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  1. Thanks for the tips, do critters scale hp/damage with their tier? Or are they all the same, higher tier just makes them harder to skin?
  2. Lol point taken, but god that seems like a dreadful grind. Don't mobs drop like 20-50 gold per kill. Maybe in a few more days when I can craft some stuff that people might actually want or gather some cutting grit/bones/blood to get a steady flow of income going I'll level that way. I have the distinct feel that when I can finally start crafting cool stuff at the end of the campaign, there is gonna be a wipe lol. I'll be back to square one but at least I wont be alone.
  3. Your not wrong, but that's a deeply developed mental conditioning. I'm 29 lol, been playing MMO's since I was 13, that's 16 years of video games telling me that levels matter. Hell if you include regular RPGs its been even longer than that. Case in point though, that's a common miss conception that a lot of new players will have and it should be address in some way. Almost every new player is going to assume level matters and until they've learned better they're gonna feel the same way I do and be hesitant to participate in PVP content.
  4. While I enjoy pvp from time to time, I prefer objective based combat. Most of the pvp that seems to happen on the servers currently is duels. That's cool and everything but not really my jam. I want to craft. Part of it is an attempt at be self sufficient, but I've already picked out the crafts that I want to focus on, mainly necro, alchemy, and runecrafting. I did waste skill points on rank 5 leatherworking but that was when I just wanted to improve my own personal gear. I know that I'll have to pick crafts to focus on so I decided to pick crafts that are aided by my race choice, Nethari. Idk the crafting gets me more excited than anything. I'll figure it out later. The whole equipment decay seems annoying but I understand its necessary for the player driven economy. To hell with BoE and BoP. That's part of the reason I've quit other games. I'm tired of playing every day praying to rngesus for that one piece of BiS gear. I want to make my gear. It make take me 4 years but eventually I'll be able to craft and gather everything in the game on my own. That makes me want to play this game.
  5. I've tried browsing through EKs to look at vendors and their prices, I've found a few vendors that sell some upgrades for my gear and its true I could farm mobs for gold for a day or so to be able to afford them. I have yet to see anyone selling the green or better arrows or logs I need to get from level 20 to 30 though. That's a total of 30 attribute points, not including attributes and stats that I lack from being progressed further into my race and class skill trees. It makes the thought of trying to fight against other players seem daunting. I feel like I'm playing with a severe disadvantage.
  6. I tend to place myself in the Achievers category. I just want to log in and be able to make progress in some way. The leveling system just feels more like a chore than an actual game play mechanic. Crafting 1000s of arrows to level up doesn't seem like it would be fun for anyone but I do understand that the system isn't finished. Maybe when sacrifice values are normalized for all crafted gear it will feel better or with additional content adding depth to the leveling system. Deep down though I still feel like having some active component to skill gain would feel more rewarding.Skills are a permanent gain, levels just have to be reacquired anytime you gain a new vessel or start a campaign. That's just my two cents though.
