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  1. Seriously digging the Female Champion Art. Has a very "if Xena and Bane had a kid, that is what she would look like" feel. I bet she uses Guinicean's to shine her boots.
  2. I think you are 100% correct in that these mounts are only for use in the Eternal Kingdoms (at least I hope). Having purchased (with real money) mounts for use in campaigns sounds a like a potential unfair advantage to me. Having said that, from my understanding, the core game at launch will only have the terminator rule set for campaigns (I could be very wrong on this), where you drop in naked, and nothing in your bag. Assuming you cannot enter a new or ongoing campaign while mounted, you shouldn't be able to bring your purchased mount into campaign play due to it being an inventory item, so that won't be an issue. Other rule sets campaigns that allow imported resources could be a different story. and Centaurs wouldn't feel so special. Think about the Centaurs!
  3. These are the very first stretch goals announced, i'm sure there will be more added that the community may feel is more important. Given the banner with the Caravan on it was released during the countdown, it is a safe bet that they were part of the game before the stretch goal was announced. These goals are just to see what can be added for the launch of core game itself. The more goals we reach, the more content/improvements are added for launch day. Regarding caravans, the whole point is to be able to carry larger amounts of resources in a more efficient manner than on foot. Mass and momentum are part of the game design, so heavier loads could potentially be slower based on the mass of the load and the strength of the horse (or whatever animal is pulling the cart). Given carts are probably crafted (potentially only crafted, not purchasable - unless bought from another player/guild), I'd imagine there is a significant time and material investment in crafting one, not to mention the cost of the horse/random pack creature itself. So I don't think it is out of place to assume, caravans won't be everywhere (and on some worlds may not make sense to have, based on how far resources are, weather or road conditions,state or season of the hunger, etc...). Caravans would also mean that players aren't stuck attacking player strongholds and resources areas. If building siege weapons was anything like Dark Age of Camelot, I could see a caravan attached to an attacking force, carrying the materials to build siege weapons, maybe a 2nd one to hold the giant flaming boulders you brought as party favors? If anything was going to make you pull your backing, i'd say it should be the physics themselves and how player movement relates to it. Meaningful mass and momentum is a game changer. My current concern - and only concern right now - is the short video of the 3 characters jumping over a trench with some debris, where what appears to be a knight, just jumps clean over the trench and is able to do a flip as well - almost looked like a double jump - if you don't understand why this worries me, grab a few free weights or anything heavy around your home, then try and do a somersault. If that works, trying doing it in the air and post the video! (I am not responsible for what happens!) I don't know if physical movement restrictions are part of the end design goal, but if different player races will have different mass, this should affect how they interact with the world. Centaurs are great in open areas, and could easily make that above mentioned jump the Knight made with little effort required, but would be at a disadvantage indoors, or on a winding mountain trail, marshland, or otherwise unsteady/inconsistent terrain. Having said that, this is pre-alpha and everything else is looking solid and making me happy happy happy.
  4. Elken for the win. We should be able to charge enemies with our antlers. The concept art had what looked like a larger, possible 2 handed sword, so there's still a chance of a melee Elk murderer (and the upgraded classes). Spears would fit the hunter theme too.
  5. A lot of angry posts about pay 2 win here given we don't even know exactly what we get for the VIP vouchers. A past screen shot showed some resources taking up more space in the bag than others. Its not like you can take ALL of those resources purchased through whatever chain of events, staring with VIP vouchers, probably only what you can carry in. There's also a chance that "better" items and buildings will need larger resources, making multiple person teams required to actually benefit from having a surplus of resources. I would also point out that certain campaigns won't allow any items or resources to be brought in. So not sure why there is so much speculation on unfair advantages given that we know this simply cannot happen on certain worlds (and i'm sure there was some info regarding worlds with severe loot rules could give better rewards at the end of the campaign, so the bonuses from joining campaigns with these severe rules could be balanced against the rewards given to a guild or person that only joins campaigns where they can bring in purchased or gathered resources from other worlds). Regarding the passive training and VIP getting to train with 3 slots (versus 1) isn't much of an advantage given you can only train 1 skill per character (an assumption based on the wording used to describe it to us so far). A non-VIP player would still be able to have the same skills, and once they have maxed out the skills, any advantage the VIP player had in regards to training faster than others is gone. Still lots of info we don't have, but so far, everything i'm hearing is great news, my only complaint being we haven't heard any details about the combat and physics - waiting gives me sad face.
