold to us. Everything is about incentives. The current ones are not helping having many forces dishing it out like the original vision of the game was. So the OP thinks those incentives have to be modified.
  15. I'd like to see a game doing what GW2 did for random PvE group formation but for Alliance / Siege formation. No idea how it could be done or how it would look like tho.
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