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  1. Sharpening the blades, polishing the armor. Join us for frequent PvP training getting ready to kick ass in 5.110. Long live the keepers.
  2. I feel a lot of negativity here.... I'm realy looking forward to the guild promo videos. And #foodforthought: Maybe the guilds will make a new recruiting video for the patch. The videos that will be shown tomorrow are for the valentines day promo. -> A big day for sales and getting peoples attention AFAIK.
  3. Hey guys, I'm currently looking for a js Frontend developer to help me with those tools. I'm willing to pay -> get in touch if you are interessted. Also check out the Visionboard I added above.
  4. My time at KDS has left it's marks. I've grown, I've learned, I've changed. So has my appearance. CrusaderW is now KDS - red! Let us be brave, let us be humble. May our enemies bend the knee or die!
  5. Hey @Kraahk sehr geil, was du da zusammengetragen und übersetzt hast. Würdest du mir die Erlaubnis geben diesen Inhalt zu einem Video über Crowfall Lore zu verarbeiten? Ich werde dich natürlich namentlich erwähnen, dir Credit geben und die Quelle ordnungsgemäß verlinken. Bin gerade auf der Suche nach neuem Content, wo es Sinn macht sich vor 5.110 mit zu beschäftigen.
  6. Hi, ich wollte auch Bescheid sagen, dass Ihr mich gerne in den Thread aufnehmen könnt. Mein Fokus ist "Theorycrafting". Ich decke die Spachen Englisch und Deutsch ab. Fokusiere mich jedoch zuerst auf den englischsprachigen Kontent. Website mit guides und (bald auch) Tools: crowfall.crusaderw.com TS3: ts.crusaderw.com Discord: https://discord.gg/ukKmXVP Youtube-channel mit guides und erklärvideos [DE/EN]: https://www.youtube.com/user/wirthable Wenn jemand Ideen hat wie ich beim community-building helfen kann oder mich bei der webseite / guides oder sonstwas unterstützen will: einfach melden!
  7. Wohoo. Looking forward to our next Combat Practice. Really learning a lot there. Getting ready for 5.110 and the GMS (Guild Management System) is going to be a valuable asset, when things get serious at launch. Join KDS my friends!
  8. Best guild experience I had so far since I'm gaming. Nice, funny, commited people. Come join the club!
  9. Hey @Arkade, thank you so much for your suggestions. Would you have any data on recipiets? I'm currently playing around with a ressource calculator for crafters that gives you the raw meterials that you need and displays the crafting steps. What is the name of your website. Another thing I want to cover is linking to other CF community sites.
  10. Thank you @Yumx, very good point. Since I'm currently on a "spiritual quest" and want to practice detachment from my ego anyway I guess a rebranding is then one of the first task I would like to tackle. So if anybody has recommendations for a new name let me know. Let the feedback coming and let's build a community site that is worthy of this game and it's community!
  11. Dear fellow Crows! I'm currently looking for a js Frontend developer. Willing to pay on an hourly rate. A couple of months ago I have started building the Website https://crowfall.crusaderw.com and intend to become the major ressource for Crowfall-related know-how and tools. This is the vision I have for the Tools section: The minimum requirement to help is that you play Crowfall - everybody can help. What I have been working on so far: The website with guides and matching videos on Youtube (both in english) [WORDPRESS] A german section (WIP) A real-time combat-log analyzer, that still needs quite some love (parsing is roughly done) [PYTHON, VUE.JS] A ressource calculator. You choose the item and stats you want to craft and the calculator shows you the raw materials you need and the crafting steps required. As far as possible I will intergrate all tools with Malekai.org, since they already did a great job of modeling CF data and providing this open source, which is what I will do: all open source Things I want to start working on ASAP: A character builder including race, class, promotion class, major and minor discs, equipment (at a later stage) A guild rooster and member management system, in order to link it to builds, guides and combat-logs. Everybody should get the credit that he or she deserves. A collection of Widgets, that can be embedded to other websites: Online CF Streamers, Siege Schedule, Leaderboard, ... Discord bot with integration of various tools. The thing I need most at the moment to keep me going is social interaction, new inspiration and manpower to keep going. Please share this in the community and contact me if this is for you! Teamspeak: ts.crusaderw.com Discord: https://discord.gg/ukKmXVP
  12. Released Crowfall in a Nutshell #4: https://crowfall.crusaderw.com/crowfall-in-a-nutshell-4-wartribes-vessels-equipment-character-build/ The Crowfall in a Nutshell Video #3 released yesterday.
  13. Would be nice to close the gap for new players coming in. Also more experienced players like me might enjoy the opportunity to go through the "early- to endgame" - progession cycle again...
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