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    anillopic reacted to ironpoint in Shadowbane and Wizard101: odd bedfellows   
    Thanks for the post. That was really well said.
    Also, I'm not at all surprised it was a Wizard player sanctioned on the forum. Have you seen Central lately?
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    anillopic reacted to jtoddcoleman in Shadowbane and Wizard101: odd bedfellows   
    haha, you're right about that -- we were all laughing at the office, because just we had to sanction our first person for poor forum behavior -- and it was a wizard player, not an SB one.
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    anillopic reacted to jtoddcoleman in Shadowbane and Wizard101: odd bedfellows   
    yeah, it's a completely bizarre mix.  and we're already seeing a bit of culture class.  The common element with both groups is me.  So, OK, let me address it.
    Shadowbane folks enjoyed the game largely because it was completely open and free.  The degree of character customization, the political system, the freedom to do what you want in the game... these design elements were unprecedented (and, IMO, haven't really been matched, since.)  SB wasn't just a "free for all" pvp game, because the PvP had purpose.  It also included a strong element of strategy and politics.  It was cool.  and it attracted an incredibly passionate community as a result.
    Wizard folks enjoyed the game for a number of reasons: the narrative, the combat system, the environment, the (again) the incredibly passionate community.  it also had a very strong and very popular PvP system, and offered some systems (like housing and pets) that were pretty flexible and open.
    These two games are quite different.  These two communities are completely different.  My goal here is not to "mix" those communities for Crowfall, because we can't.  and we don't want to.   We need to find our own voice.   Part of that voice, in my opinion, needs to allow for others who have different opinions from yours.  That's cool, because eventually it'll be a huge benefit to the dynamics of the game.  
    My advice: 
    Shadowbane folks: some of the Wizard folks haven't played a game like this before.  Some of them will hate it.  Some of them will love it.  Please don't be asshats and scare them off before they have a chance to figure out which group they fall into.
    Wizard folks: some of the Shadowbane people can be abrasive.  They're also some of the most passionate, skilled gamers that you'll ever meet, and playing with them can be an absolute blast.
    I'll do the best that I can to bridge the gap on this one -- but I also recognize that not all of you are going to stick around with us long term.  Some of you are going to decide you don't like the vision, or the game, or the art style, or the community and take off.
    That's fine.  Thanks for giving us a shot.
    BUT the community that does stick is going to absolutely love it.  So, let's be cool to each other, and together maybe we can make something amazing.
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    anillopic reacted to TullyAckland in MMO that doesn't mean dependency on groups?   
    If I were to truncate the question I'm seeing to "Hey, I'm a solo player, am I doomed?" The answer I'll give right now is "No, you're not." 
    I've spent much of my MMO career causing havok on my own, contributing to the grander picture. Ultimately though, there are things you can just do more effectively with allies. 
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    anillopic reacted to mourne in After the "us v them" thread lock...   
    I realize the volatile circumstances in a W/P101 community and SB community comming together.
    Something occurred to me while reading through the, now locked, "odd bedfellow" thread.  The contention between some of the SB community (and I say "some" because, despite these initial forum appearances, there are SB guilds that disallow ooc trash talk, and mandate sportsmanship) seems to come down to how the "game" is being perceived by either side.
    Because SB was such a cutthroat game - essentially a political/war-sim of sorts - some SB players have a hard time not treating the game as a war.  "Those are your enemies.  You don't make nice and be sportsmanlike to your enemies." 
    Then there are others that view the SB experience more akin to a grand strategy game, where you can indeed be sportsmanlike with your opponents, even if rivalries do develop.  A nation leader can meet with an enemy nation leader irl and not break into a brawl ffs.  It's about being dimplomatic, and civilized, in an uncivilized world at war.
    That schism now illuminated, I'm simply stating (from a SBer perspective, of course) that not all SB players treat opponents in the game as enemies in an actual war.  As I'm sure not all W/P101 players are incapable in PvP.  Don't let the trash talkers from either game somehow coopt the right to represent that game's past community, or speak for all SB or W/P 101 players.  And, more importantly, I certainly hope those that get their kicks from the trash talk itself don't result in turning away players from this game or its concepts/design decisions purely out of dislike for a loud board-warrior presense. 
    Generally, I avoid the boards when I'm playing games such as that.  I let my **** speak for itself on the field of battle, win or lose.  Obviously, there is currently no game to play, so people are funneling into this volatile situation by the day. 
    TL;DR There are asshats from both games.  Don't let the asshats be the vocal representatives for a larger less vocal mature community.  Rather, recognize that is what is occurring, and take flame wars with a grain of salt.
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    anillopic reacted to alex heartnet in Class or Classless System?   
    Your starting 'class' would probably be your starting situation - the difference between starting out with a space fighter and starting out with a space truck.  Starting out as a warrior would not prevent you from switching to 100% wizardry later on...
