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  1. Can we PLEASE get an update on what VIP will look like then we launch?
  2. Actually some of us were testing a long long time ago my friend.
  3. I think the OP is not happy. But at least he has promised to stop whining. Win/Win?
  4. An optional Sub that costs $15 or less is not what I would consider P2W. A cash shop that allows vast quantities of perks to be bought is what I consider P2W. Unless they want to ban multiple accounts I would much prefer they give parallel training to VIP. Either way... the question really isn't about what I think, or anyone else thinks. It's time for Artcraft to step up and outline exactly what benefits come with the VIP that they have been selling in their store.
  5. Yeah as @BarriaKarl said: Just shoot them an Email. I had the exact same issue (not capitalized) and they responded 15 minutes later
  6. Yeah I'm just curious. I do not mind an optional sub giving extra training slots or something. As long as it's just a few bucks a month... I mean these guys need to stay in business. I just never want to see a big cash-shop where you can spend vast/unlimited money on things.
  7. Has there been any recent discussion about VIP? Just curious as we are now hitting Beta so we can actually start to think about the Live game...
  8. And in a very positive sign, JamesGoblin is back!
  9. Any updates on EK and VIP? I thought we were going to hear about 1 or both of those this month?
  10. Why can't this be a variable for campaign creation? Make some with a lot of PvE and some with zero and some with everything in between?
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