  6. As much as I agree with you in that i'd like to see a video of gameplay before backing Crowfall, I must disagree on this one point I as I know there are many intelligent investors that give away their money without a working product or prototype. A small business loan to start up your own business would be a good example. Your local bank won't deny you the loan because you haven't done any business. That's why it is a start up loan. You'd still need a business plan, but not necessarily a finished product or even a prototype, just an idea. Making investments is about doing research and takings risks. Backing a video game is an investment in the hopes that the game you backed delivers on its promises, or at the very least, is enjoyable to you. Not seeing gameplay before dropping cash is a big risk, again you are very right on that, but some will be more comfortable taking that risk, everyone will have a different threshold they need to pass before they take the plunge. Still agree with you that some sort of a gameplay video *needs* to be released soon, or at the very latest, when the countdown is done! Come on ArtCraft, give me a reason(reasons?) to throw some money at you! My internal speculation sensor is shaking itself apart!
  7. good to hear different funding options are being explored. Please making crowd funding accessible to those with limited budgets. I don't mind dropping $200 on what I think is a quality game I want to help provide feedback on, but with a mortgage and other bills that (sadly) have priority over my gaming needs, I can't always drop that kind of cash in one go. Not sure if its feasible, but an option to offer my support on a monthly basis (as I imagine Alpha/Beta will be many months long) would be awesome. Throwing out some random numbers her, but if one of the backing options is $200, maybe I could have 4 payments of $50 over 4 months, and assuming I make all the payments, I gain/keep my backing access and bonuses. ArtCraft would keep my funds already paid if I backed out, or missed a payment. Personally, I would also like to NOT have any unique titles given as swag. Having the option to change the colour of your spell effects would be a better reward for early backing I feel. As always, appreciate the update on the state of things!
  8. I wonder if hunger affected creatures would be drawn to certain resources (or a crafted item) - would be a neat tactical option to have the Hunger siege an enemy strong hold before your guild swoops in to the clean up the mess.
  9. I think it is along the lines of guild and player housing that doesn't reset like they do in the campaign worlds, and only has access to basic resources and upgrades (such as trophies and furniture for the building), but you or your guild, over the course of one of the campaigns, create new items/upgrades to add to the eternal kingdom house, using resources from that campaign world (and not otherwise available in the eternal kingdom). A guild that does well in campaigns can bring back better resources and would have an advantage in the Eternal Kingdom (until those resources ran out.) Smaller guilds and groups (and maybe sneaky individuals) would also be able to benefit from the campaign, not only from PvP loot and skill advancement, but from resources gathered, and then sold/traded in the eternal kingdom.
  10. +1 I think they just want to move away from the idea that any combat needs to have someone dedicated to healing in order to have a chance at succeeding. It should never be removed completely, so we'll have to wait and see what "light" healing is, and what other types of skills and abilities are considered support. We're also getting a new physics model not previously seen before in a MMO, which will add a lot more complexity to combat and positioning. I think a lot of people don't realize how great this particular idea is. The pace of combat will something to watch as well, if the Devs can slow it down enough so that anyone who isn't a 14 year old fighter pilot can still effectively fight, but not too slow that it ruins the fun of playing to crush, it'll be great. ...or better yet, instead of us all speculating, give us something to test! speed up that countdown timer!
  11. Good to know! It just didn't feel or look like they were to me. Looking forward to getting more confirmed details in the coming weeks.
  12. txteclipse already pointed out healing will be "light", but I do agree with you in that it could very well be similar to Shadowbane, but I wouldn't be so quick to count out new ideas simply because the limited info we have now sounds similar to Shadowbane. The Devs have already made a bold mission statement on making something new! My post was more wishful thinking and a lot of speculation.
  13. Yeah, "nothing fun" seems like a strong statement, but still could have been a LOT more than it was.
  14. I imagine the system would have some traits similar to Wildstar's combat system, but with better physics and collision. I found the pace of combat in Wildstar quite good in that it wasn't too fast that you didn't "feel" the impact of some abilities, but still rewarded fast reactions and good positioning. The fact that they have used 3D shapes instead of 2D shapes (Cones instead of triangles, Spheres instead of circles) to describe the targeted areas fills me with joy as it potentially implies that spells could affect targets above and below the impact zone and not just targets on the same level, eliminating some hide and seek tactics using line of sight (go ahead, try and dodge my fireball!) I believe I read that you could toggle Crowfall's telegraphs on and off. That's a great option to learn about your abilities and practice, but even with it on, I shouldn't be able to see anyone else's telegraphs. locked animations for most, but maybe not all abilities and actions is a good thing too. For ranged characters, it will be interesting to see how moving and attacking, and the physics of the world work. Plan on practicing some melee skills in case you get caught out of place.
  15. Appreciate the confirmation! Any chance you can tell us how the narrative will effect the player's experience in-game? (or if its just a backstory for us players to build on?)
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