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  1. Crafting Suggestions/emotes?

    Thanks for that info. I love the factory idea too. I can't wait to get back in game and explore/ crazy some more!
  2. Crafting Suggestions/emotes?

    Now, I have only played about 2 hours so far. A couple things I noticed that might be nice, is crafting multiples, makes it easier for multiple clients on the same item. Also, when mining, felling trees, skinning, etc... it might be nice to have a sort of vacuum that sucks rewarded materials to you, instead of chasing them down, then going back to harvesting. Just a couple thoughts. Again, I have only just begun my adventure, so let me know if something I mention is already in game, I just have not noticed it yet...And the last item, EMOTES! I love games with interactive emotes (sitting/props/music/dancing etc...) I love Role Playing.