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  1. But only one group/alliance is going to benefit right? Sure it's not perfect, but it's a heck of a lot better than what we have now. At least I think so.
  2. But what I suggested would actually not require guilds cut people at all. It simply would do a population check by alliance when trying to zone in, and if your alliance was over the number allowed then you would be denied entry. You could happily go to another zone though. Just tossed out 50% as a starting point. So if your alliance already has 125 people in a zone with a cap of 250, you can't enter until someone leaves..
  3. Most everyone agrees that 500 player guilds with 250 player zones does not make a lot of sense. But there is also the reality that cutting alliances and guilds could make people quit, and with the low population that's a bad thing. What if we had Alliance level caps for zones? So you could still have 500 player guilds or even 1500 player Alliances, but only say 50% of a zone (number pulled from air and can be anything) could be filled by a specific Alliance? Maybe even give a bonus if you control the zone?
  4. Totally agree. And they should limit exports until a campaign ends.
  5. And that data is likely based on people going to the EU Dregs to farm poorly made dergs as opposed to real action. I mean, 9PM Eastern (heat of peak time) is 3AM in Germany. I don't exactly think it was full of Europeans.
  6. What games let you misspell someone's name and still get them invited? Just wondering.
  7. Buff of the gods. Backstory is that the gods left a power source behind that can aid there followers. That power flows into each follower. The power source is fixed. As more people draw from it, each person gets less. X points of attack power or healing power whatever. Some kind of buff. That gets divided by the total number of active players on each side. So as the discrepancy between sides grows, so does the buff so the smaller team..
  8. My understanding is that God's Reach max resource teier = 6, The Faction servers = 8 (on Test), and Dregs = 10. Is that correct?
  9. Whether individuals believe that Faction servers are good or not is irrelevant. They were a promised feature from the Kickstarter. Many players and guilds joined Crowfall based on that. Not having Factions servers available at launch is really bad just from the perspective that this is what we were told would be available. Whether if "fixes" any issues is a different issue.
  10. Its a grind, but not nearly that bad. Just go out and get yourself a route. Mine mine mine mine mine... Quarry quarry quarry etc... But yeah, after I finally got my last Logging Disc to drop last night I am taking the day off from the grind. I was stuck needing one last Disc for 2 hours straight logging. I ended yesterday with an extra 2500 wood in my inventory from that 2 hr run. The plus side is that I'm not hitting any trees for a bit now. Also, it helps that I can work from home and do mindless gathering while getting paid
  11. Yup. I am damn proud that I have soloed to Purple in 3 Harvesting and 2 crafting Discs. Gold is far out of reach and that's OK. Even the thought of getting Blue toolbelts is making me shudder. But that is what small guilds are like and that's what I knew coming in.
  12. No word on FvFvF servers.
  13. Top 5 Crowfall likes (things you feel we're doing great on). Crafting Harvesting Timers on major POI sieges Can create a variety of rules. Theoretically. Large variety of character classes and specializations Top 5 Crowfall dislikes (what you feel we could be doing better on or a pesky game mechanic that you don't enjoy) and how can we make it better? You didn't launch with FvFvF servers meaning that we choose from a pointless Tutorial of the zerg GvG scenarios. Why no FFA server type? This was supposed to be the basic and core game type In game Guild functionality is non-existent Chat Tabs and UI in general is very poor and limited customizability EKs need so much love. People have these massive castles that are just pointless. Sorry but this needs to be said: Servers need a lockout timer. Being able to freely pop through various servers to harvest or grind is silly. It just incentivized people to play on servers on the other side of the world. Sorry again... but 500 player guild caps with zone caps of 200? What the heck? Maps are far too small. If it only takes a few minutes to cross the whole map then there is no way to counter the zerg. Top 5 bugs on LIVE (that we may have missed and wish would be fixed). Please be specific and constructive. Food and Potion buffs drop randomly. Have not been able to pinpoint why. Had had guildmates fall through the world multiple times when a node spawned on top of them, Sometimes the last hit on a node does not remove the node. It stays in game and cannot be finished with further harvesting. If you could ask the Team member one question, what would you like to know? Be nice, seriously don't be a jerk. With 1 week under your belts, what do YOU guys think you could/should have done differently?
  14. So for the last year they planned to launch without FvFvF? If that's the plan I wish they would just post it so we can move on. No hard feelings but I've put far too much time into this game in the first week to keep it up if our choice is just Dregs or Nothing.
  15. "So YES was promised and ACE already stated they could launch a Factions anyday - anytime" Well I hope that anyday is soon, because my guys are starting to get bored. The Tutorial Zone is just that and staying there is pointless. The Dregs is pointless for us as well as every time we take a POI it's taken back minutes later by a force far larger. I have no issue with that. That's what the Dregs are for, but it's not what we signed up for. We thought we were getting a Faction vs Faction vs Faction server that sat in between the two and could find a niche for our 9 man guild. New World beta is Tuesday and if we don't get the FvFvF stuff by then I know I am losing half my guys. (Not an endorsement of New World, at all...) And no, the HunderDome MOBA is not something of interest. Let's hope we get a surprise soon.
  16. Just wondering why one wasn't launched. Is it considered extra or a bonus if they start one? I always thought the FvFvF server was guaranteed since Kickstarter but maybe it was always planned as an add on later?
  17. Looks like Hungerdome is about to launch.
  18. OK so a Rank 6 node in Sky Point will never drop a Foreman disc right?
  19. Do you have to be in Dregs to get the Foreman Disc?
  20. Suggest you make your way to the crafting and harvesting forum and read the pinned newbie guide. https://community.crowfall.com/forum/261-crafting-economy/
  21. I agree that we need FvFvF ASAP but don't forget that DAoC had HUGE zones. The zones in CF take just a couple of minutes at MOST to traverse. So as soon as the alert goes up that an outpost is under attack it gets swarmed.
  22. You need to craft items and they will drop. They have to be "Advanced" items that you can only craft at the specialization crafting tables. If you can make it at the General Bench then it will not drop anything. Needs to be the final assembly.
  23. It's RNG so time can vary. Took me around 10 picks before my first Miner dropped but I had 5 Loggers in the same scenario. That said, you have to be out in the danger zone for them to drop. You have to move past the guards to the spot here the enemy can come. Follow the road until you pass a gatehouse / shimmering shield. If you have already done that, then just keep grinding. One other HUGE tip is to buy/make mining food or potions to increase your production. A kebob can be made at the cooking station with some auroch meat, produce, roasting sticks and seasonings. I think you can but everything but the meat from the food vendor in town. I'd say good luck but you are Moonscum
  24. Is there a list out yet that shows the servers that will be up tomorrow for launch? Would like to plan a bit if possible.
  25. +1 for this. really needs to get to the top of the list. New people will see that and just assume something is wrong.
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