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  1. I think the map also needs a visual upgrades so it shows less, and more. - Tone down the amount of stuff on it, we dont need to see every resource on it, it kills exploration - Like you said, show only important stuff like keeps and camps and mark which faction is in control - Make the mark that indicates where the player is into an arrow so that we know which way we are facing and where to go Also, I dont think there is anything wrong with the standard mmo map format. I think a windowed version of a map would work much better for crowfall as you need to know whats happening around you at all times. The full screen/no move map makes that kinda hard.
  2. I know :D.....that is why the main point of my post was something more unpredictable. Right now you KNOW that every night you will face stronger enemies. But with the above mentioned system you WOULDNT KNOW if you will be able to see that night, and you would have to be prepared. Of course, they need to work on stability before they focus on stuff like this.
  3. Yes, I understand this is an early version of the day/night cycle but I just wanted to give a suggestion. Many games have a day/night cycle but they all fail to make any impact on anything. Its mostly just "oh I cant see as well as I usually do, and the moon looks nice" when the night falls. The best way to make the cycle have impact on the game is for it to be unpredictable. What I mean by this is, combining a weather system and the day/night cycle to give some unpredictable results. For example ( I will focus on the night cycle): Standard night time: Clear sky, light from the moon and the stars, almost as visible as daytime (like what we have now, all good) Cloudy night: Significantly darker than clear night sky, you will need a torch. Stormy night: Same as the cloudy night except your torch wont help much in the rain, so you will have to bring a lantern or something. Also your field of view is reduced so good luck. Of course these wouldnt catch anyone off guard as it cant go from a sunny day to a stormy night in a matter of seconds, but it would encourage players to plan and have different approaches for whatever they were doing, not just have it be the same every day. You might say these are just inconveniences but Id say they are more, immersive. This system could make some truly dynamic and unique scenarios as everything from harvesting to castle sieges would be impacted by it. Simple yet adds a THICC layer of depth to the game.
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