  7. Both of your above quotes are taken out of context. Either that or there was a misunderstanding. The reason for my original suggestion of scrapping the leveling system completely was leading into my suggestion for the skill system.As stated in my original suggestion for the skill system, you would be able to sacrifice materials and equipment to then gain additional skill points. You can't very well gain experience points and skill points from the same items. I mean you could be it gets messy. Crowfall in its current state doesn't scream out to me a level your character kind of game. There is already an entire crafting profession built around creating stronger vessels. Adding leveling up in the mix just seems an unnecessary complexity. From what I understand the developers never intended for there to even be a traditional leveling system, I didn't play at that time but I agree with their original line of thinking. Leveling up in my mind is something you do in games with a pve/dungeon/raid focus. It doesn't help that in its current state the leveling system just feels rushed and isn't very well implemented. I said 50,000 backers, taking in to consideration that 99% of those backers never intended to participate in the pre-alpha game, leaving us with a total of 500 players participating. My comment about the players waiting for their passive training skills is in reference to the 500, not the 50,000. I feel like expecting 1% of all Crowfall backers to be participating in the pre-alpha game to be pretty close to realistic, maybe not. It doesn't paint the game in a positive light that I've only seen a max of 25 players on the US-east server at one time. That's what I see and what I think man, if that offends you, I'm sorry. I'm not saying saying the game is doomed to fail. I'm using what I've seen and experienced as fact. I pretty sure as humans we all do this. In the very next paragraph I even say this: "Understand some of this is exaggeration, from what I've seen the "Campaign" is lacking objectives and some of the systems for the game arn't even implement. I'm not trying to be a doom speaker. I like a lot of what I've seen so far, I like the concept behind the game. I'm frustrated at not being able to play the game and make what I conceive as progression. " I'm still hopeful for the future, the game plays pretty well for pre-alpha, but I feel like the developers want us to critique their game and their systems. There is no better time to do it than in pre-alpha where there is still plenty of time to change and adjust things. If we all just keep our thoughts to ourselves and just let development continue without giving input or making suggestions and the game flops on launch we have to shoulder some of the blame. I'm not the type of person to think that my suggestions are the only way forward. As you stated: "For the record, there are things ACE has planned and hinted at but not told us details about for improving the sense of progression." It's very possible that ACE has plans in action to address all of my concerns for the game. I haven't gotten to play that version of the game yet. That doesn't mean we shouldn't make suggestions based on what we've seen so far though. There is always a possibly that a common gripe or complaint was over looked in the development of upcoming features, systems, or changes. At the same time its possible that a developer reading through suggestion topics on the forums has a wonderful idea borne from what he read here. Who knows.
  8. If you're going to quote me, at least do so accurately without attempting to make me seem like some kind of villain. I don't do that to other posters and I ask for the same respect. Also in the very first post I made creating this topic and all of my replies have contained my own personal analysis of the leveling/skill system in the game, why I dislike them, and suggestions for improving the game. Please don't slander me. I have offered plenty of suggestions aside from scraping game systems. I can see that we don't see eye to eye and that's fine. I made this suggestion for the developers of the game not the people in the forums. If you don't agree with them, simply move on. I don't expect the developers to just be like "Oh this guy, hes completely right" and just change everything that they are doing. I'm offering suggestions based on what I've experienced so far playing the game. I'm pretty sure that's why game developers do these tests in the first place. Coming into a forum and attacking people for offering suggestions, even if you don't like them, doesn't help the developer and it doesn't change my opinion on the current state of the game.
  9. Sorry to back to back post, but I was laying in bed and thinking about the Campaign system/skill system. Thought of a cool scenario in a campaign where everyone had every skill unlocked. Let's say they add in a war-chest/bank for all three factions into the major hubs. This would be a massive bank that every player could add to; materials, potions, gear, weapons, runestones. All of it. When you add stuff to the bank, you get awarded contribution points. When you take map objectives or get pvp kills, you get contribution points. You then spend those contribution points to withdraw items from the bank. Essentially purchasing them. At the start of the Campaign, everyone would be gathering together to stock up the bank. As the bank starts filling out with materials and crafted gear, the people that want to focus on pvp and objective game play could start withdrawing items using their contribution points to equip themselves. Throughout the campaign as a player I could login and if there is a lull in population or no objectives ready to take I could check the Warbank and see what its lacking, then go out and gather those materials to raise up my contribution points. At the end of the Campaign, players would be rated based on the contribution to the war effort and be rewarded accordingly, with the victors of the campaign getting a bonus of course. Rewards could be stock piles of materials, or high quality crafted equipment to take back to their EK, cosmetics, plots for their EK. What have you. Their could even be guild and individual player rewards so that guilds can compete against each other as well as the players. Without the passive skill system everyone could help contribute in ways that directly impact the war effort without feeling like they're limited based on what they've been training. A system like this could even be used to balance factions by providing a bonus to contribution points to the factions that are undermanned until the balance equals out. As far as the VIP system goes, because I know money is important. They could adopt a VIP membership that unlocks additional premium cosmetics and emotes throughout the Campaign season based on your contribution.
