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  1. Released Crowfall in a Nutshell #4: https://crowfall.crusaderw.com/crowfall-in-a-nutshell-4-wartribes-vessels-equipment-character-build/ The Crowfall in a Nutshell Video #3 released yesterday.
  2. Would be nice to close the gap for new players coming in. Also more experienced players like me might enjoy the opportunity to go through the "early- to endgame" - progession cycle again...
  3. I mean apart, from a passive skill wipe by itself makes no sense from a player perspective in terms of being "fair", I wanted to share some thoughts that came up last night. In a way the arguments that the community (me included) have been giving is based on the assumption that you are playing the game already in "competitive" mode! I also had the wish boiling up in me to learn more about the game and that it is actually quite hard to learn anything about gathering and crafting during the skill tree progression on the path that you are already maxed out. So to provide a counterargument to the popular opinion in this thread it would also be nice to have a passive skill-wipe to allow semi-new players like myself to experience the progression through the passive tree again, since I only had ONE passive skill wipe since I play the game. And I guess the most important aspect is for Todd and the team to test things to polish the game. So if there is ANY in doing a skill wipe for YOU guys, I dare you to do it, because we should help you guys test the game. Egos that are concerned with advantages and unfair situations in the game should step back and reflect on what is most important ATM. To me personally "competitive" game-play is not one of the important things ATM.
  4. Yeah, all or nothing for the reasons already mentioned....
  5. Released Crowfall in a Nutshell #3: https://crowfall.crusaderw.com/crowfall-in-a-nutshell-3-pvp-and-gathering/ The Crowfall in a Nutshell Video #2 will Premiere today @ 21:00 CEST / 2pm CDT
  6. KDS is one of the most professional guilds in Crowfall at the moment. I definitely found my home at KDS.
  7. Released Crowfall in a Nutshell #2: https://crowfall.crusaderw.com/crowfall-in-a-nutshell-2-embargo-system-gods-reach-cosmetic-items The Crowfall in a Nutshell Video #1 will Premiere tomorrow @ 21:00 CEST
  8. Welcome fellow Crows, I would like to announce my 4 Episode-rich Guide for new Crows: Crowfall in a Nutshell! The Videos will release 1 week after the articles and will be linked there. Crowfall in a Nutshell #1: The Worlds overview, Eternal Kingdom https://crowfall.crusaderw.com/crowfall-in-a-nutshell-1-the-worlds-overview-eternal-kingdom/ World Rule Set: Eternal Kingdom, God's Reach, Campaign Eternal Kingdom: How to place Pacels and Building Crowfall in a Nutshell #2: Embargo System, God's Reach, Cosmetic Items https://crowfall.crusaderw.com/crowfall-in-a-nutshell-2-embargo-system-gods-reach-cosmetic-items Embargo System: How to import / export Items from and to Campaigns God's Reach: How to level up Cosmetic Items Crowfall in a Nutshell #3: PvP and Gathering https://crowfall.crusaderw.com/crowfall-in-a-nutshell-3-pvp-and-gathering/ Outposts Forts, Keeps Siege Schedule Capture Points Leaderboard Seasons and their impact on gathering and the Capture Bonus Catchup Mechanic Crowfall in a Nutshell #4: Wartribes, Vessels, Equipment, Character Build https://crowfall.crusaderw.com/crowfall-in-a-nutshell-4-wartribes-vessels-equipment-character-build/ Watribes Equipment and Durability Vessels no respecs Talents Disciplines All you need to know about Crowfall in one place: http://crowfall.crusaderw.com Ask questions on my Stream at https://www.twitch.tv/crusaderw
  9. Awesome. Check the repository: Crowfall Combat Log Here is the current version running. https://crowfall.crusaderw.com/combat_log/#/ What languages are you working with?
  10. @WillMaPupen Our Guilds combat-log analyzer. I'm already working on a community version... I hope to bring a first version online for you next week...
  11. @OneLeggedMan check out my Champion guide I recently released: https://crowfall.crusaderw.com/crowfall-in-depth-champion-guide/
  12. In this post, I want to give you an in-depth guide for the CHAMPION, including all promotion classes. I've been playing the champion for a couple of months now and I feel quite familiar with it. I did a lot of research so I wanted to share those information with you in this guide. I'm going to cover...: the passive training, the playable races, the talents and abilities, what equipment I would recommend, the attributes that you should focus on and what there is consider, the stats that all the combination of the former lead to, and, last but not least the disciplines that you can equip and that are a good choice in my opinion. If you want to read the full guide: https://crowfall.crusaderw.com/crowfall-in-depth-champion-guide/
  13. Dear Community, dear CF guild, I would like to revive this thread, because I am planing to do a guild showcase for NA and EU guilds on the official CF Twitch channel on my stream on tuesdays... In order to do that I would like all guilds who would like to participate in the guildshowcase to drop the info I need to the following Discord channels: EU: https://discord.gg/TCjNazc -> #cf-guild-showcase-eu NA: https://discord.gg/qGVS8cM -> #cf-guild-showcase-na I will prepare a quick introduction based on the information provided and available to each guild. I will present the guilds in the same order that they added their information to my discord. I will start with the EU guilds and and follow up with the NA guilds. If a representative of the guild wants to be present for the stream I want to give everyone the opportunity to present the guild. Guilds who will provide a little speech will be presented first. I will announce this stream at least 2 days in advance and planing will be done on discord. The guild showcase will most likely take place in beginning of September. Looking forward to see you.
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