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  1. Hi Was hestitating placing it into Questions& Answers, cause I got questions, but found answers on my own. "A- be reasonable". Just hit me once, there will be no sieges??? As it was something like that that community dind't wanted. Damn, for sure I wasn't into that mainly it will be A hardcore type of Game. Not a survival, not FPS but basic on 3 basic- combat, crafting harvesting. From all Q&A You benn under pressure from testers , but You are doing it consequently. It's again the same time, as I read 5.7 forum section. "B-econsequent"- going through the time table of developing, I would likely see this plan for 1 year, forward- or not. . Just leave it for Aces. Since i'm not an hardcore player or Ace, just a simple one I got what I needed currently. Basically agree with " giving less, than more" and "giving little than nothing". C-ee the future in misty fog of war. What are the PVP hardcore players needs? Just a simple PVP to max 30x30? Let it be, I like war a lot :)) just reminded that Battlefield 5 is on. They wan't simple ? Do it? Simple mechanics? Make it, afer all they will be playing it. Or it is wrong? The future, cause don' t know the beta or release date, they know they say when- maybe they got the knowledge, cause they played like a year plus 3. I was writing in numbers , cause i like order. I won't be placing in here 10 point, cause I needed simple A-Z , all will understand, but won't go to a Z, for a reason i don't know it all and there is a huuge place from F- like land of fantasy through P-paradise PVP S-shadow of assasins, greyard and so on. Just use a brain dammit or it is damaged ( by flowers and weed, ,just an A) D-destination and decision. Who rules in here? Quantity or quality? Let's say the Devs. Pretty the backer, money rules, As some comments on the mmorpg.com about it, it's these years the way it is, kickstarter. E- like eeehmm :)) I liked it, It's playable- to corect it avaiable for tesing 24-7. been 30 days. Got the foggy idea of it all. again assure I compliment the work done. after all it was one of three testing phase games- New World, X, X, chronicles of Elyria. F- unny thing. I got a smile on my face. You know why? always three choices to pick, logical yes no or maybe, lead follow or get out of the way.... I hope for some way, it will make you think a bit- then propably throwing it to a bucket. G- goodd old days, yee who don't like it- first games of each own etc etc, like shadowbane for you, well hardcore players llike old, I liked and warhammer, jevelery? who don't like shining ones gems- like cool graphic aminations, well not all of them ingame :)) H- :))))) that's it. more than enough. but it's only my suggestions. some are mad efor a simple action and reaction, and few one use brains to think it over.
  2. Hi. There where few questions about in game language chat translator. Few basic ones. I know there is a problem, a time to implement it, and so on. Why? In one of my posts "Ape" tester mentioned twice that he needs to, throw my post through a goggle translator. I got at some point confused, but in one day found few solutions to it. All thanks to Ape. Currently Rend is in test, and there is working chat translator- saw only two of them turkish, Italian. Don't know how they done it but in simple words it works well. Or was it Battlefield 5, might be mistaken. I mean not all languages, but like latin ones, maybe french too, due to range of its population. I know i will have problems for a in game chat to understand advanced english, maybe.. So from my point I quickly found the solution- since i got LCCI I need go back to basic English-will start the course from Monday, got dictionary too,, and the time for a beta or even release even more. To go through the next question, will there be taming a pets? To get more clear I like the idea of "taming wild beasts"- shortly its in Rend working well, like to ride them a lot. There was even a question of havin a personal pet like a hawk. I know it will be, even if a far future.
