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  1. Great work on the whole project and degree of integration. Great inspiration.
  2. Hi guys and gals, here another short video on how to craft a Swift Pig Pack (the better mount)
  3. I joined this Guild a couple of months ago and they were and still are very helpfull to get a deeper understanding of the game and get poorly made socks done. We recently decided to get back to balance and fill the void of the forces that stand up for the balance of power. We want YOU to help us keep the powers in Balance. If you are interested in the game and have any kind of questions contact us or check out my stream on twitch or youtube channel.
  4. Hi guys, Here is a Video I made on "How to take a keep". Check out my Youtube channel for more Videos and let me know if you would like translations for it. Most importantly let me know if you would like have videos about other topics. I'll do a new Video every Thursday from now on. Long live the King!
  5. On the Centaur Champion the skill Obstinance has no effect on the healing modifier. https://prnt.sc/lwqsoc
  6. Hi Tristan, in case you wanna play on EU based realms - I recently joined Horizon I like the community. They are active and growing. Drop by on Discord and have a chat with DravoiX.
  7. Maybe you should rename this topic to "Discussion whether guild showcases make sense at this point" xD Excuse my sarcasm, but it might seem disorganized to others, after reading the rules part of guild showcases. I get the one step at a time thing - I mean you guys are in PRE-APLHA. You are doing great. Keep up the good work.
  8. Hi guys, I've been following the developments of Crowfall from time to time lately, and decided to support by getting into the pre-alpha. I'm going to look for a guild in the forum soon, as I'd like to get more involved in Playtesting and want to help make crowfall a great game, as the basis I see seems quite promising to me. I lately play a lot of smite and other random games on the side. I also played Albion Online - which has a lot similarities with CF considering the crafting and economics side. Like the approach of everything beeing player crafted a lot. One question: I didn't read the NDA carefully. Will I get in trouble if I upload videos with bugs I found, to paste them to the CF Bugs forum topics? And what about a "first impression on crowfall" of tutorial videos of what I learned so far. Best, CrusaderW
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