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  1. edited to new build: PLEASE drop thawing (or sth. else) Ice and give the Frostguard Icy Veins. It's the strongest Ultimate in the Game, why would you drop that? http://crowfalllogs.com/character_planner?race=Wood-Elf&major1=Lord+of+the+Forest&major2=Forest+Creature&minor1=Barbed+Stake&minor2=Fortified+Stakes#6.5_frostweaver_a0-a1-a2-b2-b3-c1-d3-e1-f1-g0-g3-h5-h6-i3-j7
  2. If you are looking for an EU guild, KDS is also recruiting. We are very community oriented and have a rather communistic approach to guild and player progression. Our motto is "People and fun over Pixels." We take the serious but incorporate a mix of Hardcore and casual players at the same time.
  3. Dear Ace, I know you are aware that there is an exploit of the Retaliate currently possible with a Retaliate Macro. I have 2 things to say about this: 1. You might consider what is your position on some Affiliates playing with that exploit on Stream 2. Maybe a good Solution could be to introduce a minigame for the retaliate, where if you press it too early you get punished (in some way). If you retaliate just in the right momnet you can retaliate out of a CC. This would make the Retaliate Macro obsolete. Much ❤️ cant't wait for HungerDome.
  4. ^^ Please add the Bulk crafting to cooking as well..... Making Bon Tippers and other Buff Food is incredibly Grindy and dull without the Bulk Crafting...
  5. Dear @Rhea, I had an idea concerning the Frostweaver "Free Weave" mechanic. At the moment this is a bit clunky and highly restrictive, because in order to cast ice formations other then Stable Ice you have to go through the whole free weave combo and need to alternate between Stable Ice and other abilities to keep casting that ice. With the current meta of interrupts being spamable this is a big problem for most Frostweaver builds that integrated the Free Weave mechanic, since any interrupt results in me having to do the Free Weave combo all over again, just to get to the same ice formati
  6. It's called "Sacrifice Items" It's already in the game....
  7. The Cleric guide on the website has been updated.
  8. Hey fellow Crows, if you like Crowfall and wanna give it some Support, follow the link and give Crowfall a vote in the MMORPG category. https://gamerzakh.com/listhub/#vote
  9. Wasn't aware of the difference between helper monkey. Thanks for the info!
  10. I just started the progression on an Armorsmith and realized that all the gear that I make until (I guess) epic disc and blue Belt and craft blue gear will be worse then blue end epic wartribe gear. I get why Wartribe gear is in the game, so I assume taking it out is not an option until we have a solution that solves the same problem that wartribe gear does: Enabling new players to play the game without getting into crafting... The conflict that arises for the Weapon- and Blacksmith with the introduction of Wartribe gear is that about 50% of the progression is just "useless grind" if you
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