  10. Skill have everything to do with the resources you can accumulate towards winning the campaign. The more skills you have the more/better materials you can gather and the better items you can create. To both of you, I can 100% see your perspective. The game should be about pvp content and winning the campaign. That's why I want to play this game. The issues is, after my 2nd day of crafting arrows and then hitting a complete wall in my progression due to the skill system, the game is essentially unplayable. I'm stuck at level 20 due to not being able to find enough green wood to craft the required arrows thanks to fall and my lack of time invested into the wood gathering skill tree. I'm also stuck using common quality intermediate equipment because I don't have the recipes I need to make better stuff or the ability to gather the materials I need to make it. That's not a good system. I can't compete with other players that have more time in game and I can't invest any additional effort on my part to shorten the amount of time I need to catch up. This prevents me from even attempting to pvp and I could spend all day and maybe find 10 green logs if I'm super lucky, that should get me at least a little closer to level 21, but I still won't have access to any of the recipes I need to make better gear. If this game is all about winning campaigns, why even have the skill system? Make the game 100% balanced and remove the skill system completely. Either give every account 100% of the passive skills or remove their necessity from the game completely. Yes every player would be able to do anything they wanted but whose got all the time in the world to actually do it? Lets face it a little over 4 years after launch every player, as long as they didn't waste any skills points, could have every single track in the skill trees completely maxed out. They won't matter anymore. The only thing that matters is what you spend your time doing in game. That's how it should be anyway. If you want to spend time gathering to help the war front, go gather, no limitations. If you want to be a blacksmith go be a blacksmith. If you give every player 100% of the skills it will make zero difference because no one can pvp, craft, and gather simultaneously. The passive skill system, in its current state, is nothing but a series of walls built to make you wait. Why though? Why should any player ever feel like they have to wait before they can truly contribute to war effort or play the game? Based on the post recently there are 50,000 backers for this game currently. I assume all of them have access to the pre-alpha. If 99% of them have zero interest in participating in the pre-alpha due to the incomplete nature of it. That still leaves about 500 people who would be actively logging into the game to test its features and make suggestions/look for bugs. With a server capacity of 150 people on US-east, I have never seen more than 25 people logged in at the same time. That's depressing... In my head I imagine everyone that isn't participating in something they've already paid for is waiting for their passive skills. Understand some of this is exaggeration, from what I've seen the "Campaign" is lacking objectives and some of the systems for the game arn't even implement. I'm not trying to be a doom speaker. I like a lot of what I've seen so far, I like the concept behind the game. I'm frustrated at not being able to play the game and make what I conceive as progression.
  11. I don't want things to be accelerated to the point that everything we do is quick and easy. I just want to feel like when I play on my account, I am actively contributing to its progression. With no active component to the skill system, the only thing I am investing is time but it takes zero effort on my part to advance. I advance whether or not I play the game. It's hard to feel invested in a game where the contribution to my own progression is based solely on how old my account is not on how much effort I've put into the game.
  12. When I say the skill system is the most meaningful progression system, I do so because everything else, even the most powerful of the gear and vessels is all temporary. It either degrades over time, equipment, or can only be used for one campaign, the vessels. They designed it this way so that the player driven market works. Nothing you craft is a permanent advantage. If you were to login day one of launch, create an account and set your tracks, you could stay caught up with every other player by just logging in at the end of every month to invest skill points without participating in any of the game-play. You could do this for a whole year, start actually playing the game for a fresh campaign, and be able to gather and craft as well as a player who has participated in the game for the prior year that you did nothing besides login to spend skill points and then logout. You wouldn't even really be behind the power curve because if you waited long enough before actually playing the game, you could have maxed out a few crafting profession, gathering profession, and the combat trees. You might not have the same gold accumulated as some one who has played the entire time, but you could quickly earn gold from utilizing your crafting and gathering.
