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  1. calidor


    Is there a skill line that is able to craft local banks for the EK?
  2. Some of the Kickstarter packages offered extra character slots. Mine shows +3 which is exactly the amount that are currently locked. I do not think it's a coincidence Character Slot An additional character slot 3 Consume
  3. What about allowing Runecrafters to craft disciplines, but take it even another step and allow them to create new custom ones? Let them experiment and figure out how to make various types. Just a thought.
  4. It's set for everyone currently
  5. Thanks! I guess I can import my castles and play with them without fear
  6. More noob questions: I have a whole slew of EK items like Keeps and Castles. If I import them will they eventually get wiped and sent back to the shop inventory? I have 3 extra character slots. Currently, it shows 3 locked character slots in game. How do I use those? Thanks for all the answers on here and in game. Much appreciated. I am playing with 3 others. We should probably find a guild on NA/Balance to help.
  7. That leads me to the store. Is there a particular package one must buy to start a guild? Also, I have a bunch of items from the Kickstarter package, like the Guildhall. Is there a specific item which creates a guild?
  8. Just curious as I figured I would fool around with it a bit. I can't figure out how you create one.
  9. Well that would stink if we are separated forever. He's going to email now. Thanks!
  10. A friend joined a different faction than I did. We both made new characters. He cannot seem to switch factions even after deleting his character. Every one he makes instantly joins the same faction. Is there any way to switch?
  11. Another question: This may be basic and I am just missing something but is there someplace in-game (or out) that shows the bonuses for each race and class? Trying to decide on a character to gather and maybe do some crafting in God's Reach so I can learn a bit about how those work.
  12. A few questions if anyone can help: When the scenario ends do I keep my character? Do I keep what is on him? I believe I have to put his inventory items in the bank but what about weapons, armor, discs etc? Will another scenario start tomorrow? When I killed someone in PvP it said I needed a "spirit axe" to finish him. How do I make one? What are the tiers for getting XP from mobs? Is it affected by being in a group? Is inventory stacking planned soon (please say yes)? Is there a discord other than the official Crowfall one for each faction? For EKs: Can I add/allow friends to build in mine? Once placed are parcels and structures (walls/keeps) permanent or can I pick them up again? Any Guilds planning to stick to faction type scenarios at launch? (NA server) Thanks in advance for help with any of those!
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