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  1. manual aim, think of how skyrim works with ranged/spells. will more than likely be similar.
  2. like freeze said, the character creation screen shot is literally a direct copy of the shadowbane one. you need to forget the common mmo theme of preset classes, in sb you could make the same class fill any role you wanted basically. ambidexterity was a starting rune that allowed your character to dual wield. the rogue base class had this unlocked automatically, but any class could take that rune to unlock it.
  3. we are mostly basing off of the fact that everything we have seen, including the original website name, play2crush, are taken directly from shadowbane, right down to the creation rune names in the character creation screen shots. to think how they handle pvp and such will be drastically different, is some what silly based on what we have seen. granted, i do see your point that there isn't much solid proof going one way or the other, but right now i'd heavily lean towards it being like the rulesets of shadowbane
  4. and then how would characters gain new abilities or skill points? how would characters train in different things like armor or weapon proficiency? like we said, you could make the same class in sb act in dozens of different ways. how would you allow that character to branch off in different directions without some form of leveling?
  5. i dunno, i always giggled when a CN r6+ tried to gank me when i was like r4 or something and i'd just slap them around like a dirty school girl... skill > all.
  6. as i said, you clearly have never played shadowbane or a game similar to it or what crowfall is aiming for... each level you get skill points, can put them in whatever attribute you'd like. makes for the same class being extremely diverse. as for power dictated solely by gear/skill... lets drop gear from that. gear was a nice bonus in SB, but far from a game changer. plus, darkfall tried the whole no levels thing, made the game even more of a grind than levels would have. oh you want to use a bow instead of a sword? lol go grind that weapon proficiency for hours before you can even use it in combat!
  7. who said levels = quests/dungeons/raids? guessing you never played shadowbane? zero quests, zero dungeons, zero raids... had a great leveling system however.
  8. Flying was pretty well done in shadowbane, I hope they have a similar system
  9. cias

    Duke of URL...

    not sure if i'd call these crazy japanese stuff you send me to be "awesome" like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hNbVVGDErdg more batpoorly made sockscrazy than awesome.
  10. cias

    Duke of URL...

    i have been telling him this for a decade now..
  11. yes it was.. then after that DS baned us and i think we got what was left of QFT to come and we destroyed them like 10 vs 50+ or something haha
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