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  1. The winners already have the most sought out prize. Victory. Sense of accomplishment. Maybe throw in there some skins for weapons, vessels, structures, etc... But not anything that would allow a win-to-win situation. In board games it's one of the worst design flaws you can think of and I believe it should be avoided in Crowfall. I'm all for giving more to the losers then to the winners, to incentivise them to try again, and give them an edge in doing so on the next fight. It could come in many different forms. - Ressources (from raw material up to weapons/armor, structures or vessels) - Buffs (hp, food consumption, combat stats, crafting stats, harvesting stats, etc...) - Techs (new weapon/armor/structure/vessel blueprints) - Intel (IE : some form of fast travelling spirits to scout, better detection of stealthed chars, location of valuable ressource nodes, number of enemies on maps, etc...) - Better NPCs for the next campaign guarding forts and outposts. Further aggro range, better stealth detection, etc... - Geographic advantage like easier maps to defend, gates closer to best ressource nodes, etc... For the winners, it would be a fight to see how long they could hold on their dominance against increasing odds, up to the point where they lose and everything resets. At that moment they'll dominate again and start building their legacy once more until the moment where the odds are again too strongly tipped against them. Will they dominate longer than last time or is the opposition getting better ? Maybe they became the underdog as stray players flocked to the other sides to get the added benefits from losing again and again ? At least it's dynamic and although unfair in many aspects, it keeps things entertaining for a majority of players.
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