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  1. Looking for a guild to teach the art of PVP I am wanting to get into this game early so when full release happens I can go hard AF. I play everyday and my schedule is rather open. MMO Vet Discord I can be your sword or your shield. US Currently in Chaos
  2. Bought them game and had been playing a week or so with my friends, I seem to have more free time than them currently. Just looking for people to enjoy the game with, I feel like going in solo and being new I am not playing the game to its fullest.
  3. Took him out to a nice seafood dinner. Cuddled the whole way home.
  4. James Goblin called me the next day after our date. <3
  5. Like I'm all for making my own fun in a sandbox game but when it comes to competitive I want as little human elements involved other than skill. Something streamed lined, small and smooth would work fine. Would not have to be flashy. That is just my idea around this topic.
  6. I just think a little GvG solo action or even like teams of guilds going at it would be a fun idea. custard IT JUST MAKE A BATTLE ROYAL MODE!
  7. There is a September give away going on, if you make your account in September you are entered in a drawling to win the basic pack. Other than that there is no way to play without paying until open beta.
  8. I would like an option to queue up for a war against someone else EK. You mark a day of the week you can do the war it ques you up to get read for it. When you get matched with someone else who has the same day selected as you, the next day that it happens in the following week will be the day you got to war. Connect the two EK temporarily and last man standing wins or whenever the flag goes down or something like that. Something a little fun with a max time limit of like 5 hours or something along those lines, i'm just spit-balling here. If you win you get their stuff or part of their stuff o
  9. I appreciate the feedback! It's not that I am uninterested in EKs its just they don't seem to have much of a point, like the points I brought up are still valid. I took some more time to think about it since yesterday and I found a loop for me and my guild that will work to make having a EK work. Ultimately I still think their is a lack of information though on what can and can't be taken into a campaign. I saw other peoples posts about having a similar concern to mine and a fellow insinuated that he took his legendary weapon into a campaign. Just needs to be more information around this
  10. What is the purpose of an EK? I understand that you can make it neat looking and build it up from scratch but why? If things that can be brought into campaign worlds is limited why spend the time building up a EK. The only answer to this that I had seen is to make market place and such, but even that is confusing. If you can't take everything into a campaign world then why sell things in a EK and if you can't buy or sell things then there is very little value to money. I am having difficulty understanding the purpose of an EK other than a cool hub for you and your guild/friends. So
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