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  1. Just got home from work today and checked in here. Thanks for all the great help guys. I don't want to go join a guild and bombard them with questions I feel really annoying when I do that. I guess fighting monsters to level up seemed really slow because it is, you are saying to sacrifice items to level up, interesting.
  2. I've only been playing for 2 days, so this is my attempt to get more familiarized with what I'm doing in my own EK. I started out by playing campaign, didn't like my person, committed suicide and made another. Got it to level 2, set up some primary / secondary things, spent points. Trying to sell my wife on this game started talking about the EK part and how you can play privately if you don't want to deal with other players, I think? I made my kingdom, put down 3 or 4 deeds, placed a building or 2. Now I'll start with the noob questions, you can also feel free to roast me for stupid questions. 1) How do I get more land deeds? Higher level resources? 2) Can I add monsters somehow? 3) It seems any time I enter a world / kingdom, I have to create a vessel. I assume my vessel is only good in that Kingdom, and for example if I want to go to a 'trading EK' like I've seen discussed, I'd make a vessel to visit, put items I want in my spirit bank and use it to transfer. Is this correct? Anything I'm missing? 4) Imports and Exports in campaign mode are to keep me from hard farming my EK and flooding the campaign with resources I didn't have to face any risk/reward accumulating? 5) Essay for extra credit: Anything else I should know? Also, this game concept is 5 star, keep up the good work. I don't feel like I can creatively contribute because this game is already more thought out than most things I come up with. I'll watch for bugs! PS: This hash display name was somehow created for me I've been trying to figure out how to change it. Something I'm missing?
  3. This game is starting to sound a lot like Darkfall, so much drama. I just started, when I started Darkfall I couldn't get a guild because I was rumored to be a spy. It's game-breaking when people consider you a spy and won't associate with you.
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