  13. I myself am some what of a casual, I go hard when I get the chance though. The issue with trying to maintain balance between casual and hardcore with the skill system is that it hurts the Crowfall community as a whole. Hardcore players are the ones spending money in the cash shop and on the VIP every month, they're the ones at home all day streaming, they're going to be the huge guilds that drive campaigns. The hardcore community are the players that stick around through rough patches watching as all the casuals get bored or frustrated and move on to other games. Currently the skill system is the only form of meaningful progression in the game. Your vessel is temporary, your gear is temporary, everything aside from your skills is perishable. This passive skill system as it is, with no active component, rewards everyone as if they were a casual. The hardcore community will be severely lacking or non existent. Why be hardcore if there is no advantage to be gained? With the current skill system there is no drive for me to login every day. At some stages in the game there is an actual wall created by the passive skill system that prevents me from advancing my character in any way at all (this is the spot I'm currently in) aside from waiting for real time to pass. This will hurt server population, pvp contribution, and campaign attendance as we get further and further into the seasons. This skill system in its current iteration has the potential to kill the Crowfall community all by its self. Players want to be rewarded for the time spent in game, the Crowfall community needs the hardcore players. At the end of the day the skill system is inherently balanced, every skill tree has a finite number of points that you can invest and within 5 years every player could have every skill tree in the game capped. That wont matter though if no one is playing because we all forgot about Crowfall while we were passively gaining skill points.
  14. New player here, 2nd day. The only things I've done for the last two days was stare at my skill screen anxiously waiting to unlock some useful crafting and gathering skills and manufacturing arrows so that I can level up. I've reached level 20 on almost exclusively arrows and now I feel like I've hit a wall until I can get better at gathering green pieces of wood. It feels completely terrible. The leveling system feels completely thrown in, the most efficient way to level is crafting arrows, what? Killing mobs gives wretched xp, utter waste of time unless you need hide. Sadly even the more difficult to craft items give paltry experience when sacrificed compared to arrows. I feel like sacrificed xp of crafted items should be determined by the sum of its parts with multipliers for success and difficulty. Being able to passively skill-up is great if I had zero chance to play the game, but playing feels pointless. I've already obtained the very best equipment my current skills have to offer and I can't level up until I can reliably gather uncommon pieces of wood to convert into arrows. My suggestion would be to... Scrap leveling your vessel altogether, this is a pvp game, all level does it make people who arn't maxed out more hesitant to join in. The game doesn't feel built for a leveling system, just remove it. Give everyone 90 attributes to customize their vessel as they please and call it a day. Make it so that you can gain additional skill points by actually playing the game in conjunction with the passive system. Gatherers gain extra skill points from gathering based on the track they're training in and what they're actually gathering and can sacrifice those materials for extra skill points. Examples:I have Exploration Basics as my current track. I gain skills points from gathering at the basic nodes (knotwood, cobblestone, and slag) and if I choose, I can sacrifice some or all of those materials to gain extra skills points. The more advanced you get at gathering, the more specific what you can gain skill points from gets. Excavation is limited to ore, stone, and graves. Crafting professions would only gain bonus skill points equal to the sum of the components used to craft the item, with multipliers for difficulty, quality, and success. All of which would improve how many skills points that the crafted item could then be sacrificed for. For the Combat profession, they could get huge chunks of skill points for pvp kills, and a smaller amount for mob kills. There could also be a trophy system like mobs currently have where they drop items that can be sacrificed for skill points. Combat tracks would be harder/slower to gain addition skill points but less restrictive. Race tracks and class tracks would gain additional skill points any time you gain skill points from your profession tracks but at a reduced amount. You would also be limited to gaining additional skills only for the race and class type of your current vessel. In conclusion, I feel like these changes would bring back meaningful progression and give players reasons to login every day instead of only logging in when they've accumulated a large pile of skill points. I understand that these changes could also shorten the amount of time it takes to unlock all of the skills, but I doubt it would be a drastic reduction.
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