  3. :)) 3 mins of making me smile only about flowers. Really like that kind of level. Which reminded me of last movieI saw "Rampage" it's huge monkey ( for me Ape, Gorilla or any , still a monkey eating bananas) So there is a starting movie mokey uses sign languge, I laughed for a fev times. Couldn't resisted since I saw it today, and when I see monkey- I'm simple it just reminds me of this movie. I rated this movie for a 4/10 but after whole day this rating is 8/10. Mokney is not my favorite animal, but it always makes me smile- even monkey is funny can get to the sarcasm point. :)) Damn, being out of topic of flowers, and no one will get my point of today good humour :))
  4. Thanks , i'll direct You a bit, Go into www.google.com and pick "broken english" it's main option :))Not into basic english, a bit trashy a bit, not readable for natve english. A joke for a joke. It's a pleasure for me to talk to a monkey, sry an Ape. I've only seen in a couple of movies that they could understand sign language. Really how lucky I am You couldn't understand chaotic points. See Yaa in the jungle :))
  5. We got this 1 category of bow, which has only need of master of bows discipline, it's ok Have seen next 2 ranks of bows on EK market which differ on range, a bit of dmg. Maybe they where just uncommon ones. Reminding someone posted that for using next bows we need 1 major discipline, and no other class nedds it which is a bit waste of one of 2 major disciplines for a first view- having master of bow and 1 slot of major discipline for using nex bow? Would be nicer to have 2 next weapon disciplines for those bows. Why bother? for a basic harvesting reasons i should stay on 1 rank bow, to use villein and logger or skinner. For a fights I would you those 2nd and 3rd rank. Can be done, but for some price. The reason for a questioning it is should I stay on this rank 1 bow on skinning forever? and being caught skinning by enemy will this bow be enought to counterattack? I haven yet tested those 2nd and 3rd bow, so I will see its pros.
  6. Agree, correct direction of it. Maybe not so taming all the animals in first 6 months , but still. This pet would be or could be in crow state, or not showing either, not a flying hawk around in range. But i like the idea of a ranger being a scout during fighitng winter season- just to add to its perception range.
  7. 1. EK- spirit bank, crypt and later 1 stall.or more. there are also 4 chest in crafting strucure but not yet unlocked. The option for a stall storage for a single player is reachable, cost 1k for a start then we can place 5k, for working. ? I see only clock, dont know for a 30 minutes or so? don't know the price per week or month- saying just for average. 1 stall in private EK, 10- or 20 friends on constant acces to them only, could set the "friendly prices of mats" and its working. Half of stall place for a crafted unwanted items, or simply anything. Its just a good start. 2. Beachhead. 1 chest close to sacrifice, 1 chest in crypt as I use it 1 crypt- storage for second vessel armor and weapon, and common mats, 2nd close to sacrifice- color mats. When it reaches 100 package I send it to a spirit bank. Working well. 4 unlocked chests in crafting house- not yet known, not unlocket but still are. For me for now not needed, but for crafters and guilds yes. 3. Forts- 1 chest only,hmm, I could live with it somehow, but there will be main place for ingame crafters, hope 4 unlocked chest, for guilds there is need and crafters. ? to make 1 item You still need 2-3 craftin professions, that means 3 people, how will it work? For so,e reason now I have no need in being into this fort, there are rank 3, rank 5+ forest and nodes, the future map will be big, so It's a future. I can craft some items there for my own since now I can, but prefer to buy it on the market. Everything depends on how much there should be inner flow of mats and items, and through EKs EDIT: just to add to a 4 plus one chest in the forts. They should be a reward each time it will be taken by enemy faction, or maybe 1 safe chest.
  8. Hi, I'm pretty sure You haven't show all cards, leaving imagination to us which is nice. I will be just a suggestion 1 of many to take it for 5 minutes of reading, and throwing into a basket of unluckily possibilities. 1. Campaign faction chosses 4 of the Pantheon, then the EK will be the same during 4 weeks, propably 1 a week in order 2. If You sacrifice in campaign each season its a plus to a strenght of each faction current God or deity. For crafter in EK it would be nice to sacrifice the same deity as it willstrenghten the same deity in campaign. Currently in testing there is only spring sacrificing cause of this "arrows" . For time being it could stay till beta. 4. This really small or big buffs, as someone posted would be great. But still I see deities an unpredictable, noisy ones, real picky and choosy. Being constantly buffed is one direction, but still they should sometimes be angry so pointing again some negative buffs. 5. You already showed the presentation of seasonal gods to be into the campaign as givers of huge quests. :)) So those sacrificing poits stored through a faction should strenghten them, they will be weak or strong. The quest will stay the same. But there should be some power of sacrifice for that ( shouldn't do it but its Rend and its base tree)
  9. Yeaah I agree with all of them, this will add more flawour and mood. Pantheon and Deities, and functional Sacrifice structure both in Beachhead and fort and in EK. The aim for placing a Sacrifice strutcture is not just to stand and sacrifice, but to give seasonal weeks buffs, or incampaign x mintutes or hours. But focusing on EK, and forever spring this would be noticeable, for crafters or farmers, not nowing how in EK for combat and harvesters. Prety sure one had chosen a one faction then he has 4 of them from pantheon to sacrifice for them or one a week.
