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  1. Ok, I was stubborn..but with a reason...which screwed me again. I had a Spellbound bow already made that I was using and, based on the Talents, it looked like the only way I could use it was selecting Archer. Doing that, I could use Sharpshooter to get my binding arrows and then pick something else fun. So I went Archer and then tried to equip my bow. Wouldn't let me. It seems that I actually have to slot Arcane Archer to be able to equip it. So, what's the point of Archer giving those options if all you need is the discipline? (unless the other two rangers can't equip that bow even with the discipline). So, I'm back to waiting patiently...well...somewhat patiently for them to fix the Archer class.
  2. yup, just saw that!! Now, do I do the right thing and switch to Brigand or be stubborn and pick Archer again hoping they will fix it soon?
  3. Well, looks like I'm stuck with Archer for now then. With the way this incredibly lousy leveling system is right now, I really don't want to grind out a new toon.
  4. Lol, that explains a lot! I thought for sure some assassin was toying with me I haven't checked out any updated disciplines on Test yet. Sounds like those may help a little bit at least. thanks
  5. Brigand stealth is decent. From combat, you need to switch to your survival tray and then switch to your stealth tray. takes a few seconds. Probably better to initiate combat. Stealth..get behind person, hit ambush to pop out of stealth and attack. Drop some traps, leap back and switch to bow. If they get close, switch to melee and slice them up or die trying Like all stealth classes, if you take any damage, you get knocked out of stealth so a little harder for a Ranger to get into stealth but doable. (or choose a wood-elf ranger with their 20m teleport. hit that twice for 40m distance and switch to your survival tray while running and then hit your stealth tray and hope they don't get an AoE on you. Movement speed is greatly reduced...kind of like walking speed. If stealth is your thing, you'll want to also check out the Fae Assassin. Best stealth class in the game. Fast movement and very good at escaping and getting back into stealth...annoyingly so Guinecean Duelsts are another great stealth class. They burrow underground and move fairly quickly and have some nice traps/ambush they can do while remaining stealthed. but...to keep on topic, I'm looking for reasons to play an Archer and not a Brigand. Lots of reasons to play the Brigand
  6. I leveled up an Elken Archer and Elken Brigand on the test server to see the difference. Both seemed to do about the same damage with the Bow. Looking at the stats, Brigand had much more Attack Power (440 vs 215) but Archer had a little better armor penetration but for the most part were identical stats including identical Final Damage Modifiers. The only noticeable Archer advantage I could tell was the increased range (and Call Fire Passive didn't seem to be working for me). Noticeable Brigand advantages were stronger melee attacks and more and better traps and stealth. Archer was running Arcane Archer and Sharpshooter. Brigand was running Sharpshooter and Blade Master. Are there other advantages to the Archer that I'm missing?
  7. Seems like I fail 1 out of every 10 crafts with that 98% success rate. Changing it to a 100% Success rate for would be great and maybe then I'd only fail 1 out of every 20 times.
  8. Leveling a character to 30 in this game is neither fun nor challenging. Right now it's harvest as many mats to craft whatever gives you the most xp or kill as many of the few animals you can find to get enough gold to buy your way up. Nothing is really learned by this and seems to be a needless grind you have to do to begin to enjoy the game. As an alternative, Here's an idea to get characters quickly up to 25 so that their characters can be mostly developed and ready to leave the beachhead to see all that's out there. Tutorial: You arrive in the cave (and not on top of it) and a message displayed on how to select your crow skills. Level 1: Select Your Crow Skills. Message explaining adding Stat Points and Talents Level 2: You apply your Stat Points and Talents Message explaining how to assign your skill you just got. Level 3: You Assign your skill to your bar Message displays to go look in the chest and extract the axe and meat. Level 4: You extract items out of the chest. Message displays how to equip your axe and cook and eat the meat at the campfire. Level 5: You do the above. Message displays how to chop down trees and to go get 6 wood. Level 6: ^^ Message displays harvesting pips and critical weaknesses and to get 6 more wood. Level 7: ^^ Message displays how to craft a hammer, pick, and knife and to craft and & equip one of each. Level 8: Hammer Level 9: Pick Level 10: Knife Message displays how to harvest Ore and Stone and to get 12 of each Level 11: Ore Level 12: Stone Message explains passive skills (and disciplines if still needed) Level 13: Mesasge reminds you to allocate stat points and talents. level 14: Message explains crafting weapons and to use your resources collected to do so. Level 15: Craft and equip your weapon(s). Message explains hunting and skinning animals. level 16: Kill 6 Spiders. Level 17: Skin 6 Spiders. Message explains Hunger Crystals and how to harvest them. Level 18: Harvest 4 Nodes Message explains sacrifices and how to do them. Level 19: Sacrifice any Item. Message displays the wild boar have gone mad near the gate to the temple and must be stopped. [Need to kill and skin enough boar to get leather required for a full suit of intermediate leather] Level 20: Once enough mats collected Message displays that it's now time to go to the beachhead and how to get there. Level 21: Arrive at Temple on the beachhead. Message explains how and where to craft Intermediate Leather Armor Level 22: Craft/equip Chest Level 23: Craft/equip Boots and Gloves Message explains how to craft Intermediate Weapons and where to gather mats on the beachhead. Level 24: Craft/Equip Weapons Message explains that it's now time to leave the beachhead and venture out into the unknown. Explains the map and the Siege/Adventure Maps as well as the different gates and capture points. Level 25: Leave any of the gates. Levels 26 through 30+: Gained by killing mobs, crafting, harvesting, and sacrificing items.
  9. Great idea but I would tweak it just slightly: If when a character logs in and they are in an enemy controlled fort/keep or a siege is currently in process, they are ported automatically to their temple.
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