    I would let the player derp around and make mistakes early on without penalty - make the player realise that he should specialise if he wants to get anywhere while still give him a chance to try different things before settling on one.  Arrange the skill tree in such a way that if you want epic power, you will have to spend a lot of skill points in very specialised things.  Want to do epic damage with your melee attacks?  Pick a specific weapon to specialise in, and you lose your bonuses if you wield a different weapon type then the one you picked.  The really juicy perks lie near the top of that particular skill tree - don't spread it around!  (You sure you don't want to specialise in shields instead?)
    I would also provide a way to make negative progress.  Nothing as extreme as Eve Online's escape pods, but even a modest 2% skill loss on death is enough to get your attention in a big way and provides people with a way of weakening otherwise-1337 players.  You'll only need to kill that 1337 player once to get that snowball rolling...no one is invincible...
    And what with all the player interaction, charging into a certain-death situation might even be worth it if you think you can achieve something within that time...
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    anillopic reacted to neekoarg in Class or Classless System?   
    Classless, but with the option to go single target healer, group healer, tank, "crowd controller", buffer, single target dps, aoe dps, dot dps, summoner, ranged, melee, magic-based, or whatever combination you want.
    My point is: roles must be there, but not just 3. That's why the game should create situations for everything, not just meta builds.
    If I want to create some kind of Paladin, with sword/shield, some magic and heavy armor, I should be able to do it.
    Or some kind of bard, just to improve my party performance and go here and there casting charms I should be able to do it too.
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    anillopic reacted to TullyAckland in Cheating   
    Over the years we've seen first hand the effects of a lack of preparation, or underestimating, the need for robust security. We'll be taking it very seriously and may even do as you mentioned, recruit some talented folks in the community to help us test the system. 
    Always good to see such a helpful community form so fast! 
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    anillopic reacted to TullyAckland in PvE Wishes   
    Personally, I've always been a fan of Open-world PvE bosses. Especially if I'm fighting off other players at the same time. 
    But I'm a masochist, one day I'll seek help. 
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    anillopic reacted to sneaky_squirrel in PvE Wishes   
    I am also a fan of this idea.
    One of my "ideal fantasies" was for most PvE content (Including low level mobs) to be useful / needed for all levels of hierarchy.  If a mob in a game similar to WoW dropped a small amount of ingame currency, it eventually became useless because other mobs dropped higher amounts of the same currency.
    Boar Example
    It would be cool (In my book) if ALL mobs dropped crafting materials that were needed in many tiers of level (Say "Tusks" from a boar which is difficult to farm because it takes "effort" to find and hunt and is level 20, this "Tusk" is needed in recipes which are level 20, 65, 70, 80 (The idea is that it is sought after by high levels which do not want to go through the effort of getting the item themselves).
    Then these level 20 players can either use the tusks for their own crafting (a lvl 20 product which is not very valuable (Minor Combat Buff potion) for the sake of some sort of crafting progression, or make a profit in the "economy" by selling it to high level players who also want it for a significantly better item (A potion that removes a death debuff and requires components from far away corners of the game world).
    A game economy which has this kind of hierarchy where low levels do not have power, but neither do high level players have that much power without the help of the low level players (And both benefit from interacting with each other).
    Last Words
    This probably is really difficult to implement (There must be some difficulty which stops it from happening).  Odds are boars will still drop copper coins.
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    anillopic reacted to nick in The Hive   
    Users from http://www.duelist101.com
    Duelist101 was started by a group of PvP players in Wizard101 who were tired of being second class citizens in the community, and as such decided to create their own community. Within a few years, Duelist101.com became one of the largest KI fansites ever.
    We bring with us a diverse gaming background, love of PvP, and a vast amount of experience organizing large scale projects.
    If you're a Wizard101 or Pirate101 PvP'er seeking to use your existing social networks to plant a flag in Crowfall and compete with the veterans, this is your group.
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    anillopic reacted to TullyAckland in LOL Tieing your name to the Darkfall brand could be good and bad   
    No relation to Darkfall at all, the name Crowfall was chosen for narrative reasons. 
    You do list some very interesting feature sets, however.  
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    anillopic reacted to hughes_d_force in We going to see Perma Death?   
    Death needs to mean something. Maybe not "lose it all", but it needs to sting.
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    anillopic reacted to yoh in We going to see Perma Death?   
    Idk how I feel about permadeath.  It's not every bodies cup of tea.  Having played Path of Exile for quite some time, I honestly wouldn't  enjoy losing a character I've spent a long time building, not to mention all the equipment at well.
    But at the same time I do see why people enjoy it, and the tension is creates.
    I think depending on how the game works, it might just be best to permadeath be an option, like permadeath servers or something.
    So the people who enjoy it can, and thou's who don't aren't forced to.
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    anillopic reacted to TullyAckland in Hello   
    P2W? Gross. Absolutely not. 
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    anillopic reacted to TullyAckland in So.. Feb 24?   
    It's a date that's really great! 
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    anillopic reacted to jtoddcoleman in Welcome!   
    I hate Farmville.  
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