  10. It will be just a couple of questions and thinking of a noob. 1. For my needs. The FP rate goes like low and high. I don't need a 90 FPS , 60 setting is playable. Connection for 50 on EU good, 150 US ok. Why is there some stuttering during going through the parcels, do they are on sub servers, don't need to know it , it's just notiing- but for a test playable. 2. For fights. There are notes that fight over 25 people are unplayable. Could it be the fort parcel could be on high priority sub server or something? 3. I've seen in one of streamers, that CPU GPU usage is pretty low like 30% or something. Haven't lookek into it. Not much interested into it, a moth ago bought average class gaming laptop and its fill its duty. Is it that you keep a buffer of CPU GPU for future additional uses, or maybe whole it's just a my mistake. Would I be able to play somwhere int he future medium sized battles?
  11. Shortly everything is in order and it wil work well. It;s just a my own opinion. Big plus for a basic, I left Eve for paying montly, having 2 accounts and those skilled players being sooo much far away out of reach. Basic means You can play forever. ViP account playing montly is main core aim, quite reachable and quite dedicated due to skill tables. Multi accounts, which always will be, cause someone like to play 2 computers at once having multi screens and so on. I've read of having 2+ accounts. Well Your choice and who will forbid You, no one. The are few unique people who play like multi guilds coordinators, and its like a for them.
  12. I'm glad I tested basics of starting, got time to go all of them to a medium still tree. Through 30 days daily it's pretty enough. With a help of forum, and Youtube pretty all. Plus for a next month I see the time effort for a skil progress. If there is a need for specialized into only few of skill trees, don't know. But through a montly Q&A there are always a question will there be a wipe. For this moment for a next month I will see in EK trade color items, no need to buy it, just see them stats is nice. One point I really must say, only through 2 EK trades i saw crafted vessels and get the knowledge of them which is nice, and then through Youktube streamer.
  13. Hi, 1. Currently the ax buffer for each server is bigger to 150max. From random player, rare tester more fun player even I would like to see more people, make it double or triple in bext moths would be fun.Bigger trade markets, more fight and so on. Now on EU its max pike on av 15, so hard to spot someone, not telling me a harvester not need at all. But to add the posibilitest to next 3 months of testing new charrs for fights woul be nice. It's doable even now but I hear the voice of skilled combat players, to make the battles more offen or iven bigger. 2. From side of a Dev, on average the need for it is medium for now. The forum is filled with great backing, from my noob opinion You already noted 100% scale range of suggestions, with a valuable wieght of it. It just would be nice to campaign serv to be filled with peak hous on average 75-100. The potential to test it is like x claseesxracesx making huge table of possibilities. The most core and common choices and variables already beeen testing. But the unpredicted, extreme or currently unwanted ones not yet tested. There is a pool of possibilites of being bugs, skills, and disciplines collisions. The final aim,from my poin of view is to test it all, during 3 or 4 campaigns, and make a package of bugs to a Devs, each month. What and when will do with it its up to them. Propably placing into a bucket to fill it up so at one thye could fix it in one time. Even for me is not a reason to lok for a couple of bugs of kind of combat , disciplines or whatever. 3. Why there are only 500? Some guilds and players are testing it for once for a few months, clever ones waiting just for beta to release. You know , there are many reason, why to mention it? For me, I can say it I will be in Battlefield 5 cause i bought it , watching other news from mmorpg, maybe during next year will be a nice release which i would like to go into, it;s next year, many days. If there will be a month after month a next package of 5,x 6,x i will go into to check, but it;s a variable. I don't really know what potential of 50 000 do right now, it's huge, really and during it's prealpha, there could be more online 1 month random or constant testers.
  14. Hi 1. testing phase- 3-5 days of basic skills is not much for a void, 1day of hot ingame, 1 day of forum reading, watrich training trailers, then go to a directecion into guides like stremears. 1 dau on EK. Not big deal for a ramdon tester to spend time, I always assume he will be into hype fever on start. 2. 3 daysx10 real time skill progress makes 30-50 days of a void. I call it starting phase bubble month. It's a big issu in here. On those 30 days of starting all wil be online for sure, casual, normal, hardcore. Only worriy for those new ones- they won't even read forum or watch Youtube= averagely they want to go deep into the game. What's for now? lots of in game trailers, books of 3 types of basic skill progression ( for a start even I wont sell it for 30 days at least, I knoe Eve, got there 2 accounts, bought injection skills, just want a different market package for it, to mention O want only focus on 1 account still) Map would look like a traffic one, hardcore will be somewhere far into the middle of a map in groups of 5 mulktiply by x, mostly guilds, easily wil get forts. Beta testers already on group or solo, maybe somwhere into the moddle, and fresh ones looking for a guides and questions into the beachhead. All looks pretty well. 3 zones are full. There is no question abuot common and hardcore, maybe to some point if there wont play until reach some point of basic skills, maybe 10 or 20 days. The question is for those new ones, if they are willing to stay into the campaign map to gather knotwood, stones and ore close to the beachhead, if they will group up somehow. 1. question only- what they will do with all the pretty basic stuff and what for. I got one- one stall in beachhead- for buying and sellin those for them. It would be some kind of a buffer bank. Don't go into the pices for such pretty basic stuff, but for a few days they should allow to buy some stuff from stall already placed. Why a buffer bank? I always dreamed about beachhead having some mats and gold buffer to evolve, or transfer gold from stall to a stall, or somehow flow with the current stall market pices ( to mention I wouldn't even bought a thing from it, only potatoes to chech them) This stall could even work beeter, I'm in constant need of bandages- ranger skiner using bandages and villein), maybe buy apples, or so much needed apple pie, dont know yet what i could get from basic ore or a stone. Basic meat is pretty easy to acces for now, so don't know the reason for sellin it. It's a stall for starters, The common one would say that is nothing for them, so why not to use 2nd common and 3rd hardcore. Its only 3 of them max. Don't know the need for them or what should it have. Based on the next movie graphics of future base, the won't be so much space into trade market, so there is a need for a in campaign crafters mainly, and secondly for a 3-4 max guild stalls ( they will have its own ideas, they wil find even better ways, no worrie though) but make 3 of them, make them either to buy buy a big stack of gold, or plus, voting for it and winning) Don't want a guild stal to be taken by mostly non active guild. 2, Forts- pretty sure guild members will be there, but for 30 days will be there in game crafting???? I mean it's not for me, during 30 days I will only scavenge close areas close to beachhead for harvesting, but question for stays if I really wanna stay into this intermediate armor for this time, or will I buy through EK trade, o in campaign- point is I dont want to loose export point for a common mats, like I did on first campaign and really worried about this later on. The point is solo starter playhers have no place to sell their mats, option for each of them making a stall is out of range, or even to crowdy one. I only want max 10 favorite markets to fly through them. Currently I may have mats but no place to sell them, only by a chat. Hmm not a problem on current day testing. This is how I can go to EK seee the stalls, have same gold, and thats it. I can olny buffer them in spirit bank for a time, waiting to fing offer, when it's waysting of mats on everyone accoun buffer, they may be craftet by silled ones. Currently I see the EK market as, stage one buffering on each account, stage two selling and buying common items, cause there is a obvious reason, guild and solo make them for they own, then couple of days or weeks I see color ones on common market.
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